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Just when you thought you couldn't love a sandwich more, BAM. You tried the new Ultimate Spicy Italian.

Check your closest πŸ“. But hurry, it won't be here forever.
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Just when you thought you couldnt love a sandwich more, BAM. You tried the new Ultimate Spicy Italian.

Check your closest πŸ“. But hurry, it wont be here forever.


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Thought that said check your closet and was a little worried for a second

I didn't believe the marketing. I thought it'd be mildly spicy, at best. I brought a Tinder date to Subway, planning on impressing her with my ability to consume one of these puppies without breaking a sweat. I was wrong. I embarrassed myself. There won't be any other dates. :-(

Spicy Italian is my fav. I get it every time

I would love to stop by and order but the kids working in the subways close to me. Hide when you walk toward subway and then act like the world is gonna end because they have to do something. And oh it's even worse when they actually have to speak to you. I'll wait

Ordering off the menu is never easy at subway.... they ask too many questions

My adopted grandma gave me a $15 gift card for Christmas. That's 2.5 meals of sub + Diet Coke + cookies. YUM!

Tried the ultimate meatball marinara.....but prefer the regular meatball. The garlic butter made the bread soggy and was way too rich for my taste.

What makes it Ultimate, because I usually get the spicy Italian.

I'm sitting asking myself what I should I eat? Guess I know!

Looks like the same sandwich i got from jimmy johns

My favorite sandwich! Is it double meat or something..whats different?

Love❀️ Subway! The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Rotisserie and the Meatball are all Yummy and Delicious!πŸ€€πŸ˜‹ I will have to try this Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread! Sounds and looks Delicious!πŸ˜‹

What's different about The Ultimate?

Put some veggies on that thing!

I need to try this one. I love the regular spicy Italian.

How is it different from the regular spicy Italian? And when are they bringing back the Italian hero?

Just had one and YUMMY!! Will definitely go back for another sometime!!

Just paid 7$ for a Chipotle wrap. The problem is your employees ripped me off, barely any meat in it at all.. I usually buy this same one but this time it was not worth the cost. I wont be back..

Is there a list of locations cause i need this

Is that sandwich available in Poland? :)

I just had the ultimate spicy italian with the cheesy garlic bread...That’s a good sandwich!!

Have that Spicy Italian on the cheesy garlic bread... .and better order seconds

What's ultimate about it??

Should have meatballs on it :)

What’s the difference between spicy Italian and the Ultimate spicy italian, because I was back and forth with subway almost 5 hrs and never had this

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I'll stick with Italian Herb and Cheese toasted.

Give me back my honey oat.

Dear subway, why don't you do the meatball sub in Sweden, the home of meatballs!?

I tried this new bread (Italian bread as the base) with the meatball marinara, provolone cheese, black pepper, & oregano. And let me tell you, it was so good. :)

Can we get some more vegan options in Australia? I'm really not a huge fan of falafel.

Tried it last night, best sub I've ever had

I was hoping you would bring back the cranberry mustard this year. I don't really care about garlic bread. Hopefully you'll bring it back next year.

tried it with veggie patty. sooooo delicious and it

OM Gosh I love garlic and cheese

My husband bought me a meatball sandwich on the new cheesy garlic bread. It was NOT cheesy. It was a dry, salty mess. Very disappointed

I want one !

Just so everyone knows i was super excited to get this. It was mediocre at best. Very disappointed. Also made me sick for 2 days. Just saying try at your own risk.

Dont know how so many people are complaining about the cheesy garlic bread. It is the best thing subway has released. Hope they keep it on permanent. So delicious. Bread crack. I would order just the cheesy garlic bread by itself. Now I'm going to see if they will garlic cheesify Italian herbs and cheese bread...

Best thing subway has done in a while. Definitely try it.

EPIC FAIL!!! All it made was a greasy, soggy, mess. Won’t order again.

Emma the sooner your braces come off the better 🀀 xxx

It’s great when mixed with steak and cheese

Now I have to try it after all the reviews on here

I was disappointed, toasted the bread then put cold meat and cheese on it. I get my spicy Italian toasted, was it made wrong? After toasting the garlic bread it would end up being burned putting it back in with the meat.

Can the rotisserie chicken sub be made on this, or just the subs pictured?

I finally tried the ultimate spicy today. With spinach onions, olives, and light on the ranch, i loved it! I cant try the meatball version, due to tomato allergy, but this may be my new favorite.

Can’t wait to try it

Garlic? Bleurgh, no.

F#/k yeah gotta try this

Ok I haven’t had subway in years but this may be worth checking out

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