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Papa John's Pizza

“I’m a pilot, franchise owner in three states and love pepperoni on my pizza. I am one of 120,000 voices of Papa John’s.” -Brant Barnes
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Three words! Bring back Papa! Until you have Papa John back, I will not buy a single pizza from you

I miss papa John Haven’t bought a pizza there since they screwed him over!!!

Hey, PJ's. I'm unfollowing you and.looking for a new pizza store. Bite me.

so why do we need to know you are a pilot? And that you own three franchises? Did you just post that comment to totally brag about how great you are?

Dude, I see what you’re trying to do to revive your lively hood. I hope you also have a class action against you franchiser

It's your company. If you want to cave to the pc police that's your decision. Mine is to go elsewhere.

If you haven't done it yet, sign up for Papa John's Pizza email thing. Coupons are crazy right now. I hate politics, but I love talking advantage of deals. I'm going to do the same thing to Nike.

Change the company name if he's so bad Papa Guidos

Cheri Nicole Barnes. This your PC cousin?


Interesting video name

But you can't even show the black guy's face and your committed to diversity? Instead your just showcasing what appears to be a franchise owner.

"Hi I'm just a regular guy like you, I had thousands of dollars to become a pilot"

Your board of directors have ruined your franchise and people will continue not buying anything from papa johns.

(70815) So WTF happened to the 50% off every Monday when LSU wins???? Papa John's Pizza @ Papa John's Pizza

Would rather spend my money on a frozen pizza than support you sellouts!

I’m not eating your pizza again until you get rid of brant Barnes’s picture as your profile pic.

yall are desperate

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3 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

Better pizza is even better together. This weekend, your pizza is on us. Order in the Papa John’s App and get a free large, one-topping pizza with promo code: BETTERTOGETHER. $12 min purchase. 📸@kinandkindling ... See MoreSee Less

Better pizza is even better together. This weekend, your pizza is on us. Order in the Papa John’s App and get a free large, one-topping pizza with promo code: BETTERTOGETHER. $12 min purchase. 📸@kinandkindling


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The app won't accept the coupon code. 😝

The quality of the pizza is steadily on the decline after papa John stepped down.

Don't have a smart phone. Why do I have to do without a free pizza because of that?

The pizza is not really on you if we have to pay a $12 minimum- lol!

Tried ordering last night off the website but there's no longer an option to pay cash, dominos got my money instead.

I’m definitely getting some today 🍕

I ordered 2 two topping pizzas and a double chocolate brownie, and of course the free one topping large last sunday. The only thing good was the brownie. I always order extra sauce and it was dry as cardboard. The large one topping even though ordered as regular crust was paper thin. I hate thin pizza. Usually papa John's is absolutely delicious, I dont understand the issue.

NOT a great sign when they have been boxing for pizza for 20 minutes. Bet it’s gonna be so cold 🤦🏻‍♂️

Get your stores together. Bentonville Arkansas store 3993 is horrible

🙄 they never get it right. Ordered extra cheese extra sauce. Pepperoni and the pizza is dry and has barely any cheese on the whole thing .

As I was eating my pizza last weekend I bit into this wire. I immediately contacted Papa John’s and was emailed back with. This is unacceptable Papa John's Pizza

Can order for delivery online but not through the app it says there is no store nearby


Omg this always happens the day AFTER I spend $20+ at Papa Johns and on the app too...

Hey Papa John's Pizza, this location on FM 1960 in Houston has a 100% failure rate at bringing extra dips even after it was written as an additional note to the driver as a reminder. We were told all they could do was send a driver back with them...whilst my food goes cold haha 100% failure rate. 100%

I thought when it popped up I clicked order now. Come to find out it isn't automatically put in promo code like everything else. I thought it was and now I'm out a free pizza. Bummer.

"Better together". Wasn't that lying Hilary's slogan? No thanks.

Wooo pizza and movie night. Got the large pepperoni, a small mushroom and sausage, some new papa poppers, and a 2 liter Dr pepper.

I used to prefer Papa John's until my local one stopped honoring coupons that were supposed to last until April 2019.

heck if i spend twelve buks what do i need a free pizza for, at least dominos really make you believe that you are getting good deal

It won’t let me use the code Papa John's Pizza

The Return on investment for pizza is so big its ashamed you guys still charge as much as you do. How much money is really in that 1 topping large? $3 for materials, research, delivery, labor etc?

Just bring JOHN back geeez....it’s that simple PAPA JOHNS....John was quoting someone else he never intentionally say it!! Your plan to ruin him and take over a company HE founded has FAILED! Regroup as a COMPANY and move on....

No thanks. I don't support corporate raiders.

They need to work on the better tasting pizza

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5 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

You fill your table with people you love. We fill our pepperoni with, well, just pepperoni. No fillers. Enjoy real friends and real pepperoni pie today. ... See MoreSee Less


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No no pizza until see Papa John's face. Loyal customer for many years

Really! This place is the worst... I order a pizza... A PIZZA that had NO sauce on it! I order and keep thinking this place will get it together.. this is now about the 10th time I’ve had s problem with this location... DEFINITELY will not order again! It’s either the wait is over an hour and a half. The pizza has been made horribly wrong everytime. 😡

Just got this. Thanks papa johns smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

Do you have a deal today? I don’t see it for pepperoni pizza day. Shouldn’t there be one? You of all companies?

Looking for coupons for 31404. Preferably for an XL. Thank you!

Do you have any codes for 16148

My husband and i have been ordering religiously from Papa John's, twice per week for two year now.. Always the same pizza. The last ones tasted different. I mean, we always order the same one exactly. And i dont know what's going on.. is there a problem with quality now? 🙁 Please, we want the same pizzas you used to have. Same taste. Same ingredients..

Do you have one for 23606 zipcode

Here is a truthful example of POOR Customer Service at this franchise store.We live in area code 24435 and are serviced by the Papa John’s in Raphine, VA. Since we have ordered online in the past, received an email on Sept. 18 offering an XL, 2 topping pizza for $10. This offer expires on Sept.21. Prom code XLGPIZZA Called the Raphine store this evening to order the special. Was told that you have to order online. Proceeded to do so but kept getting the message, OOOOPS, an error has occurred, try again. Since we were near the store when trying to place the online order, we went in to seek assistance. Might as well have been walking into a brick wall. The Manager informed us that they do not have an XL Pizza. Asked if they could just make it a large……but, sorry sir, that is not possible as you have to order on line and we cannot put that special in our register. But, as I explained to him, that is not possible because, OOOOPS… The Manager offered to call the General Manager, someone named Pat. After about 5 minuted the Manager returned saying that the General Manager would not honor the promotion, even reducing to a Large, 2 topping pizza for $10. Wow, a nice way to show excellent customer service and keep a local resident and customer of Papa John’s happy. NOT!

Hows about ya just make a good pizza and leave all the social BS to others? I want pizza and pizza related things from a pizza joint. NOT social commentary.



saw an ad for $5 carryout pepperoni pizza but now cant find the code. any idea?

I am curious as to why I no longer receive promo deals in my email...😭

56560? I can NEVER get codes to work.

This pizza is not an appetizing looking pizza like the ones I use to buy. You have to do better than that.

WHY OH WHY do you send weekly specials on fridays through text if none of your stores honor them and they are not valid on line either????????

The irony. This pizza fails in a pizza score. Wouldn’t stand a chance at pizza games. 21-15-6. #teamyellowcup #pjlifer

Addison Bradley I could go for some pizza right now🙉

Nope, not until John returns to his rightful place. You guys/gals should be ashamed of yourselves. I used to order 15-20 pizzas at time, but no more.

Your Italian hero pizza is an resounding failure. Bleh

Get John back

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