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2 weeks ago

Dave & Buster's

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#dingdingding I'm still here and I'm ready to win!!! Stop playing so hard to get 😍

Give me a #dingdingding My 30th Birthday is this Saturday! Love me some D&B!

#dingdingding We go twice or more a week to the one an hour and a half away!! I just celebrated mine and my son’s birthday at Dave & Buster’s two states away and I want to have my shower there. Pick us please!!! ❀️

#dingdingding winning is always a great feeling!

I really want to make my husband dance to "Dance Monkey" out in the front of our D&B if I win!! πŸ€£πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ½ #dingdingding

#dingdingding would love to take my son for his 17th birthday in 2 weeks! That $1000 would be amazing!

My son just started his own arcade you tube channel and we would love to do a video there. Please pick us.

#dingdingding my son just started his own arcade you tube channel and we would love to do a video at dave and busters. Please pick us

#dingdingding my nearest D&B is 4 hours away but I’ll drive it!! 😍

#dingdingding My daughter turns 13 this month and my son turns 8!

Want to celebrate my anniversary with my husband & kids there this month ! We always do something as a family & this is our favorite place #DINGDINGDING

#dingdingding Would be a great place to celebrate my sisters big 21st. 😍

#dingdingding Still waiting on my state to reopen D&B, but used to go every week. I miss it. 😒

#dingdingding spending-ding-ding my gift card! Whoo hoo!

Would love to win for my kids they love D&B

#dingdingding winner winner chicken dinner Christopher Cromer

#dingdingding my 3 kids loves this place! West Nyack baby! Can't wait for it to open!

OMG...this would be awesome to win the $1000 giftcard. My son loves going to Dave and Busters. I would be there everyday for food and fun just to see that BIG smile on my son face. Hopefully, im the lucky winner. This will make him very happyπŸ₯° #DINGDINGDING

Would love to win. Me and my husband would take our kids for a well deserved break from work and school. #dingdingding

So much WIN! #dingdingding I would share some of those $1000 game card with friends who play Pump It Up.

#dingdingding I would love to take my family out for some fun!

Me and my girlfriends 3 year anniversary is coming up soon and this would be an amazing way to spend it! All day at our favorite spot playing $1000 worth of games!! We have our favorites but I think if we win we’ll play every game in the building! What an amazing way to spend an amazing day at the best place on earth with the women I love!! (Also the best place to spend birthdays at) #dingdingding

It’s not even often I get to see and hang out with my dad! But the last time we did it was totally at my favorite spot D&Bs! #dingdingding

Last year at #davenbusters

#dingdingding my family and I love going to Dave and busters!! We are so dedicated to going once a week but haven't been able to go since ours closed down temporarily. Ready to go back sometime this week.

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2 weeks ago

Dave & Buster's

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See ya here ✌️

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I wish, but my San Jose Dave and busters is closed for the rest of this year.

I’m planning a trip this Saturday to the nearest D&B. Going to be driving over 2 hours to get there so I hope I can win the $1000 gift card to fund my winning

I would maybe if we had one

When is the location in Blackwood,NJ opening

pretty sure ours is still closed, so no... you won't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Winning is hard work Riley Dougherty

No work Monday? I wish! Still, I would absolutely, 100% drive to Dave & Buster's in Manchester after work. Some games, food, and a few drinks could be just the ticket! 🀞

I’ll be seeing y’all this week!

Too bad I work weekends. πŸ˜”

But Lehigh Valley area Whitehall pa not sure when would it be open for public Brand New

Can't do mon but we will be reopening on Tuesday the 8th in Philadelphia

Lol no I still have work Monday. And the closest d&b location is like 2 hours away until a new one that is planned gets built

With the $1000 game card , I’d clear out your entire inventory of Chinese finger traps in the prize store πŸ˜‚

My birthday is this month it would be sweet to win the $1000 gift card. Me and the kids would be up in D&B like we ballers, LOL!

OMG would never leave love love D&B need to go there worth the 1 hour drive.

I'll be a winner when cali let's DnB open up again #dingdingding

@DaveandBusters I will get a tattoo of “Ding Ding Ding” if I win. You can even withhold the $1000 game card until I send proof. Don’t believe me? Try me. #dingdingding

I don't have work Monday because I lost my job.

To broke to go 😩😭

I want to play rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds of claw machine until I win all the plush toys 🧸! #dingdingding

Wishing we could go tomorrow but our location hasn’t reopened! Fingers crossed soon!! #dingdingding

I can’t wait to get back to being a winner. #dingdingding

With a $1000 Game Card, I can finally try to master Tailgate Toss and Jug Toss all day long. #dingdingding

But, but... I work Monday πŸ₯Ί A game day at D&B with my closest friends, spending quality time together would make it worth itπŸ˜‰ Been saving on this badboy for years, its been swiped so many times that the card doesn't read(gotta swipe multiple times), must've spent over $1000 🀣 #dingdingding

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