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Buffalo Wild Wings

Don't watch the tournament like th... ... See MoreSee Less


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Mauricio Columna this got a voice over for BBW 😂

You can’t because in Hobbs some waitress who isn’t even your waitress will come by and take the first beer you order anytime when she feels “uncomfortable” to sell you a beer. She needs to go serve coffee at ihop. Horrible service. Horrible Manager to employee people with no customer service. Save you time. We waited 40 mins to be told by a college drop out she don’t feel confrontable serving beer. (Someone get her a cubical job so she don’t have to interact with people.)

Ciara Gaines

Omg bob menery

Good try to bring people back in. Won't work. Food and service not there

Buffalo Wild Wings in Salisbury N.C . Wings are to small/ no meat on them . For what I paid for.😩 👎 Sorry just saying.

What tournament..?

Time out Buffalo Wild Wings. The fuck kind of shit y’all trying to prove with these dirty ass trays?

no just dont watch the worthless ncaa bball at all!

Carter Melin is this that fricken guy?

Bob menery is the goat announcer

Is that Bob Menery??? Lmfao


Scott Eldon

They have a good commercial, but terrible wings, and other foods.

Second gayest commercial ever #mrcriticso

they aint got hot wings ..

Terie Pearrow Thomason

We were treated very badly at the Shawnee, OK store and will never return. Friends have invited us, but we always decline. We get our wings at Giorgio’s pizza orRib Crib. They treat you nice there!!🤠❤️

Brent Hubbard David Nelson Luis Serrano

Sooo🙄... did he make the basket or not 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🏀

The bottom line is the food and service sucks

Here comes all the angry hockey fanboys wondering why buffalo wild wings has a post about March madness right when March madness is about to start. Cry about it

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3 days ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Stumped trying to fill out your bracket? We have a few options for you ⤵Stumped trying to fill out your bracket? We have a few options for you ⤵ ... See MoreSee Less


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are we going to ignore the fact that PewDiePie is 6K subscribers away from being overtaken by T series!!!

Whoever made those brackets is trash

None of those brackets have Duke going all the way!

Those are some horrible brackets.

Do a bracket on the most expensive tuition

There’s a guy in the back giving a white power sign. Might wanna check that next time

Guys read the captions. They’re not real brackets lol

Richard David Coker this is pretty great

Brackets trash just like y’alls service.

Wow. Who filled these brackets out? Must have been full of booze.

Those are some wild D&D character sheets. But where do I put my proficiency bonus??

These are the wrong brackets, the brackets we wanna see are on flowrestling

Ways to fill out your bracket- not with the app, because that still doesn't work 2 days later.

Let's go Gardner-Webb. UVA has a choking streak to uphold.

None of them have number 1 seeds winning 😂Gonzaga number 1 team isn’t an option ?

It be nice to see Gonzaga lost in the first round

#vermont with the upset of #fsu

Yeah everyone use these brackets! Less people that will have a chance 🤣🤣🤣

It’s gonna be tennessee and zaga

Why is everyone so high on Ohio state? Lol

Why y'all sleeping on Michigan they going at least final four

If one of these ends up being perfect I’d shit myself.

Lmao the coin flip one is always fun! 😂

Am sorry but none of the 1 seeds will lose this year the only one seed that might lose is Virginia

Y’all just hating on DUKE. Smh no faith

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4 days ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Perfect bracket = Your own Buffalo Wild Wings, so you really should play. ... See MoreSee Less


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Don't waste your time

Duke again...

Huff ass wings

Are they Still open !!!,

Que the lames saying "bring back blah blah blah"

Did menery get a boys room named after him for this promo

Wings , March madness, beer and Rippers! Can’t beat that

BW3 math. So for every wing I sell that equals......umm, about $10 profit. #tooexpensiveforfuckinwings

It would KILL Tom to have to hang a bracket with our names on it! John Terek

Marcus Miller Hunter Carroll I believe if we do our studying we can have our on Buffalo Wild Wings

This is my last visit to BWE so no brackets for me

Jeff wings and brackets buds

unc sweet 16 unc final 8 unc final 4 unc 2019 national champions- the hell with everybody else

Soon! We will get bdubs I’m gonna be gone most of the summer for training tho

I'm betting on the Charlie Tuna School of Oceanography !

I like the wings, but too much noise for an old man like me! Lol!

Did my bracket tonight. I should have the winner...


Jessica Lawson give it a try, maybe our blind luck in basketball will pay off, if you get all games right you get your own Buffalo Wild Wings and you can bring your own parmesan garlic recipe instead of the Italian dressing they serve lol

BWW will never get a penny from me because of their anti-Constitutional policies.

Want is going to be the first to be upset this year

In Russellville Arkansas, great commercials + mediocre food + shitty service = out of business

Y'all need to step your game up in Hopkinsville. Going downhill with no brakes.

Jenessa Smith winning this and putting it here so we dont have to drive 40 min lol

Of course no one in the history of mankind has ever gotten a perfect ncaa bracket.

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