Now, you can have your Painkiller and eat it too. ... See MoreSee Less

Now, you can have your Painkiller and eat it too.


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Worst service ever. Sitting here now, I ordered 30 minutes ago and no food yet!

Let me guess. you can only get one or two? 😀

Love the Painkiller drink, so I will definitely be having the Painkiller Cake.

I’ll have to try it! What’s in it?

What does it consist of?

Never ate here but this looks like I am going to have to give it a try

I had it on Monday and it was delicious!

What is the name of this dessert?

My friend is looking for a restaurant where you are seated and given a Manu Do you do this

What is this????

This is so freaking yummy. You will need to add a scoop of ice cream to it . We do that at Independence, Mo

Tell me more!

Get out...... looks fabulous!

Jennifer Dormer see we shoulda got this for dessert πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

What is this? A new desert?

Roseann Gardner look at this.

Amy Ford 😜

Liz Baca

Linda R Behrendt

Jason Ancira, to go with your drink πŸ˜‚

Love the drink!

Hoping our dreams come true and we get a Cheddar β€˜s Restaurant in m Midland Michigan!β™₯️

I'm sure happy we have Cheddars here in Melbourne fl. That looks Yummy.🍰

omg yum!!!!!!

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Have you been guilty of the double dip? ... See MoreSee Less

Have you been guilty of the double dip?


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I love the spinach dip! However I was severely disappointed during my last visit to Cheddars when I found out that you all have removed a few of my favorite side items. Particularly the sweet potato, black beans, and thousand island dressing. I overheard another group of patrons discussing their disappointment as well. How can we get those items back on the menu?

I cannot find a Cheddars here in Burbank CA or the area so will have to make it a wish list item when I go back to Orlando in Dec!!! One of my all time favorite places to eat!!!!

No control and don't care as I love it and eat it all myself.πŸ˜„ With .y Margarita

So, true❣

Oh yeah !

Dip it with those amazing onion rings.....then wash it all down with a couple of tasty brews

Yes!!!!! This is absolutely me

My favorite dish

Jesus Cano lol you ! πŸ˜†

Jordan Babe, that 54 street dip😍❀️

Kaylin Myers why is this you!! πŸ˜‚

Lol. I ate the whole thing all by myself the other night. I almost threw up 😫. It was delicious but I also had cheese fries πŸ˜‚

Yup!! Us Laura Garza πŸ˜‚ more you than I 🀭

Richard Cazares would be nice if u brought some home

Bring back honey French!!! The limited dressing choices are horrible

I had the chicken tenders tonight but it was only because I had avacado dip last Sunday. Yummy

True!!! And you guys have the best!!

When are you going to be in Cumming, GA?? We need one here!

Bring back the BBQ chicken! 😭😑😒



Pure truth! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‹


Is that ever true.


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Even our littlest guests #SayCheddars! ... See MoreSee Less


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Was wondering if/what locations carry the kids fit menu ie: the honey lime chicken wrap for kids? I'm in lincoln NE and dont see it on the menu. Was this offered only in TX locations or am I just missing it at our location? Thanks! 😍

Haven't had our Grandchildren there yet!! I did say yet. Need a Margarita about now.

Was there last night. Those strawberry margaritas are good! Dinner was great too 😁

Was their last night and had horrible service!

Bring back the BBQ chicken 😒😭😩

Love Cheddars

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