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5 days ago


Do you dunk your sandwiches in your soup? ... See MoreSee Less

Do you dunk your sandwiches in your soup?


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Mmmm, I love those pretzel buns avocado BLTs.

French dip sandwich is one of the all time best! Don't judge me for dipping my sandwich. Dipping is an ancient way to eat food.

I love every sandwich! Oh, and the salads

Eww no

Please open a store on Roswell NM... miss your sandwiches!


Nope. always takes 45 mins to get my food .so i quit going .

love it also i don't use a spoon i pick it up and sip it

It's sort of mandatory.

Only grilled cheese in tomato soup! And when are you coming back to Indianapolis?


No. Never!

Absolutely. You are making me hungry. I think you need to re-open the Schlotsky's that closed down near me. I was driving yesterday and dying for one of your sandwiches. ended up at another hot sandwhich place and was a bit disappointed ... it wasn't a Schlotsky's.

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1 week ago


This is basically a salad, right? ... See MoreSee Less

This is basically a salad, right?


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Tricia Chrzanowski we need to check this page out.

A very unhealthy, doesn't matter what you call it

2 weeks ago


New year, same me 😊 ... See MoreSee Less


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I love the old Schlotsky's. please don't change it.

Loved Schlotzsky's on Panama City Beach in 1996, didn't know there was one in Franklin Ohio until tonight. Going to have to see if it's anything like it was!

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you at the Georgetown Bridal Show!

The Original. Last year. This year. Next year. Always!

Schlotzsky's when will we start getting deals again?

Our only Schlotzsky's, in Las Cruces New Mexico, closed down December 24th without any warning. So saddened by this. I went there every two weeks faithfully to buy a medium classic deluxe. :'-(

Any new stores set to open in Michigan?

So what’s going on with location at Princeton you guys have posted grand opening twice and twice we have went and nothing no ones there ? Why not at least send a update saying you aren’t going to open yet ? Instead of leading people on ? Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery

Why hasn’t the one in Princeton opened

What's happening at Austin Bergstrom? Is the store open or closed???

Is this fancy talk for less meat and higher prices?

Have you opened up yet?

Are you open today?

No meat just veggies.

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