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We make our salsa first thing every morning. Then we make it free. #MadeAtMoes ... See MoreSee Less


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You know what would be even better? Fatless chicken that I pay for. Bring back the white meat chicken PLEASE!!!

16 customers in line, one employee working the counter.

Free salsa but charge for a paper cup to put it in🤔 yes..thats right. I was told the little plastic cups were free but if I wanted a paper cup the queso goes in, they charge for it. And also...are there any salsas that don't have cilantro in it??

The best salsa...oh, you guys complain way too much.

Love that salsa!

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Three new flavors. Take ‘em for a spin. ... See MoreSee Less


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Is one of the new flavors white meat chicken?

Still overcomplicating the tacos? For real, guys, just let us order however many Funkmeisters we want with whatever toppings we want, like the good ol' days.

We just ordered big lunch here Armor Guard painting and not one order came with cheese! I've had better food at Taco bell! Will never order food here ever again! What a joke!

Stop teasing me with your delicious looking ads and Moe's Monday emails if you're not gonna open a location in the pacific northwest...its just not fair.


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The stairway to heaven only has 3 steps. They are chicken, steak and carnitas. ... See MoreSee Less


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DeLand store has had huge holes in parking lot for many months. They said corporate is not interested in fixing them according to store manager. Poor guy had a tire destroyed this evening there. If you can't trust their behavior in running an operation then I wouldn't trust anything about them including their food

Bring back the white meat chicken, please!

bring back the good chicken plz

Have you noticed that every picture of moes food doesn't have a spec of cheese to be found anywhere!

Moes is a joke! Taco bell blows them away & much cheaper too! Moes doesn't believe in using cheese either! Order 200.00 worth of food & not one spec of cheese with any order! Never ever go to Moes!!

Your Northampton mass location is pure and utter garbage. I’m not referring to the food I’m referring to the staff!

They spelled Nasty wrong in the video...

3 tacos is $9.53 ($3.18 per) but each have the filling of a 99¢ taco! No thanks. (without even getting into the fact that even taco bell serves white meat chicken)

Moes needs to offer shredded chicken as an option for ones tacos....

Did you say tofu? I say yum to tofu!

Carnitas is where it’s at.


Laura Slattery

Melissa D'Alatri

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