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Melanie do you remember?πŸ˜‰

I walk in to my room and see this. Boy is she full of Hampton’s spirit

4 weeks ago

Hampton by Hilton

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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Let yourself in with Digital Key on the Hilton Honors app.
I'll get to that budget report right after I watch one more cartoon. #BusinessTravel
Fitness goals don't stop for travel. πŸ’ͺπŸƒ‍♀οΈπŸ‘Ÿ
Introducing the newest member of the Hilton family. Motto by Hilton, the modern way to stay in the city for guests, locals, group or solo travelers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2EAChUw #meetmotto

Put the Points you earn poolside towards your next exotic escape! Sign up for the Moments Made Bigger promo to earn up to 3X Points through Jan. 3rd: hil.tn/YhEJoa ... See MoreSee Less

Put the Points you earn poolside towards your next exotic escape! Sign up for the Moments Made Bigger promo to earn up to 3X Points through Jan. 3rd: http://hil.tn/YhEJoa


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every person i know i have told to never use your hotel. im letting ever social media site i know to never use your hotels. you think robo calls are good. well the general public hates them keep calling us you assholes

Horrible hotel chains including double tree I had a theft occur in my hotel room where my entire luggage was stolen out of my hotel room at the Doubletree Berkeley Marina and they have done absolutely nothing about it!!! Horrible absolutely horrible !!!! Haven’t heard from their insurance company or anything! They tried to throw 80k Hilton honors points at me to shut me up!!! Hahahaha what a joke!!!!

HILTON HOTELS IS ROBO-CALLING WITH SPAM ADS AT 8AM....THEY FORFEITED MY BUSINESS BECAUSE OF THIS (this comment will appear on all social media until they stop the robo calls)

My sister just had this experience. SO DON"T DO IT! Irene Berman-Levine 1 hr · Hilton honors thinks it is a big deal to offer double the points for purchase. In reality even at double the points, it is not worth it. Forget Hilton Grand Vacation Club. You will be very sorry you bought. We are.

We need for Hilton Hotels to address the situation that happened in Portland. I am a Hilton American Express card holder and a loyal member. You must address it NOW, or shareholders like me will drop you like a bad habit.

Why did a Double Tree call the cops and kick out a black guest for being on the phone to his mom in the lobby? SHAME

Can Hilton please explain why they decided to call the police on a black guest for making a call in the lobby? Until this situation is rectified I will not be staying at your hotels and I will actively discourage my colleagues, friends, and family from doing so as well.

From this point on I, my family and friends will no longer utilize any Hilton property. Racial profiling is unacceptable. It is not a mistake, it is not an error in judgement. It was a deliberate act by an employee.

I’ll be canceling my Hilton honor credit card due to racism !!!! Bye


Can't believe Hilton charges a resort fee to cover stuff that was free for Gold and Diamond members already. GREED.

It is sad that I have to resort to posting on. social media but I cannot get through to anybody in your company. I ordered some gift cards for Christmas for Hilton hotels. I paid extra so they would be delivered on time. I never received them and when I attempted to call the company that you contract to provide these cards, the company‘s mailbox was full! That’s right : The whole company receives no calls!! When I tried to call Hilton hotels I got some uninformed and clueless customer service rep who was totally useless. So here I am, with nothing to give to my relatives I wanted to gift with Hilton gift cards and no information whatsoever as to where they may be. Thanks a lot, Hilton!

I get a lot of unsolicited robo calls on my mobile phone from Hilton. I keep opting out and you call back in 20 minutes. I get several a day. 3 calls already tonight. Please remove me from your list and do not auto dial my mobile phone. What you or third party are doing is a TCPA violation. 😞


12 days since my valuables were stolen from my room by staff at Hilton Doubletree London. Hilton says it’s up to the hotel and they can’t get involved. The hotel says they won’t do anything and twice now has even questioned if my valuables were really stolen (ie that I am lying). I haven’t heard from anyone at Hilton or the hotel in 5 days now. Thieving staff, incompetent management and a brand with no accountability or ownership when you stay there. Don’t stay at Hilton.

Hilton I'm waiting to hear how you are going to rectify this situation

My number is 290222088. Before I stayed in Okinawa, the point was 34907. But after staying in Okinawa, it's still 34907. The point activity details but does not count in total. I inquired about this problem two days ago and received a reply that it will be resolved within 48 hours. However, it has not been resolved, so I ask you again.

International travellers - please stay away from Hilton. I booked two rooms at Singapore Hilton Garden Inn and paid the room advance through my travel card. It's been 4 months and my advance refund is not yet credited.

I stayed at the Hilton Garden inn charlotte ayrsley about 1yr ago during my visit to Charlotte with my church and that place was beautiful. Complete contrast to my stay this past week at the Hilton Garden inn airport, such a horrific experience. During my drive to Charlotte I recieved a call from a lady asking me to prepay with her before I arrived (which I've never had happen and should have been a red flag) at any other establishment. I declined and told her I'd pay at the hotel. I was greeted by two women who seemed to be less enthused to be at work that day, one of which is Miss Washington the "Manager" which I find mind blowing seeing as she couldn't figure out how to work the card reader. So, Miss Washington proceeds to check me in, tells me the total and to insert my card and then she walks away from the transaction to tend to other things more important (I'm guessing). The card reader prompts me to remove my card which I did, and then she comes back about a min later asking me why did I remove my card!? I kindly let her know I was prompted by the card reader to do so. She tells me the transaction did not go through, I let her know it did and that I received an alert on my phone from my card company letting me know it went through and the money was deducted from my account. Of course she didn't want to hear that and insisted I reinsert my card to charge it again. I didn't want to argue and did what she said, the transaction was denied because I made sure I had the exact amount on my card only for the one transaction, which did go through. After about 45mins of her calling multiply people to help her do her job, low and behold she looks down at the computer screen and sees that the first transaction did go through. I was given a key card to my room and away I went tired and slightly annoyed. The hotel lobby seemed to be maintained well and had modern decor. The room a bit different than the lobby. It was dated and had the hardest bed I've ever slept on in my life and the bed frame was extremely dusty which aggravated my allergies. I did like the amenities in the room and also the free parking. Disappointed aswell that there was no free breakfast. It isn't like the place is a 4 or 5 star hotel where charging for such things are to be expected! Day 2 of my stay I realized my card was charged for the second charge and now it is in a negative of $346.20. I raced down to the front desk to let Miss Washington know which she did agree I was double charged and that after I check out the problem would resolve itself. Again I didn't make a fuss because the card I used is solely a travel card in which I transfer funds from my actual bank account to use for hotel, car rentals and flight expenses. So it isn't like I'm in a bad position as far as the money goes. The morning of check out she again reassures me the money will be returned plus the money for incidentals. Here it is 6 days later I'm back home and of course that did not happen and of course no one is around at the hotel to deal with the matter. So now I have no choice but to contact the BBB and make a complaint and have them help me get all the money back. Oh yeah she tried to charge my card another $23.00 after check out which was denied too. STAY AWAY!

I stayed 2 nights in Alexandria Va and was charged for 3 rooms. I only checked into one room. I only signed for one room. I called when u checked out and received 2 charges via email and was placed on long hold. I called back a day later, and the next day. By that time Is when i saw THREE charges all for 2 day stays. The front desk tells me they too busy to help me.... so you steal my damn money almost $1000 and your too busy. I sent a screenshot to M Johnson and he has yet to fix it. I want all my money. I am filing fraud charges. GD thieves

NEVER stay at this chain.. I made the mistake of doing so and now I get a minimum of 5 robo calls a day at all hours of the day and night , sometimes within 2 minutes of each other, thanking me for being such a good customer and asking me to stay some more... Ugh!! I'm afraid these will go on forever.... avoid this chain like the plague!!

Do not fall for 2x points it’s a scam Hilton is steeling from you

I wouldn't stay in a Hilton Hotel if it was the last hotel in the world . I have been getting 5-6 calls per day for their promotions. I have blocked the # however they must use a rotating dialing system. I have listened to their intro message which prompts me to press #2 if I don't want any further calls from them. They just keep coming. They are an annoying menace out their trying to drive people crazy with their stupid offers which are just gimmicks/tricks to get you money. DO NOT STAY IN THEIR HOTELS!

I made a resevation last year and it was for labor day weekend in dc area. i was going to book another room for the same weekend sometime in march/april. it was at that time i found out they were no longer booking smoking rooms at the hotel i was going to stay at, i checked my confirmation and my room was still a smoking room. fast forward to august 2017, i called the hotel and they informed me there were no longer ANY smoking rooms at that property. They looked at my confirmation and saw it was for a smoking room and yes there was a comfirmation number i provided them. they chose to not uphold the reservation they made. i was told there was nothing they could do. i called and talked to another employee at the hotel and they suggested i go ahead and smoke in the room and be sure to open the window. i did not think this was a good idea. i spoke to the manager a few times and finally they promised me i would get 50,000 hilton points added to my account for them not upholding the confirmation, i then cancelled my reservation, my wife found another hotel about 20 miles away and i thought all was good. to this date 12/16/2018 i have no added credit to my hilton honors account. the only time hilton seemed to be concerned about my issue was when i posted here on facebook ( i guess they did not like bad things on here) so here we are again, i spoke to the hotel last month after calling the corporate number and they told me the manager of the hotel would call me, it has not happened. maybe i should look for interest to be added to the 50,000 points they offered me, 5% a month since that promise was made, 5 months and counting. that would put us over the 60,000 point level now. maybe they could triple those points, (OH 50,000 X 3 X 0 STILL IS ZERO )keep up the good work hilton, make promises and renig on them just as you could not keep you end of the deal for the hotel confirmation, you are not keeping up you end on the deal you made to fix it.

Horrible, horrible place!!! Worst experience ever! First of all you need to start changing your bed linens after every guest checks out of the rooms. Also, it would be really great if your staff apologizes for the inconvenience. But obviously nobody cares. Secondly, I am trying to reach the hotel to try to retrieve something I left in my room, and I can't talk to anyone. I keep getting transferred to different departments, and now the hotel is not answering my calls anymore!! Your customer service is AWFUL! Apparently you don't appreciate my business. Will not be staying at your hotels anymore!

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The water sport options at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort are endless. Which would you pick? πŸš£πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ„πŸ½
πŸ“ΈIG: anthonyquintano
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The water sport options at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort are endless. Which would you pick? πŸš£πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ„πŸ½
πŸ“ΈIG: anthonyquintano


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So your corporate excuse for Portland was due to a "misunderstanding between the hotel and the guest..."? What was the "guest's misunderstanding" in your Portland property that you had to explain away as an equivalent to the racist night guard or security bigot you had on duty that night???? Never again! No more Doubletree's for our family!

OregonLive.com: Read the full statement from lawyers for black evicted hotel guest. https://www.oregonlive.com/business/2018/12/read-the-full-statement-from-lawyers-for-black-evicted-hotel-guest.html



I come

@HiltonHHonors @HiltonHotels Just wanted to let everyone know that #Hilton is in shambles and treats their #Diamond customers very poorly. Spoke to two CRs and both were mean and rude. Last one "Christine" referred me to non-customer-facing division, "internet contact center" who were honest and said that the @HiltonHHonors system is completely screwed up and has been since OCTOBER! Will take my business to @Hyatt where @HyattConcierge actually values 100+ night customers. Just canceled a week-long business stay because of @HiltonHotels horrible customer service and even world technical disarray. Advice to all: #NeverHilton!

Hey @HiltonHotels why don’t you all have any supervisors or managers on duty for customer service in Roanoke or at your national call center??

Hilton Hawaiian Village is the only Hilton resort in Waikiki. It's disgusting that they charge a resort fee to it's alrealy high rates. The resort fee is supposed to cover stuff that was free if you were a Gold or Diamond member already. Now, Hilton charges a Resort fee to all of their Hilton properties in Waikiki. Even they are are not a resort and just a run down hotel with a small pool. Greed.

I’ll keep asking. Hilton Hotels & Resorts https://www.yahoo.com/news/hotel-employees-fired-calling-911-220026076.html WHAT THE F**K?

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