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Minnesota Zoo

Spring is here and that means Farm Babies! The cuteness begins this Friday! ... See MoreSee Less


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Spring is here that means food. Hehe

Alyssa Mench we should take our kids and hang out. River keeps trying to video you when playing with my phone

Zak Oelfke

Matt Rhode!

Michelle Kogler Ashley Diederichs

Blair Noble

Do they go to market or sanctuary?

Paul Eppen❤️❤️❤️

Alex Philipp

Chris Wolf don’t think we are going to go pay to see these! We are coming over!

Oh 😂😂 I thought you wanted a pig

Erin!!! It’s so cold still but the piggies need us!

Angie Marie and Jenna Thom group outing to the zoo!

Sounds good to me

Jane 😍

Sounds good to me

Kasey Amos can’t wait when I can take our little one with you and Maci!

Yes. Let’s look at the calendar!

Dave Kruse and Katie Legler-Kruse ... are you bringing up farm babies?

Gus Ohnesorge can we go?

I’m ready :) here we come

Jacob Vrieze BABY PIGGIES!!!!!! Oliver would love to see them!!! 😃


Anne Marie Wells farm babies are back! We’ll have to plan a visit!

Uhhhhh Natalie

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22 hours ago

Minnesota Zoo

Want to check out Farm Babies, but without the kids? Buy tickets today to our April Adult Night Out - and enjoy ALL the cuteness with no kids in sight. ... See MoreSee Less


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Kyndra Raye Plowman Lol also this

Ryan Voltz

Walter Santos Calvillo

Melita Rhyan

Anna Speirs Carly Ann Drong we should go!! And it’s the day before my birthday!!

Rachelle Hamilton ok farm babies and adult night out

James DeBerg

Emily Gagliardi Bednarski Ummmm can we go please?!

Okay jk about earlier...THIS is what we need to go to! Brenna Marie Alexis Watts

Tyler Hubbard

Garrett LaChance

Katie D Kreitzer wednesday- maybe I can go?

Kyle Tyler baby animals!!

Kevin Witt

Emily Adeline Troff

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2 days ago

Minnesota Zoo

The ZOOMS STEM Design Challenge Exhibition starts today! Students have worked all school year on their projects and are now at the Zoo sharing their innovative design solutions to this year’s challenge, which focused on our moose exhibit. Thanks to our partner Flint Hills Resources for supporting this educational program!
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Kristin VanBuskirk , Hannah Rupert. This is a cool idea

Shoutout to all the women going into STEM fields.

Amazing experience for the students! They all did awesome and should be so, so proud of themselves.

Everyone did such an amazing job!! Way to go!

Absolutely incredible!

Such a fantastic program. Congrats to all!

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