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Chili's doesn't look "restaurant" enough for me. Would not recommend.

Chili's lawyers doing settlement calculations right about now.

I can’t support Chili’s anymore, I won’t go to an establishment that discriminates against anyone because of their sexual orientation.

Chili's- microwave slop with a side of discrimination.

I don't 3 for $10 because Chili's won't give promotions to people who don't dress 'gender appropriate'. What does that even mean?

Men should dress like men and women should dress like women.... no other way around it. I don’t care what century u snowflakes say we are in. This stuff happening is in the Bible so if any of you abominators think it’s all fiction etc well read the Bible for proof. Good job chili’s πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Chili’s is off the menu for my family until you stop discriminating against LGBTQ people. There is nothing wrong with a woman wearing slacks and a button-up shirt. In fact, many other restaurants (Olive Garden, for example) use that exact look for everyone, along with a tie. This isn’t the 1800s. Women wear pants now.

Welp, it sounds like you have some rogue management running around, or you support discrimination. Pick one, and pick wisely.

Chili's treat your employees with respect or shut down!

Chili’s Fix this!!!!!

Ate at Chili's for the first time in a while last night because someone gave me a bonus card. All the menu items I used to like there are gone. Latest casualty is Spiced Panko Onion Rings, replaced by these bland "onion blossom petals" that taste like something out of the grocery freezer section or the 99 cent onion rings at Burger King. You have systematically eliminated any reason to go back.

Oooooooo you got the ACLU’s direct attention!

I didn’t even know about some “It’s Pat” clothing controversy there til now, but for those pushing an ACLU-driven boycott of Chili’s: I’ll be buying many more 3-for-10’s since you won’t πŸ’ΈπŸ½πŸŒΆπŸ₯‡πŸ™Œ

Three for ten good deal.

Way to go Chili's, you screwed up again, BIG TIME!!!!

Why can’t we get 3 for 10 delivered with Door Dash???????

Chile's new baby bucks advertisement is stupid as all heπŸ’πŸ’

Steak isn't even on the 3 for $10 sooo

I think you should allow to go orders to participate in your email rewards program. Some customers are disabled and unable to dine inside.

Wow 3 for $10. Definitely have to try! 🌢🌢🌢❀️

Due to gov shut down you 3 for 10 at Chili's.

The food they are eating is not available on the 3 for $10 menu, mostly chicken dishes like tenders, quesadilla, burger, chicken pasta.

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Don't just save money, SAVE YOURSELF. Chili's 3 for $10 FTW. ... See MoreSee Less

Dont just save money, SAVE YOURSELF. Chilis 3 for $10 FTW.


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Make sure to remember Chili's will soon be paying a huge settlement when calculation your tips.

What say you.. Chilis?

Funny how you post something about salmonella. When I posted something last week about how under cooked the chicken was on my Cajun Chicken Pasta and how I could have got salmonella poisoning. πŸ˜‘

The smoke alarm was our dinner bell growing upπŸ˜‚

Weird flex but ok

All the comments on here about food poisoning is insane! Never have I seen this many comments about this about any restaurant.

lol except for every time I eat at chili’s I get food poisoning. And I always order something different too. 😒 real bummer. I used to love y’all !

Too bad I’ve gotten food poisoning BOTH times i’ve tried chili’s so I’d rather eat the chicken.

I always say when someone burns any kind of meat “tastes like not getting sick” I prefer it lol

No worries... I'm here for the Top Shelf Margarita anyways.

I will not be going back to new iberia chili’s we waited almost an hr and half for our crispy chicken (3 for 10) x2. And when we got our food it was iced cold! We confronted the manager And all he could say was we are sorry we short there’s only 1 cook tonight! Well I’m not eating nor paying for cold food! We have yet to step foot back in chilis

Funny how you guys post this after the whole Chili's food poisoning years ago...

At chili’s you get lots of sodium.

Pretty funny because all 3 times I’ve eaten at chili’s I’ve gotten food poisoning.

to bad i don't go to chilis anymore

How long will this deal last?

Actually, yeah I’m going to go to chili’s soon. Thanks for reminding me, I’ve wanted to go for a bit.

You guys rock, ribs and paradise pie all the way! Now I’m hungry

But i will if i eat at chilis

We had 3 for $10 yesterday... :) One of our favorite places.

What is included in the 3 for $10

I LOVE my Chili's!! Adam the bartender is amazing.

I had a dream and y’all were in it.

I went today and had your Cajun chicken pasta... I am 98% sure I have food poisoning. I’ve been sick for the last 7+ hours.

3 for $10?

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Let’s cheers to the new year and last year’s margarita champion. Starting 2019 on a great note only costs $5. ... See MoreSee Less

Let’s cheers to the new year and last year’s margarita champion. Starting 2019 on a great note only costs $5.


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Luke Mccleary Lucas Galle Kasindra Berg Megan this sounds good and cheap lets go sometime

I ❀️ this drink it is the best ever I thought the Rudolph the reindeer with the ice cube flashing was the best this one is even better. Keep up the good work love it love it 😍

Destiny Renece we will have to try this soon

Brittany Lynn Valentino I think they are calling our names to try this one! Yum!🍸

Was extremely sweet and the worst burger ever

Hayley Hartness drinks here after samurai rice Friday??

Going to have to get one now that I’m 21! ❀️

That looks yummy. I could use one if those

Love Chilis!

Where’s chili’s At

Haven't been there in quite a while. Need to get some ribs.

Love u

Julie Ratzlaff we need some of these πŸ˜‰

Rhonda I think these need to be taste tested!

Ah i loved this one!!!!

Where is the Chilis near you. I want to go there.

Yes I'm coming before the month is up

How long will this be going on ? I want to try this 😩 For my 21st birthday on the 23rd .

What is in this drink?

That look good

What’s in it?

Be there soon love you guys

Is this available year-round? This would be perfect during Cherry Blossom season and festival.

Gotta try

We were there on Saturday was never told about it was very disappointed in the food and service!

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Don't just save money, SAVE YOURSELF. Chili's 3 for $10 FTW.
Let’s cheers to the new year and last year’s margarita champion. Starting 2019 on a great note only costs $5.
Roll the dice on game night, not on dinner. It’s Chili’s 3 for $10 To-Go and everyone’s a winner.