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7 days ago

Domino's Pizza

Just imagine the cheese stretch on this beaut. Convinced yourself to see it in person? Order yours with contactless delivery: ... See MoreSee Less

Just imagine the cheese stretch on this beaut. Convinced yourself to see it in person? Order yours with contactless delivery:

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Hi we just got our pizza and got home and after we open it notice they forgot the pepperoni, try to send a message but your autobot told us to click another website that won't open. When I call about it the store said don't worry we will give you a free pizza next time. How do they know who I am to get free pizza and say that person is not there what happens?

This is how my pizza came today from Penn Hills Pennsylvania. HORRIBLE customer service. It’s like the delivery driver dropped it and the threw it on my porch. When I called about it, the man on the phone was rather rude also. Not to mention they forgot our dipping sauce once again. And we ordered a thin crust that was in even worse condition. The should be ashamed and I will never order from there again.

Just ordered a Pan pizza with beef. The topping were mostly to the side and the pizza was soggy. Not crispy at all!

Placed a order for the 1st time, in a long time due to cornavirus, I had it delivered, liked no contact that was done, but none of the boxes was sealed, same way its always delivered, my entire order could have been comprised I threw it all out and will never order from them again

Disappointed, saw the mixed reviews and ordered anyway. Ordered spinach and feta cheesy bread and given regular. Didn’t realize until I got Home and called so they did offer me a credit which i appreciated...until it came to the pizza. Brooklyn style XL with 5 toppings $23.99. Not that big of a pizza, you get bigger at a pizzeria. Thin and crispy so I will give it that but with that price tag you would think it would be loadeddd with all the toppings i ordered. It was basically a pepperoni pizza, a few sausages on some-not all slices, and very few peppers and onions. I also got Asiago cheese which I think was left off.

I wish my cheese pizza looked like this last night. Instead there was almost no sauce and bare spots with no cheese either (literally spots with nothing but bread in the middle of the pizza). And no it wasn't from bubbles in the crust, it just had that little topping. Was definitely bummed last night.

Just received our pizza and boneless wings. These wings look like like they went to deep in the chicken factory. We were very disappointed. Not what we expected.🀷🏼‍♂️

I won't be eating there no more...ordered delivery was stone cold when arrived...i called and manager wanted to argue with me instead of making it right...they lost a customer....they not the only pizza place in town.

Dont ever order from store 4468 in North Carolina I order this special paid up to $35 including a tip for a order that started out as $19.99 I didn't get my 2nd pizza as advertised the Manager refuse to give me her name or to investigate all she said she didn't see it on my order not to mention my receipt didn't have nothing but proof that I paid but not what I paid for she just said oh well I can send you another pizza if you pay for it otherwise call corporate me your pizza is not that good but it wont happen again

I initially thought my order was wrong because I ordered one thing and what I received didn’t have any resemblance to what I ordered.

I have had it with the domino's on 172 in Hubert NC.I have had 1 unauthorized charge(called never received call back).A week ago deilvery driver added his own 3 tip(again unauthorized).Today the deilvery driver stood and argued with me about my own address.I have had it and will not ever call again.The food is also burned today.Sick of paying those prices to be treated like dirt

A bit upset..orderded curbside delivery and waited 30 minutes before calling the store only to find out they don't do curbside..i had no idea and they had no idea the online system was set up for curbside..then I tried using the link to email dominos ( and the website never would have been helpful to know this before the website directed me to put my hazards on and wait for my order to come out 🀦‍♀️

Just ordered their "ExtravaganZZa" and others... They made it sloppy and forgot ingredients, San Antonio,Tx Walzem store has very bad customer service and they do NOT fix complaints!

I work night shift at a hospital and placed an order on mayοΏΌ 18th for a medium 3 topping and cinnamon twists. When the guy delivered, he only had the pizza and no twists. He said he had to go back to the store. Come to find out the pizza was wrong as well as he bought me someone else’s order and he never returned. Called the store and the manager said they were closing and would have to turn everything back on. She promised me a refund and I never got it. I wasted almost 20 dollars on something i didnt even order.

This is what I got. I dont believe my partner didn't ask to remake our order. It was burnt and tasted like cardboard. Should have stayed with PizzaHut

Posted last week, they told me to contact store Which i wont do when they are busy. So i will post again this week. Its friday pizza night, and it looks like I'm ordering elsewhere because i cant access my account. Terrible customer service.

I placed an order awhile back and I went to pick it up doors were locked so I didn't get my order.. emailed corporate two times havent heard nothing .. pizza hut sounds good right now

The pizzas I just got looked (and tasted) even better than that!!! Yummy!!! Even got 30 rewards points for ordering through the app!!! Thank you, Domino's!!!

I would be nice to get one that looks like that mine have air bubbles burnt crust i actually even found a spider in mine one time!!!

I order from this restaurant all the time but after today idk. The manager was rude and when i asked for a GM she gave me the run around. Best believe Monday morning im calling the brand.

How do they even forget the pepperoni πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜¨πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Why has the app not worked whenever I place an order in Tallahassee? For the past month or so, I try ordering on the app only to get a message saying an error persists, please call your store.

Burnt pizza and I requested no garlic on my crust and y’all did the opposite

Have looked all over to find solutions to why certain functions of the app don't work. I've looked to try to find where my bonus points are located, and there's no place on my email where it would say "click here" or underneath my phone number on the box is only an icon of a piece of pizza. Tried to log on, my password wasn't recognized, so tried 3 ways until I was able to reset it. Maybe someone could help, because a call to the store manager said to contact someone @ Domino's, but there's no "contact us" on the app..

Save yourself the frustration order from Roundtable Pizza or Pizza Hut

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1 week ago

Domino's Pizza

Things we look forward to:

Pizza πŸ•
Stuffed Cheesy Bread πŸ§€
Marbled Cookie Brownies πŸͺ
Saving some coin when ordering all of the above for $5.99 each πŸ‘Œ
... See MoreSee Less

Things we look forward to:

Pizza πŸ•
Stuffed Cheesy Bread πŸ§€
Marbled Cookie Brownies πŸͺ
Saving some coin when ordering all of the above for $5.99 each πŸ‘Œ

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My dry as a bone Domino’s Dinner... *requested extra sauce, barely got a splash☹️

Last pizza I ordered was wrong. I ordered a pan made with pepperoni and half of it came with mushroom. So gross. There was barely any sauce on it.

Your location on 61st street in Galveston failed us big time. After waiting an hour and a half decided to call and the had not even started order. I've never had bad service from Dominos. Now you made me try some one else. Your bad

Ordered yesterday... 3 topping, and garlic knots ... carry out. The garlic knots were amazing but the pizza was undercooked which was ... just gross ... I had to toss it out.... and my wife yelled at me ...

You really need new and experienced working in your stores. Ordered extra cheese and sauce, barely got any.

You just messed up half of my 50$ order and I tipped your drives 10$. Who puts red sauce on a spinach fettuccine pizza and gives you red sauce with spinach feta cheese sticks

Don’t you just love when the dominos tracker says your pizza has been delivered and 20 mins later you are still waiting for you pizza

Our Domino's is awful! Anytime we have had it, it's always such a disappointment!

Our brownies didn't look like that they were flat and burnt.:(

My last order was disappointing, my "stuffed" bacon jalapeno cheese bread literally had nothing stuffed in it, just a little cheese melted on the paper. I did however enjoy the gluten free pizza.

Honestly been disappointed the last few times I've ordered the order came late, was cold and honestly didn't taste too good either

Hi I need help with placing an order! Its a pandemic, do you want me to starve? Why is that when I call and ask my pizza to be made a certain way you guys refuse to accommodate a simple request! I want marinara sauce and garlic sauce, both! The store does it sometimes and not other times but I dont see the big problem. Im the one eating the pizza! It’s my right to have the pizza created to my liking! &Pizza does it! You’re the only chain restaurant that delivers to my area so I don’t understand why you’re making my life difficult. My store is the 1555 Nostrand Ave store (3651) the manager “Rofi” refused to make the pizza how I like it. I can put every topping on the menu on my pizza but i cant get a drizzle of garlic sauce along with my tomato sauce?!

My pizza was so delicious. Domino’s in Hartwell Georgia

I've been a Dominos fan for years but the last two times I've ordered, the food has been absolutely gross. Burnt sandwich and brownies and pizza that's soggy in the middle. Ugh. πŸ™

I made a PayPal order that was canceled and never refunded. I miss the old Domino’s.

Dry , hard and burnt it was like it was reheated in the oven. Starting to get old Domino's Pizza. Second issue I have had with this same place. Lost my business now.

We love Domino's pizza

Mayfield Kentucky Domino's pizza good

I used to love Dominos pizza but now I won’t order from them anymore last order was completely wrong I called and they told me it would be 2 hours before they could remake my pizzas little girl was rude and said to call back it’s so unfortunate we love dominos but now we just order from another pizza place because of our horrible experiences the last 2 times I hope dominos gets it together so we can become customers once again

Will only eat dominos if it's free. The last 2 to 3 times I ordered was pretty bad. There was a point a few years ago that my local one was giving quality pizza. It has since been pretty disappointing ever since. I'll just pay the Piper and get better pizza.

Love my Domino's. Always fast delivery and super friendly.

Stuffed cheesy bread buffalo specialty chicken and orange of pevelys most regulars. Oh and p.s dominoes that insurance for if your food is wrong is a joke. I paid for it to be correct in the first place. Not going to pay more for them to do their job already. My local store knows where I stand and they are very good at fixing or even just putting notes on how I like my chicken. Should give a shout out to a younger Male manager that works there. He's the nicest person there

I love the extravaganza with jalapeños and hot wings

Same thing happened to my husband and I!! We got 2 chicken carbonara dinners dry as a bone! Complained and got a case number to respond to, well that was over a month ago and no one contacted me at all! THEY DON'T CARE!!!!

I stopped ordering out from the one in my town when the price of delivery went up 5$. And this was wayyyyy before pandemic.

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2 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

Feed the whole fam with all of their favorites: Save πŸ’΅ and stock up when you Mix & Match something sweet and something savory for $5.99 each! ... See MoreSee Less

Feed the whole fam with all of their favorites: Save πŸ’΅ and stock up when you Mix & Match something sweet and something savory for $5.99 each!

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I ordered a pizza and a dish of alfredo last night from Domino’s in Rocky Mount, VA. Shared the pizza with a friend, then the plan was to eat the alfredo for dinner tonight. So tonight, I opened the dish of pasta to reheat and eat it. Usually when I order the dish of pasta, it’s full (which is a good value for $5.99). Tonight, it was literally 1/3 of the dish. 22 pieces of penne and four chunks of chicken. This is a rip-off. I called Domino’s, who refused to do anything about it because I didn’t address it last night. Keep in mind, it was for tonight’s dinner, so I wouldn’t have opened it last night. Domino’s has never cheated me before, so I didn’t know I needed to. Also, I live 30 minutes from Domino’s, so I wouldn’t have gone back to have it fixed anyway. I would’ve spent more on gas to drive back & forth than the $5.99 I spent on the dish! I will NOT be ordering from Domino’s again. If they had tried to remedy the situation, that would’ve sufficed. But to refuse any action is unacceptable.

I ordered a Philly steak pizza and cheesy bread. I found jalapeno, which I didn't order on both. I called the store and I'm told they can remake it but it will take at least an hour. The lady also tells me that the jalapenos and the Philly steak are next to each other so this things happen often. Now, I HATE jalapenos. And both the pizza and the bread smell like it. I asked if her she could just do a cheese pizza instead (I didn't want any jalapenos to accidentally find their way into my food again) but she tells me that they can only remake it with the very same ingredients of the original order. So now, it's Sunday, I'm hungry, it's raining and I have to wait another hour for food and hope this one doesn't have jalapenos! And to make it even better Domino's "contact us" page doesn't seem to be working!

We ordered a pizza last Friday night that was so undercooked that it stuck to the bottom of the box which of course peeled off & stuck to the bottom of the pizza 😠

I hate to complain but I ordered Italian sausage and Beef this is how my order just arrived. It looks like it was made in haste. I don't mine a face delivery but the topping look like they were just thrown on.

New Domino’s is our community. I’ve cooked since March(COVD19 hit Alabama) decide to eat out last weekend for the 1st time and it went well. So we decided to give Dominos our business this weekend (for the 1st time) and I’m not happy at all. 😑 🀦🏾‍♀️

Thanks dominos. I spent $70 on this order not including the $10 tip for a total of over $80. The driver left the pizza under 4 other boxes. When I called to complain they said they needed the old pizza and that they would have a new one in 2 hours. Totally understand they're busy but I'm not going to make my toddler wait 2 hours to eat. I was going to salvage the pizza and ask for a credit. By this point my kid is screaming as I'm on the phone and he offers me a credit for an XL 2 topping. No way. It was a specialty pizza close to $25. But at this point I can't hear over the baby screaming. I ask how to redeem the credit.. He says call the store when I want to redeem it and tell them I have a credit. Seriously? They'll just believe me?

I order today sunday may 24, at 6:10pm i waited an hour to only be called back and told my order couldnt be delivered to my townhouse that i had to go to the office to pick it up. I asked why, i had 4 previous orders in the past four months. But you cant deliver to me now. And after i waited an hour you tell me its ready but you cant bring it too me. The driver said it was nothing he could do that it was the store policy. When i called the store back to speak with russle the manager he said the same thing. That he had been a manager for 5 months and they hadnt been doing deliveries in the area that the store is actual in. ??? Basically calling me.a lie when im telling him to pull my previous orders. "Well if the drivers have been delivering to your townhouse they werent supposed to be But 4 drivers wrong??? All he kept saying is well i can refund your money, Ok but what about the hour my family and i been waiting only to be told oh well. So now my 16 is mad at you guys too, because she has to cook dinner nowπŸ˜†. she says thanks for nothing! Im 🀣 but still 😑.

I placed an order on May 3, 2020 and have still yet to receive notification that my order is ready. They said it would take 20-25 minutes and I would receive notification when it was ready!! It’s been 3 weeks. Won’t order from Domino’s Pizza again!!! Bad customer service. 😑

My Italian sub today. Bread wasn’t cooked very well and no cheese.

My problem still haven’t fixed. I submit 2 claims already. I waited 6 hours for my order to come , no one showed up and my order got cancelled. And you don’t even refund me , people from that local store keep saying their manager is not in house , they cannot do anything and asked me call another time . I called for 2 weeks already. Is there a number I can call for a live customer service that can fixed my issue ?

Close to being the worst chicken wings I’ve ever had - super mushy. Why even make them?

Ordered dominos today. Waited AN HOUR AND A HALF for my pizza. We live a MILE AND A HALF from the store. Called 3 times. Talked to a manager. No apology, no refund. Just "sorry be there in 10 minutes" and they STILL AREN'T HERE.

Just got this delivered to me right now. Wtf Dominos? Major fail πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

Last couple times I've got y'all I was not impressed

My pasta didn’t look like that!!!! Dry and hard! Dominos fail

Why is it the national commercial says mix and match 2 yet the local in holly springs is 3 also they don’t allow you to do the 7.99 pickup on app along with this coupon makes it very difficult and way too much variation of national advertisement will just order from other places

Get an order right and we might order again. Our past 5 seriously have been wrong!!

Can I complain here and get free stuff too?

I just wanted to show my last weekend Pineapple & Sausage pizza πŸ˜‹

Love your Pizza, but i wont order anymore. I had a pizza deliverd ,payed on my card. They said i could have a free, 2 topping ,medium pizza. Gave me numbers. When i went on line and ordered it, they said they didn't deliver here. Why? Because it was free? Done! I cant go get it. I am in a nurseing home!

Need to do take & bake! Love your pizza, but closest store 50 miles away.. I commute to fresno daily & definitely prefer oven fresh rather than cold or reheated.

I ordered a pizza on Monday. The person who waited on my wife claimed we only got one sauce on the order even though we were charged for an extra AND one comes with the Bread. In addition, the lazy cook didn’t even cut up the bread. In addition, the pizza was 30% topping and 70% un topped bread. look at this slice and the uncut bread. ALL TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR ORDER FROM DOMINOS BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THEM.

Good Pizza! Im fan of Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza with every cheese on it and Beef n Green Olives! Yum

I'm just sitting here reading these comments and some of y'all getting mad over a wait time . Maybe half of the staff of your dominos is quarantined like mine was and so we get really busy being hella short staffed we are honestly doing the best we can give us a break please

I'm sorry people have got bad pizza's I have always got a great pizza πŸ•

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