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4 days ago

Texas Roadhouse

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We ate dinner over at the Scottsdale, AZ. location. Excellent service! The staff & restaurant was top notch.That was our 1st time sitting down and eating in the restaurant again, since March. I do look forward to going back..πŸ‘Œ

Get carry-out frequently here in Louisville, Ky esp. during this Corona virus. You have great food and an awesome set-up. Love JD Shelburne as your artist of the month on your all's jukeboxes nationwide. You are LEGENDARY!

I have been supporting them throughout the whole time as much as possible

We really enjoyed our steak dinners and rolls this week at Wentzville Missouri!! Great food and service as always!! We luv well done steaks no pink and TR always delivers juicy well done steaks that melt in your mouth!! So glad to be able to dine in again. Job well done TR!!

We just ate at the one on 183. The food was delicious and the service was excellent!! Thanks!

Hudson, Ohio is fabulous! Great food & staff too.

I miss Texas Roadhouse. Hope you’re well.

Love Texas Roadhouse ! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

We have done the ready to grill steaks on 4 different occasions. They have been awesome each time. Thanks.

I love Texas Roadhouse, please come to Waxahachie,Tx. we need a great steak house.

We are so excited y’all are opening in Harrisonburg, VA!

Ordered online last night, Hendersonville, TN, dinner was fabulous!!

I miss Texas Road house also

I stopped in on Memorial day for their lunch special in Palm Bay Florida.

We love Texas Roadhouse the food there is awesome I love their steak ribs steak fries loaded season rice They have a drink call Texas tea I wish governor Wolf would open up restaurants

Goldsboro NC Restaurant is doing an amazing job, just like the other locations. A special shout out to Josh Robertson and his staff. The restaurant hasnt missed a beat as we walk this experience. A true asset for the community.

We ate at a TX Roadhouse on Wed., in Fargo, ND Great Food as always.

Love this place!!! I was one of the first customers to arrive when they opened here in my town. We go two to three times a week. Early bird is great.

Ocala Florida store on College road is the best steakhouse in town in my opinion. The food and staff are top notch v

Horrible service and food today in Fort Smith Arkansas!! Went in about 1ish, got a booth. Waitress took our order, it took 25 minutes to get a salad, when we asked she said they were really busy?? Really 1/4 of the restaurant was filled. Brianna was our waitress she wouldn’t fill our drinks up, couldn’t get a manager to come by our table. Which in the past they always come by!! Food was cold!!! If I pay $40 for a meal don’t I deserve to get it hot?? When I complained to the manager as I walked out, they said NOTHING!! Not an apology, we will fix this, nothing!! I wanted a good steak, and have always thought y’all were the BEST in town! I could have went to 3 other steak restaurants in town, but I gave y’all my money just to be let down. This is sad and needs to be corrected.

DUNDALK,MD. WORST TEXAS ROADHOUSE EVER !!! Second time I ordered curbside. Both times my order was screwed up. Cooked wrong. Took forever. Cold food. NO ROLLS !! One big reason I eat here. Love the rolls. How can they forget the rolls ? The excuse—. The Pandemic. Ruined my dinner. Offered me an appetizer. I hung up. They can shove it. Til they replace my meal, I’M DONE ! I WANT WHAT I ORDER. HOW I ORDER IT. AND WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO GET. If I shorted you money, you’d complain !! I’m sure !! I’m eating it. I want it cooked how I asked for it !! Last time my food sat. For 40 minutes. I was forgotten. If you can’t handle orders during the pandemic, CLOSE UP !!! It’s BS !!!! I’ve wrote. And I’ll keep writing !! You stole my money. Thieves !!

Super sad with your Uniontown, PA location! We ordered a couple times throughout the pandemic and tipped even better. They always forgot something. Except the last time they literally forgot half of our food. By the time we got home, they called us and let us know.. asked if we wanted to come back and get it? I said absolutely after spending $40 on food and another $23 for a tip. She said well if you don’t want it, I’ll have to throw it away. I said excuse me? I want it honey, I just said that!! She then hung up on me. When I got there the manager brought the food out, I asked for extra ranch. That way I knew we would have everything we needed for the 2nd trip. She said I didn’t put it on my order..& walked away. So now this weekend we have to travel to WV to eat Texas Roadhouse! I’m addicted to your food. Idc how bad your customer service is at my local one. I’ll just have to unfortunately stop using that one. πŸ˜‚

Ft wright Ky. opened tuesday night and i was there it tasted like a million bucks. Steve and his crew are the best.,

We have one in Taylor Michigan, 1 mile from me, they have great food and service!! Every body loves going there cause we're never disappointed!!!

You guys need to check your Hamilton Ohio location. First, tried to place an order online and when I didn’t get a confirmation on the screen, I called I make sure it hadn’t gone through so I could try again. The girl I spoke to, who didn’t give me her name, sounded drunk and wouldn’t even let me speak. When I told her that I was just trying to confirm whether or not they received my order, she hung up. Called back, spoke with Felicia, I’m guessing she is a manger as she identified herself as such, placed our order with her over the phone for a set time. Go to pick up our order, wait for 30 minutes past when she said the order would be ready, and they had no clue what we were talking about. Finally get the order and half of one of our meals wasn’t even in the order, plus all of the food was subpar-over cooked and my kid’s food looked like bricks. I used to give this location high praise, but after this experience I will probably never return. Zero stars and two thumbs down. I understand being overwhelmed with all that is going on right now, but the attitudes and poor food we received are not excusable. This was a celebratory dinner tonight and it was horrible.

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5 days ago

Texas Roadhouse

As we re-open our dining rooms across the country, you can still take advantage of our TO-GO options! Place your order, pick it up, and enjoy. That's it. Visit to place your order today. ... See MoreSee Less

As we re-open our dining rooms across the country, you can still take advantage of our TO-GO options! Place your order, pick it up, and enjoy. Thats it. Visit to place your order today.

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They have done a fantastic job through this of keeping as many employees on as possible and serving all the hot, quality meals they have thru to-go service. I have no doubt they will do equally as well with this partial re-opening... Texas Roadhouse is the best! Cant wait to go back and sit down for a meal there, until then Im happy using the to-go service! πŸ™‚

You have done a great job during the shutdown. We have enjoyed many meals! It may be a little longer to eat inside in here in Illinois, but until then we will continue use the take out, very good. Yum.

We have really enjoyed our take out from Texas Roadhouse. We also bought the raw take home and grill steaks. Hope you don't stop selling the raw steaks.

We got several ready to grill steaks at the Woodbury MN TRH and they were the BEST steaks I ever grilled! Way better than any well known butcher shops around here and for the price, a much better value. NY strips and filets. They just melted in our mouths, just like at TRH.

Texas Roadhouse comes through all the time. When our neighborhood was hit with a tornado back in 2011 the roadhouse up their street came through passing out salads and bread.

Can not wait till the New Hartford location is open for dine in service. We were there the last day of dine in service, and hope to be there the first day they reopen the restuarant.

Excellent job have ordered to-go twice and from the curbside service to quality of the food all has been wonderful and delicious. When ordering online for curbside pickup are we able to pay with gift cards?

Excited to be able to eat in and see all the great people that work at Roadhouse, Orange city , Florida!

We went to night and they did an excellent job! Our waitress was amazing, food was perfect! Total props to Texas Road house staff! One of the owners was there tonight he seemed a little stressed, your team rocked you all did a great job!

have used the take out multiple times during the pandemic. excellent every time

Great job all the way around!!! Carry out was wonderful, food great , organized and pleasant.

Wonderful well organized to go service

The Kirkwood Missouri location has done a great job with curbside offerings. We always feel safe. Food is always good. Kudos to their staff.

My husband and I have ordered take out and had great service from everyone that was involved. Food was good but not as good as if we were actually at the restaurant. There's just something about the atmosphere of Texas Roadhouse and the staff that makes it even better!

My take out experience wasn't that great. Missing items and cold steaks. I called the manager in the Papillion NE location and she acted like I was a bother. Said she would email me a coupon or something but never did. Oh well!! Won't be doing that again.

Don't do it! We got this tonight after hearing so many great things. They screwed up our order and sent my husband home without 3 salads and our lemonade. He went back to get them (25 minutes away) and the manager refused to give us the drinks that were ordered. I ordered the half-gallon of iced tea and the half-gallon of lemonade and they gave us a single half-gallon of ice tea mixed with lemonade which is going down the drain because it is so bad even my kids won't drink it. Beyond disappointed after always having amazing customer service. It will be a very long time before we are back. Avoid the Power Rd. location in AZ.

Best to go set up I have used during this pandemic. So easy to use and so organized! Love that the met me at the entrance to parking lot-found my order and directed me to a marked space to wait for my food! Such a customer forward experience! Thank you for offering this option from my favorite restaurant during this time.

Just wish the closest location wasn't a 25 minute ride each way... Over the past 10 weeks I have contemplated in my mind on several occasions how I could manage to get one of your awesome steaks home and still have the meal be as good of quality as in your dining room. Even tried to figure out how I would dine in your parking lot in my car. Unfortunately I have no seemingly good solution for either idea... πŸ™ guess I'll have to wait just a bit longer... Love everything about TR. The food is amazing, love everything I have heard about the different ways you are stepping up during this crazy time... My only complaint about TR in the chicagoland area is just that there are not quite ENOUGH locations to make one close by.

Will you put in trunk for immuno compromised?

Just wondering, In these new times, for now, it might be time to switch to reservations only for dine in, giving a more controlled and enjoyable experience for your patrons and your staff. Also like to acknowledge the excellent food and service from your Royersford Pa. location. 25 plus visits and all have been excellent ( pre covid) Thank you.

Would like to see the family meals available again

Recently went to the one in Port Orange, FL for a Birthday lunch. Not a good experience, server acted very rushed, had to ask for plates to put rolls on, meat over cooked and appetizer was undercooked. Might wait a bit till the re-opening bugs are worked out. Always good in the past.

Went to lunch with my mom today and literally the best steak ever. Great service

3pm till 9pm with 50% allowed inside call and get on there waiting list get there 15 minutes ahead of time and one person checks in and the rest of the party remains in the car they will page you when your table is ready,they reopened yesterday, be nice and stay safe hope to see all of you back there at Texas Roadhouse soon.πŸ₯©πŸ”πŸΉπŸΊπŸ˜€

I agree with Todd. I have been ordering at least every other week for pick up!

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5 days ago

Texas Roadhouse

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Dubuque open?

When will you be back open for dine in?

Great steak as always but everything was cold. Need to improve handling. Ordered two different times , cold both times. Will go back when I can safely indine but will not order takeout again.

I absolutely love Texas Roadhouse. But during lock down I ordered for pick up about 4 times, and my order was wrong every single time.

Fort smith ark lobby open?? And where a mask to table???

When are you goin “Openin back Up Again “ Love Eattin there miss Steaks and Chicken to eat there

Ohio locations opened this week

In Asheville supposed to be today

Is this the Butler location?

You should open at 11am again like you did in January

In Texas ... when will you open for dine in??

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As we re-open our dining rooms across the country, you can still take advantage of our TO-GO options! Place your order, pick it up, and enjoy. That's it. Visit to place your order today.
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