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We would like to thank all the men and women who have served our country. Veterans can enjoy a free Build Your Own Grand Slam November 12th from 5AM – Noon at participating locations. ... See MoreSee Less

We would like to thank all the men and women who have served our country. Veterans can enjoy a free Build Your Own Grand Slam November 12th from 5AM – Noon at participating locations.


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Thanks Denny’s!

This sounds great, until you order a build your own slam instead of what you intended to order thinking you'll get it for free and get charged for it when you get to the register after 12 because they were so busy. When I presented my service connected veterans ID, they simply told me the manager would not approve it because it was after 12 (by 20 minutes) and charged me full price for the meal. Also when asked who the manager was, they simply said that they were "in the back" without even attempting to grab the managers attention. Make sure you get to the register by 12 or you wont get your free meal!

My husband and his best friend from the military were incredibly blessed by the kindness shown to veterans on Veterans Day. We enjoyed eating at Flying J/Denny’s in Carlisle PA. Big shout out to the staff who worked so hard.

Apparently Denny's celebrates Veteran's Day on the 12th instead of on Veteran's Day. Went for Veteran's breakfast and was denied as well as another veteran. SMH

Thank you to the Denny's on S. Fry in Katy for my delicious Grand Slam this morning. As a veteran it was very much appreciated.

Thank for my breakfast Today!

Maybe put a sign out for the people not on social media that show up wait 20 minutes and have to find out after all that that y’all moved it to Monday smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ awkward for both the veteran and waitress

We love Denny’s and eat there at least once a week; your food is excellent & your servers are always friendly & efficient. Thanks for showing your Veterans you care!

Too many would be able to go on Sunday is why it isn’t offered. That’s a shame and we won’t be back after being seated and told that the free Veterans Day meal wasn’t free on Veterans Day after all. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Haha so funny how they offer it on Monday which might as well be Veterans Day for 2019 cause everyone will be at work. They would lose to much money on Sunday. Bunch of low life’s

Dennys thank you. As far as serving on Monday instead of Sunday, I get it. There will no doubt be many activities on Sunday, and wouldn't be able to attend. Or perhaps, less of a crowd, especially for some veterans. Therefore, they can enjoy their free grand slam on Monday.

Enjoyed my grand slam breakfast at the 48th St store. Unlimited coffee and a coffee to go. It surprised me to be seated.immediately. i think that was due to being alone. Juana was a super server.

Denny's in los Cohes Lakeside. Great service.

I went to Denny’s this Veterans Day morning planning on getting my free Grand Slam breakfast (I am a disabled veteran). The restaurant informed me that Denny’s will be honoring this tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 12) and not today. Veterans Day (aka Armistice Day) is on Nov. 11….not any other day. I get that government workers, banks, and some businesses will often observe a week-end holiday on the following Monday to get a free paid holiday…but that doesn’t change the fact that Veterans Day is Nov. 11 and has been since it’s inception. Unless they are retired or have government jobs, most veterans will be working tomorrow and unable to come into a Denny’s for breakfast. Was minimizing the amount of veterans getting a free breakfast by holding your promo on a day many will be working your plan? That’s how it comes across. For shame, Denny’s.

My husband is a Veteran and he loves Denny’s Grand Slam 🍳🥓 🥞 we actually eat at our Denny’s at least once a week. Thank you Denny’s for honoring the Military and Veterans 🇺🇸

Yeehaw!!! Usually we have to bring a copy of our DD-214 to prove we're veterans. This year we got a V put on our drivers licenses

Thank you Denny’s not everyone is doing something for our vets that day.Your food is very good

Thank you Denny’s for supporting our Veterans, but do you realize Veterans Day is the 11th of Nov, not the 12th, WW1 ended the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, that is why Veterans Day is always on the 11th of Nov, in my option you should be offering this on the 11th and the 12th(observed day). Or just on the 11th, doing it on the 12th May confuse people.

Thanks for thinking of veterans. The deal should run on Sunday, though, which is Veteran's Day. Having it on Monday means Veterans who work in the "real world" can't take advantage of the offer because they will be at work, like me. But it will keep costs down for you, smart business move. Pretend you are for Veterans, advertise that you are, then put barriers in place to protect your bottom line.🤔

So wonderful of you yo do that forthe veteran's Love eating at your restaurar.Best food and Service.

The Denny's in Roseburg Oregon has really got very good....Cant wait until there remodleing gets done...We go there at least once a week,,,The waitress are great....Thank you for honoring our Vets ,and bnirthdays..Ken & Marlene from Roseburg......Ken a retired Vet....

Thank you Denny’s! This veteran appreciates a free meal. 😋

We would like a Denny's in Lebanon on the West side of town please! We have to go to Pigeon Forge, 3hrs away to get ya'lls awesome pancakes!!

Unfortunately with the limited hours, a veteran participating in ceremonies honoring the 100th anniversary of the day will find it hard to get to the next town to be able to partake ;-((

Awesome food ...

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Stressing about cooking for the holidays? Don’t! Order our NEW Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack and get tender turkey, savory stuffing, gravy and sides for a stress free meal. ... See MoreSee Less


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Love eating at Dennys.Food fablous anf service great.

OOur Denny's at River and Oracle is awesome. Food delicious. Sorry for an;y of you who have had a bad experience. Pr obably a lot of variation among locations.

Should make this a part of your regular menu...Most people would love to eat thanksgiving dinner whenever they want


I have a question about the Thanksgiving dinner deal. I'm no cook, which is why we ordered our turkey dinner from you. But how do we keep it fresh until next Thursday? We were told today was the last day to pick it up, so I was expecting frozen dishes--but this is a hot meal with bread in paper bags. Will it be safe to just refrigerate it until Thanksgiving?

I should take my inlaws there..Maybe they won't come back next year..😂

I would starve to death before I would eat at Denny's.

I will never go to another Denny’s again. The food and service were terrible. Taco Bell outranks Denny’s!

I prefer REAL turkey to turkey roll!!!! Guess I will make a turkey breast in the oven for myself!

We had the dinner last year and it is absolutely delicious. We are going today now that we see you have it for the month of November again. Thank you.

What's not to like about Dennys, wish there was one in Seguin

If it came to eating Denny's for Thanksgiving I would stop celebrating Thanksgiving and all together that's just disgusting and lazy but that's today's new generation


We went to Danny's the other night and it was good. We go once in a while to both of them in our town and it is always good.

It's all Frozen and they throw it in the microwave and that's it and of it cuz nothing is made Super Fresh

I totally read this ad about three times before I saw exclamation point afte the word Don't. So what I read was, :Don't order our New Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack. 😂

Nothing like dinner at home all trimmings pie gravy gall-our with ham I’ll cook before I go somewhere ...with family sweet

Delicious great place to eat one of my favorite

They were great years ago, because they were the only place other than white castle that was open 24 hours but was never a big fan of the food.

I love Denny’s the best S. Calif.👍

Denny's you suck your food sucks your servers suck just face it our waitress brought food went outside to and was on her phone yelling at someone on the phone for 10 minutes came in walked past us never asked me how my food was had to ask for the check and the soup was cold went to the cashier nice girl she took three dallors off the meal and two other tables in the place never never ever never ever going back you SUCK SUCK !!!!!!!!¡!!

Setting here over 15 minutes then the server said she didn't see me. Now wonder how long i have to wait on food.

We did that once and never again!

It would be nice if we had a few Dennys in the Baton Rouge area. Then we could take advantage of these offers and services. I hope the administration of the company reads these post!!

I wish we had a Dennys in Brooklyn AWESOME BREAKFAST

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We’ve got pumpkin to talk about! Upgrade your next Super Slam for just 49¢ more and enjoy pumpkin pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and hash browns. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hamza Mhouar Marrakech Alexander Markovic Lee Crosby we’re having breakfast here 😂😂

Mackenzie your fave ❤

Do all Denny’s locations refuse to take coupons on your phone?? I think it’s so strange in today’s day and age that they require us to print out a coupon that Denny’s emails us.

I love Pancakes Bacon and Sausage my favorite breakfast ever.

Bring a Denny's to Rochester, NH!

I will never and I mean never go to the Dennys in Gastonia NC ever again ! Most horrible experience I have ever had with a restaurant!

Who works at Denny’s?!??I love the grilled chicken breast from there so soft and juicy. Want to know how it’s prepared and cooked!! Great source of post work out meal. Too bad it’s not organic. Please Denny’s invest in organic protein. Today, when cancer is on an all time rise, we need cleaner foods 😩 #dennys

Hope these are better then the cinnamon rolls ones. I ordered those this morning and what a disappointment. I will not be coming back anytime soon for plain pancakes with cinnamon on top. As the waitress pointed out I did get the icing. I was so excited for them after seeing in the menu. This visit will be my last after a couple other not so great experiences.

I remember when the regular price of a Grand Slam was $1.99. You got what's in the Super Grand Slam.

I'll never go back to any Denny's in central Ms. Total garbage.

Would you PLEASE bring a Denny’s to this building on east Main Street Chillicothe Ohio. Pleeeeeze.

Not all Denny's

Rolando Juarez Sr. .... yum 😋


Tried to order this $5.99 Super Slam online and it was $7.99.

David mmmmm

We need a Danny is here in Fort Wayne is sure would be nice if we had a Denny’s you won’t

Myriam Olivier Jourdain

Chris Flett

Adriana Puente 😄😄

Dennis Gernand 🤤

Charlotte Anne

Andy Lawler

Jamie Futrell

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