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Jack Sparrow will forever be our favorite on-screen swashbuckler. Our friends at CineFix put together a DIY-guide to the perfect Captain Jack costume.

"Sometimes treasure is a pile of old clothes." We couldn't agree more!Captain Jack Sparrow said "Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate." Truer words were never spoken because sometimes treasure is a pile of old clothes. In ...
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What is today's 50% off color?

well done

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Raise your hand if you're addicted to thrift! There's something special about searching the aisles for the perfect find. We want to celebrate that!

Share your in-store scores with us using #FindtheFind and they could be featured on our page! 📷: @fthef
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Raise your hand if youre addicted to thrift! Theres something special about searching the aisles for the perfect find. We want to celebrate that!

Share your in-store scores with us using #FindtheFind and they could be featured on our page! 📷: @fthef


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#FindtheFind a Disney Parks Dumbo Popcorn Bucket in perfect condition! Made my entire year since I've been looking EvErYwHeRe for one!!

Really do like thrifting but.... lately your clothing prices have gotten ridiculous. Like I told one of your managers not to long ago , the merchandise you are selling is donated to your company for free!!!!!

Your prices are ridiculous !!!!.. I use to love Savers, now it's just frustrating and I can only go on 50% off days .. They have gotten very greedy , it's disappointing . I'm a single mother on a fixed income and I can't even afford used clothing. It's sad ! Savers shame on you all these things are donated to you for free !!!

You can most of the time find something you are looking for but all these thrift stores are getting crazy with the prices . I have been giving to GW for ages but I stopped because the prices are out rages you can by two things brand new at a store for there prices so I've stopped donating I rather just give the things to a stranger that can use whatever I have . I even called the RedCross to donate but they only want cash what is wrong with this world where is all this money going I think we are paying the rent on these thrift shops !? By the way what is the definition of the two different GW they have a GW mission & I thought GW was the Easter Seals to help the handicapped?

Your prices are crazy. Remember you are a thrift store. The only time I can justify your prices is when you are having a major sale. Your clothing is generally higher quality, but your merchandise isn't colorized so it looks like a messy thrift store. And why do you hang your pants and shorts on the side? I have to pull every single one up to see how long they are. Totally ridiculous!!!!!!!

Surprised by the negative comments. I have found brand new items for dirt cheep. I seldom purchase clothing for full retail price if you think dirt cheep is too much use your discounts? No Need To Be Upset.

#findthefind All 3 pieces were $6.99 each AND I got them on a sale day! There were 2 more identical triangle shaped iron pieces that I was pretty sure I needed in my life, but my teenage daughters made me leave them there for someone else to enjoy. 🙁

Mama of 4 and obsessed with Savers. Scored 52 pieces of like new name brand clothes for 98.00 on labor day.... woohoo

My #FindTheFind is this fabulous hanging birdhouse that looks like a hat!

It's the thrill - almost like winning something!

This is how much it is brand new! At store.EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED WITH THESE PRICE HIKES

Found a set of stands good for anything ! Especially my daughters bows 🎀 #findthefind@savers#savers

I probably need an intervention .... :/

#Findthefind This vintage locket!


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