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3 weeks ago

Forum at Memorial Woods

ALOHA! This month, our What’s Cooking in America dining series is bringing us to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, as we explore the history, culture, and tastes of a traditional luau.
Did you know that the modern Maui luau is traced back to King Kamehameha II in 1819? Before this, social and religious taboos forbid men and women to eat together, and certain menu items were off limits to non-royals. At his feast, King Kamehameha II symbolically banished these customs by eating with women and commoners. This feast became known as a Luau!
This month you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of King Kamehameha II’s favorite dishes, considered a staple for a luau like: Lomi Lomi Salmon; Sweet Pineapple Luau Chicken Skewers; Salmon Poke; Kalua Pig; and Haupia – a sweet coconut custard dessert. For all these and more, please check:
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1 month ago

Forum at Memorial Woods

We realize that our residents have so much to offer through sharing their life experiences with us. They have lived and worked and raised families in an entirely different time, and their experiences are rich with insight. This month as part of our Lifestyle 360 programming, we are asking our residents about their life experiences and what their “mottos” were with regards to the lessons they’ve learned throughout their lives. What would yours be? What advice would you give to your past self? Share them with us in comments, we would love to hear them! Learn more about our approach to senior programming here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Forum at Memorial Woods

We’re continuing our road trip across America this month and sampling the different BBQ styles each region has to offer! We’re excited to share with you some of our favorite recipes and flavors and how they bring together family and friends for a summertime cookout. Take your tastes buds on a journey to Texas, California, The Carolinas and even Kansas City! Try our recipes for all types of regional BBQ sauces, dry rubs, ribs, brisket, and classic sides like braised green beans, coleslaw, corn bread, and many more! All our recipes are available for download here: ... See MoreSee Less