Try a double cheeseburger pizza today (because it has delicious pickles). ... See MoreSee Less


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Just tried tonight it was good!!! I used new rewards system and had enough credit to get it free which was awesome.

Bring back sweet chili chicken pizza!

I've always liked this...Why not put it on the regular menu?

Happy Pickle Day

Papa johns better step up their game on deals bc pizza hutt’s 2 for 5 is 🔥

Christina O'Leary national pickle day! Whoop whoop!

It needs the cheddar cheese again #lame 🙄

Come back to the Rochester area

Just tried this pizza. It was the best pizza I've had.

Please keep this pizza year round!!


Where is the beef! Shouldn't my cheeseburger pizza have at least the amount of beef as seen in this video?

Do you like "cheeseburgers" that are tomatoes, pickles, and a few flecks of meat? Then by all means give this POS a try

Trae Cierzan cheat meal one day

Crystal Wang

Alex LiuKelly LiJiongnan Liu

Jordan Hughes did you know national pickle day is on Winston Armbruster birthday. This can’t be true

Will no longer support y’all. Interrupting a video for one of your stupid commercials.

Your drivers need to slow down...this is ridiculous:

Kushal Letap

Tracy Caserta

Samantha Knechtly

Neilsa Seivwright happy pickle day lol

Erik Hauge pizza 😍

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4 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

To our nation’s veterans — thank you for your service. ... See MoreSee Less


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Shirlyn ball served in the army

Thank you

Is the offer still valid today?

Shirlyn ball served in the army

Are there any discounts today for veterans?

Thank You!

I ordered a hour ago and still waiting for my pizza and soda

you're website isn't working

Thank YOU for the free pizza! Physically didn't feel good enough to go out and take advantage of any of the free meals out there today, so it was awesome to have a place that would deliver a free meal to me. Very much appreciated!


Paid for a large and got a medium pizza and when I called the store to notify them they refused to help or do anything about it....very disappointing..

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7 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

Why have a cheeseburger when you can have a Double Cheeseburger Pizza? Dream big. ... See MoreSee Less

Why have a cheeseburger when you can have a Double Cheeseburger Pizza? Dream big.


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Yummy! Next time I’m ordering extra pickles though.

Any promo codes for the Miami area?

My favorite! Always glad to see it back on the menu.

Tried it today. Barely any pickles on it tomatoes or beef. Was like eating a cheese pizza with a different kind of sauce. Seems like who ever made it just took a tiny pinch of every topping. Did not look like this picture at all.

I enjoyed it without Tomato.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love this pizza. I've been waiting for it to come back. Picked up one last night. Yum!!!

Anyone know where papa John's went in farmville, did they move?

There must be a pickle shortage.

Yeah my cheeseburger pizza AND cheese sticks were burnt.

What the heck man

Tried it, was not a fan. A little dry, not much cheese, bland. Would not order it again.

Had a great experience at the Delaware Ohio location tonight! Those employees need some recognition!

Papa John's Pizza. What is the promo code for the double cheese pizza? So I can order online.

Ordered the cheeseburger pizza and I think my store may have been in a pickle shortage. No pickles on the pizza.

Had this last night. Overloaded with pickles. Not much meat or cheese. All you could taste was pickle. Horrible!!! Worst pizza I've ever eaten anywhere, bar none.

Disappointed!!!!! Lost a customer!

This was the double cheeseburger pizza I got. I put promo in and I gave my credit card information they charged me $24 for it. Never again will I go to Papa Johns!!

This is what you get. a pizza with toppings only in the middle.

What a joke nothing on it Never again

It better be good. It’s not on the website menu. No matter what I do, all it does is want my zip code which shows me a map of the nearest location. My husband just left to drive over, order and wait. I am so unimpressed.

I tried it. First Papa John in a long time. It was awful. Cold. Crust was tough. Drowning in sauce. And almost no meat. Needless to say I am once again done with Papa John.

So delivery guy brought the wrong order..we realized it and called. Delivery guy came back to pick up wrong order but did not have our order. I called and they said they are remaking it. At this point I rather make my own dinner its been. Almost an hour and a half.

Stomach ache from eating your pizza ....

I wanna try this so bad, but the elyria ohio location sucks. Stopped ordering from there. Was way better when it was on Cleveland street for sure.

Papa John's Pizza, y’all done messed up. The sauce is really bland and the pickles are way over powering. Major disappointment

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