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Buc-ee is hard at work scheduling interviews for our Melissa Travel Center! Pay starts at $13/hour!
Visit to apply today!
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Buc-ee is hard at work scheduling interviews for our Melissa Travel Center! Pay starts at $13/hour! 
Visit to apply today!


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Amarillo needs one too! Right on I-40!

Now this is what I call making America great again! Good job Buc-ee's.

Need one on 82 between Paris TX and Sherman TX!!!!

I applied there... waiting on my phone call.... 📞

In the requirements you have to be okay with a 5 minute break in a 10 hour day so yeah no thanks 🙂 breaks are how employees stay sane! When that requirement suits humans I will GLADLY apply 😉

Since you don’t have a store in South Carolina...I’m moving back to Texas😂👍😀

all companies can learn a thing or two from Buc-ee's. 1000% legit

We need a store on 37 going to Corpus Christi TX!!

Y’all are definitely missing out on all the people working in west Texas. Put one in Odessa and in pecos tx. Won’t regret it.


I submitted an application and hope to hear back soon! ☺️

Get your butts out here to El Paso! Very sad Bama got one before we did. We may be barely Texas but we fly the lone star flag all the same and we could use some of those fresh BBQ sammiches! 🤤

Waiting anxiously on a call

Please let’s build one on HWY 59 north of Houston

Build one in Lubbock, TX


Can we get a Buc ees in Michigan please??

We need one in Orange County between Vidor & 𝗢𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲, Texas

We need a store here in Corpus Christi

Too bad y’all didn’t hire me just because I lived “too far” 😐

Can’t wait til you come to Leeds, Al!

I will be Traveling to Dallas feb 19 and CAN NOT wait to visit bucees!! Yay for me

What is your opening date?

I‘ve been waiting on a call 💖👍📞

I love Buc-ee's in Houston. Bring it to California.

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Buc-ee's is NOW OPEN in Alabama. I-10 Exit 49 @ Baldwin Beach Express. ... See MoreSee Less

Buc-ees is NOW OPEN in Alabama.  I-10 Exit 49 @ Baldwin Beach Express.


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Buc-ee's, I wanted to share something about one of your employees. I saw someone post a photo of folding chairs at a Mobile Mardi Gras parade, and I asked how much they were. Clarence De Loach happened to see it and said he would check the price for me when he went to work. Sure enough, he sent me a message with a photo of two types of chairs, along with their prices. I haven't been to visit our new Bucc-ee's yet, but I'm already impressed thanks to Clarence.

Took a special trip to this Buc-ee's location. I was so excited. I am from Texas and "you have to stop at Buc-ee's". Cleanest bathrooms you could ever dream of, good food, great place to just wander to stretch your legs. I was curious how they would mix Alabama and Texas.....they did great. Please keep the texas BBQ, jerky and other products in ALL stores. The BBQ is awesome and made me feel at home...Living in Pensacola now (only because my hubs is from here)...Texas is home and I will be buried there!!

Buccee’s #42, on I-10 East, Exit 49, at Robertdale, near Foley, Alabama, is 17 miles from the Florida border. If you are traveling West from Florida, you can’t see it. They do have billboards before you get to it at Exit 49. It will be a major Alabama tourist attraction.

I want one of these in Ohio LOVE THIS STORE!!

Great that you have opened in Alabama - but why did you skip Louisiana and Mississippi to get there?

Alabama wants some of Texas money bye sueing Texas Buc ess but they still want that expensive gas oh well a bunch of cry baby’s

We need one on I-10 somewhere between Lake Charles and Lafayette!

My husband and I attended Grand opening on Alabama Beach Express today!!!WOW!!!! AWESOME!!! A must see!!! Generous and delicious portions on food orders. We will be regulars!! Too many things to recommend but Earl passing samples of brisket and sauce was amazing! Which?? The brisket & sauce and Earl’s personality!!😎 Welcome to Alabama, Buccees!! Gas prices are great!!

Carmen Lugo Never thought I’d be looking forward to summer, so that we could visit a gas station.

In outside sales you’re known as the cleanest bathrooms in the business.

ALABAMA?!?!? Buc-ee’s!! Why aren’t you heading west? Lewis and Clark did, you should too! Head west to Odessa, TX, 2nd star 🌟 🌟from the right and straight on till morning! #gigemags #classof06and15

Need one in Falfurrias Tx or somewhere in the Rio Grande valley !

Thank you Buc-ee’s for coming to Alabama and Baldwin County.

What!!!!! We need one near Conroe Texas

As a Texas transplant, this makes me really happy! I kinda want to get in the car right this minute.

But still no Louisiana I see🙄👍🏻

CJ Braun I’m terrible with geography so I have no idea how far this is from you but look!

Need one in Huntsville AL around I-65 and I-565. Toyota/Mazda plant employing 4000 being built. Many other business around that area also. Huntsville is the fastest growing city in Alabama and expected to overtake Birmingham in a few years as the largest city in the state.

No better place to drop a deuce!

It's interesting how every now and then you realize that you've been taking something for granted. I live near Lake Jackson and have lived in LJ for most of my adult life. There are 8 Buc-ee's within a reasonable driving distance. LJ is home to the original. I believe the original is the one on College Drive.

We’d love one to open in Northwest Arkansas!!!

Will you ever come to Washington State or are our taxes too high here ☹️?

Please consider coming to Louisiana again, if not in Baton Rouge, please consider toward the Hammond area. We were so looking forward to having Buc-ee's in Baton Rouge.

Funny thing when they pulled out of building in Baton Rouge was tole the reason too far to get supplies from Texas. If my map is correct Alabama is further from Texas than Louisiana .

When will Oklahoma get one,?

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Dear Alabama, You’re welcome. Sincerely, Texas

I don’t want to share Bucees with other states!!

I would love to see one open at the Texas and Louisiana line

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....stay in Texas!!!! 😤

Put a Bucees in Oklahoma City!!

We really really need one in Texas on 59 North. The drive from Houston to Texarkana is brutal

You guys haven't even made it to El Paso but your gonna expand to another state? C'mon man, we need those bucee bites and BBQ sammiches!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Look I’m a native Texan and that’s one of the things I look forward to is Buc-ee’s when I come home. I live in AL now and let me tell you, you won’t find folks that hold the same Texas standard here in Alabama. Stay in Texas. Stay loyal to your state and people! 😅😂 Seriously though. No. Not in Alabama.

I drove from Houston to New Orleans in July 2018. If ANY state NEEDS a Buccees, it’s LOUISIANA! Please, build there next!!!

Waiting on a Buc-ee’s to open in Fort Stockton to refill on gas and clean restrooms for road trips in between San Antonio and El Paso and Big Bend.

ALABAMA?!?!? Buc-ee’s!! Why aren’t you heading west? Louis and Clarke did, you should too! Head west to Odessa, TX, 2nd star 🌟 🌟from the right and straight on till morning! #gigemags #classof06and15

Put one on hey 59 near Livingston. Between Houston and Nacogdoches

What was wrong with Oklahoma?

Buc-ees is just showing other states how to do it right. Texas way.

Please put one in Oklahoma

Buc-ees is awesome. Sad to see them not stay exclusive to Texas. With that said they are able to employ many people so kuddos to job opportunities 💜

Really? I thought it was a Texas thing? Guess I will seek other rest stops! Seems greed is taking over

Welcome Alabama to Texas style convenience stops. Enjoy :)

Texas native now living in Tennessee.. please bring Buc-ee’s to the Nashville area!! Miss me some Buc-ee’s jerky!!

We were there for the Grand Opening at 6:00 am. These Okies living in Pensacola love Bucees! ❤️💙

PLEASE put one in Oklahoma!!

Before your neighboring state La? Really?

And Boerne? I’ve been training my bladder to make it to boerne but still waiting.

Congrats Alabama - Welcome to Buc-ee's!

Welcome to the Buccee's family, Alabama! We will see y'all on our next trip to Orange Beach!

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