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Buffalo Wild Wings

This time, again, they’re playing again, for keeps... Again. ... See MoreSee Less

This time, again, they’re playing again, for keeps...  Again.


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College football is broken.

I think it’s the reason why OU out voted The Ohio State... Ohio State would beat alabama... AGAIN


UCF earned a shot... Twice. Snuffed... Broken system. 8 team playoffs is the way of the future, only a matter of time- Conference Champs should be locks, leaves a little room for your power 5 teams with a loss or two to get in. Current system is the power 5 Championship not the College football Championship #Bama undefeated Champs #UCF undefeated Champs... Again... ??? CFB Playoff system is broke.

Everyone screams for a 8 team playoff until the SEC puts more than 2 schools in the playoffs and ends up playing each other for multiple championships lol

There are some salty people on this feed🤣 Y’all wanna hang with Bama & Clemson but truth is no other team even came close this season🤷‍♀️ There’s always next year tho🤣 #rolltide 🏈

From a bama fan too Clemson fans isn't this fun too add yet another great game to this series. Part IV judgment day. These haters need too beat us if they tired of it.

The playoffs need to be 8 teams representing each college conference

"CoLlEgE iS mOrE eXcItInG tHaN tHe NfL"

Sometimes, whenever I eat M&Ms, I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab the other m&m, and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of m&m gladiators. I do this until I run out of m&m's, and when there is only one m&m left standing, I send a letter to m&m's brand with the champion m&m in it with a note attached that reads: "Please use this m&m for breeding purposes."


Again, and Alabama is going to win Again. And this shit is getting boring.

Dont understand why people are mad at this. They won the games, plain and simple. Watch the game or dont. Simple

Whats worse bdubs wings or the performance Notre Dame put on yesterday...

No one cares anymore!

What is this the NBA? Same two teams 4 years in a row. How exciting...

Best recruiting and play calling gets you to this point over and over. I respect what the 2 programs are doing.

Everyone is tired of seeing this, apparently. My advice to the coaches of other programs: BEAT THEM. With that, ROLL TIDE. That is all.

Cowboys will win the NFC

Lowest rated FBS championship game ever, bank it

B dubs used to have the best wings. Not anymore. Food is just generic and bad.

Tired of watching this bullshit, so I won’t.

It wasnt for keeps the last 3 times?

Here we go again... again.

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3 weeks ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Regardless of who wins today, there’s probably only one coach prepared to floss in the locker room. ... See MoreSee Less


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Delete this

Ok, just decided ill be going to the other Wing place. This advertisement is weak.

I loved BWW until this moment, and now I never want to eat here. I have wing stop, thank god.

What? Floss?? Are they marketing to 12 year olds??

Backpack kid is coming after you now 😂

I hope you get sued for stupid advertising

If I never see the floss again it will be too soon!

Fire your social media intern

Fire who evers idea it was to do this. Like. Now.

Love the wings but they’re too damn expensive

Remember when men used to be manly? Ahhhh.....the good ole days!

Just lower your prices and stop trying to be cute with your adds

I’m never going back to bdubs after this.

I am now unliking this page

Guess it's time to not ever go to Bdubs again

I was on my way over there, but I'll just stop by Wingstop and pick up a 6pk. 🙄

Careful. You might get taken to court for stealing this.

Wow not going there anymore MAN UP

Whelp. Taking my business elsewhere from now on.

Holy hell look at all this salt.

Watch they gonna get sued too 😂😂😂

Uh oh, that “back pack kid” is about to sue you

Just for this I literally won’t go to Bdubs lol

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4 weeks ago

Buffalo Wild Wings

Oakland fans tonight -- Terrifying yet festive ... See MoreSee Less

Oakland fans tonight -- Terrifying yet festive


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Albert Montoya Aldana Mayra Ramos-Aldana Rick Bigdaawg Manriquez Alyssa Aldana

Fuck the Raiders, love skulls though

Hope you raiders beat the chiefs for us next week ⚡

Bryan Brickey Raider Dave!!

Seeing it's most likely their last game in Oakland, I can see this ending well...


Big Broncos fan tonight. Fantasy Football championship is on the line.

Lynn Lynna Dar Charley

What time yall close tonight?

Albert Montoya Aldana Mayra Ramos-Aldana Rick Bigdaawg Manriquez Alyssa Aldana

Drew Hunt

Such loyal fans. It's a damn shame they're moving to Vegas.

Last game there

*Las Vegas

Merry Shankmas

Dustin Runnels is that you?? #RoadWarriorGoldust

RaiderNation domination

Raiders suck, Broncos blow!

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