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3 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

Especially with our free delivery... It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries. Better ponder it over a steak. ... See MoreSee Less

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Any chance you will be selling gallons of your wallaby darned mix? 😊 Rosie’s just started selling their margarita mix....

Just made my first delivery order, thank you all so much

Ordered dinner at 1:15 this afternoon for delivery at 5:20 for my parents from the St Clairsville, Ohio location. Well it’s 8:10pm now, still no food and I have been told 3 times since 6:00 that the delivery person was on their way with it. I will NEVER order or eat at an Outback again. I understand they are running behind but 3 hours ....and being continually lied to!! I even talked to the manager...insane!!!!

I ordered food yesterday wings looked a little on the dark side but I figured maybe a different chef cooked not like they usually look but food took a long time to come and have been sick to my stomach ever since omg never again tasted good at 1st then got a hint of a smell and stopped eating started to think they had been refried or sitting there and maybe warmed up before delivery only one from my in my family who ate from here yesterday and the only one who got food poison in my household

Not impressed with my delivery. Food was barely warm and my medium burger was so raw a vet could have revived it... I've thrown half of it in the trash, and I guess I will have to hope that what I ate doesn't make me sick. No bread with the food. I want to try to help out local eateries at this time, but I don't think I'll be ordering from Outback Steakhouse again.

I didn't take any chances. Drove there and did curbside pickup. No one came out so I walked in. An employee was on her personal call yaking away. Double checked the order and some items were missing things...HOWEVER...the ribeye steak was very well made so all is forgiven.

Are you open for delivery tonight? We got the confirmation (by email and text) of our online order but the food is over an hour late and no one is picking up the phone.

Not doing this again.. Horrible to go order in humble tx....spent over 60.00 and got our steaks..baked potatos..wrapped in foil..NOTHING ON THEM AS REQUESTED. BREAD WAS COLD..OUT OF THE FRIDGE. Very disappointed !!

We had gift cards so we just used them to online order for delivery from the Livonia, MI Outback. My 93 year old mother had the 6 oz Filet Mignon well done with the mashed potatoes and vegetables. It didn't look like much when it arrived, but it was worth it. I put everything in the microwave and nuked it at half power for 30 secs. She said the steak was juicy and tasty and she liked everything else too. She hasn't been happy with a steak for a long time, so I'm glad that she finally got her steak.

Update: Finally got someone to pick up the phone..heard people talking and then they hung up! Seriously? I just wanted to cancel my order and ask for my money back. I don’t need someone showing up with food at 9:00 at night. I’m fuming! I understand that you may be busy but this is not the way to treat customers. I will definitely be calling tomorrow!

Outback Steakhouse I was supposed to get a refund for an order y’all messed up on 02/26/20 at your Garland, TX location. Still have not received any messages back from the manager Matt who claimed he would help. I’m disgusted that y’all don’t take food allergies seriously, and can’t even follow through with refunding me after your company made such a negligent mistake.

THANK YOU OUTBACK our steaks and salmon. Were excellent!!!

Outback, people are understanding about what's going on. Your job is to communicate if you can't even come close to keeping your delivery promises. We feel sick for the kid who delivered the food, but we gave up and ordered elsewhere after 4 of us tried over and over to reach you, to no avail.

I just had free delivery and steak and the food was amazing the delivery was on time and very polite and excellent service thank you . Food was delicious πŸ˜‹ ❀️

I placed a delivery order today for the first time. I received a phone call telling me one of my entrees was not available and was offered a reasonable replacement. I then received a text message telling me it was ready. Since I had ordered delivery (they asked me online for my address) this surprised me. So I threw some clothes on and went to pick up my order. I got back home only to find out that they had not included my salads, which my wife and I were really looking forward to. And then to top it off I had ordered my wife's filet mignon medium rare and it was medium well to well. Really disappointed.

Food was on time - ready to go. Staff terrific. Thank u - we'll be doing curbside again for sure πŸ™‚

The ladies at the Hagerstown, MD location were awesome today when I ordered. Thank you!!

We tried ordering online with no luck and couldn’t get an order on the phone. So glad Outback is too busy to get our order in. Support your local business.

Horrible. Our order. My steak looks like a hockey puck. I asked for medium and can barely get a knife through it.

Question, did you guys cut off DoorDash? Just wondering because I haven't seen an order for you guys all week. Or have I just been unlucky? One of my favorite places to do orders from.

Ordered at 3:30 for a delivery time at 6:20...no food. I was finally able to reach someone at 6:45 to see where the food was and an expected delivery time, they advised the delivery driver left 15 minutes ago. It’s now an hour and a half past my delivery time and still no food. It’s nice that they are still open but they need better planning!!! 0 stars

Just had our 1st delivery. Fast service excellent food, great job and thank you!

Delivery from Bloomington Normal Illinois location.... ordering was easy, delivery fast, food excellent!!!

Just went to get curbside pickup at Outback in Southington, CT and there was a little line of cars waiting and the guy bringing out the food was making people sign their receipts passing the pen and plastic check holder from car to car! I paid for my food online with a gift card and he practically held my food hostage because I didn't want to touch the pen or check holder. He made me sign a receipt even though I paid with gift card not a credit card!! Its stupid things like that causing the spread of this virus!!!

Best delivery order ever March 25. Thank you staff for working and for staying open! Parma, Ohio location off Ridge Road.

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6 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

Today is the Great American Takeout Day! What are you ordering from Outback? ... See MoreSee Less

Today is the Great American Takeout Day! What are you ordering from Outback?

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I love Outback I am ordering from them today my favorite steak 😘

Outback takeout is totally amazing fast and delicious, on time with a smile, excellent food and service. I’m ordering it every chance I get. Thanks for being so great Outback. Customer for ever. Ken.

I’ll take some Alice Springs Chicken!! It was delicious takeout last Tuesday and I am sure that it will be again tonight! πŸ˜‹

I ordered takeout Saturday and had to wait 28 mins After I got the text it was ready. Also not as good as usual .

I’m 5 miles away and outside the delivery zone. That’s outback’s loss, too, because I love the chicken cob salad and would probably order it three days a week.

Well I ordered the brownie with ice cream on Sunday with no problems, I’m pregnant and our state has a stay in home order in place so I can’t really leave due to underlying health conditions, Had it delivered and was raving about it to all my friends. Yesterday (3/25) went to order again this time getting 2 so my husband could have one only to be told they took it off the menu πŸ˜” please make an announcement that you shortened the menu as every other dessert item is still available but the brownie and I’m gluten intolerant so it’s the only one I could’ve had

Just tried to order online for a timed pick up at 4pm it would not let me i guess i will take my business somewhere else

Ours was excellent. Thank you Outback for working hard.

Your mushrooms make me melt. Also, bring back the filet focaccia sandwich. Unreal good. Never forget.

We ordered Sunday and then again tonight! Thank you for delivering to the rural areas.

Outback take out for dinner tonight. Thanks! Excellent service and food!

We ordered a couple days ago and it was ready on time and delicious!

Just order curb side for the first time. Got three steaks, three bake potatoes and fixing. And it was the bomb. And want to say thank you to the nice sweet girl that brought our food out to us.

I’m sorry but my take out from out back Sunday was horrible. We go often to outback , our pick up order was so bad , I won’t be returning and breaks my heart cuz was my favorite restaurant in the area. Guess back to Boone’s for us

DO NOT ORDER from Outback in Murrells Inlet! I placed my order at 5:45 and told it would be an hour ( because I live in Georgetown yet they deliver here ) and here I am TWO AND A HALF HOURS later still with NO FOOD!!! The worst part is that I called yesterday giving them a heads up that I was placing an order and they said they could do it! I’m soooo angry right now!! I will continue to stick with Texas Roadhouse from now on! I will also be contacting the main Outback headquarters because this is just insane!!! I could’ve drove there myself and got my food and came back home by the time we actually get our food!!! #moneydownthedrain!

Hi I just ordered and received my delivery from st.matthews location in Louisville. Just called and talked to Rachel, I was missing my mashed potatoes and the condiments that go with the baked potato, therefore I couldn’t eat it. She was very friendly and understanding and said they could either deliver it or refund it. Well my baked potato would be cold by then so I said refund it. She said okay and there was like a 5 second break and then she hung up on me... so I’m really confused. Please help, I don’t know what else to do. thanks! I kept the email showing everything I ordered and everything. ~Kara Haas

Yesterday was our anniversary so I ordered online and picked it up. The curbside process was very smooth...I was impressed. Food isn't as good being taken home as it is when eating in the restaurant, but truly grateful for the experience. Thank you.

Would love to order, but last weeks take out wasn't as good as usual...especially the salad & croutons... they were wet and soggy..ugh

When will we be able to order prime rib? I have a gift certificate I'd like to use, but prime rib hasn't been on the menu in the last few days. πŸ™

Just finished off some Bloomin' Fried Chicken, along with steamed broccoli and a Caesar salad! Staff is holding up well, considering the circumstances; praying things go back to normal quickly for all of us!

NOTHING IN the future if you are going to advertise something then in my opinion you need to make sure you have enough to fulfill the orders ....

Ordered delivery at Outback in PC, Florida. Over 2 hours have gone by and we still don’t have our food. We have called the restaurant and our food is not even out for delivery. It was supposed to be delivered an hour ago! I will not make this mistake again. So disappointed! Don’t promise something if you can’t accomplish it.

When it comes to having steaks you should not do the delivery or takeout. The steak continues to cook after the take it the grill. With a 30 min wait or longer your steak isn’t gonna be what you expected. Just cook one at home or wait till the restaurants open again then try the steaks in the restaurants.

Outback would be the last place I would order from...

My father is in the hospital in Opelika Alabama family can’t go in so we waited in the parking lot together and my brother and his wife bought us all outback and it was great as usual. Everything is not going to be perfect during these trying times,be patient and understanding people. Thankful we are able to still eat from our favorite restaurants.

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1 week ago

Outback Steakhouse

Purchase $50 in gift cards online thru March 29, and you will receive a FREE $20 e-Bonus card valid until December 31! Click link below for details: www.outback.com/gift-cards ... See MoreSee Less

Purchase $50 in gift cards online thru March 29, and you will receive a FREE $20 e-Bonus card valid until December 31! Click link below for details: https://www.outback.com/gift-cards

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I placed an order for delivery yesterday from this Mechanicsville, VA Outback. I could not have had a more pleasant experience. The sweet young lady taking the order over the phone confirmed that they now deliver to my area (YES!) and, she was very thorough and offered to call me back so my order could be delivered at a later hour. The food was perfect and nothing was left out of the order. It was delivered with a smile and exactly the time we asked for. We really appreciate that you are offering this during this time and I definitely will recommend and suggest. Thank you all!

can I use a gift card for pick up?

How do i order a giftcard?

We drove 75 miles to Ankeny,IA to get some takeout and enjoyed every morsel. Great experience. Thank you to everyone that makes this work.

I thought all gift cards were not supposed to have an experation date. Interesting.

Outback Steakhouse in West Little Rock, Arkansas is open for business!! Let us feed you tonight! FREE DELIVERY FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH!!

I purchased the gift card a week ago today and still haven’t received my $20 bonus

I purchased the gift card... does the bonus gift card arrive in a second email? When can I expect it to arrive?

Thank You for making the bonus GC's not expire in a month or two. I will definitely be buying some!!!

yesterday i purchased this promotion from bonefish,can i I use that gift card at outback outback also?

Placed a to go order yesterday spent over $80 bucks and it was so disappointing 😣😣

It’s Monday is the free bloomin onion today?

The $20 e-card I got during the holidays expired before I had a chance to use them. I won't be doing business with Outback again. Plus, the food was lack luster.

We sure miss our Oviedo Outback!

How about donating some of those proceeds to the thousands of employees furloughed? Who are being jerked around as far as using their sick leave and PTO? Even Darden is doing SOMETHING. Come on guys.

So $200 in gift cards means $80 in bonus cards??

Bret SatowskiI already have gift cards to outback, but you know how I love a good deal. πŸ˜› Michelle Jackson Bennett- I know this place is your jam too!!

I would love to be eating that steak right now! ♥

Bought only to get canceled scam don’t do it

Outback has become gross!!!

Ain't nobody got the fifty bucks to spend

What is the promo code?

need menu

Outback SteakhouseJust ordered from you dinner tonight. Can you turn on messaging so I can send you a message? Or i can post here.


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Today is the Great American Takeout Day! What are you ordering from Outback?
Purchase $50 in gift cards online thru March 29, and you will receive a FREE $20 e-Bonus card valid until December 31! Click link below for details: https://www.outback.com/gift-cards
The hardest part about binge-watching shows isn’t deciding what to watch. It’s deciding whether or not to order a Bloomin’ Onion with your steak.
Sit back and relax with FREE delivery from Outback!
We brought back Steak & Lobster because you demanded it. The screaming voicemails were a little much, but we get it. All starting at $16.99.
Can't eat steak this Friday? Have Ahi Tuna Steak.
Enjoy your Spring Steak Break with 15% off this weekend! See link below for details. https://www.outback.com/offers/15-off-thru-3-15-20-acc