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1 week ago


πŸ”ŠListen up! With so many Pizzas now on the Buffet, there’s a lot to get excited about. Just ask world-famous Soccer Announcer Richie Rapido. Wait for it… ⚽ ... See MoreSee Less


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First y'all took away the parmesan shakers, now you don't even put the packets out...what is going on? Is the parmesan too expensive?

Put a Cici in shawnee ok please lol

Kyle get ready

would love to see a cici's near st ann, mo....

Open in Southern CA Santa Clarita.

Wish we would get another cicis in heath ohio, ours closed and no one knows why it was always busy

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2 weeks ago


Hooray for another Cicis opening! 50 guests received Free Pizza for a year at our D'Iberville, MS opening today.

Learn more here:
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Hooray for another Cicis opening! 50 guests received Free Pizza for a year at our DIberville, MS opening today.

Learn more here: attachment


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Loving the new location, but why doesn’t this store have dessert pizzas or pasta salad?

If they can pronounce it they should get coupons mailed 😜 Steven Craddock

It’s about TIME πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—we need more on the Northshore and the one in Slidell needs a serious FACE LIFT I’ve been going to cicis since I was a baby and I see such potential new look new games bigger seating area lol lπŸ’—ve cicis tho

Indianapolis Indiana

Open one in Algonquin Illinois

Open in Wilmington DE. Nearest one is over an hour away!

The Cicis in my town closed down after Hurricane Michel blew through. Now if I need a Cicis Fix I drive all the way down to Burlington NC.

Pls come to Scotland we have a taco bell and Denny's now but really miss cicis πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Hey its me one of your first 50 guests. I misplaced my voucher. Please send another πŸ˜‰

Come back to San Diego,CALIFORNIA

Open a cicis in Mandeville, la

Awesome I love new stores!

Linda Landry made the front page of Cici's Facebook page! Can I have your yalls autograph? 🀩

Still waiting for one in Grovetown Georgia

what do i have to do to talk cicis into coming to michigan? all the ones in michigan have shut down. and im sad and miss them.

Yessss we need Cici's to come back to Columbus Ohio please!!!!! We love yaπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

πŸ•πŸ• Please bring CiCi’s back to Columbus, Ohio...we miss ya!!!! πŸ•πŸ•


So I remember going to Cicis in Norwood, Massachusetts growing up in the 80’s. Now that I’ve moved and have made the Gulf coast of Mississippi my home, I’m stoked to see that y’all are in D’Iberville now. Can’t wait to taste my childhood all over again 😁😁😁

meanwhile both cici's in the milwaukee area have closed down! will there be any new openings around here?

Open one near San Jose CA!

Meanwhile the only 2 Cici's in our area both closed down with no warning! Now I can't even redeem my free buffets!

Congrats. Store looks awesome

Our cicis in paris tx got replaced with a wing joint!!!! Really cicis???? You cant reopen one here again?

Terry Smith opened yesterday

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2 weeks ago


Triple your excitement on Game Day! Min 3-Pizza purchase. Carry-Out only.πŸ•πŸˆπŸ˜‹

Learn more at
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Lisa McCullar Rice Wilson & Kacee 'mcmillian' Spaulding

Anzaldo Isidro

Tracie Ann Castillotonight

Jumetrius Bishop this was it

Mericka Tataya

What is the end date for this?

Is Zesty Pepperoni included in the offer?

Laura Purser

Becky Lee Flores

i miss the sausage pan .... put one on columbus ohio

Kelli shoot idk I just saw it but doesnt really say a day

Juan Gonzalez

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Have a great holiday filled with friends, family and turkey! We're closed today, but we will see you all tomorrow! πŸ•πŸ‘Œ Buffet Opens 11.23.18