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Carl's Jr.

Throw this Charbroiled Yule Log up on the TV as you open all your gifts. We know you’re not waiting until tomorrow. Happy Holidays! ... See MoreSee Less


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Your burgers are disgusting. And the reason you don't see half naked skanks anymore is bc it hurt their business...ALOT. I know bc I worked for Nielsen. The marketing company they hired to find out why their sales were falling. Yup. It was the skanks. So they had to change

I see a lot of negative comments on here. But I still love their burgers regardless, and that won’t change any time soon. Some of the best burgers I’ve ever got from a fast food restaurant .

i'd like to order a burger and some half naked xmas skanks please.


Carl's Jr. lost my vote years ago when their commercials were so revolting.

Ive given up on you carls jr! The last time i decided to give you another chance i paid almost $10 for a med combo meal that was soggy like it'd been microwaved, the soda was filled with ice and tasted like sewer water! 😠

Ahhh Carl's Jr. Where the burgers you buy never ever look as big and juicy as the ones in the commercials. The ones advertised you see some hot model who has to open her mouth all the way open and still can't take all that meat in her mouth. You go in person and a teenage girl whose jaw has been wired shut has no issues fitting that tiny beef patty in.

I went through the drive thru and ordered a #1 5$ All Star Meal. Comes with a cheeseburger, hot dog, fries, cookie, and a drink. When I went home, I found that I actually received the 5$ box with the chicken tenders instead. So I go back to Carl's Jr., and on my way back, I munch on the fries in the box, touching the tenders. When I get up to the window, I tell them they gave me the wrong box. They then try to just give me the cheeseburger, and I say "what about the hot dog?" The woman looked confused, and then went to get me a hot dog. She then asks for my box that the chicken tenders were in, takes it over to the line, removes the chicken tenders and PUTS THEM BACK ON THE LINE TO SERVE TO CUSTOMERS!!!! So 1) I did not receive ANYTHING extra in lieu of their mistake 2) She took back the chicken tenders and is probably serving them to customers as I type this. I hope Carl's Jr. reads this because that is disgusting. Who's messed up order did I just eat???

Empresa nada sería y sin respeto por sus clientes... el día de hoy fui a una sucursal em Mexico la de Cuautitlán Izcalli y al devolver mi hamburguesa por qué no fue como la pedí le echaron algo y le caído una fuerte infección que poca madre malditos

I quit going to Carl’s JR.. you never know what you’re going to get.. sometimes very cold food.. sloppy and falling apart.. have been served buns that are falling apart and the place is dirty.. all the tables are usually sticky.. it has just gone downhill...

I am Phil sparks and Disney has me under surveillance, and currently in your Santa Monica location...and Disney is hacking your WiFi to get to me. ..

All these fussy people i tried carls jr in hastings was good but no store in wellington since it came 6 years ago pretty shocking for nz capital to not have it bit of a joke

Merry Christmas to the Carl's Jr. family! Would you all be willing to temporarily bring back the Charbroiled Steak Sandwich for a 3-6 month run? If popular, it could be reintroduced permanently (for at least one year) to see if it's profitable. If not, then discontinue it but it seems prudent to try it in the new year. Blessings!

"We know you’re not waiting until tomorrow." Tomorrow? December 20????

Ur website never works nor does ur rewards app,email sign up or even to leave a comment regrding this as an error page pops up. You would think with the millions in revenue the company would hire someone to check the sites and pages on a reg basis. Unfortunately we skipped out on a visit due to this... maybe next time.

I will definitely not be visiting any of Carl's Jr locations in NYC! Carl's Jr. supports some of the worst factory farming practices and refuses to take action to correct the problem.

Andy Pudzer says Lindsey Graham is a liar on MSNBC Live

Got no one to get presents from. But wanna hear all about yours

My favorite is the California classic and the chicken Santa Fe, with my cute cheese cake, mmmm. I miss that. I’m trying to loose 1 pound, but naw!

Your restaurant on merced is a joke

Yule log = turd burger

Apparently charred meat is carcinogenic. 😱

Stevet Nguyen my kind of yule log

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Carl's Jr.

Throw this Charbroiled Yule Log up on the TV during your holiday parties and see if anyone notices. Happy Holidays! ... See MoreSee Less


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And my son is biracial African American and Caucasian... And the Manager lied and said that my son Quit when he fired him because the Manager was having a bad day and my son is autistic and he told my son to go home because he wasn't going fast enough, my son ONLY had 3 hour's of training and was left in his own... I was a manager for OVER 25 year's I called the franchise owner and they did NOTHING... They didn't CARE... My husband also worked their he was a crew trainer/manager and had enough... They were working full-time HOUR'S but the Manager wouldn't change their status so a friend of my husband and son who transferred out is a shift manager and was NEVER trained correctly and his status said part-time and when he transferred he is NOW only getting part-time hour's when he was working 40 plus hour's a week... And their was and is alot of illegal stuff going on... I'm so glad that my son and husband our out of that place...

I love seeing all these beautiful, yummy burgers on TV and billboards. Looks so great..what you get is a smashed, dry burger. Really high prices and gross fries. not worth it anymore. I feel like taking pictures and naming it "this is what it really looks like" lmao

Our Carls Jr. Has never once disappointed me. I want a western bacon burger...ALSO WHAT OTHER FAST FOOD JOINT OFFERS PEPPER JACK?! out of booger fling,pick donalds or Jack in the crack...not one offers it.

The Carl's Jr. Where i live is GROSS.. they don't char broil.. tasted microwaved.. haven't eaten there in 2 years now. And i can't believe they are still open. Its always empty.

So the Redmond Oregon Carl’s Jr. is having their employees work regular store hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! That is just wrong!!!

Everybody has positive words to say about you Carl. Yeah the prices are a bit insane when you can go get real food that has nutritional value for the same price. Lots of competition these days. Keep up Carl. We all know what happened to Blockbuster.

I just went to Carl's Jr for the first time in a while. What the heck happened to the prices? I can go to a local burger place or some sit down restaurants and get a REAL burger for the same price. $6.65 for a Big Carl? Good luck with that. The old "$6 burger" prices are even more laughable.

I love Carl’s Jr. I hate the stores that lack management and employee enthusiasm. The burgers are great when they don’t look like they were stomped by an entire football team. I’ve been to Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s all over the country and the absolute worst was in 1) BISHOP CA, Bad attitude, slow service, terrible food and a manager who refused to come to the counter or answer the phone. 2) the second worst was CAMARILLO CA, where the food looks like it was run thru a fan and people act like they don’t understand English. 3) The store in NAMPA ID is run by morons who can’t understand that a $6 burger is supposed to have meat in it and it’s super rude to laugh when a customer drives back and ignorant employees giggle about it. Now that I think about it, I’m not going back to Carl’s Jr. again!

Aren't they owned by someone bad who does not believe in raising minimum wage while he of course is a millionaire. Would not support

I would love to have a Carl's Jr in Connecticut or even a Hardee's but looks like that's not happening and I'm sorry I'm not traveling to NY to have a burger. So either but a Carl's Jr or bring back Hardee's to Connecticut.

I will never eat at carls Jr again for real worse experience everytime I go not giving another chance and don't get me started on everytime they mess up my order

All these people sharing their personal experiences that weren't too great. Really hope HR is noticing. That being said, I don't care who's firing up that double western, I'll take 2.

What a bunch of BS. You go to Carl's jr. And it looks a whole lot different than that. They look Frozen cardboard looking that they're sticking through on one side & comes out the other end all burnt charbroiled Crispy! Gross!!

Never had a burger look like that from Carl's Jr. Dry skinny and close to a briquette in northern Colorado. I gave them eight times of going there, and they failed each time.

I don't know about now but in the 80's their were the best Carl's Jr burgers specially the Double Western bacon cheeseburger. With the BBQ hickory sauce ...bacon ...onion rings...cheese ..and the double that was delicious and don't forget the fries back then ...who agrees with me.....

Seriously do not know how the Carl's in Sahuarita AZ stays in business. I'm done. They literally start cooking the person's food ten minutes after they arrive at the window. WHY oh WHY don't they do as all the more efficient drive thru's do and bump them up to the parking lot to wait so the people waiting can get their quick drink? Ridiculous! Overpriced garbage, poor management.

When Carl's Jr first came to Spokane around 2000/2001 they were good.... Had good quality fresh food and service. Now the food looks and taste horrible the customer service is gone. I guess they're trying to follow McDonald's lead with cheap low quality food and the prices have gone up to the point where they have maybe a 1/10 of the business they used to have. Sad that they feel the need to cut costs on quality and customer service. Last time I went there they had a line out the door while 1 employee is trying to take both counter and drive thru orders and 1 person cooking and the manager is just standing around doing nothing.

Just had Carl’s Jr. Food was horrible never have I experienced such food. The fries were cold my chicken club only had a tiny piece of lettuce the only reason I ate it was because I was hungry and hopefully I do not get sick. On top of it all it took 25 minutes to get my food with only one person ahead of me on the drive thru. I will not be going back for a really long time super bummed out about my experience.

1 store under the franchise is no excuse for bashing the rest. Waiting for improvement rather than speaking up effectively? Not pursuing equal opportunities and reasonable accommodations when treated poorly? Grow up, people and enjoy a better Carl's Jr.

Why are there broiler marks on the top of the Patty , when the Patty goes through the broiler one time only , and should face down when they fall off the broiler ????

I love Carl's Jr. ..LOL. I make my burgers just like there's sometimes on the grill..LOL. Bomb! Give me some bacon on that ..Ha!

You lr char broil chicken club was awesome back in the day you used real chicken it’s like a giant chicken have gone down hill fast..I went to you guys I don’t even look in the same direction..your competitors and taking them all..I foresee Carl’s Jr. closing down ...well...byyye👋🏻

I wish you guys would bring back chili cheese fries forever, or at least as a promo and see how it does. Was my favorite menu item before y’all took it away 😢

Cmon Carl's Jr who you trynna fool i went to one of your stores recently, your burgers don't look that good sorry.

Why bother waiting for your customers to do this for you? Haven't you heard? We just lost (for now) net neutrality, which means a company like yours can soon just pay an internet provider to FORCE your burger/yule log to appear on any stream, smart TV, tablet, or connected device that they please! The future is bright for corporate America, Dave. Not so much for the people of America, however.

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