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2 days ago


Nothing says “come together” quite like our New! Sweet Holiday Delights menu lineup. Try them all before they’re gone at ... See MoreSee Less

Nothing says “come together” quite like our New! Sweet Holiday Delights menu lineup. Try them all before they’re gone at

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Wish we had a Denny. My favorite breakfast.

How i miss this at Denny's😔😔😔

yummy! 😋🎄

We need a Denny's in Lafayette,La.

Thank you Denny's 7720 for honoring veterans.

Dog food is more appealing, I paid, left, and got something from the gas station next door.

Don't be surprised when the two slices of bread cost more than your meal. By the time you add two slices of bread to your meal, you should have just gone for steak at Appkebees.

Omg 😱 omg 😱 very happy 😃 denny’s deliver morning happy dance 💃 


Denny's My Favorites Are Back Delicious 😋

Please bring back the creamy peanut butter

You should be ashamed on Veterans Day to turn our Vets away! They all deserve a free Meal all day long and not restrict the time! You should really be ashamed!!! Such a disgrace Denny’s!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Are they having thanks giving

Make it easier for vets to get that free grand slam.

Yess we doo


Monica Lindahl we need a Denny’s date SSOOO bad😩

Jackie Wallace

Chloé Ggn we need this

Juliana Rinaldi

Kitty Jansen

Bailey Thompson end of exam meal

Roy Kimberley Noesje Reggie Daniel alvast even het menu bekijken??

No one goes to Denny’s, you end up at Denny’s!

Tamara Moore

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4 weeks ago


Now through October 20, Denny’s is offering free delivery on the entire menu. Want pancakes? Burgers? Crepes? Order anything your heart desires at ... See MoreSee Less

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I posted this on facebook with my Vet's (Steve's) photo today. Then I thanked Denny's! Read Below: "Thank you for your service, Sweetheart! Love you.😍 " And thanks to Denny's Restaurant on Fairview in Meridian, Idaho, for doing a "FANTASTIC JOB" feeding us all yesterday! You people kept it going all day and it was such great food! We appreciated so much the friendly waiters, waitresses, and staff, who smiled, joked, kept moving the crowds and didn't forget to keep saying, "Thanks for Your Service!" The food was hot and delicious also! So "Thanks for Your Service!" My Vet (Steve) says he loved It!

Hey we are at the Dennys in Sebring. We’ve been here for over an hour. And we are just watching other people get thier food. Our daughter fell asleep..... we tried talking to them.... we are on our second waiter and not sure where anyone is. Can you tell them to get our food.

I ordered food from a Denny’s restaurant and had it delivered to my home. While I was eating, I swallowed something hard! Then I flipped the waffle over and this is what was in it! Burnt black plastic! I have my receipt to prove that I ordered from Denny’s. I’ve been trying to contact someone about this and nobody reached out!

So, I was staying at a hotel maybe 100 yards from a dennys. Having 2 kids and being disabled I used the delivery feature. Asked for extra sauce on my spaghetti. Barely came with any and the delivery was 30 minutes late so we had to microwave our food. Had I known theyd be so late I would have took some tylenol and walked over. But this is after being homeless for a few weeks, so we were just grateful for hotish food at that point.

Is Denny’s serving the holiday turkey melt sandwich this year????

Is the “Unlimited Pancakes” special still available?

Are you doing this because service sucks inside? I have been here nearly an hour. So far I have a cup of coffee and still no food.

Well my husband invited me this morning ... We had a real bad service...We has to wait more than a 25 minutes For our breakfast and when I ask the waitress..Her answer was... " I going to check I know, I know.. With real bad actitud.. It was in Claremont California...

Had your “New premium” chicken tenders tonight. Not a fan. Go back to the old ones please.

I'm on the south coast in the UK. I'll have pancakes and maple syrup Thursday morning please. How do you go about free coffee refills?

Never eat at mattoon il dennys second time

Crap ....i emailed a complaint and heard nothing back at all.....braehead glasgow what a let down service was so bad and resturant was empty .. waiter was counting tips while left hanging about for a long time . Not be back and heard others saying same thing ... but even head office cant get back to you .

I ordered Breakfast for my family this morning. Took an hr to be delivered. My husband's eggs werent cooked completely. Ruined the whole plate of food with raw egg. Definitely won't be ordering delivery from there ever again!!

Halloween weekend and no pumpkin pancake mix? Makes sense. On our way to another breakfast spot...

There is no “hamburger” now in Denny’s in Japan. It is very disappointing !

Can you explain why you canceled my order this morning after waiting for 40min, Denny’s? It was supposed to be here in 37min.

Denny's That's Good So I Can Enjoy My Favorite Pancakes 🌟

We stopped at Denny’s in Durham NC and it was awful. It looked like a day old left overs we got served. We paid for that awful food but ended up at another restaurant and eat a few hours later.

We’ve given the Dennys in Blacksburg SC so many chances. Ugh. Tonight waited ab 30 mins. Waitress comes by, don’t you have your food yet?? Noooo! She goes to check, machine out of paper, cook never got our order. Did I mention the place was empty??? Mcds here we come. Won’t be back.

why is my local denny's not showing up one the website?

Boy makes me very hungry great job Denny's

Free delivery great, I'm in Australia is it still free?

I have ordered from my local Denny’s for delivery before. But every since they started this free delivery promo the order page says “no delivery service currently avail”. Well played Denny’s. I guess it’s gonna be an ihop morning

Our closest restaurant says they don’t deliver to our location 😢😢😢

To bad our Dennys is horrible. We got seated and at 25 minutes of no waitress coming we just left.

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2 months ago


The 2019 NCNW Hungry For Education Tour presented by Denny's is officially underway and this year’s scholarship recipient, Mary Pat Hector, is tagging along! To check tour dates and learn how you can become a scholarship winner too, visit ... See MoreSee Less

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I love Denny's the food is great good joy to all blessings

I was in Denny's in Dickson City, PA today and requested eggs over medium and this is what they brought me. The pancakes were cold. It was the worst meal I ever had.

Our denny's gives 6 inch pancakes thin too servers are excellent but only can do so much they used to have nice size ones the place is going to the dogs lmao hoping the new Burger King gets going the food is excellent there I think I'm going to go there

This denny sucks...always have only 2 people working.a cook and one waitress.takes for ever to even get seated with only 3 other couples in there..that should be illegal...

I like there service

I like Denny’s

Ilove dannys


Ami también me gusta hir a Dennys

Each time I try the Memphis store (Winchester and Riverdale), I continuously get more reasons from the employees to change my mind. Many of the employees are young, ratchet Black girls who look so nasty and unkempt in appearance and act so lazy and unenthusiastic about coming to the customer's table in a timely manner, greeting the customer with a smile and maintaining an overall professional presence...and the guys preparing the food in the back look just as nasty and unkempt. I'm so sick of this and it totally ruins my appetite!!! How can you look like you haven't properly bathed, showered and groomed yourself as an ADULT working in the food industry and expect civilized patrons to continue supporting your establishment???? And why is it that the employees seem to ALWAYS only want to start sweeping the floor when customers are seated and eating???? That's VERY unsanitary, unprofessional and rude...along with employees sitting around the customers texting and having personal hoodrat conversations on their cellphones, that's rude and unprofessional too! Who raised these people???? 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Nothing says “come together” quite like our New! Sweet Holiday Delights menu lineup. Try them all before they’re gone at
Happy Birthday Magic Johnson from all of us at Denny’s! We wish you a day full of fun, celebration and, well…Magic.
Now through Sunday, July 28, Postmates is offering $3 OFF $15 on all your Denny’s favorites! Visit the Postmates app to find a participating store and order now.
The most important meal of the day just got better! Stop by to try our NEW Sunny-Topped Omelette, and indulge in a three-egg omelette with crumbled sausage, bacon and American cheese, topped with an egg! We’ll see you at Denny’s.
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