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A day off work means staying in bed, keeping on the sweat pants and ordering to-go, of course. 😉

Order now: bit.ly/OrderLogans
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A day off work means staying in bed, keeping on the sweat pants and ordering to-go, of course. 😉

Order now: bit.ly/OrderLogans


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Been here for 20 min. Still waiting to be served and it's not busy. Bout to leave....

Brandon Hooven rolls 😍

Yes Grilled chicken salad

Grilled chicken salad! Yum, Yum!

Just don’t go on a Sunday evening because they’ll be out of rolls, ranch dressing, and toppings for your burger. We were super disappointed with our last experience and won’t be back.

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2 days ago

Logan's Roadhouse

Kick back at our house during this long weekend! 🇺🇸 Your entire crew can fill up on American Roadhouse Meals for only $9.49 each from 3-6 pm every day.

See all 8 options: bit.ly/LogansMeals
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Well I have never had a bad meal or bad service and I patronize the Logans in Wheeling and Martinsburg. I probably go five or six times a month.

I've never seen food look like that at the Cape Girardeau MO location. Service there is terrible and food isn't that good.

I need to go there right now cus I’m hungry

Next time I’m going to try the grilled pork chop or the roast beef.

I agree, we had not been there in some years. steak was poor cut and had lot of gristle, then was not even cooked, I ask for medium well ( i can eat when some red, but not bloody red) and my husband asked for medium, and both came and was both rare, had to take both steaks back to continue cooking.waitress was really good. So sad the quality of restaurants around here have all gone down hill! This is the Sherman, Texas place!

Went there yesterday in Manassas , Va the service was horrible. The waiter made us feel as we we was on a time clock. Then he remove none of dirty dishes from our time.

Why did you get rid of the Oven Roasted Chicken?

Do you get the special with carry-out?

If only service was good.. would make the experience better. After two events and years spent here I haven’t made myself go back yet. Wish something would change and the company care about the loyal customers that kept and keep trying....

Love this place especially the rolls!!!! Went twice last week for the first time , looking forward to many more dinner rolls

Fort Smith Arkansas has the best staff ,good vibes the food is so good! Steaks are always done exactly how you order them.

Used to be 7.99$ you all went up... Inflation starting hope we dont end up like Venezuela

Very disappointed last time I took my Family. The only thing good was the Bread. All the steaks were undercooked and my hamburger was overcooked. It took them forever to bring out our food that we didn't want to wait for them to cook them longer. 😩

Yum yum

Go to Logan’s in Springfield Mo, food is always great and the service is out of this world. Never walk away hungry 😋

We love Logan’s. Especially their rib eye steaks..... yummy

Please, can you tell me if the food is Organic Not GMO Gluten free Not hormones Not antibiotics Is the food you serve clean of toxic chemicals? Please, would you answer me

I love Logan's roadhouse in Lexington. Great service great food. Friendly waitress. Just a great place to be. Loss my husband Larry. It is hard to get back.

We love Logan’s. Never had a bad meal. Always have good service. Bowling Green, Kentucky location


Food is terrible and the environment is bad

Love logans very delicious👍🏻👍🏻

That’s why I’m not a vegetarian

Love Logan's!

That looks delicious

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6 days ago

Logan's Roadhouse

It’s time to crank up the Roadhouse romance. 💯 bit.ly/LogansVDaySpecials

Tell us your Roadhouse love story. You could win a $50 Logan’s gift card to help keep the fire burning! 🔥 Rules: bit.ly/LogansSweepsFB
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When I was 17 I changed the church I was going to. My father was out of work and a person in that church offered me a job in a take out pizza place. There I met my now sisters-in-law who introduced me to my now husband. He was in the Air Force and we spent 2 years writing letters. We have been married 42 years and in the last 4 years we go to our favorite Logan’s on Marketplace in Caledonia, Michigan to celebrate. They always help to make our day special no matter how busy they are.

My husband and I met each other while waiting tables at the Athens, GA location during our college days. We started dating in 2006, married in 2011 and welcomed our son Logan into the world in 2012. 🥜 ♥️

Nearly 8 years ago some friends had my husband and I go out with them to a Mexican restaurant for a (double) blind date. They watched over us like mother hens, so we quickly made plans for our first SOLO date a few days later at Logan‘s Roadhouse in San Marcos, Texas. We chose that location because I lived in Seguin, and he lived in Dripping Springs. It was the perfect midpoint. Until that night I knew he was a nice guy, and I was interested in knowing more, but I wasn’t certain about where this might be headed. But THAT night, when that tall drink of water stepped out of his truck to open my car door at Logan‘s— I was sunk! 😍 I remember after we were seated, I just kept grinning to myself and was holding my menu in front of my face to make sure he didn’t see that goofy grin on my face. Many times throughout our short courtship we either met in the parking lot to kick off our adventures or stayed for a meal. Nearly 8 years and a miracle son later, I’m so glad I said YES to that invitation to our solo dinner. (And yes, on that first date I did the cliche girl thing and ordered a salad at a steak place 😂🤦🏻‍♀️).

I was a widow of two years when my late husband's best friend started giving me advice on "not shutting out the world." He said you have too much to offer someone, I know I would be honored to be with you. 😬😬 WHAT???? So we decided to go out for dinner from time to time and just see what happens. On our first "date" we went to Logan's for dinner. Had such a good time we continued dating. We have now been married 15 years and plan on going back to Logan's for Valentines (which is also our anniversary). Everyone needs a good companion. 😘

When I first started dating my wife. The minute she asked for a t-bone steak, I knew then, she was the one <3

My wife Amanda and I are going to celebrate 15 years together this year. Everyday is valentines with her. < SHMILY > One story I love to share is how when we first were either dating or married. We started a devotional and in that was a story from a older couple that talked about their love for one another and they would leave SHMILY notes for each other all over the place. So, over the last 15 years we have done just that. We leave stickies notes on the bathroom mirrors, in the cars, in secret spots that catch you off guard. SHMILY stands for See How Much I Love You. She is my everything and I would love to see a smile on her face if we had the chance to get out and head to Logans for a date night. (We have 9 kids... Date nights are tough and rare but we enjoy every moment when we can lol)

I fell in love a few days after Valentines Day when My Daughter was born I never knew I could Love so Fully until they placed that little baby girl in my arms and I looked down on her perfect little face Now I Believe in Love at first sight 🥰

We met through an internet dating site. We dated 6 months and fell madly in love. We got married on 12/12/12 and from the wedding day forward, we continue to grow further in love. We have spent 7 Valentines Day together and every one seems better than the last. I sure do love my wife

We went on our first date on Jan 1, 1967, got married on March 14, 1969 .. we have lived and loved thru many difficult days , have watched our 3 children grow up and become great role models, have been blessed with 4 beautiful and talented grandkids, and we are looking to Celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary this year on March 14th somewhere special with family. Would love ❤️ winning this ❣️🥜🥜🥂🍽🥩🍤

I was from Miami, Fl and my husband from Gallatin, Tn. We met in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1968 in the U.S. Air Force and we were married on Friday the 13th, 1970 in Texas. We moved to Gallatin, Tn in 1971 after his discharge and had a second wedding in Gallatin at St. John Vianney church February 12, 1975. In 2005 we did a vow renewal at the Festival in Triune, Tn. Next year we hope to celebrate our 50th anniversary with a vow renewal at sea on a cruise with family. Logan’s ribs are my go to every anniversary here in Gallatin, Tn.

After being divorced for many years I decided to start dating. My husband had been widowed for one year. I was 59 & and he was 66. We both signed up on the same online dating website. After communicating a couple of times I asked him if he want to meet for coffee. He said yes and two months later we were married. July will 5 years!

My husband and I were in 1st grade together we went all through school together and actually I couldn't stand him thought he was the meanest kid lol then things turned around when we were juniors in high school We became close friends,he fell in love with me but I didn't feel the same. After graduating high school and nursing school together we went our separate ways but 5 yrs later we ran into each other and the rest is history We've been married almost 28 years with 1 son.

My husband and I met when I was 7 and he was 5 but we didn’t know that until I was 34 and he was 32. This was after my first husband passed away after a brave battle with cancer. My husband now was my late husband’s lifelong friend. After my first husband passed his friend would check on me and my children when he was not deployed with the Navy. Later after we realized we had feelings for each other and started dating we were going through old photos and found a picture of two kids standing in front of a tree at the local church. We both were shocked when we realized the two kids in the picture were “US”. We knew then we were meant to be. A few months later we joined our families and have been married for almost 16 years. We celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Santa Picture Days, Valentine’s Days, and Date Nights at Logan’s; BEST Rolls Ever!!! ❤️👍😍🎉

Our first date was at Logan’s 🖤 7 years ago, 4 of which we’ve been married 2 kids and a 3rd baby (Logan possibly?!?) on the way! Blessed to be our wife Shawn Sexton

We met in November by chance and we both can't figure out why it took 49 years to find our true love!♡♡♡

Our love story started as kids. I was 16 and he was almost 18. We met while roller skating. I literally went home that night and woke her up to tell her that if I ever get married, I jut met him. She laughed and went back to sleep. Later this year we will be married 40 years. I didn't know that it was possible to love somebody so much. However, I will love him even more tomorrow. We have 2 sons and 3 cats! It seems like yesterday that we met 42 years ago and if I had the choice of marrying any man, it would always be him. <3 Happy Valentines Day to all and may you all be with the ones you love and who love you.

We fell in love with Logan's when we moved to Athens area 12 years ago. I had recently become a single mom and me and my 3 girls would go to Logan's it always lifted our spirits and we always went away laughing. Now that they are grown- we come to celebrate all our special occasions here. Me I come at least once a week! Happy times had here!

We use to eat Logan’s about twice a month. Now the service and food at the Tupelo location is absolutely horrible! Haven’t been there in about 8 months..

My hubby drove an hour just to get me some of your delish rolls when I was sick. ❤️❤️ Now we have a Logan's much closer!!

Our romance began a few short years ago even though we had known each other for years! It always seemed we were in a relationship with others at the same time, or when he was attached I wasn’t, or vice versa. Finally the stars aligned and everything finally started falling together. He has been my rock despite some serious issues with my health, and some issues with his. So thankful we have had each other to lean on. We couldn’t have done it without each other!

I wouldn’t take may dog to Logan’s in Warner Robins Georgia the service is bad and I have never had a good meal

Our love story hasn’t always been easy. Deployments took him to him far away countries, then a military move to another country. But we made it work, git married and I move halfway across the globe. We had a lot of amazing adventures seeing the world, but we didn’t know the adventure life would bring when God blesses us with our daughter. She has special medical needs, and it require her and I to live in a different state for Drs and specialist, and it took my husband fighting with the military to be stationed where we need to be for our daughter. It’s been a rollercoaster, but we like rollercoasters.

We met 8 years ago and were both engaged to other people..I worked with his future brother in law and I told his brother in law back at work Monday that there was something about him and I wanted to get to know him before. I was drawn to him. But knowing that he belonged to someone else and so did I, I knew that wasn’t possible so I tried my best to put it in the back of my mind. Well he ended up marrying and my engagement was broken off and last September I ran across him on Facebook and I said it’s worth a shot to message him. Now we are together planning OUR future together and I’ve never been happier. Together we have 5 kids ranging in ages 25 to 5 and 2 grand babies...and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

With 24 years of togetherness behind us and additional years yet to be experienced, love is more about the 'acts' than the 'words'. the care provided as one recovers from surgery, the moments of patience when memory falters, the supportive 'you got this' look, and the 'smile' that greets you each day. It is the 'journey' that fills hearts.

Those rolls are the first date. — the steak is the engagement- the dessert is the wedding 👍✅🎉

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