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2 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

Here they are! 🎬 The Domino’s Homemade Film Festival finalists! Vote for your favorite at ... See MoreSee Less

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Unable to order online and calling store dropped call three times. Happiness NOT

I read an article that says the UK gets a vegan pizza, why doesn't California get it too!! We love vegan stuff! Pick riverside county!

Food said delivered called the store... associate said im lying that he dropped it.. when i asked for him to describe where he dropped it to find it he told me he doesn't pay attention to details... i was placed on hold and then i was hung up on and cant get back through.

I just got the most disgusting cold pizza and mushy wings i have ever seen from your monroeville Pennsylvania location.......🀬

GOOD LUCK! EVERYONE! VOTE FOR ME! PLEASE "PIZZA UNDER THE SEA" #travelsyze #syrigyrl #dominospizza #pizza #love #LaborDayWeekend2020

Bonjour, j'ai appris que Domino's Pizza s'approvisionnait en viande de poulet du Brésil et même d'autres pays. Au-delà de la question environnementale, les conditions d'élevage et d'abattage des animaux me concernent. Une trentaine d'associations en Europe ainsi que des vétérinaires ont élaboré un cahier des charges : le European Chicken Commitment. Quand allez-vous vous engager à respecter ces critères minimaux et à intégrer une part de plein air dans vos approvisionnements comme l'ont déjà fait Pizza Paï, Picard, et même Lidl et Leclerc très récemment ? Votre retard sur la question devient de plus en plus problématique.

I think all the film selections are utterly stupid. I still like pizza though. Who was the screwtard that came up with this idea?

That little girl bit into a pizza while under water... I think she deserves this.

Happy labor day domino's pizza

I don’t like any of the films/videos.

Horrible lack of customer service. Contacted Dominos 4 times since August 26 and STILL NO RESPONSE.

Goodbye domino's. YOU SUCK. no one answers phones, orders NEVER arrive

Mermaid under the sea.

Maybe because they are smarter and prefer real pjzza

Dominos pizza πŸ–•πŸ»

Why is nobody monitoring your chat? Please have someone reach out to me ASAP.

When you order online they come to your house they deliver

~~~~ Domino’s vs

La numero 2

None of these

Cuanto esta

The last orders from dominos pizza have been cold hard and not up to standard notified dominos dominos sent me to a bot website won't get any more of my money !!!!



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3 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

A cheeseburger delivery never looked so satisfying.πŸ” Try our NEW Cheeseburger Pizza the next time you order contactless delivery. ... See MoreSee Less

A cheeseburger delivery never looked so satisfying.πŸ” Try our NEW Cheeseburger Pizza the next time you order contactless delivery.

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So disappointed in domino’s pizza tonight in Bourbonnais, il. Ordered and paid for a pizza, chicken bites, and the Parmesan pretzel bread bites through app that was supposed to take an hour. Got to the store and they said it was going to take another 40 minutes to make because they were behind on all their orders. Hopefully my money gets returned back to my card. 😑

Where are the pickles? Also why do you put all the ingredients in the middle? You need to spread out so there isn't all that boring crust! I never have a good experience with Domino's

You store # 3102 is the worst !!! They burnt the first pizza !! Then garbage not cooked dough on the remade pizza !! I asked for my $$ back and didn’t even get all of what I paid !! That store is the worst in the Burlington vt area

I had it last week it was pretty good πŸ‘

Got 2 pies last Tuesday, 2 items each, $13 each. Never buy on a non sale night when they would have been 5.99 each. They weren't even very good.

We ordered with bacon. A much better improvement. Not sure why they didn't start with that.

I ordered and paid for a pizza and it never showed up great customer service still no one has done anything to make it right no cash back no pizza nothing

This is the cheese bread

Just received a dominos pizza delivery pizza cold and hard 😑

I would but the last time i bought a pizza they put the Canadian bacon on top of the pizza and it was burned up and the time before that they didn't put any cheese on the pizza so I'm good Papa John's for me

To the store Shepherdsville KY. Amazing service. Had fast delivery. Had ordered the cheeseburger pizza and the stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta. What an amazing meal for my family. The pizza has an amazing taste. Hope it never goes away.

We've already ordered it twice - so tasty!

Order it with bacon and put your own pickle slices on it! Very good!

My cheeseburger pizza

Tried it and it was good! So was there taco pizza too. Nice to have new flavors

Its very yummy and good Aswell as the chicken taco

Worst pizza I have ever had in my life. Still love Dominos, but this ain’t it y’all.

If it doesn't have pickles, I don't want it.

Hey there, just wanted to inform you that Store #7212 has terrible customer service, as well as consistently sub-par quality. Here's the latest pile of garbage ... I mean hey, can I get a little cheese on my pizza? All sauce is whack. Also, they owe me a pizza from last time they put bacon on it, and I never chose bacon. Here is the disgusting all-sauce pizza:

What is your policy on screwed up orders?

Your tullahoma,tn location is horrible. We have been waiting for 50mins for lunch. It just left the store. It sat on the hot rack for 30mins which means it will be nasty. Very disappointed. Guess its time to switch to Papa Johns.

This was delivered from location 7719. Waiting since August 27 for a response. 😠

Ask for replacement and said they can’t and I ask them I need speak to manager and they said that there no manager here. Can’t get ahold of no manager in your local Marianna dominos pizza. Preg Wife wasn’t really happy bout it...

Ordered 36$ worth of food last night and it took over 2 hours to get delivered and the tracker said it was delivered 25 mins before it actually was. Food was cold and soggy I ended up cooking dinner instead because my son was hungry and it took so long. Domino's needs to do MUCH better. Unacceptable!

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3 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

Know any pizza-loving, soon-to-be parents? We’re giving away πŸ• and baby swag from Gugu Guru this #LaborDay! Want a chance to win?

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Know any pizza-loving, soon-to-be parents? We’re giving away πŸ• and baby swag from Gugu Guru this #LaborDay! Want a chance to win?

πŸ‘‰ Enter here:

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and my lava cakes were smashed

When you guys learn how to cut a Large pizza sure... Everytime I order the pizza is so poorly cut it’s ridiculous.

Man I had the worst dominos experience last night after the delivery driver left the store (I get a text) it took him 35 minutes when he arrived my large pepperoni was super cold my cinnamon twist was undercooked and cold and I didn't get my icing not to mention the delivery driver was rude I order from my neighborhood location all the time but this was horrible also I called back to get my order replaced I was on hold for 50 minutes and I can't seem to get through to a manager the next day money wasted

Today I ordered a pizza, bread twists and 2 diet cokes from your store in Hartland WI. 53029. I ordered at 545pm, Dominos Tracker had my pizza out of the oven at 610pm. At 637pm I started calling and was on hold for 17 minutes. Hung up and tried several more times to call. Finally at 710pm I had enough and drove to the store. I got to the store at 721pm. My wife called me and said the driver just showed up at 723pm. Thats 1 hour and 13 minutes after the pizza came out of the oven. I walked into the store and spoke with the assistant manager for 10 minutes asking what the issue was. The whole time I was there the phone rang and rang and rang. We are definitely disappointed with this. And very reluctant to order again. Scott

My store is 5667. As usual they did an amazing job on my food. That store is no contact delivery. What I thought was a nice touch was using a cardboard platform to place the boxes on. Very nice touch! Please pass along to them and please keep up the great work!

Ordered tonight and they put the receipt INSIDE the actual pizza box. Gross, especially with what’s going on right now. And you can’t add a tip or pay over the phone- even though you advertise contactless delivery.

Y’all changed your pizza sauce?!!! Ugh! I always ordered extra sauce on my pizza and now it’s gross with clumps of tomatoes in it!!! If I wanted tomatoes, I would have ordered it that was!!! Your pizza is gross now! Let me know when you change it back to the way it was so I can eat there again!!!

Your customer service sucks!!! I filed a customer service request on Friday and still haven’t heard anything!

idk if ill ever order dominos again. this is the second time my order was messed up i emailed and still havent gotten anything back the first time they said i had a $10 credit. well i paid for my food there was no credit

We ordered our pizzas at 745 and was told 45 minutes to deliver them. Called at 50 minutes and the night manager Ashlyn or something like that said 15 minutes longer and hung up on me. They finally arrived at 912pm so I called to see if I could get a discount and she was even more rude. Just wow.

We LOVE Domino’s pizza!! Best pizza by far, in our opinion. Would love to win. β€οΈπŸ•πŸ˜‹ Our baby #2 is due October 7th. πŸ’™

This is papa johns dominos doesn't make that mistake

How about payed maternity leave for your employees πŸ€”It would have helped when I had my baby

The best pizza ever dominos is the best best workers, best delievery drivers best foods ever too

Oh that is a frickin awesome onesie!!!

What is wrong with your tracker and why is no one wearing gloves? I am watching from the front window as we speak. Said my order was ready 10 minutes ago, yet here I sit. Watching the guy making the pizza touch his mask then go gloveless to make pizzas. 🀦🏽‍♀️

If the cheese was distributed more in the areas between the crust and the area right before the crust It would look better

How about a promo code for tonights supper? πŸ˜ƒ

Had one last night.

I just like πŸ‘ domino's pizza πŸ•

I never let anyone deliver. I only pick my pizza at any restaurant take out since this Virus Planned-Demic

Almost taste it now..l

Just Ordered one tonight

No but my Birthday is on Labor Day 66 😎 free pizza?

This was so yummy! Got it tonight!!

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