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Carl's Jr.

Our fave Celeste Barber channeling her best Ashlee Simpson for her #celestchallengeaccepted! 😍 ... See MoreSee Less

Our fave Celeste Barber channeling her best Ashlee Simpson for her #celestchallengeaccepted! 😍


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Wait which one is Ashley Simpson

From looking like a decent lunch, to looking like something you’d get after getting wasted and having the munchies.

But the burger looks just as good.

I’m so goddamn confused by these ads. Is Carl’s Jr. making fun of themselves? Are they making fun of Celeste Barber? At the end of the day she’s the punchline, right? I got it when she was doing it on her Instagram to poke fun at ads and social media culture, but now that it’s been commoditized like this I just don’t get it.

Sounds ashlee Simpson?

is this a bfore and after eating there?

how about showing food? People want to see food... Stop wasting money on ads and invest in good food that is competitively priced.

Can you just stop? Seriously it’s getting embarrassing now. Look at Arby’s social media team. Go do that, not whatever the hell this is.

The ad campaign does not seem to be empowering or displaying equality. It is just dumb- like many of the Progressive insurance ads.

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3 days ago

Carl's Jr.

Which star are you focused on? ⭐ #FamousStar @celestebarber ... See MoreSee Less


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Whichever star I have to wish on to get the double western bacon cheeseburgers I was promised on the Hardee's menu. #HardeesisstillnotCarls

MY FAV 💛🍔💚🍔

She's a Hotty hotty! 🤘

The one with the bathing suit on doing the car wash...

Make the el Diablo burger a regular menu item.

Celeste Barber showing the funnier side of eating burgers, a stand up Aussie Comic. Full video

Who is she

The only Star I see is the burger.

Wow. People are mad salty on here. Screw you guys. She's hot


Can you please bring back Paris Hilton?


Its not like she ugly so i don't get the joke

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4 days ago

Carl's Jr.

Our Famous Star. Those hands. You know what to do. Sizzling charbroiled beef, melted cheese and special sauce. It’s mouth-time, baby. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hurry up and get in Western Australia so i can get a western thickburger in me!!!

Lower your prices and maybe I’ll reconsider buying your product Not worth 9 + dollars for a combo...

When I You coming to Illinois.?

Those hands better release my burger 🍔

I dig the big Carl

Make the el Diablo burger a regular menu item.

Lower your prices, 9 $ for a famous star not even in n out charges that much GTFO

You guys suck! Every Carl's Jr burger I order gets smashed. BK Whopper destroyed and BK doesn't smash their burgers.


Carl's Jr. Is disgusting and overpriced! The buns are disgusting and fries are disgusting!!!!

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