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Use code “BestQueso” in Moe’s app to get a free side of queso through tomorrow ... See MoreSee Less

Use code “BestQueso” in Moe’s app to get a free side of queso through tomorrow

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Denver is Chipotle’s home market as well as home to lots of “hungry” folks. What’s taking y’all so long to get out here??

Ah slap in the face marketing. It worked for sega in the early 90's.

Moe’s is better all around. Affordable, and delicious. And I’ve never had gristly meat, unlike the 3 times I’ve eaten at chipotle. The meat was hard and gristly every time, and my meal was like 10-12 bucks. Eh. I’ll pick Moe’s every time.

Imagine having to bash the competition to get feet in the door

I wish there was Moes near Dayton Ohio area. I miss having Moes.

Moe's is good for Moe's Mondays. Otherwise, I'd go to Chipotle the other 6 days/week and may even go on Mondays based on Moe's reminding me to check out Chipotle queso 😃

Missing Moe’s out here near Glendale, AZ!

I love Moe's queso. But I hate it when companies feel like they need to bash their opposition to boost their own business.

Moe's has went down hill big time. I have tried a few chains and refuse to go back now. Very dissapointing because it used to be one of my favorite places.

That’s the tea...

I've never had a bad meal or poor service at a Chipotle. I can't say the same about Moes. And after there failed to be a resolution with the food borne illness I experienced.... I never got another message from Moes

Facts! But where are yall when i need you with these pregnancy cravings?! 💔😭

Can you order in store and just say bestqueso?

But as far as I know Chipotle always had white meat in their burritos and tacos. But also I've never seen Moe's have a company wide food poisoning either.

You don't have to pay extra for chips either.

I wish someone would make vegan queso 😬

A wet hot pile of garbage would probably be better than Chipotle

Your Queso is like water blended with cottage cheese. Tasteless

Better queso doesn’t make up for poor service and food illness that never got a resolution from customer service.

Not a fan of Queso. But you food is way better.. that and a free bag of chips makes you a winner in my book.

I tried Chipotle two times both times the food tasted old, never been back and that was on 2006. Always like Moe’s

Chipotle's queso tastes chalky.

If I could have a swimming pool filled with any food item it would be Moe’s Queso

your queso tastes like plastic and is overpriced and never warm enough.

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..its Moe Monday 👀

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I've just discovered Moe Monday and I'll be a weekly customer now!! Our location in Mebane is so good! Always stocked and ready to fill our burrito bowls!! I get 2 meals out of every one! Can't beat 2 healthy meals for that price anywhere else! I always take it home, so the lack of a drink doesn't bother me, but I can see how that would be frustrating for those dining in or taking it somewhere other than their home.

Really disappointing that you dropped the drink... not so much of a special anymore. And the Dupont Road (Fort Wayne) location can't seem to keep many items stocked.-- chicken, grilled onions, guac. Never any pineapple salsa when I go. After a couple of lackluster visits, not much incentive to want to go back and try again.

Yeah...normally I'd be excited, but lately my location is crap on Mondays. Sunday night crew leaves the place trashed and unstocked, and food quality slacking as the employees have a case of "the Mondays" when they come in.

Bring back the adobo chicken. Love the new steak!

I'll be there later. Love Moe's Mondays.

So sad Moe’s Monday does not include the drink anymore 😢

It is DEFINITELY Moe's Monday

Maybe if I ever once actually got what I ordered....

Bring back the carnitas

Love Moes Monday

Sad that you don’t include the drink anymore 😢

I like burrito 🌯


Alexa Helms


Victoria Paul

K especial en comida tienen?

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I love you *me whispering to my burrito* ... See MoreSee Less

I love you *me whispering to my burrito*

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You know what goes great on a steak burrito? The delicious taste or roasted corn pico de Gallo.

Kendra Krolick i need this

Love the white meat chicken!

Emma Jones it’s me

When are you going to bottle the marinade you use on the tofu???? Its so freaking good and since moving, the closest Moes is an hour away

is the old school white meat chicken actually back or is it some BS like that mojo attempt?

Oooooh, you're so good *me whispering to my burrito*

That looks sooooo good

Olivia Day may or may not have done that at our moe’s trips

Me. Especially if it has queso 😘😘😘

I love Moe's so much I bought the van

Lauren Schmidt

You know what I would love? Not having to drive nearly 30 minutes to get to Moes. Bring one to Milford or Dover, Delaware, please!!

Absolutely! ❤️❤️❤️

Brooke Cruise pretty sure I've literally seen you do this!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My prayers have been answered!!!


Made a complaint almost 2 weeks ago and heard nothing. Refuse to eat here again

Kaite Morris I can relate!!! 💕🤣

Brandon Carney

Claire Raven. Every. Damn. Time.

Tyler Hitzelberg

Doug Williams

Please come to Denver *me whispering to you*

Monica Cruz Vazquez I want

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Use code “BestQueso” in Moe’s app to get a free side of queso through tomorrow's Moe Monday 👀
I love you *me whispering to my burrito*
queso dreaming**