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Red Lobster

Check out this funny highlight reel of Joe and Murr, your fave TV pranksters, during #EndlessShrimp🍤!! ... See MoreSee Less


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It was fun watching you two. I have had this special a number of times now. Love the parmesan shrimp!

Kinzie Pacheco, it's your boyz❣️🍤

I went to the Chesterfield MO location today to get the Endless Shrimp and truly had the best service! My server was named Tyler M. and he really did an amazing job. He offered suggestions and was very welcoming. And it wasn’t just me. Every table he worked near me was getting great service too!!!! He really stood out!

Had the New Orleans salmon and shrimp and it was half done and raw. I am disappointed with red lobster. It use to be my favorite restaurant. I couldn’t finish eating this... I vomited afterwards. Red Lobster

I got the joke about your two guys...... Way to show love ..

Is that Michael Murr?s

Next time I'm there I'm going to ask for a free t-shirt

Love❤️ Red Lobster! The Seafood and Shrimp is Yummy and Delicious especially the Parmesan Crusted Shrimp Scampi! Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋 Your Chocolate Wave is the best and most Delicious Dessert you have!😋

Scott Arndt haha

Brandon Cormier

Anthony Pena

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Red Lobster

In honor of your service, Red Lobster is offering a complimentary appetizer or dessert to active-duty military, reserves and veterans. 🇺🇸 Enjoy a FREE Appetizer or Dessert today! ... See MoreSee Less

In honor of your service, Red Lobster is offering a complimentary appetizer or dessert to active-duty military, reserves and veterans. 🇺🇸 Enjoy a FREE Appetizer or Dessert today!


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Thank you very much for the wonderful Veterans Day appetizer! I get the stuffed mushrooms every year and absolutely love them.

Thanks to our veterans &thanks Red Lobster for honoring them!🙏


What about a free meal . I don’t eat there nasty food.

Can you open one in Fairbanks Ak so we can enjoy here

Wow a whole appetizer or a dessert, most other places are offering a free meal.

Thank-you! It was delish!!

Got free breakfast at Denny's, Lunch at Tom Whals and Dinner at Applebee's. What a great day. Wish Veterans Day was everyday. But than the government would be out of business. " Great !!!!!! " What a Beautiful Country this would be. 😁😎😘

Marc Jackson 🤤

When does our endless shrimo deal end

Olive Garden gives you an entire meal, easy choice.


Came to read the complaints from people who aren't doing anything for a veteran today or any day.


Wow, an appetizer or dessert!! Red Lobster is a horrible place if they can’t offer a meal to a veteran!!!

We went in for lunch, the waitress insisted we take something because my husband was a veteran. We really had no plans on getting anything. So please people that are going negative on them, calm down!! Thank you to our waitress and Red Lobster. It was delicious

I can get that same discount from their app. Cheapskates!

they should give a free entree

The food at Red Lobster is delicious. Haven't been there for awhile, but I see some changes on the Menu. Can the lobster and steak dishes be ordered at lunchtime? I don't drive at dark and w/ ESDT it gets darker earlier. Also, is Red Lobster smoke free?

Mighty generous! RL has gone down hill with portions and management

Outstanding meal and service today at RL in Charleston, SC. Crablegs were delicious and our server was very attentive. This is the kind of meal that keeps me coming back.

And thank you Red for yur service, to all service men and women


Went to the Baymeadows Red Lobster last Sunday and I am not sure what was going on but the service took over 2.5 hours. So crazy, was almost 1 hour before we even received our drinks and I think the manager was having to cook....Do disappointed??

Great job offering Free Appetizer or Free Dessert 2 days in a row! That is almost a Free Meal if you add those two up and if you go both days! Love❤️ your seafood and shrimp! It is Yummy and Delicious Red Lobster!🤤😋

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Red Lobster

You're getting hungry, very hungry! 🤤🤤🤤 ... See MoreSee Less


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Yummy!! 😋


Went to Red Lobster tonight! Had the Shrimp Linguine and the Parmesan Shrimp! It was Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋🍤 Service was excellent again! Our server Kent was very nice! I had one more refill of Parmesan Shrimp Scampi too and the refill didn't take long at all!🍤🇺🇸️

Our family of "seafood lovers" will be celebrating our five birthdays at RL in Raleigh, NC today. Endless shrimp, here we come!!!

I am now, lol!

Ate 31 yesterday..sesame ginger..coconut..

Don't go to Concord, NC! You'll end up disgusted and treated like crap!

How long does customer service take to respond to complaint emails? I’ve emailed twice and no response yet. I ordered Saturday night for endless shrimp and it was so bad I tossed it 😥😓

My Shrimps Love Red Lobster

Looks Good

When does AYCE shrimp end

Wish I had a device to smell it 😀

Bring back lobster fest

Today is the last day? Dam! I wanted to go one more time!!! 🙁

This ad makes me gag. It appears as though the shrimp is attached to mucus. YUK!

lol I don't need any prompting for that.

Shannon Heyde

Alexis Morris

Bring back lemon pepper shrimp!! 🍤🍤🍤

Don't go to the Red Lobster in Pigeon Forge, TN. The food and service is terrible

Is the PARROT BAY COCONUT SHRIMP on the 'endless' menu? That is MY all-time FAVORITE!

Not ever going back, until shrimp parm has returned to the selection.

Commercial says “All you can eat”, but the last couple years we were limited to 3 extra servings after our initial 2. I know that sounds gluttonous, but scampi has about 8 shrimp where something on a skewer is 4-5. There’s a numerical discrepancy. Or if you have things you want to try and favorites you really want you’re limited. We’re going this week I’m hoping it’s changed. ALSO bring back haricot vertes! (Green beans for you non French speakers) broccoli is just disgusting. Lol.

friday night at Waterloo Iowa. great food great time. lots of shrimp 🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐

Red Lobster in Columbia. charged us $17.99.

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