4 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

Get you some, John! Steak and Lobster is back! Starting at $15.99 for a limited time. ... See MoreSee Less


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Sergio Greco vamos ??? 🤗🤗🥺🥺

Ángel, vamos😬

Nina-Rica Pineda!

Don't get it not worth it the lobsters the size of a shrimp not even a prawn just get the regular steak

Daniel Nepomuceno

Will I really get a meal that looks like that???

Tracy Randall

Angie Reid. It's back! Get yourself some steak and lobster

Jessica Ghost-Saba

Tracy Randall

Really poor service. We left and went to Chili's.

I wish they served, that size Lobster, because that's a 6-oz sirloin, in the photo.

Its delicious had it other night with baked loaded potato...can’t beat taste and price...

I wish they served, that size Lobster, because that's a 6-oz sirloin, in the photo.

Bring back the sweet potato fries... please!!


Thank you for NOT honoring your lunch AD. We went across the parking lot and had the best lunch ever at Olive Garden.

I enjoyed it went for my 25 anniversary and Valentine's day together I loved the food Thank you Outback Steakhouse

Horrible delivery service.

Yea 4 hr wait

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my lobster DID NOT look like that!!!! it was a tiny little thumb sized thing!!!! my steak was good tho...but with only one side not worth the $15.99

Is this special still going on?

Mitchell ❤️

My fav meal of all time

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5 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

🇺🇸 Meet Ben Jackson, our Managing Partner from Round Rock, Texas, whose committment to his country and his customers is exactly why we're proud to serve those who serve. ... See MoreSee Less


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You need to see this: http://watchdocumentaries.com/earthlings

I was very disappointed with my meal last week !.... .... Very disappointed ...

Just got off the phone with the people from Outback. This makes no sense. I can't call ahead for 8 people but they can seat 8 people when we get there but we'll have a wait. I can call in ahead if I have 6 people though. smh Thanks our money spends everywhere and some other restaurant will get it! smh

Always been an Outback fan until moving to Myrtle Beach-had a terrible meal with worse service! Completed the survey but never received any feedback from Outback. Don’t plan on returning when there are so many good alternatives.

Went to the one in Orange Park Fl was GREAT service and food loved it the waitress was very Friendly hard worker I would go back again Thank you OUTBACK for making my 25th Anniversary and Valentine's Day Dinner LOVE IT....


Wished they would open in Paso Robles CA

Ate at one in Fresno last month, not that great.

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