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Carl's Jr.

Stackable AND snackable! #FrootLoopsMiniDonuts ... See MoreSee Less


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Bring this to Mexico please!!!

Shea King Ash King we have to try these next

Rey Arrezola

Diabeticable too!!

Reubin Vogt

There are NO Carl’s Jrs near me:


Tiara Likes they keep postin this.... do you or anyone know if theyre back?

These are soooo good

So yummy💕👍

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1 day ago

Carl's Jr.

Name a better duo, we'll wait ... See MoreSee Less

Name a better duo, well wait


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A working Liver and Pancreas

President Trump and America.


Salads and exercise.

They couldn’t get a red one in the same size?

I feel like I can taste the food dye on that icing

Insulin and metformin

I thought those were pretty patties from spongebob

Chili cheese and fries. You don't seem to grasp this idea.

The 2 for $5 Western Bacon Cheesburger

Tried those donuts, they’re completely foul. They coat your mouth with a thick film, like pure Crisco. Yuk.

Play doh and iced coffee? Hahahahaha

Wilford Brimley and diabetes.

Actual fruit loops and milk lol

Jalapeño poppers and habanero sauce on the el diablo burger that you decided to take away from me.

Self respect and any other donut.

SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. 🍍🌊

Diabetes and insulin

Are those Play-Doh donuts??

People look at one picture and instantly judge, coffee and donuts , like yall eat so healthy 👀🙄

Yeah that looks awful yall.

Western bacon cheese burger and a Coors light:)

Bring back the california roast beef sandwich!!

First of all what the hell r those? Pet rocks?

Better employees longer hours

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3 weeks ago

Carl's Jr.

Back by popular demand - Froot Loops Mini Donuts!

In stores TODAY.
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Back by popular demand - Froot Loops Mini Donuts!

In stores TODAY.


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So are y'all just going to ignore the fact that one of your managers sexually assaulted a female employee? Are y'all also going to ignore the fact that the coworker who spoke out against it got fired?

What the hell is this???

Does anyone know where I can find the mushroom swiss burger in Texas?

How about you bring back the Chili Cheese Fries as really popular demand

How about bring the Diablo burger back!? :I

you know it's 2019 when people beg to have an item brought back, not because it actually tastes good, but because it might make them look cute on Instagram. #bringbackthebourbonburger

Bring back the loaded omelet biscuit

have hardee's back here and I wish they carried the bacon western cheeseburger!

Tiara Likes didnt you post about these not too long ago?? We missed it! Bummer. I never got to ty em.

They tasted like big fruit loops. No complaints 😀

Food survey with receipt expires in 7 days (I missed it by about 5 days). McDonalds and Jack in the Box have no problem no matter how long you take to do one, even if you pass the date. Cheapos.

My 3 year old, who will eat sugar from the bag, pennies, and sidewalk debris, refused to eat these. I couldn't mom-up and choke them down either. The only non-stale donuts I've EVER thrown away. Was a sad day.

I'd rather have the Diablo Burger

Not many folks bought these.. Yall buy'n old dough..😄😂

Why can't I write a review? Probably afraid of criticism.i tried your breakfast burger. 1. It was a sloppy moist mess.i don't expect items to look like what you picture reflects but it looked like it was stepped on a few times. 2. The meant was overcooked. Tasted burnt. 3. The egg tasted like it can from powdered. Who does that to people? May God have mercy on your soul!

Not worth almost 4 dollars

Do they still taste like wax?

Yes!!!!!! I am on my way to get some!!

How about you bring back the “real” steak sandwich and not that fake one you tried last time

Are they vegan? Burger King's French Toast Sticks are vegan, and I love them!

I still stand by my original statement. BRING BACK CHILI CHEESE FRIES. What happened? You guys used to be cool!

I'd like to make another popular demand for the classic double cheese.

need to try this time around

Stop closing every local Carl's Jr! I was just starting my obsession for the beyond burger!

Bring back the Philly cheesesteak burger !

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