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Carl's Jr.

One second you’re posting a joke on Twitter, the next second some guy is getting a tattoo of your logo. What a time to be alive. ... See MoreSee Less


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Why do you keep closing your stores???

My dog wouldn't even eat wonder they won't let you post pictures

My first job was at Carl's Jr. I loved it and I still think they have the best burgers, though my favorite meal is the Sante Fe chicken sandwich with a side of fried zucchini. You hear so many horror stories of people who worked for a fast food chain and have sworn they will never eat there again because of what they saw. Not the case with me. My regret is the nearest Carl's Jr. near where I live is over an hour away. Oh, and bring back the steak sandwich as it was offered back in the 80's . Those were great. That steak spread, whatever it was, was awesome.

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Carl's Jr.

The Memphis BBQ Thickburger. Get it before it…disappears 👀 #Maythe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay ... See MoreSee Less


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Not after you raised the $5 box 40%. Tonight marks my last time ever buying food from Carl's again. Process are too inconsistent

Omg I can't with you guys anymore! Your commercials suck and the radio advertising is SO annoying! Especially that bacon western burger one! Who sings about food!!!!???? Just stop! Every time I hear that annoying voice I cringe and turn my radio asap!!!

I recently started going back to Carl's Junior because I really liked these double slider meals that they had. I heard a rumor that they were gone so first before I went to lunch I checked online to make sure that that was just a rumor. They still had it on their menu. But you get down to Carl's Jr and you find out that every location has that item discontinued. I drove to McDonald's where I haven't been to in years...update your friggen menu!

Dumbest commercial ever w Matthew McConaughey and who actually says "B...B...Q.." ?!?!

Go back and start making the those Great Commercials. Carl's Jr. was famous for making those hot sexy ads. When you turned "Liberal Soft" so did our appetites.

Bring back those sliders asap!

Scott Shimano this has so got your name all over it

Sorry.... tried that burger for the first, ( and LAST ) time this evening... BIG disappointment ... What comes out of the “ promo wrapper”, is nowhere near the advertised burger.. #NOTRUTHinadvertising #HUGELYDissapointed #NEVERAGAIN

You should make Carl's jr commercials really nice. I liked how you made them good along time ago and that made Carl's jr seem good. I work at carls jr so i want us to look classy and really good.

Can you sell chili cheese fries again? People always ask for them at carls jr. I really love and miss them to.

I stopped at you establishment on market st in riverside today for a coffee and use the bathroom. I stop at Carl's Jr. Everyday for my coffee. Today my stomach was not feeling well and decided to use the bathroom prior to ordering. I asked the girl at the register for the code to the men's room and was told security could let me in. Security? Where is security? Well I found her, sitting at a booth playing on her phone. I asked her if she could let me in the bathroom, she replied NO the bathroom was for customers only. At this point my stomach was getting worse. I explained to her that I was getting coffee but desperately needed to use the men's room First. Again she replied NO that I would have to wait in line and purchase something first. I am totally disgusted with your establishment. Never again will I set foot in one of your restaurants. I will make sure I let everyone on social media know how horrible Carl's Jr.'s treats its custom

Please go back to the old grill on salad not season one.

$12 bucks a meal. 😬 This better be the most flipping amazing burger. 😒

Wow I feel cheated, just ordered the No1 at Carls' in Tucson on Broadway and Kolb. So I asked for no pickle or tomato and the first half of the sandwich was frickin amazing, then the second half I had to throw away 🙁 PICKLES UGH VINEGAR UGH! I can do Vinegar on fries though, also the fries didn't hold up and were funky after the heat wore off. Before I left the restaurant to go home and eat, I noticed my almost 9$ meal could have been 5 or 6 if I had only noticed the 5 dollar box......#Feelingcheated 🙁 Woe is me. Just an opinion here, but bring back Hardees to Tucson, ditch Carl's Jr. and remodel all your stores, Let's go, I miss that Hardees Roast Beef YUM! Go Cleveland haha.

Bring back the El Diablo & Steakhouse burgers.

Bring back my midnight moonshine burger and I’ll eat at Carl’s Jr. again. I’m still holding a grudge for getting rid of that burger.


dosen't taste anything like the original! what a shame

Last time I ate there I ordered colassol burger

Okay I need NEED my fix when will the Stake House be back???????? I NEED IT!!!

Just bring back the chili cheese fries

This is my FAVORITE burger!! ... I was hoping to find a coupon somewhere (?)

Who sings the song??

Like the grass fed burger did:(

Float this to Tonopah Nevada

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Carl's Jr.

Nominations for the #TonyAwards2018 were announced today and we totally got snubbed! No seriously we produced a play and frankly, think it should win ALL the Tony Awards. #CarlNeedsATony ... See MoreSee Less


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Yup you should goes to show who really pays attention... The Tonys don't care 😢😢😢👽

Maybe if you had a working app you'd get a nomination.

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