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2 months ago

El Mazatlan

Introducing our brand new menu item, the delicious "Freddy Tacos."

The Freddy Tacos consist of three hand-breaded shrimp tacos, our special creamy sauce, cabbage, avocado, jalapeño, carrots, and tomatoes.

Exclusively at El Mazatlan.

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I watched the video twice, but didnt hear, what's in the Freddy's Tacos?? What's those, deep fried looking nuggets in the tortilla???Please???

So I’m eating this as I type, and I have to say it’s the best thing on the menu, it’s fresh, crisp, and light. Makes a great lunch! idk what this sauce is but, I thought it was going to be cheese sauce, but, it’s not, let’s just say I’d take it as a drink to go please 😂

I just want yo say this . I adore El Mazatlan in Cave City. They treat us like family and it is always outstanding food and service.

This is my favorite dish on the menu! I hope you keep it! Delicious!

The Freddy tacos are awesome. Loved the fresh salad that comes with them!👍

My son in-law was really disappointed he couldn’t get these in Munfordville last night for his birthday!

I can’t wait to try this! Do you have it Cave City?

Had these once in Glasgow.... love these!

Have you tried this yet??? Carla Unseld

These are amazing! My favorite!

It was a great dish!!!

Erin Christine Bass have u ever teied these??

We just had this tonight. Best meal ever. Please don't get rid of it.

15 hours

This a beautiful picture I am so happy for you

Sounds good but No Hot Peppers

They are good. Loved the sauce!!!

Cave City Hope u have this


Love El Matzalan

Great dish!!!


I see you Ulysses Hernandez!!!

Awwww I know that kid went to school with him 😂 Them tacos look good tho

Cindy Hutter!!!!

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2 months ago

El Mazatlan

Nothing screams summer like a classic Sangarita from El Mazatlan!

In this video, Ulysses prepares one of the MOST refreshing drinks to try this summer. ☀️

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Laura Winchester i think me and you need a couple drinks soon

Trevor Hoffman este es lo que necesario después de la clase de traducción 😛😍

Rachel Gonzalez we need to try these!!!!!

Our favorite restaurant It’s absolutely the best Wonderful food and we love the people

I worked for these people and they were the most professional and cleanest, employers I've ever worked for , and i have worked for much larger franchise and companies, and they were true gentelmen , very resspectful

Kelby Smith you should try this next time

I think i need to try this... Samantha Elliott can we get edward to drive?

Callie Nelson Phelps I’m getting this Friday. Don’t let me forget

Rachel Wheeler when we are off house arrest for the last time these look good?

Can some one tell me what the pineapple thing is

This is Awsome! I have tried it, Little Pricey Tho

Yummy yummy yum

‘‘Tis great!!!

Do you still offer the Nacho Rodeo?

When did you start drinking mixed drinks?

Kirsten Swikert el max with the fancy drink videos 👏🏼👏🏼

My favorite bartender 💞

Chelsea Harvey Morgan Barnard Now this is what we need to try for our next mex date

Have you had one of these yet?😍 Eurayle Jay

Veshaye Hooker lets get one of these later

Like I need this ASAP is all I’m saying Jason Cummings

Cómo q se me antojo

Melinda Qualls this is what I want before the summer is over

I want one !!!

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3 months ago

El Mazatlan

the new menu is ready come and enjoy our great variety of delicious dishes.🌮🥩🥙🍤🍺 ... See MoreSee Less


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Tell me you didn't remove Nachos Rodeo!!! I can't see it!!

Hope u didn’t take away Mikes fajitas special with steak that’s my favorite

Last day line 2 quick changeover lunch???? 😁

Please bring one of your restaurants to Louisville!

Love love love the Bartley Bowl!!

Glenn Pence. We need to go and try out the new menu!!!

sure !

Linda Painter, Aaron Painter. Wanna go and try the new menu!

Chris Eaton

Jennifer Logsdon Boyer

Hayden Adkins Hunter Thomas

Suada Salkić

Dylan Adkins

Chris Minor

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