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2 months ago


When you share a Zipcar, you share responsibility. While these rules aren't new, we're sharing a reminder so we can all do our part to make every trip better. ... See MoreSee Less

When you share a Zipcar, you share responsibility. While these rules arent new, were sharing a reminder so we can all do our part to make every trip better.

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It goes both ways. I have reported a car in my area that smells like piss several times and y’all haven’t done anything.

Such a shame. Their customer service used to be the best.

My zipcar is not at the location specified, can someone actually help me. I’ve been hold for an hour standing in a parking lot stranded.

WORST WORST WORST Zipcar, ANSWER THE PHONE! On hold several hours only to be disconnected. By the time you answer, I could have walked to my destination. Cars are not where they should be.

They Jack the hourly rate on the statement, The cars are filthy, The gas cards don’t work, you’re on hold for an hour to customer service and they can’t help you. Can it get any worse. It’s the only game in town and it’s the most frustrating experience ever!!!!!!!!

I have been stranded for 2 hours & on hold. This is ridiculous.

So rule number one is a joke. I’m standing here waiting for a car that is 23 minutes late and guess what? I’ve been on hold for 23 minutes trying to get someone on the phone to get a refund for the trip I won’t be taking.

Zipcar, I have been waiting for 3 months for my refund. I've spoken to you twice on the phone during this time (the rest of the time I couldn't get onto you) and I have been promised a refund but I still have not got it. Could you please help me?

You guys are riding on the fact that you are the only game in town but your cars and customer service the past few months completely SUCK! You have left me stranded and out of pocket on car service charges and when I actually DO get a car they are filthy and have maintenance issues. No one in corporate is listening. Get it together. SHAME ON YOU for taking my money and continuing to not deliver.

I have tried to call you guys multiple times and each time you’re “too busy to accept my call”. You have had me in the dark about a claim I filed July 22nd, over a month ago. This is horrible customer service

worst customer service you can imagine, even worse than xfinity used to be back in the day’s. On hold for half an hour for few times, and call just drops 🤷🏽‍♂️ even crawling to wherever you want to go is more convenient than Zipcar

I was charged for a car that locked me out due to a faulty locking mechanism and would not start after their roadside service unlocked it. I have been trying to get a refund for being stuck in a Walmart parking lot for 5 hours and having to have a relative come pick me up. I have been trying to contact Zipcar for almost TWO MONTHS to get my money back and cancel my account, no luck. Zipcar is still charging me for an account I will never use again, but there’s no way to cancel it because no one replies to anything

I rented a car this weekend and the car wreaked of cigarettes and marijuana, alcohol was spilled in the car, and someone left used masks in the car. I tried calling Zipcar to get a new car, but no one answered. Now I want a refund. Where is the customer service here???

I don't believe in social media rants ever. But I am disgusted that a company will leave me stranded with luggage and no way to get to my destination. The bs excuses increase xall volume is so 1999.

Stunningly lousy. Zipcar went from 100 -> 0.

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! Just canceled my reservation without providing any solutions! Thanks for ruining my trip, Zipcar . Your customer service sucks, no one answers the phone! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in your service!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY A CLEAN(ish) Zipcar!!! 🙌🏻 UNFORTUNATELY, the positive ends there. The car was banged up, so much so that the passenger side door didn’t open all the way. The radio/navigation system did not work (couldn’t connect or charge phone). The dash CONSTANTLY beeped and flashed warnings that there was a problem with the control system.

Still waiting for money that I’m owed from last month for putting gas in and still got no call heard nothing very terrible service gas cards always missing or cars always dirty

I can't get everyone on the phone and my car is not working it will not even open up anymore this is the 3th time I ask for a manager a month ago no one called me back I think I'm going to have to call the better business bureau

I'm on the phone with customer service as I type this and his response to charging me double is "the price was adjusted based on demand". I paid for a car that was listed for $112/day, not $175 and it was only rented for 9 hours, so why am I being charged $220?!? Why not just list the car as $175 for the day instead of $112?! And why not charge me for the hourly rate instead since it's not a full day rental? Looking at all your car listings right now and not a single car is quoted over $124 for a daily rate. Where is the $175 rate coming from???

I was in such a hurry to get the car we reserved Sunday back in time, that I left my courier bag in it. I went back to see if it was there Monday, but it wasn’t. I asked customer service to contact the person who reserved after me, but I’m not sure they did. I have time sensitive documents in that bag, and I need some help getting it back, please.

No car at location - charged way over what was advertised. Waited on hold over an hour ..... Refund please. Absolute sham of a company .... just throw the whole thing away...

Numerous fraudulent reservations made to my account along with numerous fraudulent charges to my credit card. Getting through to customer service is impossible. Apparently, you've been hacked. That's no excuse for the time I have to now spend disputing charges and changing my credit card. I honestly hope one of these fraudulent rentals ends up in stolen cars. Why not, you're making my life hell, so might as well return the favor. FIX THIS OR I ALONG WITH OTHERS WILL SUE!!

Really disheartening to see the lack of empathy and service for someone who almost got killed driving your unsafe vehicle. The car is still sitting in my family’s driveway 4 days later, even though you said you’d pick it up in an hour. Still waiting for you to reimburse my $300 cross-state Uber. I waited 9 hours on hold to talk to the “right person” after this horrifying experience and here I am 4 days later still reaching out to you on every social channel. When will this end? I’m trying my best to forget about this traumatic experience but you’re making it 100 times harder.

I was looking forward to my first rental from zipcar today but my reservation was cancelled on me 30 minutes before my pick up time! My entire day was thrown out the window and I had to cancel all of my plans since there were no cars available in the area. A very poor first impression. If I cancel my trip 30 minutes before, I am on the hook for the $125. But ZipCar cancels and there is no retribution! Very disappointing.

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