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There’s something dreamy about our @feelinthemojo’s thrifted tee... and that sunset. #findthefind ... See MoreSee Less

There’s something dreamy about our @feelinthemojo’s thrifted tee... and that sunset. #findthefind


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Maybe someone can find her some pants next🤪

I always seem to find something unique when we visit SAVERS! - and for a great price 😉

One of my 17 yo favorite denim button up is from savers! I live that place and he does to now.

One think I don’t like from savers they don’t put the activewear togother like the pants 👖 n sweater

Savers sucks. Unique is better

I miss Savers since i move back to NC hopefully we will have one , one day

Que hermosa mi ToriI love you.

Que hermosa muñeca mi Toro Ilove you.

que hermosa mi Toro I love you

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One of our shoppers found this photo in a wallet at our Plaistow, NH store and would like to return it to its rightful owner. Send us a message if you recognize this photo! ... See MoreSee Less

One of our shoppers found this photo in a wallet at our Plaistow, NH store and would like to return it to its rightful owner. Send us a message if you recognize this photo!

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I was at the Savers in Crystal Lake and thought “what a great book selection”. I found 12 books I wanted but when I realized the price I put them all back. I realize they are still cheaper than purchasing new but come on. They are $1.99 at Goodwill. Why pay for the extra retail space for items that are normally a hard sell especially these days with all the electronic readers. Be more reasonable.

Books shouldn't cost more than a dollar for a hardback, and .50¢ for paperback!!!! Stop ripping people off!

My son was very disappointed tonight because he picked out a few children's chapter books (one was a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book), and they all rang up at $4-$6 so we said he couldn't get them. Since when do used donated children's books cost that much?

Are you in financial trouble? I just found out today that after closing the West Side location 2 years ago you are now closing the East Side location here in Madison. Effectively Savers is out of business in the Madison area. I am wondering why?

Hi, what’s day have the 50%??

The savers by us just started charing for the bags to put your items in. That is B.S.. how greedy can you get. I won't be giving you money for a bag that everywhere else provides for free. That's ridiculous.

I used to purchase clothing from Savers in Arcadia, CA. However in the last year or so I have found that I get more for my money buying brand new items at Target. You had a very used J.Crew sweater priced at $18! Who does your pricing and what are they thinking??

I love Savers and am grateful that there is one near us but a lot of items are priced too high. I have walked out several times without buying anything because of the pricing.

This is how all the SAVERS stores should look like clean neat & organized.

Books are so expensive there. I shop other thrift store that sells paperbacks for 20 for one dollar, and hard covers , 10 for one dollar.

I use to like Savers ,but a use coat 80 to 90 dollars i found tee shirts the same price as new in Walmart

do you take used books? I have 2 big boxes I want to get rid of

We miss you in Arkansas

Savers needs to check their DVDs before putting them on display. I bought three of them couple weekends ago and can't use any of them because they are for the wrong region. I didn't know what that meant but from what I was told, the United States is region 1 and that's the number that should be on the DVD. if it's any other number besides 1 or 0 then that DVD will not work here in the U.S.

The whole point was to reuse regift recycling and saving money. They jacked up prices I can barely find 2 things reasonably priced

Both of our savers stores closed 😒

This company treats their employees like garbage.

My Savers sure never looks that nice or well stocked.

my mom always shopped for my clothes at thiftstore only in Maryland in the State of Maryland I love myself I love the clothes I get sometime to wear they sell old clothes old movies and everything comes and goes at Savers thiftstore I remember one of those days when I was younger they had bag full toys all in one bag selling top I miss my good life but Value Village store is still at Bladensburg, Maryland.

I miss you guys! We had two in my town and both closed because of the fraud litigation. Your stores were clean, the books were arranged neatly by genre, and there was always something new and interesting to find. The other thrift stores around me are dirty, badly organized, and their goods for sale are just piles of broken stuff piled on top of each other. I wish you'd reorganize and come back!

Savers still exists? They closed down every single one in my area of the country.

Will there be a 50% off for veterans day?

I love the Savers in Rocky River,Ohio(Center Ridge Rd.)and I go to the one on Ridge Rd.(Old Brooklyn, Ohio). But I only go on the first Monday of the month.

The one by me is horrible. Dirty. Bathroom is non existent.

We need Savers in San Antonio!!! After moving from California with a Savers just down the road we are really, really missing our Friday evening family thrifting dates!

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Our #ThriftorTreat2018 sweepstakes is going on now. Enter your costume creation!We want to see your Halloween creations! Enter our #ThriftorTreat Costume Sweepstakes by sharing a photo of your upcycled or thrifted costumes using #ThriftorTreat2018 between now and November 2 for a chance to win a $100 Savers gift card. Full sweepstakes details: ... See MoreSee Less

Our #ThriftorTreat2018 sweepstakes is going on now. Enter your costume creation!


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35 year old costume

Mary poppins meets Moana

Not a costume, but my front porch Fall Decor was all thrifted there yesterday!

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