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Red Lobster

Serving you up with some #FreshAlerts! 📲 ... See MoreSee Less


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What's this about Red Lobster and not wanting to do business with conservatives? Am I to understand they don't want to serve conservatives?

Ernad Hoot Sej Lah😳

They don't taste as good as they use to and a lot smaller

You have decided to drop Tucker Carlson, and even though he can tick me off on occasion, I will boycott you.

We don’t go there, overpriced and low quality food.

Laura McCart


So GOOOD! But when a 'trip to RL' isn't possible-THANKFULLY, there are the 'mixes' to help tide us over til we can GET THERE!! Thank you for giving US the 'mixes', Red Lobster!!!

So Tasty

15 years ago red lobster was good place to eat, now the food sucks . an i did went there ever week. now i would never eat there agen,

Just had some on Sunday and they were fantastic!

Liiiiib Lobster (yuuuuuuck)

Love❤️ your Cheddar Bay Biscuits! They are Delicious with your Yummy and Delicious Seafood!🤤😋 Love❤️ the app too Red Lobster!

I buy the mix n make my own. So good


Go pound sand red lobster

Blake Whittaker. i just wanted you to see that biscuit open up

No thanks!

If it wasn’t for the biscuits I wouldn’t go. The best ever.

The waitress told me the key was to use freezing cold ice water when preparing the batter

Love the biscuits, but the mixes you get from the store doesn't taste as good as fresh from the oven at red lobster good


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2 days ago

Red Lobster

If you don't know what today is, it's #EndlessShrimp Monday. So keep 'em coming. 🍤Monday just became our new fave day of the week. 😃 ... See MoreSee Less


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Sebastian Kosiol


Won’t eat there anymore , overpriced and low quality food.

It's endless I'm not going there. #standwithtucker

It's not "endless" when the amount of shrimp u get is already determined by someone else. A total of 3 servings (of shrimp) is not "endless" shrimp. #falseadvertising #brandonflredlobster

Here is my ultimate feast right now . Looks nothing like the picture. TWO crab legs on the plate .

Went to the Findlay location last Friday after work and got Coconut shrimp and a Caesar salad with extra dressing. They gave me 3 biscuits, too! Everything was delicious! Thank you manager Angela Guthrie!!

I plan to go on Saturday for Ultimate Feast and on Monday for Endless Shrimp!

Hannah Caldwell we need a Monday night date !

What is Tuesday special?

Matt Shambeau 🤤


Keep 'em comin'. Yum!

Thanks for the reminder...making plans for next Monday!

I hope to make it there next Monday. I hope the weather cooperates.

Vern 😋

Fake page claiming to be giving away a coupon for a couple of free dinners.

Patricia Swintek lets go

How much??? Biscuits included or is there still a biscuit shortage like the last time we went!!!

Duane Skippy Manska .... whats your plans for next Monday?!?!?

Is this special dine in only?

Is this all day long?

Matthew Gedy Mendoza😮

Fort Gratiot MI is where I had mine ! Endless Shrimp on Mondays AWESOMENESS !!!!!!! MMMMMM

Looks yummy 😋

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3 days ago

Red Lobster

Pick one lobster dish…
…and one classic main…
…and two shrimp favorites!
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Pick one lobster dish…
…and one classic main…
…and two shrimp favorites!


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Sorry Red Lobster, you lost my business.

Youy no longer meet my standards of free speech.

I woke up today and wanted some good food, so I drove right by Redlobseter and hit up Bonefish. Way better. #boycottredlobster #expensivefrozenfood

Truly enjoy it will be coming back real soon #MyUltimateFeast

Their prices are far too expensive, the amount of food you receive has decreased, and so has the quality and the last time I was there the service was lousy.Red Lobster used to be my favorite restautant and the portions you received was awesome and the food was delicious. I have tried to keep going there occassionally hoping they would return to the high standards they used to have, but they have not. I am done, I will not be going back. In our area you can get better prices, much more food and better service at several fishcamps!! Shame on you Red Lobster!

The best 😋

#MyUltimateFeast #CheddarBayBiscuits

Delicious 😋 my fvrt place

Adrian Marquez thank you for the delicious dinner ❤️😘

Been there past friday. The Mississauga one. On Burnhampton. Our absolute favourite restaurant with my wife for the passed 25 years. Amazing sea food great culinary experience good pro serving. Little-bit pricey but what isn’t these days? If no money go eat at some burger place. We love Red Lobster!!!

I filed a complaint against them undercooked food didn't receive all the food I ordered for takeout ruined my birthday they said somebody would get in touch with me through email still waiting two weeks now thanks Red Lobster for nothing

I love your food. Been a fan since the 1970's! It's also a great lunch location.

When you cant settle so you get your dinner partner to order the #lobsterbake while you have #lobstermashpotatoes #lobsterlinguine #lobsterbisque #coconutshrimp #crablegs and #shrimpscampi 😜😘#fanfair #Redlobsterjunkie

Love shrimp

Too salty no good any more

Yummy! I love Red Lobster! always have always will

How much is that

Yummy I like it! Red Lobster!👍

I signed up for free desert never got it red lobster by giving them my email

Love the shrimp

Have to say I had horrible experience last night at the reading pa last night. We where told it would be a 15 minute wait and while we waited close to the bar 3 booths were empty waiting to be cleaned and were not while we waited for 25 minutes. Durning our wait we noticed what was fruit flies at the bar and when we did get seated the files where also back in the restuarant. It took close to 15 minutes to get our drinks. When the food came out there was nothing marking the difference between a sirloin and filet and the crab legs where cold. When we asked for crackers for the crab legs we were told they no longer had them and some tool brought out that was already dirty. Between cold food a mix up of food and constantly waving bugs away it was not worth it.

I love the Seaside Shrimp Trio..That's my favorite dish 😊😊



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