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Domino's Pizza

This is not a drill: Score 50% off all menu-priced pizzas ordered online. Now through 3/24. πŸ€πŸ• ... See MoreSee Less

This is not a drill: Score 50% off all menu-priced pizzas ordered online. Now through 3/24. πŸ€πŸ•


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I usually love the service here. But I had my nephew tonight and we ordered pizza. I wasted my free pizza points. I waited 35 min went to drive up window where they took my payment and then told me it would be about 10 to 15 minutes. Then after 15 min I went back to drive thru window and was told 10 to 15 min again. I told them I wanted a refund because I had already sat there 15 min and had a 3 yr old with me. Very upset child now and lost my points πŸ˜•

We order a ton, and are normally happy, but then tonight, this showed up ☹️ The bubbles aren't cheese - it's all crust ☹️

I just ordered online and this is the pizza I got. It’s missing pieces but still tasted good minus being cold even though I live .7 miles away. Delivery driver was super nice and polite, didn’t freak out when my Great Dane bolted at him. Things happen, I’ve ordered a ridiculous amount of pizza and have never had an issue, this was a first. %99.999 percent perfect pizzas. Curious if he tripped in my yard or something lol. The pic is what was in the box when we opened it. #stilltasty

Domino's Pizza We order a ton, and are normally happy, but then today, this showed up ☹️ it kind a looks like the pizza exploded. Usually the food I get from you is outstanding.☹️

extremely bad service, order was delivered after almost 2 hours. The online portal was showing incorrect order status. order was incorrect, instead of cheese burst it was normal. i need a refund asap.

Ordered 2 hours ago and the delivery guy that doesn't speak English keeps calling me for directions!! Will never order again!

Peyton...look at the far right pizza. See I dont think I'm crazy anymore for ordering it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

They don’t put as much effort into these 50% off pizzas unfortunately. Our excheese has practically none, the middle was completely bare! And the steak and cheese was raw dough on the bottom and raw mushrooms on top πŸ˜– very disappointed Domino's Pizza

I have been waiting sence March 4th to a reply to my issue my daughter placed a order after school hours for a pizza I called earlier and the person on the phone said after school hours should be no issue ok cool. She placed the order and they refused to deliver it Ryan at the owsego store said they would never deliver to a school period unless a teacher and I have yet to recieve a email that my money was refunded I contacted thru the corporate website with no response

I ordered online on the 18th and did not get 50% off...? Is there a reason? We are always satisfied with our pizzas but 50% off would of been cool...

Dominos always come through for me and thanks for the free pizzaπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Thought it was a good idea to order from dominos with their 50% off pizza. This is what I got with large Brooklyn style with double the cheese, double the pepperoni, double the sausage, mushroom and onion. Disappointing dominos #dominos

Always undercooked even when I request well done. Why?

Every time I try to order on line for 2 months it does this and I have to call the store. I emailed, tried the help desk and no one replies. I can’t claim my free pizza and can’t use this coupon at the store, plus I have to talk to a person. This is messed up. If Pizza Hut wasn’t so awful you’d have lost a customer

Half the price but half the pizza :( not happy

Half off not working..time sensitive code..pffft..every time there's an onlinespecial, this happens..

I keep trying to order online to get the 50% off pizza but every time I click the coupon link to order it says the coupon is invalid.

Trying to order online and nothing is coming off 50%

Trying to order online and 50% is not coming off.

I’m trying to order and it’s telling me my store is offline.m and to call them an I going to get the same deal?

Tried to order a pizza online tonight for this special. But online ordering for my local Domino's was down, and toddy me to call and place my order. So I did, and then the store told me I had to pay full price. Manager said I could sit and keep trying to order online but he wouldn't honor the online price. Very disappointing service.

I'm done with Domino's. Last two promos you advertised were not honored locally. There are just too many alternatives for me to play hit or miss with pizza.

Hey dominos this is what burnt looks like. You gotta do better than this.

When I get a pizza from here, I like the deep dish. But lately it’s not cooked all the way and when I ask for extra cheese, I get the same amount as a normal order. But I will say the customer service is outstanding at my location, even when only two ppl work sometimes. I just wish the crust had more garlic butter flavor on the deep dish pizza. 😭

The Domino's Store #2521 in Sellersburg IN is wonderful! Great pizza, friendly employees and fast delivery service. It's my go-to pizza place! Krista is great!

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Domino's Pizza

You were thinking about pizza, and then this pops up? Must be fate... ... See MoreSee Less

You were thinking about pizza, and then this pops up? Must be fate...


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Months have went by on the terrible order and service nobody contacted me once great job.

Mine came out on point πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯πŸ’―...

I was thinking about pizza and after 1 hour and 20 minutes my fate was soggy and unapologetic

Centralia, wa establishment, just delivered me slop. I tried to eat it but its undercooked...I'm a pig, but come on guys Haha!

This is how mine showed up tonight do better πŸ™„

Ordered a well done not burnt done pizza πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Last time I ordered well done it did NOT look like This!! It was so hard to chew! Only had two slices !

Fate is not waiting 113 minutes to eat smh

Yeh, get some drivers.... My only order sat in processing on your website for over an hour then I called and they said driver shortage, would be at least another hour... Nope it was not I cancelled the order and went to pizza hut.... How about put the delivery time UP FRONT BEFORE YOU PAY????? Almost like a bait and switch....

Your Indianapolis Indiana West 10th Street store is TOTALLY failing on every level. WHY is nothing being done to make things right with that store? Tonight makes the second time in a row that they have failed to deliver on a timely manner, last time I received my food COLD and THREE HOURS after ordering it. This time they said 60-70 minutes and it has now been just shy of TWO hours!!! Waiting two hours for a pizza is totally unacceptable, especially when they just said it was made 45 minutes ago so it has sat there getting soggy this whole time. REALLY??? Never again, too many good pizza places around (a dime a dozen) to deal with the disrespect, poor customer service and poor quality food from your store.

Hi! I ordered a pizza that says it was delivered 20minutes ago on the tracker yet it never arrived and nobody will answer at the store. How do I get in contact with them to find out why they stole from me?

Ordered this with extra cheese... no cheese to be found. Smh Dominos

Horrible customer service my feta was not done and when I called so they could deliver another I was told the driver had more deliveries and couldn’t come back smh but they could credit me $6.49 then I call to get the credit they tell me they don’t see it 🀬🀬🀬

Waiting over an hour for my pizza, still hasn't arrived....

I never got a refund or any response on how poorly my service was. I will not order from dominos again. πŸ’”

Hello there! I just ordered this BBQ sauce chicken and pineapple pizza, waited almost 2 hours for it to arrive and it was MISSING the BBQ sauce. I am not mad, but I sure am sad! I ordered from your store at 4925 34th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711. Might not be ordering from you again!

If you want pizza, don't get it from Domino's! We ordered one specialty pizza that was $14.83. We picked it up and the cashier said he had to run our card twice because it didn't take the first time. I looked at my account the next day and we were charged the $14.83 plus $19.05. We called the store 4 different times and kept being told that only the district manager could refund us for what we had wrongly been charged for even though we still had our receipt. We finally got the personal cell phone number of the district manager (Jeff) who asked for our full card number and said he would refund us for everything for all of the trouble. 3 days later both charges have posted to our account and no credits back! And now, he won't answer his phone. This happened at the location 3951 Taylorsville Rd in Louisville, ky.

HEY. Can someone get back to me?! People from around the country are ordering pizzas like crazy from my dominos. com account!! WHERE’S THE PRIVACY AND SECURITY?! I can not get through with your customer service... on hold for over an hour!! and I can’t message you here. Will you HELP please?

Hi.. my food has been finished almost an hour ago, we haven’t received our order yet! Domino's Pizza

We love to pick up Domino's on the way home from work, but our store is always overwhelmed and you usually have a long wait even though you ordered ahead...

I placed an order almost 2 hours ago and still have no good. I’ve been on hold for more than 10 min and still haven’t spoken to anyone. I’m not pleased at all and my family is still hungry. What’s the deal dominoes

So I have been waiting on my order for almost three hours here in Florida. I’ve called about five times to the store. No one is answering or saying anything, but they made sure they had the money. It’s late and I’m getting frustrated. Help!

Missing the bread bowl... pizza gets boring.. u lost me when the bread bowls went byebye

Don't order from this place. Took 2 and a half hours and I still haven't received my order, although the tracker says received.

Was thinking about pizza, ordered it. Waited over an hour, decided to go drive by local Domino's store due to nobody answering the phone. Apparently they were closed tonight and nobody was around. But my order was still accepted online and you took my money. Thanks Domino's.

Someone is going to hear me eventually. Silsbee Texas store has got to be the worse store in the nation. Will be our last time to ever visit a dominos pizza. Sadly it’s not the pizza that’s bad. It’s the employees. Called order in over an hour ago. Just to find out they never made the order. They informed of that after I paid so I was kind of stuck or wait for a refund 3-5 business days. The phone constantly rings and no one answers. Rang for a solid hour while I was waiting. Need to fire the whole staff lock the doors and hire new people. Start with management. Poor management equals poor employees.

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Domino's Pizza

LEFT or RIGHT? ... See MoreSee Less


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Neither! Missing the bacon & pineapple

A lil spinach and mushroom wouldn't hurt😍

Ham and pineapple for me please

where are those triggered pineapple lovers? πŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸ»

Is the cheese vegan based and also is the pepperoni vegetarian (because Vegetarian pepperoni is real)!?

Hey I ordered my pizza an hour ago and it’s still not here

Domino's you better give her money back or I will stop buying 3 pizzas a week

Neither! More plant-based options please!

You advertise in the most inhumane way Domino's Pizza India!! You could just use iron rods to fix the poster, instead you choose your workers stand and hold it in 39degree celcius heat! Domino's Pizza Bhubaneswar (Xaviers Square) Respond if you have the guts

Garbage customer service been waiting for 2 plus hours and all they kept saying is it be there shortly

Right! I’m a cheese girl all the way!!πŸ˜‰

First put cheese on your so called pizza

Cheese with the garlic parmesan sauce instead of red sauce 😍

Eating a just cheese pizza is worse than a pineapple pizza

Left with extra cheese

Neither. Service sucks. I placed an order for delivery because I'm home with my 7month old. Waited an hour for delivery, when the young man arrives he calls and says rudely that he's downstairs, I said ok come upstairs he said I'm not doing that you have to come out. To this I said I paid a delivery fee of $4.99 + tax + tip (this added almost $10 to my order) so I am expecting you to deliver to my doorstep. He said no. I told him am not able to come down with my baby and pick up the boxes and he hung up on me. Then he calls back and says"are you sending someone down and I said there's nobody else here. I then called the store to complain and all they said is "we only do curbside delivery... " I asked the young lady since when? I placed an order a month ago with no problems. "Well I can't tell you, it's been a while." To this I told her to cancel my order. I feel deceived, and will not be ordering anymore. The least that should be done is indicate curbside delivery only when customers are placing their orders and why charge a delivery fee if the customer has to come meet you? Shame on you.

I didn't get refund of late order delivery from 14th Feb to 17 March. What a process of making people fool.

Any pizza besides dominos. Horrible service, hours for delivery, and horrible customer service

Well Domino’s delivery went bad called about it they get back to me that’s been a week ago I guess quality doesn’t matter customer service deafly doesn’t matter I guess I don’t want to go back again

Just wanted to take a moment to thank my local Domino’s shop. Located on Glen St Glens Falls NY 12804 Preordered online (thank you for that!) a fun lunch with a lively group of senior citizens 2 weeks ago, had to reschedule party due to illness. Called the shop and spoke with Kaylin who promised the order would stand until we were ready. She was absolutely correct. All was good for yesterday March 6. Our order was 3 md pizzas, 2 Pasta dishes and 3 orders of chicken wings. EVERYTHING was very, very good. The pasta dishes were a BIG HIT. Carbonara and Primavera πŸ€— I will order those meals again without hesitation. Another small thing but something that was noticed. My senior citizen client was with me in a handicap bus and the young man delivering our food was just ahead of us, he and I were talking on my cell because it’s a tricky spot to find when delivering. When we pulled up to the door with the bus, the young driver knew enough and was POLITE enough to hang back and let the bus go first so my client could off load with the bus ramp. Both the driver and I remarked how refreshing it was to see someone using their common sense. I made it a point to thank him for that when he came in with our order. He was a very nice young man. I sincerely hope the tip I added to the bill goes 100% to him. Thank you again for making the entire ordering process easy, it’s helped when trying to plan and juggle details of getting good friends together. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Your pizza scanner said this was not pizza πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I want my pointsπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

cheese is good. you cut the pepperoni to thin and its always burnt and disgusting

You guys need to figure out what's going on with your Clermont FL location. I lived in Mt Dora, FL for about 6 years and that location was amazing. Wonderful staff and consistently delicious food. I have left them many good reviews. This Clermont location is truly awful. Pizza doesn't even look the same, it's very red and orange in color and tasted like reheated cardboard. I miss my old location :(

Just got this and I'm far from happy... Dripped garlic sauce all through the house

Wtf!?! I just ordered 2 extra marinara sauce on my order and got NONE! Now I'm getting problems trying to file a complaint on your website. Com'on bro

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