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Eat Sleep Shop Play is the hyper local mobile on-line directory for:

Places to Eat, places to Sleep, places to Shop and places to Play.

Front Desk USA prints over 200,000 maps per year in 35 Markets.

Over one-thousand (1000) hotels are using our maps covering more than 100,000 hotel rooms.

With over 3,000 visits to our websites each month and growing.

Thousands of QR code scans from our map advertising and signage drive viewers to the mobile website.

Our QR codes make it easy for hotel guests to find hyper local information arranged in the categories that most concern them.

Our mobile guide provides the detailed information about our sponsors of our printed maps.

Printed/Mobile Visitor Information Guide is a Work from Home Business.

Our process is simple, call us about starting your Side Hustle!

Side Hustle street sign as a publisher for Front Desk USA

Licensed publishers enjoy being their own boss, setting their own schedule and earning full or part-time income working from their home.

With minimal start-up costs, you can be profitable from your first sale.

Yes, you have to have good sales skills. Just like everything else, the better you are the more money you will make.

Our process is simple, and our product practically sells itself.

This makes it easy to learn good sales skills. Our recommended sales trainer is Jeffrey Gitomer. His books and his weekly newsletter will help you build good skills.

Here’s what we provide: The turnkey mobile website(s) customized for your area(s). A dedicated custom URL for you to market. All the graphics/links for your advertisers.

You use our mobile website travel directory Eat Sleep Shop Play and local corresponding Facebook pages to build full or part-time income.

If you like to work with the local hospitality industry our site offers a unique opportunity.

  • Earn as much as $5K  – $10K annually per site. Multiple sites are common.
  • There is never a deadline. Work on your site when you want to work.
  • Hotels like our site because it helps them help their guests
  • Restaurants like our site because it showcases their business to the hotel guest population in a very simple mobile way.
  • Our directory uses Google Maps, Facebook feeds, local weather and a corresponding Facebook page to your regular mobile site.
  • Outside sales and people skills experience are a must.

Our initial licensing fee includes 5000 printed maps for your area.

Quarterly licensing fee is only $200 starts 6 months after you sign-up. Ads sell for as much as $250 per year. This gives you the opportunity to trade with your advertiser. Promotion is done by your printed maps delivered to the hotels, social media, networking (business cards) and signage designed specifically for each territory’s directory. In other words this is, “Gorilla Marketing” added to, “Good Sales Skills” = Easy part or full-time home based income.  Examples are listed above. Interested?

Feel Free to call us at: 281-224-2427 or Email Us: info@frontdeskusa.com

Our printed maps directory is located at Front Desk USA Maps.

Adding a Front Desk USA Map printed with display advertising involves additional fees. Learn More Here.