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1 week ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Boneless or Traditional? Now you donโ€™t have to choose!

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Boneless or Traditional? Now you donโ€™t have to choose!  

Order here:

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Yes please miss and love you โค๏ธ

Wish you guys still did 60 cent wings Like wing stop does

I've been going to B Dubs for over a decade and used to look forward to it. The last year has been absolutely terrible. Me and my wife tried it one last time tonight to see if they could actually make good wings again. They were absolutely terrible, yet again. There were a few good wings but the rest were so small we literally couldn't find the chicken inside. I used to stick up for this place when people would bash it but I've tried too many times to learn my lesson. We will go never again. So sad, we loved this place

Olyvia McDonald I've been wanting some wings๐Ÿ‘

Janet Myers for Monday’s dinner?

Twice I’ve ordered with the free delivery service and both times my food came cold and old. My fries were literally in a brown oil drenched paper bag. Not in a boat, literally in the small bag. I tried calling to talk to someone and was put on hold and never picked up again. Sucks because this is one of my favorite restaurants.

Glen Crawford one each?

No way! BWW has let me and my family down too many times. Your service is always terrible and your food is overpriced and awful. I can't believe you are still in business!

Please bring a restaurant to the north of England!!! Like Liverpool or Manchester UK!! It's been 5 years since I've had BWW and the cravings are getting worse! ๐Ÿ˜ญ I tried to recreate it here in the UK but it's just not right ๐Ÿ˜ญ miss it so much!! Wish I had the money to fly over just to eat BWW all day!

We ordered traditional and boneless wings last week in Dubuque, IA, carry-out due to COVID-19. The boneless wings were absolutely horrible. They were dry, sauce was even 'dried on' like they had been sitting in the refrigerator for weeks and warmed in the microwave. One was no larger than a quarter - I'm not joking. For the price and the quality, we will not go back.

Ordered food through door dash tonight. We ordered the pretzel with beer cheese app 6 Parm garlic boneless and a buffalo ranch chicken wrap. We received 2 orders of fries some honey bbq bone in wings and an order of boneless that wasn’t the kind we ordered. Called the bdubs explained the situation the girl who answered says that the manager got confused put the wrong check on the wrong bag and that explains how they still had our order. I then asked if we could come pick it up and she said sorry were closed walking out the door and we threw the food away. I love bdubs food but what a fucking joke and this isn’t the first time since covid that this bullshit has happened. To go orders aren’t a new thing so how is that when all focus is now aimed only at to go orders are they fucked up so much more frequently.

This is one of my five year old daughter’s favorite places, but she is currently crying because her take out order of mild wings (correctly labeled) came doused in buffalo sauce. When we called to complain we were reluctantly told we could come back and get a replacement if we still had the receipt. Given that it’s a 40 minute round trip, baby girl will be eating nuggets from the McDonald’s down the road tonight. Thanks BWW.

Hello i ordered by doordash a couole nights ago, i got my order but the conditions of it was not what we were expecting.. the Buffalo bonneless was totally dry not a drop of salsa on it And the garlic parmesan ones has all the sauce only on one Side of the box... The meal was cold and the frieds was really soft and cold too. It took more than an hour yo get oye order. Send an email about it i expect My money back or another order Made right. Totally desapointed

Jennifer Hardin

Imagine BWW posting something on Facebook without half the people using it to whine about their bad experiences at a restaurant. Like BWW isn't the only place who makes mistakes lol. What a bunch of children. I honestly believe at this point, people on here just don't know how to use a support phone number or contact form. They just want to bitch lol

Several times now the BWW's in Reynoldsburg has gotten our order wrong or just missed major items. I vowed to not order again from there but we had guest from out of town who wanted BWW's (I cringed when they suggested) . Since they wanted it, we tried one more time and sure enough, our order was messed up AGAIN!!!!! Missing 4 items!!!! Now, this again got blamed on DoorDash, not the people who put the order together. We were told there was a "trainee in the back" but it was ultimately the fault of DoorDash. NOT TRUE!!! I would NOT want and do NOT want someone from DoorDash going thru my food to see if it is correct. It is the responsibility of BWW's to INSURE the order is correct!!!! STOP blaming others for your poor customer service and inability to do what you are in business to do. We order thru DoorDash all the time. This is the ONLY place we have problems getting an order right or with ALL the items we bought. As a result, we had to drive to the store to pick up the missing items, which defeats the idea of delivery and the food that was delivered had to be warmed back up (which is not as good) once everyone got EVERYTHING that was originally ordered and paid for. DONE, DONE, DONE with BWW

im never doing pick up again. i asked for carribean jerk wings and wind up with chicken with no damn sause and had to go back for sause nd plus no celery or carrots. im highly mad for that nd wanna charge expensive. they good but not worth the hassle ๐Ÿคฌ

$1 per wing and $1per chicken nugget. (With some free fries). Insanity at its finest.

Could u address this issue

Hendersonville Buffalo Wild Wings turned away two EMT's today, due to being dressed in uniform. The explanation was that these first responders could spread coronavirus by being served. I'll wait till this policy changes before returning. How sad.

They got back to me about my raw food complete with hair. Sent me to a link that doesn't exist.. and when I called the store back they said it was too late.. what a joke

How do I set my order to be delivered from my nearest location instead of picking it up there?

What happened to Free Delivery? I do not want to pay a 4.99 delivery fee, I want to give that $5 to the driver/delivery guy as as tip! Bring back Free Delivery! Thanks.

Family bundle, heck, I order that every time for myself.

On the bone... This American is not afraid of foods still attached to the tastes better.

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2 weeks ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Whoโ€™s your favorite team to root against?

Fill out this week's Fansus here:
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Whoโ€™s your favorite team to root against?

Fill out this weeks Fansus here:

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All my friends teams ... it's great ...

The Seahawks. Lynch and defense carried them and Wilson got all the love because of his goodie goodie image. So annoying

And no particular order... New York Yankees Virginia Tech football Dallas Cowboys

I root against your horrible customer service.

Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriot

When you ask a sports question and instead get everyone's dopey story of the time they had a bad experience at bdubs lol. These dudes can't catch a break lol

Buffalo Wild Wings. They're sauces are bland, they're overpriced, their coleslaw is a joke. 0/10, done trying to eat there.

Flyers. Definitely the Flyers

Houston Asterisks*

The Cubs, Blackhawks, and Kansas

University of Michigan. Such unearned arrogance. Ohio State has owned them for years and Coach Hairball is a joke.

The Seattle Seahawks!! Every time!

New England patriots... and anyone that Tom Brady plays for๐Ÿ‘Ž

The Cowboys. I don’t even like the cheerleaders. Lol. From Jerry down to the lowest paid over rated.

why isn’t there an option to cancel order on the app? I accidentally ordered delivery before realizing it was $6 for delivery. I immediately saw the price and wanted to cancel but couldn’t find anywhere on the app to cancel my order. Checked my email too and nothing to cancel. Why make it so difficult? I didn’t even mean to order, I was looking and pressed “cart” and suddenly it was ordered.. I would never spend $6 on delivery. this is ridiculous. this will probably be the last time I ever order from BWW again. every other service has a “cancel” option. how ridiculous is this. you’re trying to trick people.

Montana State Bobcats. Go Griz!!

I'd root for any team right now just to have sports back!

Used to be the Patriots, but I guess in reality, it was BRADY!!

Baltimore Ravens, & any team Kevin Durant is on.

In no particular order... Cowboys Yankees “Any team from shitty New England” The Florida Gators

Duke,Patriots,Manchester united and Barcelona.

Patriots NFL, Alabama and Michigan College football Cardinals, Nationals and Phillies MLB Joe Gibbs racing, Nascar

Teddy Paladino that 2nd rate JV outfit across the river who took 68 years to win as many Cups as we did in 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m curious why as a restaurant you guys have CNN playing when you walk in? What happened to having a sports channel on

I got uncooked food with hair in it... they it.. promised a refund I didn't get

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Boneless or Traditional? Now you don’t have to choose!  

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Who’s your favorite team to root against?

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