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Texas Renaissance Festival

In Memorium- Joseph Lanier (1951-2018)

The Texas Renaissance Family and all the members of the realm mourn the loss of our great comrade, Joseph Lanier. Joe joined the TRF Performance Company in 1984 and remained an active part of the King’s Company until his retirement in 2017. He first began entertaining guest as Blackhart, The Snake Charmer. Then, in 2000, Blackhart signed articles and joined the crew of the Pirates of the Pride O' Bedlam, roaming the lanes of New Market Village and entertaining the denizens of the Sea Devil Tavern. Joe was a beloved presence in the Village and his absence will be felt greatly by all of us who knew and loved him. We ask that you keep his wife Carol and his children and family in your thoughts and prayers. A memorial service in his honor is currently being planned. We will announce more information at a later date.
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Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my 2nd husband. A bit of TRF history was left out, however. Joe and I were married from 1982-89. I was the one who introduced him to TRF. Shortly after our marriage we began working there as The King's Royal Ferreters, selling ferret babies and educating the public about the domestic ferret as a pet. While we were still together he added Baldour the 8 foot Red Tail Boa. I have great memories of working the faire with Joe by my side and I am fortunate that no one can take those beloved memories away. He has had many more loves since me, but he never married Carol before God and witnesses. If you want to believe in "common law marriage" that's your choice. Thank you, again TRF for embracing Joe as part of the Renaissance family. I know he loved you all. <3

What a beautiful tribute. I will never forget seeing him singing along at the Sea Devil. 😍

A pirate's life is ill-fated, But his yearning keeps him seeking further For adventure wherever he travels, Be it on land or on the high seas He'll lust for more; As there's treasure to be hunted & found, There's deadly risks to be taken, But it's not a problem for a tough, old pirate, Who has weathered many a storm in his own life, He's won enough battles to tempt him to go on To risk his life again tomorrow, For the freedom that he has earned.

Always a great guy, husband Will thought he was a blast, he took care of me like a big brother. He will be missed by so many, yet his spirit will flow freely all over TRF.

Our brother will be greatly missed. Bedlam has set up a GoFundMe to help Joe's family with funeral expenses, if anyone would like to help out. www.gofundme.com/joe-lanier-blackheart-funeral-exp

Prayers for Joe's family and all his friends as they mourn his loss and celebrate his life.

Prayers for family and friends! Many people enjoyed the wonderful entertainment over the years!

You may have never known me, but you touched so many lives. And you were my favorite. God bless.

Deepest condolences to his crew.

Prayer that gods loving embrace comforts all those who love him during this difficult time❤️😇❤️

What a loss☹️

theres an annual rennaissance fair south of dallas. youve been?

Prayers of Peace 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

RIP. He was a wonderful person.

RIP good Sir

Christina Moore do you remember the snake charmer? Wonder if we have any pictures

Rest In Peace

Yeah i cant beleave

Heart broken doesn’t begin. Prayers lifted.


Wonderful entertainer who will be missed!

Prayers to his family and friends



My condolences 😞

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Texas Renaissance Festival

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I will look for you at the faire when I get there someday. Blessings of comfort to his family and all who knew and loved him. Much love to his mates in the Pride O Bedlam.

I shall raise my goblet filled ta tha brim with rum in your Honor Captain. May your sails be full with the wind at your back.

He will be missed. TRF won't be the same without him.

I only met you a few time but each of those times were always a good time my your sole rest in peace and may you watch over all tho who are at fair this year and help guide the newbs of the fair so that may guide there frind to come have fun and may you watch over those who may not be agile to wach them self for you will be miss but we know youl never miss the far for you be ther in sole having a good time as if you never left

I remember him from the faire my thoughts are for his family and friends he was kind

May your free spirit soar.

Heart breaking.... love and prayers

RIP sir

Aye, give farewell with some guns. FIRE your fourty cannons broadside




Oh no!!! Rosa Guevara

Walter Wilson Stephanie Stephens-wilson

Kimberly Miller-Jewett

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Texas Renaissance Festival

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