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1 week ago

Domino's Pizza

CALLING ALL LATE-NIGHT SNACKERS: Get 20% off your entire menu-priced order after 9 p.m. every night. 🍕🌙 ... See MoreSee Less

CALLING ALL LATE-NIGHT SNACKERS: Get 20% off your entire menu-priced order after 9 p.m. every night. 🍕🌙

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I would love it if Domino’s would make a meatball sandwich! Back when I worked as a Domino’s pizza 🍕 boy, which was 25 years ago in & around Reading, PA, they made a great meatball sandwich. Would love to see it again! I was young & sweet, only 18 in those days. 1993-94!

We’ve called Dominos twice now and they’ve hung up on us both times while on hold. Ya love to see it

just came back home after ordering online....ordered 32 parmesan bread bites and they were absoloutley disgusting....first order they were all flat soaked in grease took that order back and waited for a new one and they came out even worse! you could tip the box and the grease was running out. they were raw and flat not the bread bites i remember..... i left empty handed,guy said he was gonna refund my entire order and ive yet to see a refund.

I’ve ordered TWO late night pizzas on two different occasions within a week or so and both came SOAKED in grease to the point where you cannot even eat it 😞

The tracker lied my order wasn't ready. I screen shot this and you can see my phones time... it wasn't ready

My pizza was over cooked an other was also an topped wrong and no one will answer the store phone I’m sure they are busy but they need to watch how cooking it

Messed up our wing order we asked for buffalo wings we got plain wings then when we returned they just drizzled the sauce

My favorite pizza place Dominospizza will not deliver food to my home. Not even in the day time and this area is not that bad. I live in a nice house and i cant get my favorite pizza

Forgotten items in my order. Can’t get anyone when I call the store directly and the contact us site is down.

When did you start putting bacon on your Hawaiian pizza? I order it all the time and was shocked when I received mine with bacon today. The bacon completely overpowers and ruins the normally mellow pizza I love.

I didn’t know one topping meant no sauce or cheese. Great quality check 🤦‍♂️

Just ordered “specialty chicken” bbq wings and they are not worth it. I only got 11 in the box first of all. I spent $30 on a small cheese pizza and stuffed cheese bread with these wings. So I called and complained and the lady was nice and asked if I wanted another order and I said no I tried one and they are gross. She continued to say that yeah they are kinda cheap here and we cut the boneless chicken in half to make the specialty chicken. Thanks Domino’s won’t be ordering their ever again.

It doesn't take 2 hours to make a pizza. Its about to me 2.5 hours and I'm still waiting for my food. Domino's Pizza you have thr absolute worst customer service. Called my stores number and then hung up on me when they finally answered the phone. If you think I'm paying for this, I'm not.

I ordered pizza tonight and they forgot half the toppings and they wouldn't fix it. My kids cried all night long.

You guys need to get it together. Super ticked!! 1. Ordered the other day. My pizza was cold and dry 2. Just made another order and it’s been over an hour. I just called the store after seeing the website showed delivered, and the guy gave me attitude. Absolutely unacceptable. Wtf has happened to Dominos??? Kinda want to talk to someone about this crap, but your messenger option is ridiculously automated.

20 minutes just for the perfection check? That must be one heck of a perfect pizza but I’d really just like to eat it lol Domino's Pizza

Worst customer serivce at the palmyra, pa location. 2 and a 1/2 for delivery. I placed an order online and it noted 65 mins. Called in a 70 mins and the manager was very rude and unprofessional. I called corporate who referred me to the owner who was just as horrible as the manager. He told me that they were busy and explained that the 2 and a half hour delivery time wasn't their fault and if i got my pizza cold they didn't care. I will never ever buy dominos again!!!!! I don't understand as a owner how u don't care and i don't understand how coroprate lets ppl with no customer service run their shops. My family all live in palmyra just as i do and no of us will be using them so they lost a lot of customers

Wow, they must have gotten their order on time. Where as I’m sitting here at 12:36PM waiting for my pizza deliver that was supposed come at 11:30AM 😑

Feedback. Your Laurel Maryland Baltimore Ave location left me on hold so long that I drove there while on hold. When we arrived we had to listen to a great amount of dole language between the employees there. I was with my child and she said to me this place is very unprofessional. Fyu

If only the pizza looked this fresh when you receive it. Instead you get cold old pizza

Such crap! I ordered a large 2 topping pizza. Half cheese other half bacon and pepperoni. Delivered to me was half cheese other half pepperoni and black olives. Online wanted to give me 60 points or 20% off coupon. I called the store. Not only did it take her 5 minutes to correct it she says "hmm thats weird" after i told her what i got. Now i have to wait another 45 minutes for another pizza. Weird thing is the app notified me "we are checking it for perfection". Lmao what a joke!!! Knew i quit ordering from you 10 years ago for a reason.

I ordered 2 pizzas on 11/8. When i went to go pick it up it did not have one of the toppings on a 2 topping pizza i paid for. The cashier didnt tell me anything until i opened the pizza myself. She said “oh yeah we didnt have the topping so i only gave you 1 topping” instead of calling me and telling me. I told her since they didnt have the toppings i wanted I prefer not taking the pizzas. After, She supposedly refunded me and its been almost 10 days and have not been refunded. I called and asked why i havent been refunded and she stated she wanted me to go to the bank and bring bank statements. I order dominos almost every weekend to hang out with my family but this is ridiculous. I will not be buying pizza from dominos again. Worst experience ever

So I placed an order. Saw my tracker that it was on the way. 45 minutes go by, I called the store. Just to find out they couldn’t find my place, and they said they called. Well when I asked what number they called cause I had not received a called. The driver dialed the wrong number. I even told them you guys deliver to us all the time. So I don’t understand why they couldn’t find my house. I live off a Main Street. They said they could remake my order but it was going to take another forty plus minutes to get to.

The thin crust pizza was extremely salty and too expensive. The crust was wayyy too crumbly.

My local store always messes up my pizza

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2 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

❤️ to send someone a virtual slice. 🍕 ... See MoreSee Less

❤️ to send someone a virtual slice. 🍕

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Domino's is always an hour late. I have been a customer for years and now I will never order from them again!

So I’m assuming Domino’s doesn’t bother to respond to emails regarding horrible food and poor service? I took a chance, and ordered delivery knowing that your food has been subpar in the past. I should have listened to my instinct and chosen somewhere else.

My cheese pizza does not look like that 😒 I am very disappointed.

@Dominos Pizza. I just received horrible customer service from one of your locations in Southfield Michigan on Northwestern Highway. I order my family pizza for dinner and once they arrived I noticed one of them was not made correctly. I quickly called the store to tell them of the mishap. I spoke with a man name Denno whom (i later found out was a General Manager from one of your East Side of Detroit stores ). He told me no problem they were going to remake it and send it back out to me. I asked him if they were going to pick up the bad pizza he told me no just keep it. I through the pizza in the garbage and then patiently waited for my correct pizza to be delivered. I 1st called at 7:32 EST and then called back an hour later wondering when my replacement pizza will be delivered. This is when Sharron (the manager) said we are not sending you another pizza because that is what you order. I tried to explain to her that was not she hung the phone up on me. This conversation did not go bad until she hung up and then when I cont. to call back she kept putting me on hold. No bad languages were used by me just expressing my disappointment with them not correcting my order. I then pulled the pizza out of the garable and took it back up to the store. Both Denno and Sharron tried to tell me that they were unable to give me the store manager's name nor the time he was going to be at the store. This is completely unacceptable and I would like a response from headquarter on this very matter.

I just picked up my gluten free pizza that is normally fantastic. There is no sauce and it’s so hard it could crack a tooth. Just wondering how you couldn’t notice that while you were making it and especially when you take it out🤔 FYI I got this to eat lunch in the car today while traveling to get kids from school.

I placed an online order for: Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Bacon & Jalapeño however, I was given: stuffed greasy cheesy bread. Alabama football is losing: 33-13, and I’m left HANGRY. AND to top that off, I just seen one of your “insurance” commercials. 🙄😒. I’m not happy+ I had to spend this time writing this. 😡

Domino's Pizza your delivery insurance is a joke! I had a pizza arrive cold, late, missing cheese, missing toppings, & dominos customer service told me I’d have to wait for a response from the franchise owner!! This was many months ago and, SURPRISE, I never heard back. Haven’t ordered dominos ever since and won’t order again!

I have tried the app, I tried online, I broke down and actually mad a call. Still can’t order!!! If Pizza Hut delivered here they would be getting my business

Shout out to Domino's Pizza who advertise "insurance". What they fail to tell you is you have to special order it with the "insurance". They still will mess up your order. Here are the mushy, undercooked chocolate cake thing. I have a picture, same order (second order of them) and they are cooked normally Tisk tisk Domino's, I thought you were changing for the better. Nope, just another marketing campaign with lots of extremely small print. 🤦‍♂️

Usually I’ve had good experiences. The last two- no. Hour estimated time to be delivered. It took over two hours. The pizza was out of the oven 40 minutes before it was delivered and was in the car for 30. When it came it was warm not hot and soggy from sitting so long. This is the second time it was late and came soggy. The first time there were no updates and I had to go down myself to get the pizza. And when I got there it hadn’t even been put in the oven an hour and a half after waiting.

My kids were there is no sauce and no cheese! Horrible 🙁

Here is another picture of yet another poor excuse for pizza delivered by Domino's. Smh. Totally cold. 1.5 hour wait for delivery. No answer when I tried to call the store back. The first one on the left is supposed to hand tossed.

Absolute crap! It took them over an half hour to deliver my pizza and I live less than 10 minutes away and of course my pizzas are cold!! I have given Domino's numerous chances!!!!!!! I shouldn't have to microwave my pizza!!!!!!! Fix your service please!!!!!!!!!

Hell will freeze over before I buy another pizza or sandwich from you. Tonight, I ordered a pizza at 9:33 pm. At 10: 15, I called wanting to know where my pie was. You then told me that it would be about 45 minutes before delivered. If I knew that, I would've never ordered. By 11: 20 pm, I still had no pie and your store closed at 12am. The manager got mad because I was demanding my food that he said he wasn't delivering. I told him if he failed to deliver after he had already taken my money, that was theft. I told him I was calling the police and hung up. The pie arrived at 11:38 pm, old and cold. I waited 2 hours for a 30 minute pizza. Never ever will I buy Domino's again.

SUPER ANNOYED!!!! I just spent 23 mins trying to order a pizza. I was transferred to 3 stores - only to be transferred back to the 2nd Store I spoke to who told me they don’t deliver for me. Bad customer service & no pizza now nearly 30 mins from when I start trying to get dinner!!!! 😡

Ordered 2 boxes of pizza and wings and the the guy forgot one of my pizza said he was going back to get it and never came back I'm on the phone waiting for someone to pick and no one is answering is this how y'all treat regular customers I'm very disappointed 😡😡😡

Makes me want pizza but haven't had their pizza come out good in a while. Its always a disappointment.

This pizza was disgustingly burnt and rebaked with my choice of toppings. Couldn't eat it. I still haven't heard back from customer service about it. It's been 2 days. I guess I'm done ordering from here. 🙄

I haven't ordered in awhile, so I decided to order tonight. They put me on hold for over five minutes, so now I remember why I stopped ordering. Smh...

Still waiting on my insurance. Had two cold pizzas and a cinnamon twists without icing from Thursday night.

I been on for a whole hour just to order a pizza and still haven't got a respond

Yea my dominos pizza was terrible. They didnt even cut the pizza all the way through. And they didn't give me enough toppings

Never in my entire life have I ever purchased a Dominos Pizza that had that much cheese on the pizza or looked that good.

This post made me really want just a cheese pizza from dominos last night but our pizza definitely didn’t look like that 🤣 it was still good just not enough cheese or sauce lol

Our local Dominos has been delivering to our house for over ten years we have been living here until our last order after waiting for 2 hours we called and they said they cancelled our order and refunded our card because they dont deliver to our area anymore. Big mystery why Dominos is struggling. I will never order from there again.

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