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23 hours ago

Carl's Jr.

It’s plant-based, it’s charbroiled and it’s really really delicious. Don't believe us? Try the NEW Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger yourself.

#BeyondxCarlsJr Beyond Meat
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No the plant based is not a good product it looses it juicyness an moisture fast and becomes a dry and not really agood idea.

Look, if you guys want to sell a mulch Burger, that's entirely up to you. But don't pee on my boots and tell me it's raining.

Thanks for putting beef on my beyond famous star! I am beyond mad at you! Be careful what you order because they aren't!

With all the stuff they put into it to make it like beef, you're better off just eating beef like a normal person

Guys, why do you tease us East Coaters with these Carl's Jr ads! The closest one is Oklamboma City!! 😛

Why would I pay more for a substitute, when I can have the real thing?

They are really good, my 11 year old loved it.

cooked on the same grill? get ready for the lawsuits lol the Vegans are a fickle bunch.

What A Burger!

Now if you simply quit inflating the price...since plant based is cheaper than feeding animals, or so we're told.

Looks like the same single western bacon cheeseburger

Stat wise it isnt healthier than a burger

Pretty tasty

Nope. Not any time soon (or even later)

Wasn't impressed

it taste the same just mushier.

Cameron Stage


Hikaretai Burguer

AKA the Western Fakin' Cheeseburger!

I need to know what plants to chop up to make a fake burger. Otherwise its a cancer patty.

Vomit between buns.

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3 days ago

Carl's Jr.

Which one of our burgers are you getting today? #NationalFastFoodDay

📹: Ashley Sprankles

#carlsjr Beyond Meat
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Western bacon!

Sadly, none. Closest place is 1.5 hours away. But, it would have been the Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken with a side of fried zucchini!!

One with REAL meat in it that’s for sure. This meatless crap is getting ridiculous. All of a sudden every company in the world has to virtue signal and hop on the band wagon.

NOT the Beyond Burger, that's for sure!

Sadly, none, because all we have here is Hardee's, and that is just a bag of disappointment.

I am just getting over stomach flu, so I can’t indulge, but if I could it would be the jalapeño double lettuce wrapped!

One is from your website. The other one is the empty disappointing reality. None in the bottom of the bag. Oh well... cant put pictures but my fries came almost insultingly empty and not one ketchup. Soda is just ice with a tiny bit of coke. Seriously, wtf Carl's jr Newbury park, ca. On reino rd. Time to go to Jack in the box.

I got The Really Big Carl today. Was my first time having it and I was loving it.

Impossible western burger. And I added raw onions aswell. Clearly repeated myself twice. They took out the onion rings. It doesn't even look appetizing now.

Unfortunately I am not able to get ANY of their food because they do not have any restaurants in Central New York State (Utica area), not even a Hardee's (which is the East Coast version of Carl's Jr.)

Bring back the Texas BBQ Thickburger and there would be no question!

If you had not closed the Waco location, I would be getting a Western Bacon. Bad location, place was always dirty, and service was bad. I hope you give the area another shot.

had the big carl last nite and it was delish

You have ruined the big Carl by making the patties smaller I am boycotting you u til you go back to the bigger patty

None, u dont have any in Nebraska. Hardee's arent the same food

NOT the Breakfast Burger without the FRESH FRIED egg, the gross liquid egg ruined it.

The whopper because it's on sale, but I wish the Super or famous star were on sale!

None, cause my last two weren’t worth eating.

Super star or the jalapeno thick burger 🤪

None, I moved back to the east coast. You or Hardees need to open up in Massachusetts!

I'm not getting any, cos y'all aren't in Glasgow 🙁

Cant get one. Your not available in Paris Texas

Big Hamburger

Никакой! Цена ваших бургеров!!!! чересчур завышена....


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5 days ago

Carl's Jr.

Get sauced up with The Really Big Carl.

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The Really Big Carl; so good, Rick Grimes asks for it by name.

I miss eating at your restaurant. You pulled out of flagstaff. Which sucks. Now crappy Habit in your old location 👎

God I miss CJs

It was awesome.loved it.

Just call it the Big Hardee. That’s what it is.

*one year later* Get ready for Really Really Really Big Carl

Yummmmmmmmmmy 😋🍔

Sauce me baby

Jenna Franke

Que rico


Kerri Ellingsen

Leah Haro Monserrath Haro saquenlas

Its all about the double western bacon. Don't fool yourself that there is something better. All you'll find is disappointment, the same disappointment your parents have for you.

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So good you might as well order two.

#CarlsJr #ChorizoBiscuit
We went site seeing in SoCal. 

#BeyondBBQCheeseburger #BeyondxCarlsJr
A handful of plant-based tastiness.

#BeyondBBQCheeseburger #BeyondxCarlsJr Beyond Meat
Can't ever go wrong with a Super Star.

📷: estilo_california_sur

No better way to start the week than with our Chorizo Burrito 🧀 🍳

What're your weekend plans?

📷: Eric Scire

#CarlsJr #GoBeyond