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Highland Fling August 24 and 25 ... See MoreSee Less

Highland Fling August 24 and 25


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There's a typo. Dates on status say 24 and 15

Clayton Kitterman Candice Kitterman Dean Kitterman

Aaron Corbin McVicker

Heath Hetland

Chris Page

Jodi Hovell

Ooohhhh fun

I am the strongest ever! Challenge

Dustin Ducky Plinski

Dustin Ducky Plinski ehh?

Austin Hanson this is the weekend I put in for to go :)

Jenna Douglas

We never watched this to busy drinking But don't drink anymore though

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Huzzah to our FREE Ticket Tuesday Winners!

Christopher Steinke
Kelly Pomeroy
Wendy Ebert

Please email your address
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congratulations !!!

Congratulations to you all of you! I am jealous 😀

Congrats and enjoy!!!!

One day my name will be on this list of winners. Congratulations to all the winners.

Congrats to the winners

Congrats!! Im not giving up!

Congratulations winners!

One day my ticket will come in. Congratulations

Congrats all, Valerie Gregg missed didn't win again, next time

Congratulations to all the winners!!⚔

Kelly Pomeroy, yay!




Congratulations to you all.


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Huzzah to FREE Ticket Tuesday!
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Huzzah to FREE Ticket Tuesday!


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Yes please!


Highland Games!

I am really REALLY hoping that this is the week. :D




Can’t wait to go!




The anticipation just kills me every year!


Huzzah!!! Pick me!!!

Yes please!!

Crossing my fingers!

Parker Theis Tammy Wahl can't wait! Gotta start working on my costume asap!


The best part of life in Minnesota!




Loved and shared ! Bring on fun in the sun or mud ❤️❤️❤️

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We kick off the 2019 season with the Bold North Vikings Invasion. Who will be joining us opening weekend?! ... See MoreSee Less

We kick off the 2019 season with the Bold North Vikings Invasion. Who will be joining us opening weekend?!


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Dan Hobson this is such an awesome theme!

Oh? What can we expect with the invasion? Wide-right axe tosses? Ale fumbles at the Turkey line?

Bring on the hoard! We will be there.

Caleb Cornelius

When will we know the other weekends?

I'm in...

Mike Davidson maybe we can go opening weekend it's a few weeks before my due date 💜

Nancy Wellbrock

Dan Waite let's go!

Would love to be there!!!

OMG Silk Roads and Wine Chcolate and Romance. PLEASE!

How about a super powered bowl from a wizard that the vikings are able to successfully pillage

Count me in

❤ love this

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