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1230 N Mason Rd #500, Katy, TX

1270 Fry Rd, Houston, TX

24449 Katy Fwy #600, Katy, TX




23 hours ago

Jimmy John's

It's Modified Monday! Try ordering a #11 on my 9-Grain Wheat Sub, no tomatoes, add pickles, sauce, oregano and dijon. AKA “The Branwich” Submitted by JJ Rockstar Brandon Gibson from Atlanta, GA! ... See MoreSee Less

Its Modified Monday! Try ordering a #11 on my 9-Grain Wheat Sub, no tomatoes, add pickles, sauce, oregano and dijon. AKA “The Branwich” Submitted by JJ Rockstar Brandon Gibson from Atlanta, GA!


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why is Jimmy John's so expensive compared to other sandwich shops?

Turkey Tom no mayo add pickles add ranch and a large coke 😇

#9 no onions (allergic), extra tomatoes

I would, but you don't deliver 2 blocks away, so no thank you

You opening up a new restaurant in the southern Oregon area anytime soon? Closest location is in Bend.

What “sauce”??

Turkey Tom add cucumber add sauce add onion extra mayo just how I like my sub!

I used to gm and my Sammy was and still is the #8 with Jimmyjon’ mustard add pep, onion, and sauce herbs....so freaky fantastic

Gargantuan on a french roll, no onion, extra mayo, add bacon, I call it the Sit-Down

#2 add dij extra pickles add hots. Oh yeah.

Come back to Somerset, Ky!!

The Dijon ruined it.

#9, no tomatoes, add cucumber, pickles, and peppers! Happiness all day long!

My favorite

#10 all day

My regular is a #17 (Ultimate Porker) unwich, no tomatoes, add cucumber and easy onions. I don't have a fun name for it, but that's what I order every time! Now I want one for lunch...

#12 with oregano-basil, mustard, onions, extra avocado spread, and if I'm feeling it I'll add bacon. I might have to go buy one soon now...

you have a location that's 2.2 miles away from me that won't deliver to me. it's time you build a store a mile close to my house.

Love that new 9-grain wheat bread sub. Awesome!

#10 unwich add avo, Dijon, pickles and onions 😋👌

#1, add dijon, sauce, and extra pickles. 😍 I could eat this everyday. I never stray from this sandwich. You need an extra extra pickles option. 😂

#10 extra mayo extra tomatoes.

Sliced wheat is the best

I’ll take two pleases


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2 days ago

Jimmy John's

The only delivery service that delivers Jimmy John’s is Jimmy John’s ... See MoreSee Less

The only delivery service that delivers Jimmy John’s is Jimmy John’s


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What makes no sense to me is turning major amounts of customers away for delivery because they dont live within a block or two. You should have an additional level of delivery that if they are outside of a certain radius they do not qualify for freaky fast delivery but they will still be delivered to if the person so chooses to accept the longer wait time.

I wouldn’t call what y’all do “delivery”. ~1.5 miles away and less than 5 minutes away and we’re not in range! 😂😂😂

Jimmy John's drops off free samples to my work but does not deliver to us

If you used other delivery services, more people could order from you, since im a mile or2 past your radius I never eat your food

Which is kind of sad because the outside delivery agencies will travel further. For example I have a Jimmy John's about 4 miles from my house on post at Fort Hood but you all won't deliver to me. If you would allow other companies then I could get it delivered and you'd have a LOT more business. Jimmy John's

As a driver for Jimmy John's, I think I can speak for all us delivery drivers. Thank you!!!

Yet another delivery post that the only positive comments, come by GM’s BWHahaha. Fix your delivery restrictions for smaller towns. #idontneedtwostores

My work is out of range if we want we have to meet them at the stop light 2 blocks away.. But Erberts and Gerberts delivers and they have soup!

Just had 16 Inches GIANT gargantuas delivered today 😋 It’s amazing 😉

Is it customary to have someone waiting for an hour or more for a SANDWICH? Never again will I order from Jimmy Johns..Placed an order at 10:49pm didnt receive it until 11:52pm. Tried to submit a contact us complaint on your web page and it wouldnt go through. I guess JJ is trying to save money in reducing staff because it has never taken an hour to get to me before. Of course this has been a few years since I last ordered from this place.

I remember the one time Jimmy John's got our order wrong twice and the delivery guy yelled at us that we were trying to steal so we called corporate and got nothing 😂 great service there.

Yeah and you only deliver within roughly 50 feet of a store location 🙄

Missing a huge opportunity!

And you don’t deliver to me even though we live near 2 locations

Jimmy John's we need more locations ours won't deliver

Jimmy John's there’s is one by my house but they refuse to deliver to me. Explain that one to me 😡😡

Yeah , Jimmy John's about 1.1 mile from my house .. refuse to deliver..but will the house across the street

Love jimmy johns

Sometimes they are very late. My job is not that far away and they say on the phone it will be there shortly. Waiting for half hour. Freaky slow! And also they automatically add a $2.50 charge and then the driver expects a tip? End up spending$10 for a sandwich and a cookie.. get real

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

You don’t deliver to our house or work an the town we live in is only ten miles long . People don’t go to you guys cause you won’t deliver , when u did deliver to us we got food in like 7 min but we moved an now u don’t go past the park

Love JJs keep doin what you're doin 👍👍

Was disappointed the last time I purchased your subs it was my husband‘s birthday Valentine’s Day I asked a certain way to fix my subs got all the way home and half the stuff wasn’t even on my sub I didn’t want to have to go back two or three exits just to fix it and come all way back home

Freaky fast because their delivery radius might as well be "within sight of the store"

Club Lulu no tomatoes add peppers, Dijon, oil and oregano... 🔥🔥

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3 days ago

Jimmy John's

If you want grub, there’s a hub for that. If you want a sandwich, there’s Jimmy John’s ... See MoreSee Less

If you want grub, there’s a hub for that. If you want a sandwich, there’s Jimmy John’s


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Yes but if you're 1.1 miles away they can't deliver to you. :\

Why is this an advertising strategy? You’re just basically stating that if you live outside of the small delivery area you’re going to have to pick it up or your out of luck. Not sure how this is supposed to keep/get customers.

Jimmy John’s sub is the worse sub I have ever eaten.

I live 6 minutes out. I guess it's Subway then

I'm not a JJ's employee or management or anything and I've never had problems with their delivery, always freaky fast.

Except that Grub Hub will deliver to my house and Jimmy John's won't.

Cut through neighborhood, speed, run stop signs, no respect, don't care. Guess that's the way they run JJs.

I’ll take the hunters club Thank you Double everything

The Turkey Tom is my current pregnancy craving! Soooo good!

My favorite

Amy Davidson

how about Jimmy John's!!

Definitely not....

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