From where we're standing, 2019 is looking pretty good. Happy New Year, everyone! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ ... See MoreSee Less

From where were standing, 2019 is looking pretty good. Happy New Year, everyone! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ


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The best onion rings ever

Making me hungry.

Is cheddars open on new years day?

We tell people all the time about your famous tower of onion rings, but now you have to come to Midland Michigan for people to experience it for themselves πŸ˜‹

I thought there was a Cheddar's in Frisco. Am I wrong?

Bring back Italian dressing!!!!


My favorites

The other day we ate at Chester’s and had the worst experience ever. It didn’t start off bad. We placed our order and our appetizers arrived. Went completely down hill from there. We started to notice how long our food was taking. After a while our waitress came over and apologized for the wait and said it was because my mom and grandma had ordered steaks. Never waited over 30 minutes because of a steak but whatever. Next we notice people who were seated after us getting their food (which included a few steaks). We look at the time and seen we had been waiting over an hour for our food. My mother called over a manager who seemed initially concerned at our wait time and assured us she would see what was going on. A little over 15 minutes later we received our food, only for it to be incorrect. Not only did my grandmother not get the correct steak she ordered but it was cooked rare. I had to switch plates with her just so she would eat something. I’m very glad she didn’t attempt to eat that steak. It tasted awful. Our waitress came back and apologized and told us the kitchen was getting hers and another waitress’s orders wrong often. The manager did return one more time and we said we didn’t blame our server and that the fault was with the kitchen. Her reaction? She snorts and rolls her eyes and says “well it wasn’t either. The ticket maker ran out of ink”. Really? The other tables who were seated after us and had already ate and left by the time we got our food didn’t seem to have that problem. She never once asked how she could make it right, it’s very obvious she went into the kitchen and had them do a rush job on our food (which was very obvious due to the incorrect and non cooked items). Then for her to cop an attitude at the end? It would take a miracle for us to ever return.

Happy New Year Cheddars. πŸ’– Be going in a few days.

Get with the times. Where is the online order function?

I love Cheddars. I just don’t like the new menu. I loved the tortilla soup and it’s gone now and was replaced with chicken noodle soup. It was ok but I expected a soup but it was so thick. Last but not least the Mac and cheese. Oh how I’m so sad it’s different. My sons favorite and now it’s not the same. 😞 but the food is still good so we will continue to go. Maybe not as often but it’s still good. πŸ™‚

Me and my family eat at the one in Gastonia NC and after being seated for 25 mins, asking for a waitress 3 times then finally asking for a manger, we finally got our drink order taken by our waitress who had waited on every table around us for 25 mins but never stopped at our table. And her excuse was that she has been to busy to stop at our table. Then it took an hour an 15 mins to receive our food, and we never receiced a refill on our drinks after asking 4 times. I will tell everyone I know not to eat here!

Happy new year to you to

Very disappointed. This location was closed for over a year. Thought we would try it . Wanted onion rings. Was told the wouldn't have any All day. Ordered a grilled salad to go. It came out with a lot of chicken but Fried. I asked them to change it to grilled. It came back in 2 seconds with a small amount of chicken that looked uncooked. My wife wouldn't eat it .

Please bring back the ultimate nachos. Thanks.

We went at Western Blvd Jacksonville NC to celebrate my Birthday on Dec 29 and asked for booth Table but manager Ann told me that all booth table is not available where few people sitting there, one only have 2 person and there’s a lot of vacant booth.. what upset me more when new people came and got the booth. I definitely wanna leave that time cuz she ruined my day but hubby calmed me down and told me just eat as fast as we can and leave, so pretty much after the food was served we stayed less than 10 mins. I asked her nicely but she answered me with rude tone like I can’t pick where we want to sit. She must understand that not all the people liking other people walking behind them while they’re eating. We can wait till booth is available and that is fine as long as we have our comfortable seat and we can enjoy our meal with my 2 children, but no... I guess you can’t request booth table.


Ricky Lucas you need to get those

The last time I was there with my mom and dad I made a new friend she works there her name is Debbie my name is wiki page and I live local in Mount Juliet Tennessee

Cheddars is my favorite. We go to the Knoxville, TN location. Absolutely love this restaurant . The onion rings are fantastic. They have a new dish. It is the meatloaf.... the best ever.... all dishes are outstanding... no complaints...

Bring back the Triple Treat Appetizer Please

We LOVE cheddar’s!!! Please bring one to Columbus OH πŸ™

What are your hours today?

Curious why the change from casual cafe to scratch kitchen? Love your food btw.

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Making family dinners less awkward since 1979. ... See MoreSee Less

Making family dinners less awkward since 1979.


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Isel Monroe esta es la k t dije k me keria tomar jajaja

Javier Gonzalèz

Issolette Norman Harper se me antojo πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬


Who’s ready for some more drinks Friday πŸ˜‹ Felicia Gonzalez Daisy Gonzalez Erica Cruz Rosa Serrano Janet Blas

Lucius Amburn III Saturday or Friday...

Greg Cline πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Bella Janski 😍

Yudy Maraña 😍

Jodi Marie

The painkillers taste amazing. Love the toasted coconut around the rim.

Anita Conrad Ogden, Robert Ogden...this is where we will toast your 1st Anniversary tomorrow night !

I had two and was feeling happy.

Lairah Darlene Seymour loves you guys so much. I remember one time she was so sick that all she wanted was her favorite meal from you all. We decided to get it for her and the joy in her face reassured us she could pull through!

Felix Valentin Garcia quiero ir pronto to a comer salmon 🀀

Margarita sangria swirl FTW.

The pain killer is good but sweet. I Love the High end Margarita s with ice and little salt. All good like the food. There twice last week. πŸ’–πŸ’–

Best drink ever!!!!

The baked potatoes are hard not fluffy. kinda ruins the rest of the meal. When wanting steak baked potato n salad it'll keep me from coming back there for it.

Ricaaaa!! πŸ˜‹

Yeah I could use 2 of those😍😍😍


Loved our Painkillers tonight and the service was FANTASTIC! Thank you Toni, you are an amazing server! Tara handled the drink 'crash' with shear skill. Food was great! Thanks again staff for being terrific!

Has the Hampton, VA location reopened due to "repairs" LOL

My pina colada today did not look anything like this ! Mine was in a small glass no dressing and it looked like dirty water !

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours! πŸŽ„ ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! πŸŽ„


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Hey #clarksvillecheddars hurry up and clean up, we are waiting for Ian !!

Merry Christmas to all of the great staff !!

Yes and z merry Christmas to Cheddars. Heading there today for my Salmon & Margarita of course. Just hope they did something about the green beans. πŸ’–

Merry Christmas bet you'll be open later


Merry Christmas to all

Came for Christmas Eve and our crew was very saddened you took off the Nachos and the GiGi Spasagna. These were our families favorite. The new items did not compare to the items removed. πŸ˜• sadly, we may not be back as the drive is 30 minutes.

Salmon tonight was great and so was our server. Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

Why did you remove the spasagna off the menu?? It was the best thing. We drove an hour for it. So sad.

as one of the serving staff, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas.

Great food!

Have a very blessed Christmas

Happy Holidays from your server in Slidell, Louisiana.πŸŽ…πŸ’‚πŸ‘Ό

Happy Holidays!

Hunter Clouse Hunter Clouse

Quaker steak and lube on the Carlisle pike shut down, cheddars should buy place!! 165 hartzdale drive mechanicsburg!!!! Would love to see a cheddars go there!!

As always lunch was amazing last weekend

Visited today - After 3, yes, 3 sets of DIRTY SILVERWARE, we left, Every single set had caked on, dried on, food - from someone else's mouth. GROSS! We determined the kitchen was probably filthy too so we left. Will never eat there again!!!☹️

Uuh you are not opened until 8 on Christmas eve.....

Had dinner there last night was yummy as usual

Give better service

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