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2 months ago


Thinking a project is what you need? Comment an idea below and get an idea from someone else! ... See MoreSee Less

Thinking a project is what you need? Comment an idea below and get an idea from someone else!

Comment on Facebook Thinking a project ...

Moved into a new house and I've been paying retail (albeit, clearance and sale, but still) for things I know I can thrift.🀦‍♀️ I've missed Savers sososososososo much. Can't wait to get back in there and get inspired! On the hunt for an armoire or similar that I can transform into a pantry!

I’m ready to dye some wool and tie-dye shirts. Just need our Savers to open so I can get some cookware (stockpots and roasting pans) to heat set the dye.

I got three raised garden beds planted and I’m completely redoing a room in my house— new flooring, new paint, and new wall!

Just finished 5 billion pallet projects from a garden fence, to the actual garden to garden boxes. It was alot of work. Next project is wall hangings for my bedroom

Made a playroom in the basement 😁

OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!! HA HA So Ready to do some retail therapy

Been working on deck for weeks now. Just waiting for weather to warm up to paint it now.

I got an old metal fish tank stand flipped into a nice lil table for my daughter

“Reverse tie dye” using bleach. Bought a plain navy sweatshirt at Savers to try it on; already tried the process on a plain black hoodie... there’s also a dying process called shibori (look it up on Pinterest) that I’ve played with.

Waiting for you to open in El Paso, Tx!

Still waiting on arcadia, I was told by the manager July 14th was the reopening date and I went over there that day and doors were locked πŸ˜’

When’s the opening date?!πŸ€—

What precautions are taken for donations dropped off at the store?

Just today started to paint this lil coffee table

More masks

Is this store going to reopen?

Missing Savers, when it's Savers in Arcadia opening. Need side lamps and romance novels

When is the Plymouth mass store opening

Made some bracelets

When are you opening I hempstead, by? All the other thrift stores are open already.

Please open the Murrieta CA store. I have a bunch of stuff to donate.

Ours just opened in Fairview Ohio I haven't gone yet....

So everything else is either open or opening this week in the Temecula area. When are you going to be opening back up? My wife is having serious withdrawals!

When will the store open!!??

Don't bring anything to Savers right now especially this Framingham store. They are throwing it All away!

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3 months ago


Closet goals! Anyone else organizing? What’s your best tip? πŸ“Έ: @life_simplified ... See MoreSee Less

Closet goals! Anyone else organizing? What’s your best tip? πŸ“Έ: @life_simplified

Comment on Facebook Closet goals! Anyone...

I own a specific number of hangers. I buy 1 new Savers item, I donate something.

I have a large suitcase . Winter in and summer out . For every new item, one goes out . Easy to maintain.

My advice for organizing closets would be to get rid of anything you have not worn for a year or more & donate to Savers so I can look & see if I want to buy it. 😜 Then when done , you'll probably be happy you won't have to much to organize & just hang things farther apart. 😜

Anytime you put something on and decide to take it back off again, put it in the "go to Savers box" !!!

I've cleaned out my closets, it's nice to be able to find wait I need. And everything I've taken out goes to SAVERS!

My 20% coupons so far this year before store closing....lots more donations to come. πŸ™‚

Having a Savers go back to reasonable prices instead of prices for those rich folk slumming to find designer clothes .. prices have gone way up in the store closest to my home .

I used to love shopping at Savers, but they are now overpriced and the thrill is gone.

Currently I'm doing a no buy clothes year for me. Unless I gain or lose weight or something wears out and needs replacing I'm not buying any clothes this year. Birthday/gifted money is fair game. So far all I've bought for me is three pairs of shorts and a t-shirt. I also have a very small list of clothing items that I am allowing myself to buy as I find something that I love

Need an update on opening in Murrieta, CA.

When the closet is too full, don't buy more storage items; clear out what you're not wearing and swap with friends or donate to Savers. More storage just exacerbates the problem! We need less than we think.

Have items boxed & ready to donate as soon as you open

I LOVE shopping at savers and try to patronize your store as often as 3 to 4 times a I also recycle my clothing and household items primarily to savers, many, many hundreds of $$$ each year. With that said, I too have noticed higher pricing of things, especially women's clothing. In fact shopping Ross ive found their pricing to be equal and even lower than savers. I would ask you to review your pricing guidelines. After all, we do need to thoroughly wash and in some cases, repair items being purchased. BUT I love the store and will continue shopping for bargains.... OPEN, OPEN, OPEN. πŸ™‚

So excited our Liberty, Mo store is open!!!

Yes, cleaned out closets etc, waiting to donate!! Hoping my store in Riverside opens soon!!

When is your opening day goodwills are open since may 20

I can wait in till you guys open πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ€”

Organize by color, then by shirt or dress

Is there a Memorial Day sale in the works??

I go thru my closet every 6 months. If I haven’t worn it, it goes to savers. But then I get more stuff to replace the itemsπŸ˜‚. I’m addicted to Savers. It’s my cocainπŸ˜‚

Are you open yet !!!

I purge every 4 months

Instead of cancelling the sale why not limit the number of people in?

When is Savers opening?

I agree with Janice, you have gotten a little pricey, we tend to buy less

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3 months ago


And if it's more than one, that's okay too. ... See MoreSee Less

And if its more than one, thats okay too.

Comment on Facebook And if it's more ...

My coffee table that I found for $15. The ticket tucked in the drawer said $1000 though someone had painted it turquoise. A fresh coat of white paint and now it’s the family central point for movie night and games.

Finding bags of yarn when you have a 50% off sale... I was well stocked with yarn when I was off work for 6 weeks. Made a bunch of fun stuff to keep my Etsy shop stocked. Fortunately, people are still looking for cute little gifts when they're stuck at home. I've had pretty good sales in my shop!

I found this one too!! I glued some sand from the beach and some little sea shells on it!! Memories!!!♥️♥️♥️

My desk chair that was basically brand-new when I found it! Still had the tag on it! Plus the desk, which I still need to refinish.

I was able to return to my Orem store, yesterday. I saw only ONE of the regular employees---- Joy! It was SO good to see her againπŸ’• Hope to see more of the regular gang as time progresses.

I love finding board games at thrift stores, and being stuck at home my family has really enjoyed the variety of games we have on hand to play!

This terra cotta dinosaur above my desk!

About two years ago i found this gem, I found so many more thrifted dolls that I absolutely love, but Spectra is my all time favorite score tho. She's my absolute favorite character from Monster High, I always buy thrifted dolls from savers. I've been Able to expand my large toy collection from there, can't wait to look for more dolls.

My oak pedestal kitchen table that I found at the Norwood MA Savers for $24.99. My heart melted when I saw it---measured it, went home and measured the spot in my kitchen and drove back to the store so I could be there as the store opened for business the next day. The staff there was kind enough to help me disassemble it and load it into my car. Savers is a wonderful destination full of surprises and one of a kind finds of every description!

I cleaned out a few storage areas and set up a thrift store in my dining room... I had my mom ‘shop’ there for Mother’s Day... she found a nice wall clock that actually works.. ❀️

Discarded small print fabrics I found in the Savers bins to upcycle into shoes for my doll. Next a dress. Excuse her messy wig. That's not her normal hairdo.

When our Savers open I will like life is back to normal it’s the one thing I’m counting down and praying for RE OPEN CALIFORNIA

Bought this dress for $6 and wore it for New Year’s Eve on a cruise....such a fun memory.

All the art and craft supplies I've hoarded from thrifting are seeing use and getting me through this stay at home time.

Kids clothes!!! When i have bought some months back and now they fit! Because my twins are going through a growth spurt

My metal “live, love, laugh” wall hangings. One of my most fav Savers finds ever.

My dining table, all the clothes we have, our coffee table, toys, and many many many other things

....does it count if it was from a friend of friend and was GOING to a thrift store?

My desk, side table and chair for my work-from-home station are all thrift items the roll top desk..that is now a this complete 1950s bar set I found for $15 at a thrift store. (Not the booze..πŸ˜‰..) the shaker, strainer, spoons, garnish forks, jigger and stoppers

This piece of lace.. not sure what it is. Maybe a tablecloth? Not a curtain.

When do we get to shop ? Any date yet ?

Right now a thrift store OPEN would be a nice find!

Found a new LL Bean tote with my exact initials embroidered on it

A sewing bag with a silver thimble in it and all the craft supplies I use to teach at the public library

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3 months ago


Our mindset stepping into the weekend. πŸ“Έ // @thriftyatx ... See MoreSee Less

Our mindset stepping into the weekend. πŸ“Έ // @thriftyatx

Comment on Facebook Our mindset stepping...

😍good evening how are I hope good health I hope come back to work savers any position Haeir am looking for Haeir any position thanks for u concert

Can't wait for you to open up in CT!!

Trust me all of us employees would love for them to open back up as soon as possible

Open up California. My grandson needs his job back. We miss you.

Love Savers but how in the world are they gonna disinfect everything coming in?

ALL ur shops can be opening up in R.I. TOMORROW. When will you be open.

The top that I have on right now.

when will Savers open in Nevada?.... how much of a withdrawl can I have before I can thrift shop again.... geeze.. OPEN UP NEVADA.

Goodwills in AZ have opened back up. Please do the same.

I’m missing my Savers shopping πŸ™

Retail stores in NH allowed to open today, Savers still closed😭

I cannot wait for the NY stores to open.

When are you opening up in Texas? Austin tx?

Massachusetts is NOT open--probably a month out.

When will savers open back up in manchester nh

Waiting patiently for Virginia to open.

It is still a STAY AT HOME situation!!!

can't wait to shop your stores in NM!

Are you going to open soon

I've had to pay retail for the last 8 weeks.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I understand your pain

Opening soon?

Are the Donation Pods Re Opening?

Opening in Flagstaff, az soon??????

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Thinking a project is what you need? Comment an idea below and get an idea from someone else!
Closet goals! Anyone else organizing? What’s your best tip? πŸ“Έ: @life_simplified
And if it's more than one, that's okay too.
Our mindset stepping into the weekend. πŸ“Έ // @thriftyatx
Sometimes you just need to bring the world to you. πŸ“Έ // @fat_dachshund
If you’re using this time to declutter, you’re not alone 😊 Please hold on to your closet clean out while our locations are closed. πŸ“Έ // @emilys_awakening
We've been missing you — and promise to keep you up to date on when we can welcome you back to your favorite Savers. Until then, stick around as we spread a little thrift love from our hearts to yours. πŸ“Έ // @bbeemar
Good light. Even better vintage. Perfect Sunday mood. 🌞

πŸ“Έ // @miss._eclectic