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Domino's Pizza

Nothing grabs our attention quite like pizza. What would you leave for Domino’s? 🔔🍕 Check out Dinner Bell now: ... See MoreSee Less


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I have had nothing but the best service from Domino's. Sure some pizzas are made better than others, but I have never had an issue getting it fix.

Just ordered from dominos in jersey city at , delivery guy was talking bad language in front of my kid ,address 741 Communipaw Ave # A, Jersey City, NJ 07304 when I call store even store manager was same...also store manager called me again from a different number just to again say bad words,not solving my problem.If this is what dominos teaches ,I am pretty sure this is just 1 store

I am not happy with the hayward ca location at all it always takes so long to deliver and they always marked the orders as delivered way before they even bring them ... like today i placed my order at 3 and its 4 30pm and there is no pizza and it has been marked delivered like 30 40 min ago 😡😡😡😑

worst pizza no proper service they do mistake nd not evan feel sry for it nd they dont replace it such a worst restaurant

Customer service sucks dominoes I am very disappointed my sister is pregnant my kids are here and they deliver as a raw pizza and half done wings Gave me a huge issue when I asked them to please read cook my order And even asked me for the food it back I told her it was not a problem I just don’t want my family eating uncooked food the food is here just please repair my order and make it right and give me my food

It wouldn’t take much to leave Domino’s. I was to have had someone contact me through Customer Service almost two weeks ago and no one has. I have made several attempts to recontact. Sad.

Not very happy with the Bridgeport oh location. The pizza sauce was only on have of the pizza so the other half was just bread. And the slices are not even cut! I thought a pizza was a circle ⭕️! I will be calling tomorrow to ask if I can get a nice one.

Leland NC have one job to do. Don’t burn the pizza.

I emailed your customer service department first thing yesterday morning but they have not replied so hopefully Domino's Pizza's social media team will. I ordered dinner from Store #7389 on cal oaks rd in Murrieta California on Tuesday 10/16 at around 5:30 PM via your website. When I ordered the confirmation screen for order #: 608042 said 20-30 min. After about 35 min I checked the tracker, it said my pizza was delivered and you hoped I was enjoying it. I figured it must be down the street, no problem. 15 minutes later the tracker still said my pizza was here so I called, after talking to the person who answered the phone for a few minutes I asked for a manager. The manger got on and I explained the situation. His response to the pizza tracker was that the "pizza tracker is not that accurate" which kind of surprised me because the way you advertise it would leave me to believe it is in real time so now I'm kind of confused? Is it accurate or not? Lastly, after talking with my meal still not here yet and coming to no resolution I said maybe I need to find a new Pizza Place? To which your store manager, the person in charge and who acts as a role model to your employees said "GO AHEAD". Really? Is that the type of treatment I should expect when I call Domino's with a problem? Is that how you train your employees and management? If it is there are plenty of other options available to me when I want pizza. Just wanted you to know.

At least more than half of these people got what they ordered. I placed an order that never even showed up to my house. After 4 hours without hearing from them at all. Worst customer service I have ever seen. Very dissatisfied.

Nothing grabs my attention like waiting 30 minutes to find out that my order has not even been started yet

I ordered a pizza about 2 weeks ago and after 2 hours the delivery driver arrived with the wrong pizza and when i messaged them they never responded no wonder why they have a rating of 1.8 stars on Facebook

All the people here posting pictures of poorly made pizza are clearly Papa Johns sleeper agents. My local Dominos is in Ithaca NY and I will gladly pay for anyone in this thread to come experience the exquisite taste of a hand-tossed pie from my local Italian joint.

Very disappointed in dominos. I have email corporate about a dominos in Arlington Tx near six flags. I am not able to use my rewards online and They won’t deliver at a certain time after already paying for delivery. I’m no longer going to order from Dominos because the reward program are pointless when you can’t use them. When calling the actual store they told me they can not add my rewards on my purchase and there was nothing they can do for me. I loved me some dominos, but enough is enough.

I am sooooo done with dominos. Last week I waited 2 hours for my pizza. This Saturday I ordered another one and about an hour later I called them to see what was taking so long and to see if they got my order because I did it online like I always do. The employee told me his manager put my pizza in the trash because they didn’t have a delivery driver to bring it out. He said he was surprised that no one called me. I was too. Very upset especially because I’m pregnant and I crave this pizza. VERY UPSET

I am now thinking all the Dominos responses are automated. Now explains why no follow up on a complaint.

1020 Park Ave Ste 102 Baltimore, MD 21201 Midtown Belvedere -- the worse customer service -- manager Kayla is a joke - will not be ordering from Dominos period based on this experience

This just keeps getting better and better. LMAO there is so much alfredo sauce on this pizza that the toppings literally will not stay on! When I order a pizza I should not have to eat it with a Fork.

Trump is having a rally in Missoula and we were just denied service from the store on North Reserve because of our political orientation. Wow will never order Domino's pizza again!

Domino's Pizza is still tus current powerhouse champ, if we think of the mass numbers of pizza and products made, to only have a micro number of accidental mistakes, is absolutely World Class Fast Pizza chain all day and night!!! Great work to the CEO for the innovations in the company, progress, production quality, profitability, and progress! I only wish I could be a share holding partner!!! (P.S. PLEASE)

I'm done with Dominos. I ordered from -Insert Town or Store Number- and was on hold for -Pick a number between 10 to 20 minutes-. -Insert Manager Name- was rude. When I finally got me food, -Always not what ordered or insert picture-, and it took, -Insert time from 30 mins to 2 hours- called store, -Insert Manager Name- was rude again. Awaiting Dominos To Reply, who will then offer free food, at which you will still order from said store.

I see you are coming to Oneida, NY. I haven't had any Domino's since I moved here from Kansas 8 years ago. I am BEYOND ready to change that!

This is the third time in a row that I have ordered this pizza and it has gotten here just like this. Today I called asking about rewards points and had a rude cashier literally yell at me and tell me that everybody there has different jobs and he has no idea what I'm talking about I stopped and politely said to the boy well Whoever has that job will you please ask them he screamed at me as if he was talking to is child or something and I never received my answer from any employee working tonight

eff dominos. im literally STILL waiting for the rest of my order to arrive, from 2 am....... was told the driver would BE RIGHT BACK. it has been over 12 hours, should i file a missing persons report??

#DonimosIsDelicious and so does The TASTE of FREEDOM...!!! ..., riiight...? Will Dahlheimer, ScribbleScrapS, Dr. Reuben : #2024President ; #ToneItDown.... (";

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Domino's Pizza

We want to know how many of you out there can't get enough of our garlic-seasoned crust. 🙋‍♀️ ... See MoreSee Less

We want to know how many of you out there cant get enough of our garlic-seasoned crust.  🙋‍♀️


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This is ridiculous no wonder I go to Marcus pizza this not half and most of the pizza is just cheese barely bacon. On top of that I got the nastiest customer service today !

I have placed an order at 2:56 noon on 18 Oct 2018 and after 30 minutes when I called again to know the status of my order and to my disbelief they said that no order was placed from my side but I have all the call recordings of placing the order and now they are refusing that no order has been placed.poor work by dominos pizza as they don't know how to serve customers. Kudos you have succefully lost one of your customers.

Oh you mean this burnt pizza I just got? Real tasty

Domino's Pizza in Franklin, VA frequently forgets it. Some of their employees also forget to wear gloves when working with food. So we've forgotten to buy from this store. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I just want my pizza hot, crispy and not piled on top of each other.

My garlic season crust pizza that I received tonight looks nothing like that...very cold and very burnt. How disappointing...what happened to quality control? I wouldn’t serve anyone this crap.

Just had to cancel my order. it said my order was ready but it never came. waited 1 hour. I will just order from pizza hut

My store has forgotten it on the past 4 orders.

What the hell is this😒 & I’m still on hold😡

I had to cancel my order today. It came out of the oven and was never sent for delivery. After 90 minutes I called the store and was told it would be another hour and a half. I would have received cold pizzas. Very disappointing.

Order a pizza at 3:53 and it's 5:37 and I have not received anything. I communicate to the store and the only thing they tell me is that they already make the delivery, but I do not think it's fair to wait two hours for a pizza.

Loved the garlic crust. Usually order in New Berlin since I work next door and it is amazing. Yesterday we went with Franklin, close to home and very disappointed. Both pizza crusts were over cooked, one had barely any cheese or sauce so it was quite dry and our cheese bread orders were so raw that the cheese was not melted in the middle. Not going back to that location again.

Bought a Domino's pizza last night. Terrible! Over cooked and hard like a brick!

Hate it! Prefer a plain crust. I think that the customer should have the option for plain or seasoned crust, just like most restaurants offer when it comes to French fries. Last pizza we ordered we requested plain crust and were told it was not an option. Worst pizza I’ve ever gotten from Dominos

Last pizza I ordered had barley any sauce and a lot of cheese. Wish I had gotten a refund or a coupon for that.

Domino's won't deliver in my area. No joke, if I want Domino's, I have to have it delivered at a laundromat.

Haven't got any in months now since the last time we ordered and when it got to our house it was cold a nasty tasting and we're Only 6 mi from Domino's for it to have been cold

Hey your website has been down all day. Ya might want to fix that soon

Actually, my husband doesn’t like it, and no matter that we always order it without the garlic on the crust, it’s always on there. And if I point out that it isn’t what we ordered, I’m told they will credit a free pizza to my account, but that never actually happens either. I’ve given up and mostly order from Papa Johns,

Love it but haven't ordered in long time since last order we did was online. Tried to follow it got no updates. Usually works great watching updates. Figured busy so called after half hour why not started and was already sitting on shelf n explanations or anything all our food was cold. Bummer

That's what I ordered last time but didn't taste no garlic. 🙁

My last few were really overcooked, so I haven't had any in a while. Shame too, I do quite like the taste

Dear People I have made an order in Domino's pizza's website today amount got didected order is not placed. When i called their customer care they are asking me to wait for 7 to 8 working days . They are not ready to refund the amount immediately i have whole 27 minute call record regarding this go to YouTube and listen to their company responses. When they wont take even finish the order unless we pay in their outlet what right they have to ask a customer to wait for 7 days for his money??.. so customer is not a valuable thing for the company??.. customer's money doesn't have a value???... I was talking to their floor manager called Shikha from India, she said that she is the last point of contact where a customer can comeup with his problem qnd when she is not ready to find solutions then y even they have a customer care number ???? Just to make customer's fools and take only orders and not giving solution for the problem????... Lets see how many customers here are value their money and respond back to this issue and this is gonna be a consumer complaint in India i am ready to spend a y amount to run the case and protect customer's money lets see how much importance Domino's is giving to their customer's. I am waiting for your response this is just a bigining I will show u people how customer is always a king.

I freaking love it but my location either leaves it off entirely or puts on a 1/2 teaspoon and spreads it super thinly over the whole crust. You can't even taste it. You need an option to smother the crust in garlic butter. Best crust ever when it is smothered.

Love all the previous complaint/praises regarding the garlic crust but I think this takes the cake...Our Dominos pizza that arrived at our doorstep last night. Not sure who was having a better night-the Dominos team or us! 🙄 🤷🏼‍♀️😭Salena, Marlon, Cindy, Kyle

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Domino's Pizza

Complete this sentence:
Everyone who knows me knows my favorite pizza topping is __________.
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Complete this sentence: 
Everyone who knows me knows my favorite pizza topping is __________.


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My little brother who got these lava cakes as a prize just wants to know wtf these are

So upset!! I waited over an hour for this!!

Domino's version of double pepperoni

I just got a pizza from Domino's in commerce ga , worst place ever, the pizza was uncooked and flooded whit sauce and cheese, I left the pizza over there , they can have my 15 dollars, but they will loose more..

So please tell me it's not true but for gluten-free pizza you cannot use any of your Redemption points to purchase one? How can I use Redemption points my free pizza that I can have for my allergy?

Ordered a pizza at 4:52pm. My email said approximately 15-25 minutes. It is now 5:51pm and still nothing. I live about 5 minutes from Domino’s pizza on 6650 W Thomas Rd. Tried calling, and after 13 minutes, I’m still on hold. 🙄i drove to Domino’s. As I pulled in, a guy answers and and still wants to put me on hold again. I asked if that seemed fair. He said “um no”. I came inside and I got told how their tracker cannot know how many orders they have because they do deliveries from some part of town to some other part of town, and that its not their fault everyone orders pizza on a rainy day. This is the second time I’ve had issues with their VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I ordered my pizza about 2 hours ago but received the wrong order! I had to call three times to see if someone could bring the correct order. It’s been an hour since the last phone call and I’m still waiting for my pizza 😔 This is not the first time. Disappointed with the Dominos Pizza in Gardena

I placed an order at 10 online, the location closes at 11 and I'm less than 2mins from the store. I get to the store at 1030 and the door is locked. There were 2 employees behind the counter and no one came to open the door. It's cold af here, I stood outside being ignored for at least 10mins. Another customer pulls up and they also walk to the door, we stand outside in the cold another 5 mins until someone comes. He asked what our order is and tells is we can't come into the store because it closes at 11. He then asks for the babe on OUR order. I tell him, multiple times me and the random guy aren't on the same order. I tell him it's freezing outside and not even 11 yet, he looked me up and down and said I'm bigger than him and he's been outside all day and isn't cold so im not cold. They serve the guy that came after me first which was fine because he was a teenager. After he leaves your employee says, oh I thought you guys were on the same order, the only reason he would keep saying that despite me and the guy saying we've never seen each other is that we were both black. Wtf? Toukie TcWorld Riggins Jacquelyn Ratliff

Bad customer service. Tried to put in a complaint and all I get is an automated service

A pizza that is actually delivered. Which Domino’s cannot on Miami Beach apparently!

My retirement arriving sooner than this pizza

Do NOT purchase anything from West Ashley Dominoes. I was a frequent customer,until last week. After picking up my carryout order, I got home and discovered they had my order wrong. I called the store..explained to the young lady that answered the phone, that my order was wrong. Heard her talking to the manager and then they just hung up the phone. No call backs. Nothing. I read other posts about this particular Dominoes and discovered that the hangup was how the moronic manager handled many of his complaint calls. Cheap barely there toppings and one moronic rude manager. Stay clear of this joint. There are MANY other pizza places. Use them.

We just picked up our order from Hornby dominos, ordered cut frys and got soft and stale chips. Not a good experience.

This pizza leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a pics on the right with no cheese/sauce/or toppings.

We order 5 margharitas but gave us 3 margharita and 2 salami. By the way, your 5CHF pizza taste horrible. It is rubbish.

Maybe if Domino's pizza looked like the pic you posted then more people would be your customers. Also. Your location in Fruitland idaho. Formerly the ontario Oregon store owned by Chris. He's rude and not only refuses to fix messed up orders but also is cutting off delivery areas so now I can't get delivery where I used to because I'm in a rural area. The whole city is rural. They will deliver 5 miles away from me but the road I live on they refuse to deliver.

I would had loved to had enjoyed pizza last night from Domino's but sadly after waiting over 2 hours and 2 phone calls later I cancelled my order. The employee had no idea where my food or the driver was. He was unwilling to be helpful in anyway. I'm sorry if this is how you handle your business I will just go elsewhere and tell everyone I know to do the same. 23.00 for a pizza sitting in a delivery car is not acceptable

lmao when they actually exist on the pizza? or ya know...arrives hot, and not in some sort of disarray like someone had already taken the pizza apart? or maybe when the pieces aren't all weirdly folded together?

Tried to order for over an hour tonight. The website wouldn't load, even though there were no issues with any of the other websites I was using, so I thought I'd be nice and pop Domino's a message to let them know there may be a problem with their server. This is the response. Seriously Domino's?

cheese, ordered double cheese and got one that had less than a reg order

My favorite pizza topping is...hmmm...OH, that’s right! It doesn’t matter because the last 3 times I’ve ordered Domino’s, there were stray onions on the pizzas, which completely ruins them.

This is a cinnamon stick I received. Why are some of your locations so stingy with the cinnamon?! This happens practically every time I order dominos.

Just tried to order delivery on our first night in our new apartment. Stressful day to say the least... We've used this store many times. When the delivery guy got here he was super rude about our phone number not matching (I typed mine into the delivery instructions) and when I went to meet him he told me to get my service dogs DISEASED nose away from his "brand new" car. Seriously?! Never had such an issue with this store 😢

Ordered at 10:04pm and finally jusy receiving it after 12am after a mix up with my phone number. Asked if the pizza was still fresh. They said yes. Both pizzas were cold. Never had an issue before. Beyond upset.

Avoid Shelton Washington dominos they will apologize for the messed up order and send you a free messed up order so you can be irritated and confused.

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