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Red Lobster

New! Tiki Passion Punch to kick-off the weekend? Yes, please! 😉

📸: NYCFoodMuse
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New! Tiki Passion Punch to kick-off the weekend? Yes, please! 😉 

📸: NYCFoodMuse


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Wife just got home with two lobsters mine had not meat in claws but slime that was white very gross. The backed potato with salt, nope just a soggy under done $0.20 cent small potato. We would have done better at Captain D’s. What’s going on we have are there for years. This really just made me sick. Just spent $80.00 and you served us this bad food. We are going to call the main office Monday.

hello i saw on tv that it is endless shrimp season please honor this

hello, is the endless shrimp event on right now?

Had our 50th golden anniversary there. Loved it!

Had a bad visit last week usually is good but was not this time. Was my husbands 40th birthday I had a bit of his fish had bones all through it !!! Could've chocked!!!! And my mashed pototo s were so dry and tasted 2 days old and my salad was so cold it hurt my mouth I like cold salad but this was like ice never really had a problem but this was a bad visit my husbands 40th birthday spent all that money and they only gave us 5 bucks off that's all very disappointed redlobter

I always have to wait...but it’s always worth it! Happy 50th Red Lobster!! #RLGoldenSweepstakes

Red Lobster does make things right if you let them know the problem. We have had dinner there many times and it was almost always great.

U suck for price in Greeley Co portions are to small u suck

I see you can post alcoholic drinks what can we non-alcoholic people drink.

I like the Bahama mama drink😊🍹🍹🍹

After school celebration! #RLGoldenSweepstakes

How the heck is that a tiki anything if you aren't serving it in a damn tiki mug?

Had them last night and got to keep the glass. Between 4 of us, we got 5 glasses

Looks refreshing & delicious! Will have to give this a try real soon!

Looks like I'm gonna have to drop by there

Enter me for the sweepstakes. I didn't see a form. Thanks. Kathy Scott, 1104 Chapel Creek Ct., Richardson, Texas 75080, 972-290-0223

Would love your drinks even more if you put real Bacardi in your drinks! Every time I get one it's consists of cheap Rum! Even when I say I want Bacardi! Now I drink water!!!!

I had one for my birthday, and it wasn't too bad...just a tad too much rum for my taste and I had to water it down...however, you are able to keep the glass it comes in as a souvenier.

#RLGoldenSweepstakes I love Red Lobster.

The Angry Lobster was probably the best mixed drink I had there

Zoe Norman in April we need a red lobster date!

Ingredients? How much passion to punch ratio?

We ordered these at $9 each and didnt look anything like this. Tasted like a thick pulped juice.

Getting ready to head there now. May need to try this.

#RLGoldenSweepstakes Love Red Lobster!

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Red Lobster

50 years of Red Lobster stats and milestones. ... See MoreSee Less

50 years of Red Lobster stats and milestones.


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How about a 50% off for your 50 year Anniversary?!?😊

I still remember back in the 70's when Red Lobster had all you can eat snow crab legs!! THOSE were the good old days!!

Really love the new menu with info on calories and values. Meal was great, even when dieting, plus the waitress was amazing.

I am so disappointed in the new menu. Red Lobster no longer has the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. It was excellent. Every time I mention it to a manager or server, I get the same response, “ we have a lot of customers upset that it was removed!” Please bring it back!!!! I brought several new customers to Red Lobster because of the tilapia! 😭

Love Red Lobster!

Congratulations Red Lobster, on 50 years of providing high standard seafood to inland locations; fresh resourced, sustainable seafood and amazing cheddar cheese garlic biscuits! We’ll see you for lunch tomorrow.

My favorite meal! Makes My mouth water just looking at it!! Haven't been since October. Need a Red Lobster fix and if I won a gift card I could get one soon! #RLGoldenSweepstakes

LOVE RED LOBSTER! #RLGoldenSweepstakes! Planning to eat there later today!💕

I've been a Red Lobster customer since the mid 70's. Even met my husband there.......but I can see the writing on the wall for this restaurant chain trying to change who they market to and market more to the upper class. I've watched that tactic destroy other companies, and am so afraid I'm going to see it happen again to my favorite restaurant. "IF IT ISN'T BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT".

Our favorite experience was at our Red Lobster in Northglenn CO, a few years ago.....we were having a early dinner and so was this cute older couple they were celebrating their 60 wedding anniversary they were sitting side by side and so cute and in love and their age.....he was a retired Lutheran Priest and his wife served with him in many locations as I sent them a split of champagne for their celebrations and the server was so happy and they were as well when they received their champagne it was such a blessing for us more than them it seemed for us a family......but they shared they were more than blessed and thankful....what a wonderful couple they just gave off a great spirit to the world around them......thanx for letting me share this here:)

We go to our local Red Lobster almost every Saturday night - so very disappointed in the menu changes - no more parmesan crusted tilapia 😥. I can't eat spicy food and now so much of the menu is spicy - not happy 👿.

#RLGOLDENSWEEPSTAKES Red Lobster has been a favorite go-to spot for The Lunch Bunch. We love snacking on cheddar biscuits and iced tea while we reminisce. Here's to 50 more years!

My Sister's and I always Celebrated @ Red Lobster. This was taken our last visit there. My Oldest Sister, on the far right...was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about this Time. Now..she's forgetting everything. If we won the 50 Anniversary Gift Card..we could go again before she forgets our good Times we had @ Red Lobster threw the years

Again, bring back all you can eat crab. I am certain I single-handedly ruined this special for everyone and I truly am sorry. I promise to behave if you bring it back. Please.

I must agree with Darcy Keller. My wife and I really enjoyed their fish and chips until recently when they took away the nicely breaded fish (one large piece usually) and replaced it with 4 pieces of fish that was so greasy we couldn't begin to eat it. Why remove an item that was awesome for something that wasn't fit to eat? I took the survey and asked to have a manager contact me. Have yet to hear back from anyone. I will take them off my list of places to dine. And thank you.

Last Saturday went to a Benefit for a cancer patient and they had a Silent Auction. I bid on the Red Lobster donation and won it. Can't wait to go as it's my favorite restaurant and so glad to help someone else

Love red lobster, can't afford to eat there often ,but when we do it's with wonderful friends and all you can eat calimari bring it back PLEASE

My best memory of Red Lobster predates smart phones or even cell phones that not only were size of a shoe box! So there is no picture of this great Family moment when we took our 8yr old son to Red Lobster for his Birthday, he was told he could have anything he wanted....He went for the pound of shrimp , when the server brought the plate she thought it would be for one of the adults not the smallest member of the group...I really do wish I had a picture of my son's face..his eyes were the size of saucers. And he enjoyed every bite.. Our family has many good memories of Red Lobster, and hopefully we will have mahy more.

The wife and I have been eating at Red Lobster since 1975. Would like to see the menu in 1975. The price of the ultimate feast would scare me compared to today probably

I love Red Lobster...I know prices have risen but the quality is still so far above other restaurants. I go for Mother's Day, Easter, my birthday and any other day I can get my husband to go. Love the food and the service U get at Red Lobster of Statesville NC...right off of I77.

We ate at our local red lobster tonight. Was very disappointed in the fish and chips. It went from a huge fresh flaky piece of fish to four pieces of frozen mixed fish that I can get at the grocery store.

When my father was alive. He loved seafood. He passed his love of seafood to me and my brothers. We in turned passed the love down to our children. My oldest daughter was having her 13th birthday. When asked what she wanted. Her reply was .. Dinner at Red Lobster! So the whole family showed up for her dinner. Sadly my father passed shortly after 9-11. I would love to be able to take my husband and grandkids there. Getting the Ultimate feast for everyone!! #RLGoldenSweepstakes. Family memories and Red Lobster go together!

My daughter and I love Red Lobster. We go there on the way home from sports tournaments. We always get the Crab Linguine Alfredo and we love it. We adore the cheddar bay biscuits too😊

I’ve got many many memories of Red Lobster When we travel we always look for a Red Lobster because we always know we’re going to have a great meal at a great price. We never miss the endless shrimp it’s one of our all time favorites

We love Red Lobster!!! North Little Rock, Arkansas has one of the best managers I have ever dealt with. We went in one night took for ever to get a waiter to the table. Told someone we needed to be waited on. Bernie came to the table said I am Bernie one of the managers what can I do for you. I told her other people were seated after us and have gotten biscuits and drinks. She said I will take care of you. And boy did she ever. Each time we go in she always come to the table to check on us. She makes our trip to Red Lobster a joy each time we go. Y’all are very blessed to have her. #RLgoldensweepstakes Carla Hilliard

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Red Lobster

Traceable, sustainable, and responsible are more than just words on our menu – it’s how we’ve sourced our seafood since day one. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re sharing that sourcing story with you. ... See MoreSee Less


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#RL GoldenSweepstakes this would come in handy with 6 kids 13 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren and one on the way!! Need a Break:)

#RL GoldenSweepstakes My husband and I are raising our 3 grandsons. We love to go to Red Lobster for a break.

#RLGoldenSweepstakes It was always the special occassion of passing our year at school. So we celebrated by all going to Red Lobster for dinner.

#RLGoldenSweepstakes My parents would always take us to RL after dragging us around the mall years ago. My sister and I always got kiddie cocktails and popcorn shrimp.

Lobsterfest starts on the 29th. They have delicious specials. Shrimp fest is in September- October.

Great job ! Hard working guys ! Don’t mind paying a little more !

Greetings! I like the biscuits with shrimp.

My family and I have been dinning at Red Lobster since they opened.

“#RLGoldenSweepstakes” My RL memory comes from many years ago when our whole softball team ans spouses arrived for dinner with no reservation. I took very little time to set up a table for at least 20 of us. The service was amazing, we were treated like stars. Sadly I don't have a picture. Hope I am still entered to win.

Might be nice if they ran a food special for this occasion but no all the have is get points from there app : (

Happy 5 0

Happy 50th Anniversary! Congratulations on all these years!!!

Golden moment: out with hubbie for dinner at @Red Lobster #RLGoldenSweepstakes

Thanks too all! My husband and I have celebrated our anniversary every year since 1983 at your establishment and we love doing it every year and throughout the year's.. Be safe and thanks too all!!!!

#RLGoldenSweepstakes KingCrab&Walts Fried Shrimp&RockLobsterTail&ShrimpCockTail

Happy50th Birthday!

Love Red Lobster! Me and my family eat there all the time.


Happy 50th Birthday 🎂

HAPPY 50th BD.

Me encanta!!!! I love it❤️❤️

Marc-André Gagné 😊

Stan Rida

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