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Red Lobster

5️⃣ days, 5️⃣ deals, just $1️⃣5️⃣until 6p!

Today's Deals: $15 Admiral's Feast or 15% off #RedLobsterToGo using code: TUESDAY

Other deals here: bit.ly/2SBh4fo
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5️⃣ days, 5️⃣ deals, just $1️⃣5️⃣until 6p! 

Todays Deals: $15 Admirals Feast or 15% off #RedLobsterToGo using code: TUESDAY

 Other deals here: https://bit.ly/2SBh4fo


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Your link don’t work

used to order this all the time and just cannot stand the tartar sauce

Jonathan Carmona aver cuando me llevas a comer aquí 😊😋

Link doesn't work fix it please

Coko Pitts

Yep, it's time to go visit them !

Rene Roddam

Very an happy this year on my birthday Nov.15 with the biscuits she kept serving us biscuit with the burnt butter on the biscuits very unhappy


That used to always kill me when I worked there, people would order an admirals feast and then get a side of vegetables😂 I see its still popular though

It would take me a long time to eat it.It looks wonderful!

Your link to other deals does not work!

Boy!!!!! I sure would love this feast!!!!

Isabel Ozuna

Kayla Lazo

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1 day ago

Red Lobster

How will you create your feast? #MyUltimateFeast ... See MoreSee Less

How will you create your feast? #MyUltimateFeast


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By not going to Red Lobster and cooking it myself. The food is okay but the staffing sucks


Justin Capp

Yes it is expensive for most of us, but I still love it.

David, I really need some Red Lobster!!!!

Breaded shrimp, cheese biscuits, scallops, and crap legs! #MyUltimateRedLobsterFeast

Bring back lemon pepper shrimp!! 🍤🍤🍤

Where is my comment RL??? Why do you not reply to many of these negative comments? Apparently these customers are not important??? They deserve an answer!!!

Mankatos has went downhill. Rochester's and burnsville are alot better!!!

There are so many Yummy and Delicious choices I do not know! But the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese looks Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋 Or the Main Lobster! Maybe the Sirloin Steak! Shrimp Scampi and maybe the Walt's favorite Shrimp! This is a maybe! Might have to go sometime for this Yummy and Delicious promotion Red Lobster!🤤😋 #MyUltimateFeast! Got the information off the website!

Damn! Hungry!!!!!

When you get a new shipment of live lobsters on Tuesday, do you remove the old ones?

There's that broccoli again. ;)

Oh and dont forget the drinks! Long Island Iced Tea, yum!

2 helpings of scallops, 1 of walts shrimp, 2 lobster items and 1 coconut shrimp


Troy Oliverio we need to go on a date here again

Way over cooked shrimp..... Should be almost a U....NOT A DAMN O

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3 days ago

Red Lobster

It’s such a feastworthy moment, right?? #MyUltimateFeast ... See MoreSee Less

It’s such a feastworthy moment, right??  #MyUltimateFeast


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Bring back the ultimate fondue

Adele our favorite momma

My family and I went to RED LOBSTER this past Wed. in BRIDGEWATER NJ. We usually like RED LOBSTER. This experience was not the best. My food was cold; The drink I ordered was not made correctly. The biscuits were cold and the waitress messed up our bill !!

Bad food, bad service, bad prices, nothing fixed!!! Not coming back!!!

One of these days I'll get there

My husband just had this tonight!

Will be at the Mankato MN Wednesday for my birthday

How munch

I went to Red Lobster last night in Fremont, Ca and waited 1.5 hrs. to be seated after they kept telling us another 10 min. every time we asked. When we finally got seated, we were seated at the last table, it took the waiter 30 min. to finally notice us and it took another hour to get our food. When it finally arrive, they dropped off the food, never saw the waiter again to ask us if we needed anything to drink. So nothing to drink with our FOOD! The worst customer service EVER!

Looks yummy, my favorite


Love Red Lobster

Going there tomorrow evening!

Rick Spires❤️😍🥰

Debbie Sorensen We ought to go here to get this with our gift cards! :)

We love Red Lobster. Every time we go we read the menu then always order the "Ultimate Feast "!! We going tomorrow night.

Went there last night it was great

You need to have on in RI!!!

Went last night. Was really looking forward to this new twist on the ultimate feast. The food was plentiful and lobster tail and crab legs excellent! As were Walt’s shrimp which always are. Unfortunately the coconut shrimp which I couldn’t wait for them to get back was overcooked and dry. I hope you can do better on this next time, as we are frequent visitors.

My favorite


Right! Any moment of any day would be a Feast Worthy Moment for the Ultimate Feast @ Red Lobster.

Looks so yummy .

My husband and I went to Red Lobster tonight in Mishawaka, Indiana. We waited 20 minutes to be seated (TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE). The wait to be seated turned out to be the shortest wait of the evening. We waited for drinks, the waitress brought my husbands coffee but didn't bring a mug to pour it in. On the refills she brought fresh glasses of my drink as well as my husbands; I had to ask her to take the empty glasses away. Waited 45 minutes for our dinner. My dinner was COLD, not a little cool but COLD. The only thing hot was the lobster mac/cheese as it was put under the broiler . . . but it was old and the cheese was hard and stuck to the dish. . .it came out of the dish in 1 piece. Green beans, cold, scallops cold and hard. Our anniversary was ruined by cold, bad food and marginal service.

It’s our “to go” fish place. Never been disappointed. Food and service have been exceptional!

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