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Buffalo Wild Wings

Would you use one of these names for your own beer?

We asked brewers the best names they couldn't use.
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Ball sweat 😓 ⚾️

I love buffalo wings

No gun zone... never get my business anyway...

Snake in the grass beer good stuff!!

Your wings are too expensive

Extra Large Party Barge Lake Lickher

Boulder beer has already used mine!!


I love Buffalo wings... but this place's wings really suck and waayyyy too expensive.

I've definitely had some of these beers... That would be pretty cool to have a beer that was named after how you felt during the day, just saying

But Beer


Wings suk I only ate there once. Got cold temp wings. Pine island road cape coral Fl

If only they worked that hard to make their food and service in Cheyenne Wyoming decent.

Bring back Jammin Jalepeno

Buffalo Wild Wings You desperately need Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue to come save your asses...


Donkey Piss. That's what all beer should be named.

Should be concentrating on improving the food. But I guess there's always gonna be people who are willing to settle for garbage, for some reason 🤔

Also, ask the brewer if they recommend not ever cleaning your taps or lines properly. That seems to be an issue at at least a few of your locations.

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Buffalo Wild Wings

We asked professional brewers: “What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve seen in a beer?” ... See MoreSee Less


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A beer made with vagina yeast ...

Texas Pete hot sauce packet in a bud orange beer

We homebrewed beer using Peeps candy for the sugar. Called it Peeps Blue Ribbon 😂

Too much tomato juice in the michelada beer drink ugh 😑

I've tried a beer with frozen pizza and money in it. Yup.

Bww your bad. When you first came out you had decent prices noemw your way overpriced for both food and beer. 7 bucks for a glass of Guinness give me a frickin break. 4 bucks all around town

I bet that’s not the weirdest beer sams made. Haha

There's a beer made with whale testicles in Iceland. Cheers!

Remember that time I put Parmesan cheese in my beer, Patrick Triola?

I had a few beers and 18 wings one year for the nfl draft , eve drank the beers on special , was 35 bucks I almost shit myself, have not been back since. That was in he spring of 2016

I thought it would be bananas. You know-the beer with a peel!

Back in the day raw eggs and Tabasco sauce best beer

Sammy Lockwood careful what you drink!!

Y’all need to close the Carson location. Worst customer service. Waits an hour for food without a mention from a waitress with no one in the damn building. Food sits in the window until your waitress finally remembers she’s at work so it’s cold and disgusting by time it gets to you. Prices have gone up every football season for the past 3 years. No longer will support any BWW locations.

Abita makes a beer with oyster shells

" pig parts"

Never, EVER, waste beef heart in beer. Slice it in 1/2 inch slices, in a cast iron skillet? That’s good eating 😎

We ordered dry rub wings, server brought out little container of dry rub,told us to put it on ourselves, also color slaw was dry no mayo in it whatsoever 50 dollar waste😡😡😡

do you have any Veterans day specials today!!!

I don't like this restaurant, it's overpriced and the food is gross. But seeing as they paid to put spam on our pages and you're reading this...would you like a free stock?


Was so excited to go to BWW for the first time. Total let down, burger was terrible, and wings were probably the worse we ever had, just bland. Needless to say, we will never go again.

BWW has gone down hill. Food is not very good at all for the price you pay.

When the bartender eats Chipotle behind the counter in front of the guests and they wonder why people stop coming in.

Buffalo Wild Wings is anti gun. No carry in their places. 😡😡

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2 weeks ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Should you despise your school's former coach? We're here to help: ... See MoreSee Less

Should you despise your schools former coach?  Were here to help:


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18 wings for $24. Let's talk about that.

Should you despise undercooked, over priced wings? Survey says ☝️ yes.

Shawn McCarthy Robby Patterson Matt Ihrig You didn't get fired. You just showed up to work and the locks were changed and your stuff was on the lawn.

BWW touched me inappropriately 30 years ago

How do I tag Urban Meyer in the "was it a lie" bubble?

How bout them crazy high wing prices. Chicken is literally one of the cheapest meats on the market.

I used to work at BWW. They pay 5 cents per wing. Do the math, then you'll see how much they screw people. I don't work there anymore. ✌️

I live in Buffalo, we have real wings... Why am I seeing your ads? Lmao...

Did his negligence result in the death of a player? 👉Maryland

I despise how u raised ur wing prices so much.

People complaining about prices... It's almost like you're going to a restaurant and having others serve you and cook for you as well as clean up for you. Jeez I sure wonder why the prices are so high, I bet you guys don't even tip. Go make your own hot wings or STFU. Simple

I feel like there should be a bubble that points directly to "We Cool" that says "is he Frank Beamer?"

I despise your concealed carry policy. God forbid something ever happens in one of your restaurants. “It’s ok the police will be here in like ten minutes...”

You guys have to speak in a language BWW’s understands... “overpriced wings might eventually blow the bottom out, and ruin Stock in the company” I definitely know more people who won’t go back than go regularly.

I love how this implies that if the coach cheated and hid it well enough that he wasn't really punished for it that it's totally fine and you should be chill.

I'm supposed to despise Roy Williams, but I don't. Maybe there should be another part in the flow chart where it says "did your school win a National Title after the coach left?" and "has your team beaten your former coach in the tournament?" Because those accomplishments help.

This is so disrespectful to coaches everywhere that try to better teams and kids. Shame on you BWW. Think before you post.

I would only go to BWWs when my team isn't a NATIONALLY televised game that I wouldn't be able watch at home. But that has changed I've discovered the power of ( blank ) So, I guess my question is, who goes to BWWs just because they WANT to go to BWWs...and go just to eat?🤔😂

“Did he better your program” no. “Why are you even reading this?” They somehow know about my love for Notre Dame and my enduring hatred for Charlie Weis..

There needs to be an arrow from did he win you a nation title - yes - all the way to did he leave for “”health or family “” reasons because urban Meyer can eat shit

Maybe you should teach your stores how to properly coat wings and serve good food. All my friends and family hate your service and i now have no one I like to go with.

Why is this even a thing? Instead of despising people who don’t make a career of intentionally screwing their players over and are often underpaid and under appreciated for the hours they put in to the job on and off the clock, let’s talk about how from your Waikiki location to your St. George location how my party can wait an eternity to be served or even acknowledged. Then there’s the wait thereafter. “We’re here to help,” but maybe help yourselves.

Hi Sara! And no hard feeling for Scott Frost.

Good stuff!

So this happened today. No I never complain about food or anything but today I was pissed. My husband and his friend went to BWW In Lynnwood and after waiting for about an hour or so they come out and tell him sorry for the wait that they were still working on the kids meals!!!! They say sorry and give him a free “salad” and coupon!!!!He comes home and we see this!!!My Nacho burger was not only burnt but dry, our kids wings were not fully cocked they were still raw. The wings my husband ordered were really dry!!! And so were the rest. Nothing was good everything was raw, burnt, and cold (we live about 6 minutes away) And to top it off the FREE SALAD was not even fresh!😂😂😂😂 I’m not sure if I should laugh,get mad IDK!!! Bad experience!!!! #ReallyBWW? #Allthisfor80+$$$ #PlusTip #BuffaloWildWings

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