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Papa John's Pizza

We’re proud to kickoff our Papa Profiles series with Dougie Allen from Lexington, KY. Each week you’ll hear from a new voice in the Papa John’s family telling their unique story. Take it away, Dougie... ... See MoreSee Less


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Is there a shortage of cheese ? 🤷🏼‍♂️

More racial pandering from Papa Johns.....I'm shocked.

So I am fairly forgiving when it comes to ordering from chain restaurants. After all most are young kids on their first jobs. However, I have a bit of an issue with corporate. I tried to bring it to their attention but the response from them was: "We clearly outline our specials so every customer knows what they are." or something extremely similar to that. I went to my local Papa John's to explain to them what I had found. Presented them with a scenario and asked if they would change anything. They replied no. The Scenario: A customer orders the Hawaiian Chicken off the menu. Another customer right behind the first orders the Carry Out deal. A large two topping pizza and asks for grilled chicken and pineapple. The first customer's total is $19.00 +tax The second customer's total is $8.00 +tax Anyone see an issue with the math here? Same pizza yet one is well over a 100% markup. When talking to my local store, they straight out said they would not be able to change the price for the first customer. When talking to customer service, all I could get was the statement I mentioned earlier. I wonder what other little hidden ripoffs there are on the Papa John's Menu.

When did pizza become so expensive like fml $20 for garlic breadsticks and a three topping

I ordered online and my time to receive my pizza was approximately 85 to 95 minutes. Is that realistic? Who wants to wait that long for food?

Dougie is a great man. Proud to have him part of the family.

Bring back cinnapie

Woo, go Dougie

Soooo Is The Rewards System Messing Up? I Won’t Allow Me To Apply My Papa Dough 🤦🏽‍♀️

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I just listened to a Papa John’s employee threaten to call the police on my mother. She ordered a pizza from Papa John’s on Saturday. She tried to call back and no one answered, so she emailed corporate. The next day they were closed due to snow. Today she called back again, said she still had the pizza, and wanted to exchange it for a remake. The first time she called and asked for the remake, a woman placed he on hold, then came back and told her the manager said no. My mom asked to speak to the manager and was placed on hold again. The call was disconnected after a few seconds. My mom called back again, she said she was on hold for the manager, but the call was disconnected. She was again told to hold on. The call was placed on hold, then the call disconnected again. My mom called back a third time and this time she told the same woman that had answered all the calls that the calls kept getting disconnected, to which the woman replied, “he’s just really busy”. She again asked to speak to the manager, then was told, “he said if you call here again he’s going to call the police because this is harassment”. Wow! My mother was not rude, she was polite. They purposely hung up on her multiple times. The manager’s name, was Alex. I was on the phone with my mother the entire time and heard everything. I will not be ordering from this establishment located in Christiansburg, VA

Is this the quality standard? My pineapple and Italian sausage pizza came like this AND there are a few jalapenos baked in that I did not ask for. Unedible.

Why have the papa track if you’re going to mark it delivered way before it’s even here.

Worst Pizza ever

I love me some papa johns!!

I need me some papa John’s Pizza yummy in my tummy

Ordered pizza @ 12:03. Still not delivered. Almost 2 hours.

This new reward thing they just started sucks. I had a free pizza, and went to order it, and seen the new reward thing. I never even knew it was changing. It’s a joke though, and I got screwed out of a free pizza, cause all they gave me in return for my points I had before, was $10. What a joke. You can’t get a large pizza for $10. They could at least gave enough to cover one pizza

Let me guess, upper management?

Papa John's has really gone down hill lately. They changed the reward points that wiped out my free pizza and tried to convince me this new system is better. Long story short I go to pizza hut

Looks like they dropped it. Would call them and get a better pizza. Or better yet call Pizza Hut. I don't like Pappas anyway. Sauce is too sweet.

I love Papa John’s and would order more if not for that ridiculous $3.50 delivery charge. I don’t object to a fee but that does seem rather excessive.


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Papa John's Pizza

You asked. We answered. Get all your burger-loving and pizza-loving friends together under one roof with the Double Cheeseburger Pizza. ... See MoreSee Less


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Also not a fan of the new rewards! Would rather earn pts towards free pizzas or sides. The new system is spending $75 before you can get a $10 credit. Way less rewarding 😒😒😒

I had commented earlier on another post that I was extremely unhappy with the new points system. You’re being forced to wait instead of cashing out for a desert or breadsticks. I was directed to send them my information. Don’t fall for it, they just explain what it is and tell you they are sorry you don’t like it 🤷🏼‍♀️ Little ceasers pizza sucks but atleast they can cut their pizzas 🤦🏼‍♀️

What is the zesty burger sauce that is on the pizza? I want to try this so bad but I am worried I won't like it and it will be a waste of money

when is the immokalee papa johns opening

I just bought the Cheeseburger Pizza at Papa John's in Corvallis/Oregon, one of the first bites I took had a piece of bone in my mouth, lucky I did'nt swallow it or lodged in my throat.

Not satisfied with the toppings

I ordered a pepperoni pizza with EXTRA cheese. My pizza had less than the normal amount of cheese on it. The cheese did not even cover the sauce entirely... there were bare spots below the crust without any cheese on it. Either I got someone else’s pizza that requested “light cheese” or the store is seriously trying to reduce food costs by shorting the customers. I’m not happy!!!

Could someone answer the phone so I can call in an order???!!

Never again, no one could eat this !!

Now this new app dosn't work. Won't take my order at check out.. Tells me to call a number... I do and am on hold for 15 mins before I get told to change it to cash and call the store afterwards to update it back to credit card... Try that and STILL DOSNT WORK! Guess the competitor can take my cash. Ps the new rewards system sucks change it back. 😤

Just ordered a Double Cheeseburger pizza & this arrived. No burger sauce! Regular tomatoe sauce. 😔 I would have never just ordered a pizza that way. Very Disappointed...

After being 30 minutes past due I called to see why it was overdue. Driver couldn't find the address. Pizza arrived 45 minutes after it was supposed to it was cold and i do not like cold pizza. Driver never bother to call until after I called, this is why we have phones right so we can call each other this is unacceptable

I was really disappointed in the cheeseburger pizza...it tasted like a cheeseburger, but not a good cheeseburger...more like one of those you get from a vending machine or frozen food section then microwave... usually, I love Papa John's specialty pizzas, but this one was a miss...wish you'd offer a BBQ pizza featuring pulled pork because you're still my favorite place to get any kind of pizza!

Still on tV advertising but stores don’t have it out of sauce they said...

I bought a cheeseburger pizza a few weeks ago and it was awesome. Ordered one today and it is so greasy and garlicky I swear they used garlic butter on it under the burger. I won't be spending the money again for this. Very, very disappointed...

Cheeseburger pizza: A+++ Chocolate Chip Brownies: not bad for $5 Buffalo Pigeon Wings: F (I'd go lower if I could). For $5, I got the equivalent of about two actual chicken wings. I only ate two (see pics), could not stomach anymore, but I tried. #worstwingsever #unedible

So, you don’t have a way to message you so I’m forced to post this publicly. Tonight one of your drivers in a silver sedan (possibly an accord) flew by us on a dangerous curve on ovilla rd with his tires screeching the whole curve and oncoming traffic really close. He could have caused a MAJOR accident. No pizza is worth someone killing two people in a car he was passing on a 90degree curve with oncoming cars in a no passing area. Tell your drivers to slow down.

You guys should try a coney dog pizza. That could be amazing.

I just saw cheeseburger pizza is back and immediately ordered one! It was PERFECT! Seriously the best one to date! Please tell them WAY TO GO CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS location and thank you to my delivery driver my food was PIPING HOT!

Love the pizza but tonight our order took almost 2 hours to arrive and it was missing two of the extra sauces we ordered. I actually received an email with a survey asking how everything was before the pizza arrived !

When will you start doing Chicago-style STUFFED pizza? The kind made in a spring-form pan, like what Nancy's and Giordano's make?

I’ve been so disappointed ever since you guys got rid of the Cinnapie. I friggin’ loved those things!

I ordered this pizza told them no pickles my pizza was late had pickles on it and I am allergic couldn't even eat the pizza

I love the cheeseburger pizza. Think I’ll be getting one today!

Ordered me and my daughter buffalo chicken bites asked for ranch. Ordered cheese sticks asked for garlic butter. She is in the hospital they deliver with NO SAUCE what so ever so now it’s just sitting over there getting cold!

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Papa John's Pizza

"Being a part of the Papa John's team to me is having a family there to support me, to push me and to help me succeed." - Jasmine

Papa John's Bluegrass
"Being a part of the Papa John's team to me is having a family there to support me, to push me and to help me succeed." - Jasmine
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My pizza was not good. Very disappointing.

Your site wont even let me log in. ugh. I guess I'll go to Domino's Pizza

I'd like out of the beta rewards program.

Tried to order delivery today, which I have ordered from you for the last 17 years, and I am no longer in your delivery area. Really Papa John's Chino Hills, you don't value my ongoing business. So disappointed. I ordered Domino's Pizza instead. BTW, I live in the Le Parc Apartments

Papa Johns in Wadsworth OH has just lost a customer not due to the quality of the food and not due to having to even wait an extra 20 minutes for chicken poppers that supposedly were on the way from another store but due to the poor personal hygiene and appearance of the male employees in the kitchen making food. All of them including the manager had excessive beards that were uncovered and I do not wish to take the chance of having stray beard hairs in my pizza. So disgusted right now. Thanks Papa Johns for also taking Johns favorite off the menu bc it was my favorite too and can’t order it any longer. What a joke.

you guys jam in ithaca!......

Saints game is today an I dont see no deals or coupons on pizza?? Bring Double XL pizza deal back today!! Big Game!!!

I'm wanting pizza now!

I don’t like the new points system 😑

I love Papa Johns.....but kids, light sauce indicates that sauce be present.....my pizza is devoid of any sauce....yuk

You all should train someone to cut a pizza because this is f-ing stupid.

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