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Outback Steakhouse

The Holiday Season may have wrapped, but Walkabout Wednesday is the gift that keeps on giving 😋 ... steak + fries + a beer, all for $10.99 ... See MoreSee Less

The Holiday Season may have wrapped, but Walkabout Wednesday is the gift that keeps on giving 😋 ... steak + fries + a beer, all for $10.99


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Not a fan of the fries.

Used to be $9.99 😟

If you said and “ discount kids menu” I’d be heading outback...

Should be your "go to" restaurant. Top shelf food and service!

Does not count for a qualified dine if you elect the beer.

Cheaper then McDonald's.

I miss the lamb and the chopped steak 😥

I’ve tried and tried and tried to return with a good attitude but have failed!!! We’ve spent literally hundreds of dollars eating here hoping for the best. I just posted a picture of part of my take out meal for thousands to see. Tell me, does the manager get a bonus if he/she skimps on the food? In addition, my husband ordered a salad with his meal and there was something horrible with the dressing. The server told him he was wrong and to order something else next time. I would have called over the manager but I knew I didn’t want to make a scene over a salad. But I told the 10 people standing outside ALL ABOUT IT!

My wife and I went last Wednesday.....Steaks were about the size of a 50 cent piece.....Laughable!

Bring back the chicken tortilla soup

Would like to thank the staff at Outback Steakhouse on Greenfield and 9 mile for an awesome job of serving me and my family during a very emotional time. The server was kind fast and curtious. The food was amazing. Hat's off to you all. Thanks for your condolences during the passing of my mother on December 24, 2018. Then after her Memorial services on January 12, 2019. And if that wasn't enough on January 14, 2019 after the burial of my friends grandson. This location has come a long way from the first day I walked in. I would like to say to management, Job Well Done. Thanks Tori and Dana you guys are awesome. I had two of you most knowledgeable and hard working servers. Now I must say when at this restaurant request Karmeletta. And you will not be disappointed.

Can you get a soda instead of the beer?

Anniversary at husband and me!

Can you substitute the fries for something else?

Y’all need to fix online system

We went Wednesday for lunch & they didn’t even give us a walkabout Wednesday menu. We had asked for it and then the server was like, oh yes I’ll get you one. We weren’t sure if they even offered that anymore plus the price went up

when will you open back up....can't wait

What happened to the delicious garlic mashed potatoes 😡

So you went up a dollar?

It was the worst place I have ever been to. The whole order was wrong. Never going back

When is the PC Fl location opening back up

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Outback Steakhouse

The Aussie 4-Course is almost gone! ⏰ Start off with your choice of soup and salad. Then, choose your favorite entree and top off your meal with a cheesecake. ... See MoreSee Less

The Aussie 4-Course is almost gone! ⏰ Start off with your choice of soup and salad. Then, choose your favorite entree and top off your meal with a cheesecake.


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This deal is over! Went there yesterday, told we could not order it.

How much is it

Hubby and I went on a date here about 5:30 tonight and was served by Will!!! He made our evening! So nice and always right there being helpful! Good service should always be rewarded. Huge shout out to Will!!! Thank you!! You were the best!!

When does this offer end????

Dogs welcome. Sit at table next to you. Saw this in Illinois and Florida.

This is so good!!!!!!

Absolutely delicious

Says limited time what is the expiration date?

The raspberry topping and cheesecake.... hmmmm

I was in last Friday and there was nothing about the4 course deal on our menu or table. Is it available in Canton Ga location?

Went there tonight and nowhere was this special listed and the waitress didn't mention it..😔

They served the 4 course in Royal Palm Beach the other day...they say you have to ask for it

Is this all day or certain times?

HOW MUCH?!?! For the people that already ordered this, what was the price?

Hope if we come back you have enough glasses instead of Togo cups... Last time we were their I was really shocked by how short-handed you were. My First " not that great of a place "

Esa comida esta muy deliciosa la comi cuando pase una vez por thousad oak 101 friwey

Was just there tonight NO one mentioned this deal.

going to be there next wednesday - hope it is still on then. 1/23

Hi there’s still one on blossom hill

Went to Outback in St. Petersburg Florida

We went tonight and were told it’s no longer available...yet the tables still had tents advertising it and it’s all over Facebook...kinda disappointed cause that’s what we were looking forward to getting.

So I ate at the Outback in Kissimmee, FL last week and the server did not mention this special. So disappointed. And also disappointed in the quality of the food at that restaurant as well as the service received.

Does the special price vary by location? I just had an email that said only 3 days left???

I want to, but don't know where there is a location close to me in Campbell, CA!

Last time we were there, the silverware was wrapped in cocktail napkins???? Are they that hard up?

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Outback Steakhouse

We're celebrating Iowa's win at the Outback Bowl with a FREE Coconut Shrimp with purchase on January 2nd. Mention to your server to redeem. 🏆 ... See MoreSee Less

Were celebrating Iowas win at the Outback Bowl with a FREE Coconut Shrimp with purchase on January 2nd. Mention to your server to redeem. 🏆


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I was hoping for the blooming onion. Lol

free shrimp with a side of hepatitis

You can order a drink curbside and still get this

Outback Steakhouse, can I change it for the onion? I know it has been allowed before but want to confirm.

Nobody wants that...way to drop the ball MSU.

Some “fine print” in the email I received *Offer valid for a complimentary Coconut Shrimp appetizer with any purchase while supplies last. Say "Outback Bowl" to your server to receive the offer. Limit one complimentary appetizer per table, per visit. Offer valid at participating Outback Steakhouse® restaurants on 1/2/2019 for lunch or dinner (dine-in or to go). Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, coupon or offer and has no cash value. Prices, product participation and restaurant hours may vary by location. Void where prohibited by law. Valid 1/2/2019 ONLY.

Dammit miss state everyone knows that everyone wanted a bloomin onion

Panama City Florida on 23rd when will you guys open again???!!! I need my Outback

-15 yards rushing equals free scrimps. Excellent!!!!

Can you get the free shrimp at the bar?

Can you get this and walkabout Wednesday

Thanks Outback mine and my friend enjoyed our coconut shrimp they were yummy 🌹

Oh heck you're coming to dinner today my husband likes the shrimp

With purchase? So a pop? Outback Steakhouse?

Is this everywhere, or just in Florida?

Anyone know what size shrimp?

Can you just order a drink?

Warning! The Outback in Glendale CA is not doing the Outback Bowl promotion today. I went down there and the hostess was doing my to go order but said she didn't know about the promotion and wasn't listed in the register. So no free Coconut Shrimp and I left with no order. Stay away from this Outback since they do not honor promotions.

Thank you, Iowa Hawkeyes.

I haven’t been happy w/ Outback Steakhouse !

Yep. Those free shrimp were the best shrimp I've ever eatin!

Both blooming onion, and coconut shrimp sucks, ewwwww

Still waiting for that regional manager to call me, since you all aren’t answering Facebook messages anymore.

Nasty. I'll take the onion...

Go to Outback. Great place to bring your dogs. No problem. Fido can sit right beside you and even eat off your plate. Saw this in Illinois and Florida.

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