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5 days ago

Carl's Jr.

If you need us, we’ll be here.

📷: thebusyboymama
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If you need us, we’ll be here. 

📷: thebusyboymama

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The fake meat is highly processed, most all nutritionists will tell you to eat food as minimally processed as possible. It also has even more sodium than a regular burger, so it's not like a healthy burger alternative.

I remembered Carl's Jr. From my college days in Az from the early 90s, when I tried them again after they came to Houston... Gross!

That’s why prices keep going up, gotta make up for the cost of offering this hippie rabbit food. You don’t eat meat? Buy the salad or don’t go to a burger joint!

Alright, burgers made from laboratory created "GMO" that smells like cat food lol

The SuperStar Combo is the greatest fast food meal in the US.

just....nudged it back in the fountain, where it belongs

If only we could find a Carl’s that actually sells burgers that faintly resemble the advertised ones. I have only found one.

I can't eat beef... Last time was 2012. I do like the beyond famous star on sourdough occasionally.

Its not meat....plant by products and chemicals..🤢🤢 but hey, its a free country. You wanne eat cardboard and chemicals, you have that right.

Next Corporate meeting, tell them to put ONE restaurant in New York, or Connecticut--please, Hardees or Carl's Jr. Its not right that we don't have one.

Fake garbage "meat" that smells like catfood. When I can get an entire meal at in and out for $7 for a double double, you guys offer crap food at double the price.

Need to bring the chili dogs back!

Bring back the El Diablo! #returneldiablo

I would like a hot burger right off the grill ...But that is asking too much.

Have been craving your spicy western all of this quarantine. Man is that burger good.

Bring CarlsJr/Hardees back to San Antonio Tx.

Best fast food for the cost!

Wonder if Don Eladio pops out of the pool..

I am disgusted by this product. Gladly you still sell the real deal.

Love it

Don't need that crap. Real Beef Please

There wasn't any Covid-19 before these frankenshit fake meat monstrosities.

Just another one of those places that used to be good

Lower your prices.

Uhh.... No FTY

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7 days ago

Carl's Jr.

It’s #NationalBurgerDay so let’s debate ⬇️

**Not to spec. Additional patties and onion rings shown.**
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It’s #NationalBurgerDay so let’s debate ⬇️

**Not to spec. Additional patties and onion rings shown.**

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The best burger Carl's Jr *had* was the Southwest Cheeseburger, which is the same as the Santa Fe Chicken sandwich, but with a burger patty. You have all the ingredients, so I don't know why this was removed from the menu (many years ago). Sometimes I can get a restaurant to make me one if I explain it, sometimes I have to buy a Sante Fe Chicken and a burger and then I remove the chicken and put the burger patty in place.

Wondering where this burger was sold because I have never gotten one with more than two soggy onion rings max and without a bun that's isnt smashed...its like the employees sit on them for fun

Hands down the Western bacon cheeseburger! I can usually only handle the single since it’s perfectly filling but I’ve had the double. Either way it’s perfection. 👌🏼 I’m hearing a lot about this El Diablo burger too? You guys should bring it back cuz I need to try it. 😂

Carl's Jr. used to have good burgers where I live, now they are horrible and the fries are bad too, so I guess the best Carl's Jr. burger is in the past.

I've heard of a quadruple Western Bacon Cheeseburger, but you did have a triple for a short time, and it was awesome. You should bring it back!

I know its burgers but the best thing Carl's jr ever sold was there steak samich I miss those

This is a first for me, today right after we left the drive-thru and parked under a tree in the parking lot to have lunch! The fries were cold and so were the burgers! Disappointed.

They only look like the picture in commercials. Carl's never served a burger at any of their restaurants that looks like that. That's how misleading all the fast food burger joints are. They look huge and tasty in the windows and on the TV but all you get is a smashed burger 1/2 that size. Not to mention how their prices have skyrocketed for a flame broiled burger. I'd rather go to The Habit Burger Grill and get a real burger.

Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger. But I usually get a regular one with the $5 combo coupon. Carl's is very expensive without coupons.

The El Diablo that you no longer sell! #returneldiablo

My favorite has always been the western bacon cheeseburger but instead of BBQ sauce I'd add mayo (unpopular opinion I know) and cover it in jalapeños 👌👍

What a shame that the burgers you get in most Carl’s restaurants in no way resemble what is advertised. The Carl’s in Kingman AZ is the only one I have been to that makes a burger that comes anywhere near what is advertised.

Man I worked there 3yrs part-time as the head cook my burgers was awesome and the only ones I didn't like was the turkey and that grass fed angous Patti but the rest was delicious guess cus I made them. 😊

California Roast Beef - bring it back for a limited time!!

My faves are the Bacon Western Cheeseburger (any size), and the Big Carl. Carl's, please make a Chorizo Burger with pork Chorizo mixed in the beef patty, American cheese, cilantro and onion instead of lettuce, and a queso fresco mayo. Simple n delicious. I make them all the time. Great with fries in it too 👍🤤. Chorizo is the star.

Western Bacon Cheeseburger, but i really wanted to try it with that awesome looking cheese wheel thing, but i can't find it anywhere!

I like your teriyaki burgers with the Ring of pineapple and they don't serve that anymore so now I do the double Jalapeno Jack cheese Hamburger very good I love their hamburgers so much better than in and out

Jalapeno Six Dollar Burger! Too bad there's no Carl's Jrs or Hardies in upstate ny.

The best burger is NOT the Chicken Salad! Awful, awful, awful. It looks and tastes like the back line threw it together on a whim.

Superstar always good. But I really like the promo types that you have occasionally. Philly burger, pastrami burger, that one with the rib on it. Good stuff

Texas BBQ Thickburger, without a doubt. So bring it back!!!

I keep it simple. My favorite burger is the Famous Star! And sometimes a side of crisscut fries to go with it. Bomb!

The breakfast burger is my go to, was disappointed when it stopped getting served all day.

I loved the pastrami burger. It was so good. The chili burger also.

I really miss trem! We have CJ in tokyo but toooo much expensive... So I miss in Oregon one and go back there soooon as possible!!!!

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1 week ago

Carl's Jr.

It’s never too early. ... See MoreSee Less

It’s never too early.

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Wait wait they brought it back? The Carl’s Jr.’s near us don’t have those and only the chicken tenders

Y’all got rid of both Carls Jrs in Katy. Now I got to drive 35 miles 😔

Are you serving chicken stars during breakfast hours now? Because if you aren't, then before 10:30 am is too early for chicken stars...

Lower your prices. No fast food is worth $12 for a combo. Make your prices reflect the food you're serving

Last 2 times I purchased a chicken club it wasnt fully cooked all the way.. They were my go, but now i cant afford to keep gettin raw food from them.

Anyone else notice the Nickatina album cover?

I see her pic and know that album art work anywhere 😏 nickatina

Maybe if you combine them with mini waffles and maple syrup.

Put these on a salad, and the salad won't be boring anymore!

They don't serve until lunch service in my area. So if I want them at 8 am I'm SOL.

The real question is how do I keep getting advertising for this when all 4 of the Carl's Jr's in my city closed down. This is rude. I can't even get these magic chicken stars.

Prices are too high for what you really are getting😐

One reason I love Carl's, you can order lunch during breakfast hours.... Just no fried chicken

Bring back the sweet pickles in the burger and the sweet potato fries.

Yeah it's never too early to bring the chili cheese fries back either.

Carl’s Jr. I’m still waiting on the code for scoob

Bring back blue cheese dressing!

Better question; how early do you want the runs? Lol

Are all the restaurants open for walk in pick up??

That's disgusting to have chicken nuggets for breakfast.

Where do your chicken stars come from?

Chicken stars are absolute trash.

The meat shortage is real.

Bring to Chicago!!

Yo that profile pic thoe Nicki

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If you need us, we’ll be here. 

📷: thebusyboymama
It’s #NationalBurgerDay so let’s debate ⬇️

**Not to spec. Additional patties and onion rings shown.**
It’s never too early.
Can you find all 3? Tell us where they’re hidden ⬇️
Who else does this? 😂
Don’t forget… when you buy a Famous Star or Western Bacon Cheeseburger you’ll get another one for just $1.
📷: @1859outdoors
**Valid for item of equal or lesser value.** least we can still eat charbroiled burgers
We really do love our Carl's Jr. family, that includes all the hardworking employees and the burger fiends who keep us busy.
We have a solution… Buy one Famous Star and get the second one for $1. 

Boom, problem solved. 

**Offer not valid for all Beyond Meat® products.**