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Flowers are nice. Adding a bottle of wine to a Family Bundle is better. 🍷 ... See MoreSee Less

Flowers are nice. Adding a bottle of wine to a Family Bundle is better. 🍷

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I was at Cheddars last week. My server was one I'd had many times, has been there for years and was amazing. My croissants seemed to be reheated, and redrizzled with butter, my gravy was lumpy for my chicken fried steak and my painkiller was 2/3 full with ice. She didnt even ask me if I wanted another after I finished because of the amount of ice. She just stared at it. Bad experience and we won't be going back for a while. That's disappointing as it's our usual after church stop and we've been going to this location since I was in high school and I'm in my 30s.

My family and I waited over an hour last night for a table and once we were seated we found out there was a limited menu and the reasons we came was for a particular menu item. My children will only eat the Dijon chicken and mushrooms. We had to leave and go elsewhere after waiting all that time. It would have been nice to be told in advance that there was a limited menu. πŸ˜•

I went to Chedders on Friday and it wasn't clean the food was not good and took us a while to get served very disappointing, chedders didn't even have a loaded baked potatoe on the meau like last time I visited

I came to this location last Thursday and ate in the dining room..I asked my server if y’all were still doing the family meal to go & I was told no.. is this just for certain times or days?

Ordered To Go Chips & Queso was good had to ask the waitress to please fill up our queso and salsa bowls they gave us. Was almost empty. Chicken Tenders 1/2 were good the other half over cooked. Disappointed

Are you guys back to serving your regular menu? I was very disappointed last time I visited. Drove over an hour to find a limited menu that didn't include the Monte Cristo.

Ordered Togo, was very good,hope soon I will feel comfortable to dine in,

Bring back your fried shrimp.

Ate at the Cheddar's in Gastonia NC yesterday. The food and service was awesome as always. Can't wait for the chocolate cake be added back to the menu.

My daughter loves the Monte Cristo and was very disappointed when we went to the Fort Smith, AR location to find they are not serving it yet. Went back yesterday and still no Monte Cristo. When will they have it back?

Was not very happy the other day. Waited 45 mins. Got to the table and behold. A short menu. No fried fish. No nothing. Why bother to open if your not going to serve your full menu. Waste of time

Can you tell me when the regular menu will be available in Austin Texas? Waiting on Onion rings and meatloaf.

It is so crazy that you don't serve Mac and cheese

I only like certain Wines. Love BlackBerry Sangria. Hard to find. Carrabba's have it but was there 2 yrs ago. Cheddars my favorite and have a Margarita. 🍷🍹πŸ₯—πŸ”

Are you selling alcoholic drinks to go..?Pain killer in particular. At the Albuquerque location

These are the type of people Cheddar’s employs

Wine and chicken tenders is a combination brought to you by the South...

I was disappointed at my take home order for my son’s graduation dinner. He normally love’s Cheddars but the most important thing for him the steak was well over done and dry. And no I did not order it well done.

Are y’all open now?

You all are NOT ready to be open...after our visit we just left thinking you could use some time to retrain.

you can go to zaxbys and get a better family meal

What is the family bundle

No more honey butter on the cros?

When will the Pleasant Prairie Cheddars have onion rings and chicken parm again?

Betty Amos!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

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The Cheddar's 300 is now happening this Monday (6/1) at Bristol Motor Speedway! Our Kitchen Pit Crew is gearing up for the race by making sure they can drizzle a tray of Honey Butter Croissants in under 5 seconds. 🏁

Spoiler alert: they can. πŸ˜‰
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Love pretty much everything at Cheddars. Wish bar would open. Maybe soon.🍷🍸πŸ₯—πŸΉ

Went to eat there today in London KY. No onion rings or loaded nachos were being serve red.Was very disappointed with my food. Also my son in law’s and daughters steak was raw and cold. They ordered it medium well . Not going back any time soon.

tried to order ribs and use coupon yesterday in fort orderig said single rib dinners unavailable, but the "family pack" of ribs that is $10 overpriced compared to 2 single rib dinners was available. The coupon was based on 2 entrees so I called to try and make a to go order...took 20 minutes on and off of hold just to be told "oh, it looks like we are out of ribs".....pathetic

over five minutes to place To-Go order?! Now that restaurant is open, you're transferred and left on hold. Peachtree/Gross Rd. Mesquite

Tried ordering online. No onion rings offered anymore. Every item we ordered (ribs, fish, etc) was unavailable. So sad. Other people also said they cant order because theres never items available.

I miss their coffee. It used to be the best. But they changed their machine and now it’s so strong I can’t drink it.

Ate at Cheddar's today. Love it. Will probably be there again next Saturday.

How do we get ahold of someone at the Avon, IN location? We call the number and the phone just has a busy signal. We just picked up our to go order and we are missing literally half our order! Yet we can't get ahold of anyone...

My waitress at the Cedar Rapids location...right now...has had her mask on her chin the whole time, and is about 3 feet away from us and carrying food...

Miss the montecristo had to settle for the at home chicken cordon bleu today.

Croissants not worth the price. Neither are the Monty Cristo sandwiches. That's the o e in Wichita Falls Texas.

You closed the Winston-Salem location permanently. I just... I can't even look at you any more 😀😒

Service was awful again last time we will be here and this stuff set on the table for over 46 mins

These are amazingly divineπŸ˜‹!

I miss the chocolate cake😭😭😭😭

Wait so there's no new Orleans pasta at all?😭😭


Celia Moreno invítame πŸ˜‹

Finally we able to dine in ..thanks y’all ..and thank you Elizabeth for awesome service ! Stay safe πŸ₯°

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That drizzle tho. 😍

Enjoy comfort foods in the comfort of your home with Cheddar's Curbside To Go. Order online:
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That drizzle tho. 😍

Enjoy comfort foods in the comfort of your home with Cheddars Curbside To Go. Order online:

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I love your food. Its the best. I tell people all the time about cheddars restaurant. Great food, big Portions, great prices for what you get!!

Came out tonite for a great dinner at Cheddars in Hendersonville! Excellent service, the food was hot and delicious! I had Country fried chicken and Brad Beaver had Blackened Salmon dinner. Fast service, and so nice to eat out again! Thank you, Courtney, for great service!

I've never had a problem with Cheddars. Always like what I had. I'm waiting on Bar to open as where I like to eat and have my Margarita. 🍷🍸πŸ₯—πŸ²

I will come back when you put the onion rings back on the menu. They are the best I’ve ever had and I cannot believe I can no longer get them! 😑

Be still my heart!!!! it not the healthiest meal ever but definitely one of the best in flavor!!!!!

Cheddars your Restaurant in Wellington is great! Taking the Covid and cleaning to heart! Saw them cleaning Tables, The seats, the Backing etc! Thank you!

I had the exact meal today and I was very disappointed. I use to eat hear all the time but I have not in about a year and I was not happy with the quality. The chicken breast was rubbery like it was under cooked. I felt like everything was rushed. I understand that things are different with the new rules in place but I paid good money to sit down and have a meal with my family and we were all pretty disappointed. My kids would not even eat their cheese burger. They were dry like they had been sitting out. 🀷🏻‍♀️maybe they will get better.

I love Cheddars... picked up for first time this weekend and sadly the chicken fried chicken didn’t look quite like this pic but was really good nonetheless however my ribs were burnt to a crisp... like black char. I did email you Cheddars but no response yet. I would love to show pics. I live 30 mins from restaurant and sadly too far to drive it back. I won’t probably order takeout anymore but hope to sit in your restaurant one day soon again.

Since cheddars was bought by another company. Not as good as they use to be

Need the croissants and pain killers right now!

Looks good

If only I could actually order chicken fried steak......

That happened to us in Pigeon Forge. It was the worst meal ever.

Yall need to really work on the cheddars here. Its horrible. Horrible service, even more horrible food. Very disappointed

Will you be doing the family meal of burgers again? Loved them for a social distancing picnic with family.

We ate dinner ar Cheddar's two Fridays ago. It was only at the 25% capacity back then so not many servers were working, creating long wait times for service but we understand completely and our server was polite and doing the best he could. We are happy to be dining at restaurants again and we tip generously.

I’ll never go back to the Augusta, GA location

Love chedders.

Spinach dip and queso dip are the best here in El Paso!!!! We love everything we've ever tried!!!!! I still am not comfortable going out to restaurants yet, how we miss you CHEDDARS❀❀

So do you guys no longer have the chicken fried steak?

We ate there a couple of weeks ago. Food was great and so was the service. Felt very safe.

This looks really good

But, where's the corn?🀣

Is the Philly back on the menu

Wish you guys had tartar or cocktail sauce but overall I enjoyed my meal on Sunday loved the fish for the first time best fish ever i guess I'll go fishing for some more 🀣😊

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Flowers are nice. Adding a bottle of wine to a Family Bundle is better. 🍷
That drizzle tho. 😍

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