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1 week ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Yesterday, our president Lyle Tick visited with community leaders, guests and team members in Naperville, Illinois. Below is a revised statement following that visit: ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday, our president Lyle Tick visited with community leaders, guests and team members in Naperville, Illinois. Below is a revised statement following that visit:

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I'd love to say I'm shocked but I lived in Naperville and I'm far from surprised!

We get our wings from Avon Indiana and we get get great service and love your food! Something to learn from.

I stopped eating at bww years ago.The prices went up,and the food quality went down.I used to go there with a large group of friends every Tuesday.

I love how everyone is hating on BWW for this incident and not that employees involved... A company can't control how people act in the moment. BWW did the right thing at the corporate level and dealt with those people. It's absolutely ridiculous to assume that just because a company puts out a policy that everyone's going to follow it automatically that's not the way it works in the real world and sometimes the corporate has to step in and fix it. But when BWW corporate found out about it, they did everything the could to fix it and make it right.

Y’all screwed be yesterday at the Champlin, MN location ... gave my wingies to the table behind me and they sat there for 10 min, touched by those customers, they told our waiter and he just took the cold touched wings from their table and sat them on mine saying enjoy ... Buddy I’m not stupid and that’s disgusting. Really poor customer service for a loyal BWW customer. I told them I lost my appetite, paid for my drink and left - manager didn’t apologize or make any attempt to keep my business. Unreal.

They ought to bring that family back in for another birthday party FREE OF CHARGE and gift certificates for the adults for their inconvenience.

I love how this is a fairly serious issue and people are complaining about their poor service at other restaurants.

Yo they cant even make chicken wings properly how can you expect them to conduct themselves in a respectable manner.

I'll sit next to anyone, but if I go out with someone or myself to a bar, I'd want my peace of mind. like 18 people makes a ruckus whatever color. id like a booth on the other side of the restaurant, smile and wish the 18 people a fun night, and be on my way to a beer, and my game.

Absolutely love buffalo wild wings! My business will continue here in tn!

Our extended family has given up on BWW this year for continued poor service and over the top pricing on simple food.

That was stupid but I’m not boycotting an entire organization based on the actions of a few stupid individuals. I’m doing it because their food is terrible.

Hard to believe this happened in a town as diverse as Naperville.

I sure hope the people asking for families to move gets a lifetime ban and never to return.

I mean... you get what you pay for. That goes for consumers AND employers. You offer bad pay, you get bad staff members, then you get a PR nightmare on your hands. If you offer decent pay to ALL employees instead of paying the executives 7-8 figure salaries, then you can hire employees with good character and don’t have employees that are insensitive

The wings are getting smaller and the prices are going up... make BWW great again.

Might I suggest during your "enhanced sensitivity training" you also cover how much sauce to put on one's wings? I am very sensitive to dry wings and even asking for "extra wet" often yields no results.

What should've happened was Racist guy. Ok. Pay your bill. Time to go! Don't come back with that shit! Company would've been happy. Team members applauded. Situation made good.

Go find customers else where. Never again will I spend my money at your restaurant.

Yeah... maybe visit Romeoville’s next... I complained about the crappy service and how unclean everything was on multiple occasions and I have yet to receive a response from ANY upper management

I'm sad that I had to google this to even know what the story is. All the issues with Trump, environmental activists, and everything else on the news, I never heard about this.

They’re going to be’s not about the money, it’s about the issue. Yeah, they’re suing. I would have asked those supposed regulars to please leave as we serve everyone equally.

Honestly wings aren’t good for the price there are several places better to go to for wings

My feelings are hurt and I’m offended at the price of wings

May I ask if you also met with this town racist and told them in no way/shape/form are they to set foot on any of your properties, EVER. Evidently this behavior was well known and should never have been allowed to continue. Must be related to someone who thinks they're important.

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1 week ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

See below for a statement regarding the incident that occurred at a Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar in Naperville, Illinois: ... See MoreSee Less

See below for a statement regarding the incident that occurred at a Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar in Naperville, Illinois:

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Thank you for stepping up and acknowledging that the behavior of both the staff and the customer was absolutely disgusting and unacceptable! Especially since children were involved as well, it wasn't right that in 2019, they needed to be subjected to such blatant racism by both the regulars and the management. You folks addressing this and taking swift and immediate action is a classy move on your part and goes to show the values your company holds! Well done!

So after sensitivity training, can you go to customer service training? Your food service is terrible. I've been at 7 different Bdubs and the standard for service is horrendous.

We frequent BWW and am happy to see how you stood by those affected. Well done!!

Y'all have had some bad things happening. I wrote to y'all and noone ever responded! Very disappointed in your company! Where there is smoke there is fire! It doesn't fall far from management

Thought you were apologizing for the overall terrible customer service at all locations. Your employees care more about talking and flirting with each other than actual customer satisfaction.

Why would the managers even think they were in the right to accommodate a known racist? That speaks volumes..

Only in Chicagoland? The sensitivity training should be done at ALL locations.

I've had nothing but good experiences at not only the BWW's in the chicagoland area since i've lived here but at all locations. Nice to see the company jump on the situation so quickly.

It’s sad you need training to treat people with basic human dignity and respect. The world we live in 😐

A “regular” couple had the staff ask a large group of several minority customers leave because they didn’t want to sit next to them.

This is how you handle a truly racist incident. Through an investigation. Apparently a much more thorough investigation than the jussie smollett case. Still this was the right, just and only action needed.

Coming from a place that made fun of people getting hurt. No wonder their sales are down besides the shitty service they offer

Ah my hometown of Naperville Illinois... full of a few of the nicest people on God’s green earth and the other 98% are the worst drivers, most entitled, biggest pricks in the entire freaking state! Just some pricks being pricks... what surprise

If I was the employee I would have told the guy to follow me to his new table and walked him out the front door...

Customers had a problem. Staff was poorly equipped to cope. Mishandled. They should have told the original complaining customer to leave.

BWW in Naperville does support diversity. They are working with school district 204 to give job training to students with special needs. They are also hiring staff that have special needs. Don’t let a few stupid people, who has now been fired, effect all the great people working there or the good BWW is doing in our community. Let’s learn from mistakes made and move forward making things better.

Hey Buffalo Wild Wings, we appreciate the professionalism but there’s only so much you can do with Naperville a city of racists!

Crosstown wings in Naperville are better anyway. And they like all colors and creeds. Take your business there.

People were moved because the color of their skin.

So that person walks into any Buffalo Wild Wings anywhere and is immediately kicked out? I highly doubt anyone recognizes them anywhere. Can’t you guys see this is complete crap? A mediocre PR person wrote this to tug at the heartstrings of what consequences they think the people want to hear, which let alone not even being remotely severe enough of a consequence, will actually never happen at all.

All locations need sensitivity training not just Chicago!!!!!!

There's more to this than what is being told. Much more! The manager was African American, who told them to move, hmmmm, something fishy here.

We forgive you, one bad employee don’t represent the entire franchise, Thank you for the public apology.

Thank you for being a company that reacted in the correct way.

Too bad you truly don't care, you only respond because it hit the news. I reported an incident at a Florida location , the district manager didn't even apologize and pretty much told me they would not look into the allegation.

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2 weeks ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

New England vs. Baltimore: Who wins the battle of the conference's top two teams? Our board answers that & more ⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less

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We WERE regulars as well at this location......not anymore!

I’m trying to figure out how multiple managers asked a table of 18 to leave to please a known racist. Wish I’d known this yesterday before we ordered wings. Never will I go back. Unbelievable.

Good evening... so I’m a Buffalo Wild Wings regular customer, came in to a location in Midlothian VA waited 25 minutes before we sat down then waited an hour and half and still waiting.... this is crazy I have restaurant management experience... I could have did better than this, no table touches to see have the customers are doing, our waiter Jonathan didn’t even give us an update

Well thank God every time you do this against the Ravens you've been wrong the Ravens are going to win 28-21

Hey BWW corporate, you need to slam down on the Naperville location...

This place is garbage and so is their customer service. I was charged $10 to sit on a bench near the exit because all the booths were full. And customers need to have their food and drinks and THEN pay. I was asked to pay before I was even served anything. I was at their location in Portland Oregon. I left, horrible place.

I'd say you should train employees BEFORE they cause this sort of problem for your company 🤣🤣🤣 Of course, if youd train them to make decent wings that may help too...but what do I know? Just a former patron of your establishment...

It’s AWFUL what your employees did to that birthday party of 18. You better do the right thing to clean up your act and make a clear point to your employees and patrons: no one should be treated like that ever!

Very sad day when you have to vote for the Pats....LETS GO PITT

Can Brady and Belichick just go away already? It’s really bad for the league when one team is in the Super Bowl every other year for two decades.

The entire management team needs to be fired for reportedly being accommodating to the racist, who also has to be identified.

Maybe you could address the situation in your restaraunt in Naperville. The one that asked the black party of 18 to move because one of the regulars didnt want to sit next to black people. Please explain what you are doing about that.

You guys have bigger things to discuss than football.

Buffalo Wings Are The Best.

Ravens will win today but by a very slim margin

The lack of public response to this incident tells me all I need to know about your company.

Its ok bdubs i still love you even after one of your locations fucked up pretty bad.❤ Not in my state, employees were fired and person is banned from all bdub locations. Happy happy.

These were $3 each? It’s no wonder people are dining some place else! Highly disappointed BDubs.

All of you choosing never to go to BWW again but still on the page posting about it. No one cares if you go back or not. They won’t miss your business. Employees have been fired. Move on and get over it.

Hey Buffalo Wild Wings just want you to know I am a regular customer that will no longer support your restaurant based on radical and racists practices of your Naperville location.

I think the real winner is going to be the people who go literally anywhere else to eat.


I bet ravens by 17

Just put buffalo wild wings on my list of places to never go again.

the patriots will always be the cheaters

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Yesterday, our president Lyle Tick visited with community leaders, guests and team members in Naperville, Illinois. Below is a revised statement following that visit:
See below for a statement regarding the incident that occurred at a Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar in Naperville, Illinois:
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