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3 days ago

Domino's Pizza

You can't choose your relatives but you can choose your pizza toppings. ... See MoreSee Less

You cant choose your relatives but you can choose your pizza toppings.

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I order dominos frequently. Because i like the food. But every single time the food takes over an hour to be made/delivered. There is always an issue. There is 0 communcations when i try to call. If i try to order delivery they say they dont deliver but i live 5 blocks away. Its literally unorganized and no one cares. My points expired before i can use them up on 2 seperate occasions. I am literally fed up with it all! 😑

I May Not be Able to Choose MY Relatives, BUT I Could Choose a Better Pizza Delivery Service!!!!! I Paid for a Pizza Delivery AND Y'All Failed to Include EveryThing I Ordered!!!!!

Today I had the worst experience ever I tried to choose two pieces one with two toppings one with four toppings with another a hoagie and a salad and I got the worst service ever and they took my 60 points for my free pizza and I never got my food.I am very dissatisfied and I still want my 60 points I went online and I don't have my 60 points what can I do about that?

I love your thin crust pizza with pepperoni and bacon on top!!! I wish you're restaurant closest to me with delivery to my house!!!

My alternative life style as a non-binary individual it means I love to consume lots of calories. Because let’s FACE IT FAT IS BEAUTIFUL. The dominos grease and fake cheese dish is a great way to acquire hundreds of thousands of empty calories. Dominos is the way that I stay 400 pounds

I love Dominos’ thin crust! Best ever! Pepperoni and mushroom 4ever! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

The one on Columbia Dr in Decatur, GA was the worst i ordered from... Almost always got order wrong,and timing was horrible... is there was one day I ordered a three topping pizza, the only thing they got right was that it was a pizza with three toppings. All the toppings were wrong. The pizza was cold cuz they took over 2 hours to deliver it. And this was after they marked it out for delivery on the Domino's tracker and I had called them after a while, they had said they were waiting on the driver to get back so they could send it out. They seriously always take forever to deliver, and have pissed off a lot of people because they send out the wrong order, which again gets to them cold

I just had some last night and your sandwiches are awesome too.

You are lucky. I live 5 minutes from a shop yet they take over an hour to deliver cold pizza.

That was the absolute worst pizza I’ve ever ordered. Clearly they boxed an old thin cheese pizza that had been sitting under a heat lamp for at least two hours. The customized hand tossed pizza was obviously an old pepperoni pizza they dumped the other ingredients on top of and sent on its way. Domino’s has never been my first choice in pizza, other than the convenience of their online ordering, but this ended it. I will never order Dominos again!

Could not order online then the store that sent us flyer says no. Then called another store until found one that delivers which is further away from my house! Then the person cannot find the coupon I asked for online the finally finds it! Spent 20 minutes to order then wait 30 minutes and won’t get any reward points! Should have gone with Pizza Hut!

Just got my terrible $23 pizza delivered!!!

I have ordered from the Bloomingdale ave store in Valrico Florida for years never a problem!I moved to Riverview Florida and have ordered once.Didn't like the taste of the parmesan sauce called and they replaced it immediately Dominoes pizza is my favorite.

I love Domino's Pizza

Big boy brought my dominos pizza up looking like this πŸ˜‚

Looks delicious...

Dominoes took my money and didn’t provide anything!!! Then they act like they were researching the issue and it’s been almost a month! I paid for pizza that I never got on top of calling the location multiple times and customer care. They are full of crap

I would choose bacon, pepperoni and extra cheese!

You still haven't made rocky mountain oyster pizza! What's the hold up?

Pan is the best pizza they got...scrap that other crap...

We ordered from them about once a month, until they totally dropped the ball on an order. Never delivered. Called store - still not delivered. Not even sure if I was refunded. Akin to a scam - never again!

Pineapple on pizza is a sin. Change my mind.

I think y'all forgot the cheese on this half of the pizza....

mushroom sausage bacon extra extra cheese

Your 3 topping for 7.99 is not for 3 meats. You need to clarify your misleading ads.

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1 week ago

Domino's Pizza

When I ask friends to come over:


When I say pizza is on the way:

Friends: πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
... See MoreSee Less

When I ask friends to come over:


When I say pizza is on the way:

Friends: πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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So the dominos in St. Louis couldn’t deliver my food and did not tell me about this until I was already off my shift. Cashier was super rude and wanted to give me cold food saying we can’t remake it. Ended up getting my mone back and was still hungry. I was so frustrated!

You advertise this but this is what i recieved after 3 hrs of waiting on delivery and then the manager of the store tells me its my fault.....not happy at its 1 am i ordered at 9:30 and my kids fell asleep hungry waiting...😞

I am thoroughly upset that the delivery person sat in the driveway and honked the horn and not once got out the car to deliver my order. I live in a RV at my address and never had any issues getting anything delivered to my location. She honked the horn instead of knocking on the door and delivering as all deliveries do so. My land lord came out and asked her why she was honking the horn and he said why didnt you knock on the door you can drive back into the driveway to deliver and she drove off. I called and the manager ANNA then said its not safe when i've had several deliveries from the same location deliver here with no issues. She hung up the phone before I could even tell her how the delivery person upset my landlord by honking the horn instead of knocking on the door. and when i tried to talk to her she continued to hang up on me multiple time and then threatened to call law enforcement on me for calling back trying to get information like if i'm going to get my points back and never once took accountability for her making me upset from the poor service. This is a shame and if Dominos now do not deliver to RV's then thats a shame as well. I odiously order often as i had points for this order for a free pizza. I have been a loyal customer for years and a previous employee might i add and i've never seen a delivery person just not get out the car and beep the horn for a delivery. SHAME ON YOU ALL and i should be accommodated for this poor and disrespectful service. 6305 #C Cottage Hill Road Mobile, AL 36609 251-666-59516305 #C Cottage Hill Road Mobile, AL 36609 251-666-5951

This is what I received after 2 hours of waiting for a delivery, very disappointingπŸ€”

This is what a local store sent me. A burnt and dried out pizza I paid 29 dollars for!

Used to be my go-to but I've just had bad experience after bad experience, this last time it took 2 hours to get my pizza that ended up being cold and was not what I ordered, got a new one after another hour that was correct and that one was also cold. Disappointed because I don't really like any other pizza place around me but I don't feel like it's worth it.

So I order my favorite sandwich from Domino's yesterday and was very disappointed. I love the Buffalo Chicken one but this one was dry, no onions or blue cheese..very little cheese and roll was burnt.

we love your Pizza its the best here in Wytheville, Virginia. love your pizza can not be beat have done the delivery its great too fast service hot food no worries here!!! thank you

I ordered a pizza, soda and garlic cup from the dominos at 3416 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 and they forgot to give me the garlic cup. I mentioned it to the delivery person, John, and he went out of his way to bring me two garlic cups... I have to applaud that kind of customer service especially since I work in retail. Big ups for him.

Ordered and paid for my pizza almost 4 hours ago. Have yet to receive the pizza. I called at the 2 hour point and the manager hung up on me

I hate y’all so much. Worst customer service ever

Horrible service in Longmont !

Just ordered two regular pizza and it says on website NO 30 MINS GUARANTEE ... what a farce...

So i ordered 2 medium pizzas and 2 cheesey breads a week ago. Got 1 of each although my card was charged for both. I called the store. They said the order was delivered correctly. I checked the receipt online and saw i was right- so i called back. They said if i had a problem, email customer service. Which i did. No response. I guess Dominos needs that $12 badly. Oh well, lesson learned. Won't order again.

They just delivered my chocolate lava cake

My lava cakes self destructed

I need my 20 piece of pie points that were never given to me from the Pizza Snapshot event.

This is the second time in a row I have received a pizza that was not freshly cooked.I most definitely would like to keep to someone and every time I speak with a manager they'll say the will call me but never do . Lately, I have been very disappointed in the service and the quality of food that I have been receiving from my local #Domino's Pizza

Yeah, I asked for a steak and cheese with cheddar. By the time I realized(my girl ordered and played, i wasn't hungry but didn't want to go hungry) and opened it, they closed and it was almost, or just past 12am. The photo has a time signature and GPS. Really guys?

I reached out to you guys a month ago when I waited over two hours for a pizza, wings, and bread sticks. Never heard back wasn’t offered a gift card etc. even had proof it took two hours pretty sad. I kept calling the restaurant that night and they kept saying that the driver had my order but yet driver never came to the address until two hours later

Extra Cheesy Pizza and Cheesy Stuffed Bread are Extremely Delicious!!

Pizza hut is better.. Ordered dominos a week ago and my pizza literally had no topping.. Bread was hard!! I've emailed you guys and never received a response!

Just need to brag on my local franchises manager, Jason! Had a bad experience, he called me up and fixed it! Best pizza yet! Thanks Dominos, and Jason at the Dahlonega Ga franchise!

Pretty sad I order two pizzas from here and only live two blocks and when I got home they were cold called the store and the manager was rude and would not replace my order

This Domino's never again. This is the second time this has happened and the first time the manager said they would replace the sandwich on my next visit. When I went in to get the next sandwich I felt like I was being accused by one of the employees of lying about the incident because he could not find my name in "the book". Tonight the sandwich went to the trash as it was a hard piece of bread with 3 small pieces of steak and burnt cheese. Would you eat this? Is this the type of product you support being sent out on delivery? If it is I will never do business with you again. The employees at the 2940 Wanamaker location in Topeka Kansas do not seem to care about customer service as they hardly ever answer the phone. I tried to call last night about my sandwich after I discovered it and after 27 rings I hung up. The pizza was greasy and missing the garlic sauce of which I paid to order more of and the chicken wings were dry and missing the bacon that was supposed to be on them. Just like normal I don't expect anyone to ever respond. Whoever the management is at that store needs to fix the problem. I will do business with other locations but not this one!

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2 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

Raise your hand if you're a pepperoni stealer. βœ‹

You know who you are...
... See MoreSee Less

Raise your hand if youre a pepperoni stealer. βœ‹

You know who you are...

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There was so much wrong with my ordering experience, I hardly know where to begin. With my previous delivery I ordered dipping cups and did not receive them. I called the store and they kindly placed a credit on my account of 7.50. This satisfied me so I could order again on another date. Today I called to place a order and use my credit. I asked for the specialty tomato/bacon chicken, but no tomato. The sticker on my chicken even shows -tomatoes, but they’re all over. I also requested that when the delivery driver arrived, he dial my extension to be connected to my phone so he can be let in the building- there was a sticker on my order also indicating this- the driver instead stood between the doors of my business for about 10 mins before someone looked for who ordered dominoes. It took over an hour for my delivery and The delivery driver never called me. Additionally after paying the driver, I was not given a receipt to get the store number or anything! I can’t even enter a complaint on the website without the store number! What the hell dominoes?! I’ve never had such a bad experience!

I order from Dominos all the time and we have always had good luck except for once. I ordered a sausage and pepperoni pizza and there was literally one small piece of sausage on each piece of pizza. Wasn't impressed. I did give them another chance and all has been well since then. I sent them a review and of course got no response though. That definitely deserved a free pizza for me in my opinion!!

The one night I wanted to eat pizza from my favorite place I had to wait more than 1:30 minutes for my pizza. I had to cancel my order and request a refund. As a very loyal customer who may I say orders multiple times throughout the year I am extremely upset and disappointed. Domino's Pizza. Make this right or loose a customer that orders on average once and sometimes twice per month

I am disappointed we have been getting pizza for awhile.. we waited an hour and it wasnt good .. an d brownies we over cooked also .. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ .

I’m extremely disappointed in Ordering from dominos. I Ordered a bbq chicken pizza and it came without cheese and chicken. Cost 30$ just ended up throwing it out and when I asked about sending a Replacement according to them it’s next day. By the time I got my pizza it was 11pm at night. Not cool Dominos!

This is what I just picked up from my local Dominoes. I tried filing a complain on the dominoes website but the page takes too long to load. I've been ordering well done handmade pans for years and they have always been decent, but this "well done" handmade pan is burnt. Most slices were inedible and we're trashed.

last time I ordered for delivery I asked for extra bacon & extra cheese...….there was no bacon at all on it! 😠

Very disappointed in my local Dominos. The $5.99 each for 2 items says it doesnt work at my store on the app even though the store says they have it. When I called the recording of the specials said delivery or carry out so I ordered delivery. The girl on the phone said it was carryout only. Even though the recording said either. Time to find a new pizza place

DO NOT ORDER FROM DOMINOS. I have spent hours just trying to get an order replaced after it got to my house an hour and half later and cold. I paid for cold gross pizza and they refuse to replace it.

I've been rooting for domino's after there clear improvement of ingredients but I'm not impressed with the delivery times of getting my pizza. I have ordered two large pizza, bread sticks, wings & a Sprite. I'm still waiting on my delivery. I called to ask how the order was going. I was yelled at & told it would be another hour. Than the lady hung up. ... I'm still waiting for my pizza. 🀷‍♀️ ... Rivers Avenue North Charleston, SC location is not doing too good on delivery times.

I love your pasta and unfortunately my dominoes was out of pasta today 😞 had to switch to wings unfortunately

Absolutely the worst pizza company I have ever delt with!!! The "store manager" changed gender in 2 different phone calls back to back from 2 different people! I was cussed at and lied to! This is a location in Maine. I have had the same experience in Florida! I will NEVER do business with this francise again!!

Pretty sad I order two pizzas from here and only live two blocks and when I got home they were cold called the store and the manager was rude and would not replace my order

I have been enjoying Dominos Pizza for years and tonight received the worst service ever from them. I like ordering online so that I can use the tracker. My order was placed at 7:58p and through the tracker I saw that the pizza was finished at 8:12p. Now that’s usually the amount of time that I’m use to seeing and expected the pizza to be out for delivery soon after. However, the next update was at 9:03p when it said the pizza has left the store. Slightly unusual but I wasn’t too bothered at the moment. By 9:30 the pizza had not been delivered so I called to cancel. At this point I’m hungry and highly annoyed and now left to figure out what to eat. To my surprise at 9:53p the driver arrives to my door with the pizza and states that he left the soda downstairs and that he would go back to get it. I took the pizza but they could’ve kept it because it was wrong and tasted horrible as if they missed the marinara sauce completely. Back to the driver, minutes go by and he hasn’t returned with the soda so I call it a lost. It’s now 10:15 and I receive a knock on the door and it’s the driver with three 20oz cokes in a Winn Dixie bag- like really?!!? (And I order a 2 liter at that) I have never experienced a delivery so bad. If this is the type of service that Dominos is providing now, they’ll be sure to lose a customer and I won’t be ordering from them again.

Check out this pizza. Picked up today around 3 at Dahlonega Ga location. Employee was super friendly but pizza...not so much. Literally no sauce or cheese.

So I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza for my wife. She was really excited be cause of the pictures she saw on line. This is what we got. $16 and she cant enjoy it.

This is what I got, so disappointed! Can you call it a pizza?

I would if there was any pepperoni to steal. I ordered double pepperoni and didn’t get it but it was already late and I was not about to wait more time for a pizza that shouldn’t been made right. I was not satisfied so I called back to say that it wasn’t what I ordered but I couldn’t wait any longer to be made again. The girl was rude and couldn’t wait to get off the phone with me. That pizza was suppose to be a treat and it was disappointing. Filed a complaint with dominos on more than one occasion and literally no one every answers. I may just need to find someone else with better customer service.

Maybe if the pizza was hot when it was delivered I would... but being 1 hour and 45 minutes late on delivery and arriving completely cold I’ll pass. My complaint wasn’t even addressed. But hey! My pizzaless birthday lunch at work was GREAT πŸ˜’

I'm a pepperoni thief! I wish I could have some dominos right now!!

I wish I had a pizza but takes to long and when I do get my pizza it's cold

I always get a well done. Hand tossed pepperoni and extra cheese pizza.the last time I ordered olives on half. They were burnt so bad I couldnt even eat them and the flavor was like burnt olives even after picking them all off. I called in about it and complained on the web page, nothing was done, they just told me that they usually get crispy, nowhere else that I've ordered olives on my pizza has it ever been crispy. What a cop out line if I ever heard one..loved ordering from my local store but they can't seem to make things right when something ends up wrong with an to mention the horrible delivery time. Its almost always over an hr wait even tho they say like 30 mins when you order it. I'm just so disappointed with the service as of late.

I ordered 2 med pizzas. They hardly had any toppings and oneslice had no topping not even cheese

1120 am order pizza from phone told an hour and thirty minute wait. 231pm now nothing yet and they won't answer phone 10 minutes get a recording. They had messed up when took my order. Had to correct before order went out. Not happy

I ordered delivery. 1 pizza 1 sandwich 1 pasta and wings. They didnt even make the pizza. Was told we could get a credit for 3 free pizzas. Called a week later and they acted like they had no idea about it. Time before this order, we didnt get out 2 liter of sprite. I do not love ordering and paying for items i dont get. My local Dominos is not cool at all.

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