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P.F. Chang's

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Mian Qasim Majeed Abdul Moiz Kuch khuawab Adhooray reh jatay hain.

Bring back salt and pepper calamari please!!

I m not sure where I should forward my feedback of the terrible experience I had in isidora Santiago restaurant...seated for over 20 mins and not one single person taking my order till I mentioned to the manager. No apology given from him as if he doesn’t even care, no wonder the staff is not motivated.... then my wonton soup come with wontons that not cooked ... this is a restaurant from hell!! My experience with p f Chang previously was a total opposite.... that is why I choose to eat here in Chile but very disappointed ... angry is more like it!!

Was just there for lunch with my daughter today. Food was delicious!!

2 days ago

P.F. Chang's

In Chinese culture, Kung Pao means “hot firecrackers,” which are lit during #ChineseNewYear to ward off evil spirits. Do you think our Kung Pao Chicken has the same effect? ... See MoreSee Less

In Chinese culture, Kung Pao means “hot firecrackers,” which are lit during #ChineseNewYear to ward off evil spirits. Do you think our Kung Pao Chicken has the same effect?


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I LOVE PF Chang's KungPao chicken! My favorite item on their menu!

Your Kung Pao scallops are one of the best things I've ever eaten!

The peanuts make it so good!

I used to love this until you changed the recipe and added celery... 🤢

They are not as good as they use to be. Going down the tube.

I love PF Changs Kung Pao chicken the only problem I have is there is not enough in the portion

Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! ...But the Kung Pao Shrimp is even better and I REALLY, REALLY wish you would bring the Kung Pao Scallops back because they were the BEST EVER!!!!💕

Love your Kung Pao chicken!

It’s not hot/spicy enough for me.

My husband used to crave Kung Pao until they changed the recipe-now we don’t go there anymore.....

Chang’s needs to bring back Kung Pao Scallops! I miss that dish.

Only if I order it extra spicy with extra peanuts.

No, but your retired Dali chicken does!

Had the kung pao beef tough

I preferred the Dali chicken, hands down - Kung Pao is good, but doesn't have the same kick.

I miss my trips to PF Changs, but getting dinner there was a crap shoot... 7 only comes up occasionally.

Is it sweet? The one thing I have an issue with. Just about everything has sweet stuff in it. Even Fried Rice! Why? And why can't they omit it in a recipe? I've been told to order the children's rice if I want it without the sugar or whatever the sweetener is.

Kung pao scallops used to be my favorite. Now I have to settle for shrimp.

Ordered Kung pao chicken and got Kung pao shrimp instead 🤦‍♂️

Can this be made non-spicy??

I love your Kung Pao and your lettuce wraps!!! Yummy

Oh how I wish it was gluten free!

Your chili pods set the mouth on fire! Wickedly wonderful.

I had it yesterday and it was hot. However, it did not have any celery in it.

Yes please, in Portland, Maine:)

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3 days ago

P.F. Chang's

We’ve come down with the madness. In a head-to-head battle, who would win: Mongolian Beef vs Lettuce Wraps ... See MoreSee Less


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I like lettuce wraps but the Mongolian beef is unbeatable.

HOW ABOUT: Cold lettuce leaves served WITH the Mongolian Beef, OK???

Your pot stickers are my favorite, though

One is an appetizer and one is an entree. Why are they even in the same category to pick?

You guys could JUST sell lettuce wraps and I would be there on a regular occasion!!👍🏻 (I think it’s the table mixed sauce that’s makes it SO good!!)

Lettuce wraps are hot side garbage

Such a difficult choice. Got to have both!

Lettuce wraps are a fun app. Mongolian Beef sets a good standard.

Chicken lettuce wraps without a doubt!

Orange Beef was the best. Put it back on the menu!

My 2 favorite things there. If I’m forced to pick gotta go with Mongolian beef! Hard choice though.

Salt and Pepper Calamari would best them all if it was still on the menu!!

Can't choose 🤷🏻‍♀️ so both please

Dali chicken I miss you...but I love Mongolian beef too

We eat at Bridge street in Huntsville , Alabama on a weekly basis they know and treat of us like family the food is delicious and the service if fantastic. The Clouds

Bring back the veggie dumplings!

Lettuce wrapped Mongolian beef 😁

I had both for dinner tonight... impossible to choose just one

Kung Pao chicken is my favorite i love Changs! !!!!

I’ll take an order of each.

i plan on eating there tomorrow!

Hands down, lettuce wraps!

Lettuce wrap is not filling

Making me choose is terrible. But since I don't eat scallions, at least I don't have to order the lettuce wraps with any substitions.

Lettuce wraps, but love Mongolian Beef too

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