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Triple Threat #NationalChipandDipDay


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Love the food here and there chips are the best Iv ever had

Look delicious 😋

The Monterey 💜💜💜.

Shawn Friedt still want go darn

This is so good,so is everything else there

Just don't order a glass of house wine. A small 5 oz glass at Happy Hour is $10.25. The food is good but not that good. We'll be going elsewhere.

The dips were so good but the homemade pork skins were so hard I couldn't even bite into them.

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4 days ago

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant

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A feast fit for a team -> order.abuelos.com ... See MoreSee Less


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I tried multiple times to order from Doordash without success and when I called the resturant they just seemed to think it was funny. No they didn't get the order. I even told them they lost a $32 order, they didn't seem to care or offer any other way to order. I guess Abuelo's doesn't really care. Well, thank you for saving me $32 from a company that doesn't really care. I now know who to order fro. At least I can get something from Grubhub, although they do not offer Abuelo's. Probably for the better.