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Outback Steakhouse

Steak and Lobster just got a whole lot butter. #OhMyButter ... See MoreSee Less


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Bobbi Kelly we need to go

The lobster tails are So Little now. Literally 2 bites. Terrible.

Ik wil terug Suus 😍

It’s still a 6oz sirloin, and comes with a side. It’s actually plenty of food. You can always add an extra side or get a bigger steak. I’ve had this meal there several times and leave full and satisfied

The manager, John, is extremely professional with a very strong base of pleasing the customer. My mom, Ms. Virginia, gets VIP treatment when she goes to OSH. She orders the prime rib, done the "Outback way", and it's amazing. John, thank you for taking such good care of your customers.

I no longer go to restaurants where the corporate people choose political sides. So bye.

Tammy M Bailey ummmm! We need to go! πŸ™ƒ

Problem is, the lobster tail is only about 3oz's and the steak size is smaller with the special. Not really worth it.

I was quite pleasantly surprised how juicy my lobster was last week it’s usually dry and tough was such a good time

Hey Ric and Lilly Rozzi?!!! πŸ»πŸ‘

Always happy at Outback! πŸ₯© 🦞 ☺️

Troy Bundy

In the many, MANY years of going to Outback, we’ve NEVER had a bad meal!

I don't understand all the complaints...but I have never had a bad experience in the Outback in Greece NY. But everywhere doesn't have the same cooks n what there's that.

Mine didn’t look like that.

Neil Robinson


Alyssa Simpson Saturday πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Yes please

Looks so good

Looks delicious! I'll be at Outback Steakhouse for my birthday! πŸ’™ πŸ˜‚


The one in PC Florida is back open and was so good

Jim Drexel

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4 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

Your FREE Bloomin’ Onion awaits! Visit us for your free Bloomin' Onion with purchase on Monday, March 18th! ... See MoreSee Less

Your FREE Bloomin’ Onion awaits! Visit us for your free Bloomin Onion with purchase on Monday, March 18th!


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Ik zeg 15 april!! Anthonie Kosters

Humm delícia ❀️

I love outback but the bathrooms are always FILTHY

Thank you for the free bloomin onion,wish that I could post a picture of my bloomin onion,because it was cooked perfectly and wasn’t burnt

Service and food is trash.... Everybody take your business somewhere else

Outback can suck a big one.. Texas Road house is 100 Times better for the money, do not waste time and money at outback. I hope all the outback closes they all went down hill .

Larry is a wonderful waiter,made our Anniversary special and Thanks for the cardπŸ‘πŸ€Annette and Pete

Charged us for it- and then waited long to for the chick to fix it... we are ready to go.... wtf

Hey will you consider signing up for Uber Eats so I can get takeout delivery to Floral City. Please.

Duane N Carrie, Loren Alexis White, Reagan White, Cooper White, Cade Painter

Outback Steakhouse def was there tonight and got a bloomin onion at about 645pm front corner table and paid for it.

I will be there tomorrow to get my birthday steak. Also my free onion.

I love Outback. We are frequent patrons of our favorite location. Last week & today we had the same server & she is not good at her job, which is too bad because every other server we have ever had is always wonderful & it shows because we always tip well above 15% when we get excellent service, but we only done the minimum of 15% both times. The last two visits I wasn't asked for my phone # for the rewards program & I guess she is a 1-drink maximum server. We thought we'd give her a second chance to be better today but she wasn't, so next time we will make sure we don't get her.

These guys look like the cooks when we find out

We got are free Blooming Onion thanks OutBack

Joe Bupp 😍

Kay Taylor. Bryce Taylor

I will be going looking forward to it.

Winston and I had our free blooming onion last Monday.

It's March Madness time. Bring back the 3 point blooming onion

Why?it will take 45min and it will be cold.

buy a side of lettuce for 50 cents. πŸ˜‚

Order 2 carry out entrees long wait and on top of that received the worst crab cakes I have ever had in life Please remove it from the menu

Dine in only or carryout too?

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5 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

At home party checklist:
πŸ€ Green beer? Check.
πŸ€ Bagpipes on repeat? Check.
πŸ€ Outback's delicious Curbside Take-away? What are you waiting for?!?!?
... See MoreSee Less

At home party checklist:
πŸ€ Green beer? Check.
πŸ€ Bagpipes on repeat? Check.
πŸ€ Outbacks delicious Curbside Take-away? What are you waiting for?!?!?


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Maravilhosa πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ

Ragan Brown

Yes , my family and I are Islamophobics if you don't understand, let me explain it to you.. It appears that you are of follower of the koran which was written by a fake prophet who was filled with hate for Christians and Jews, gays and woman. The koran states that all Christians and jews shall be converted of killed--this is a simple statement--what don't you understand. In Muslim countries Christians are murdered and churches are destroyed. Do you not read the news? Also gays are murdered and woman are slaves--read about Saudi Arabia An you want sharia law--you are guilty of treason. and ,at best should be deported. Now I would suggest that the rag head take the rag off of her head and read the History of America and the Constitution and make a decision: Love America or leave it. To read more about muslim justice read about the Armenian genocide Also read--if and when they become a majority-- this is the next step--Yes I am Islamophobic. Say no to outback steakhouse until the judge returns


Ivonne Varela

Ribs I got from there were NOT very good. Won't order that again.

Worst service EVER!

Wanted to post a review about our great dinner tonight, and fantastic server Angela, but your site wouldn't allow me to use the keyboard. Guess this will have to suffice.

Saw this and we ordered takeaway. Our time to pick up was 6:39. It’s now 7:17 and still no food. That was an hour and ten minutes to pickup and still waiting another half hour. I can see that this isn’t going to end well. Will prob forget half of food and what is remembered will not be edible because how long this is taking.

Tried to use gift card for online order.Would not take it.

Yes Please :)

Yummy πŸ˜‹

Outback: How about offer a cheaper take away option? Really I don’t need the salad to go. How about just the steak and side to go?

Aren't bagpipes a Scottish thing? 😯

I ordered delivery while visiting family today. It took over 45 mins & the food was cold. No condiments, fork or napkins. I love Outback, but disappointed with this one!

Bagpipes are Scottish... 🀦🏻‍♂️

Yeah I'm going to pick the popcorn over those ribs. Popcorn!?

We loved Outback in Topeka!

OUTBACK sucks bad do not waste your time and money at outback .Texas longhorn and Texasroad house are 100 times better..

Salisbury NC outback is the worst steak house there is. I will eat at long Horne from now on. At least I don't have to wait almost an hour and a half to get our food when there were only five other couples in the whole restaurant.

Waiting for the 3 point blooming onion to return #marchmadness

We made a reservation for 18 people on Friday for Saturday at 630 we are here for an hour already and still waiting


My food never reached the table, well it did , 3 minutes after the salad was delivered they sent the main seafood ontre' which in my case was all sea food but I had only 4 bites of my salad when the main dish came out far too soon. Outback just wants to get you in and out asap at all cost, they have now lost this regular of over 20 years for good! I had to go to Burger King across the street where at least my food was hot and fres. I asked for a manger and over an hour went by and some asst. guy came by but what could you do by then, my guess had their meals and yet they too had only started their soups. The waitress was the rudess person EVER, and the tip my guess left reflected that! Her name was Shannon and oh boy what an attitude on her, OMG!Thank God they are building a Longhorn Steak House down the road which will hurt Outback's business as soon as the doors open their. Worst experiance EVER and the real issue is this is not the first time!!! Their Prime Rib portion are not as they state, I know because I took them home and weighed them and they are screwing the customers over left and right. Best to avoid this Outback FOREVER!

Looks so good

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