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Weekend plans have been made. ... See MoreSee Less

Weekend plans have been made.


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That's some terrible plans

I miss the white flatbread 😭 why cant we have two options instead of just the nasty new one?

Subway have you ever seen what a cucumber looks like when it gets left on the floor of the cooler for many months

I'm going to spend an entire weekend eating a subway sandwich and none of you can stop me

Untoasted.. no mayo.. no cheese..🤮

That looks so dry! No mayo or cheese?

I had a terrible purchase with two chicken snacks that came with bones and when speaking to the clerk she asked how she had appeared there ?? This is absurd. She did not redo the snack much less apologized. Should have refunded my money. Very poorly educated I'll never return. Sorry it would be the least.

If only the mystery meat they use really looked like that!

I miss their chicken salad sandwiches

Yes, Sir. Subway is delicious.


Went to Subway Thursday February 21! I had the Cheesy Garlic Bread and it was Yummy and Delicious with my sandwich!🤤😋 I had the Chicken Rotisserie! Yummy on the Cheesy Garlic Bread! I hope I can make it back before it goes! Just the time to say I had a Rotisserie when you show a Rotisserie Chicken!🙂

Need subway in Bangladesh 😭

The rotisserie chicken is excellent!!!! And very healthy 😁

Last time I had Subway I got wicked sick. NO THANKS

i had a sub sandwhich today and it was good.

Melanie klingt so verlockend

Would love some broccoli soup but they rarely have it,to go with a tuna or chicken sub.

Turkey and pepperjack on Italian herb and cheese bread, all the veggies with light mayo to go please. I love Subway!

Husband and I had the grilled chicken tonight. Extremely delicious!

Rotisserie chicken bacon ranch on wheat flatbread with spinach, onions and jalapenos, ranch and buffalo sauce. Noms!!

So I'm in subway Arima and I'll like to know why is it the worker counting the cookies with the same pen she's writing with?? 😒 😡

I like Subway

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Happy #LoveYourPetDay 🐾 What pet is the center of your life? ... See MoreSee Less

Happy #LoveYourPetDay 🐾 What pet is the center of your life?


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My Fox Terrier Penny is the best pet ever!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes when i come home from uni she is so excited she pisses herself !Lucy Meek

I had to say good bye to my Chihuahua, Elvis yesterday. He was 17. I always shared some steak with him from mine. He loved it.

My Wolf hybrid is my world <3

We are keeping our Granddaugher's Beta fish while she finishes up college. She named him Phish Collins. :-)

My 6 month old puppy, Dixie. She is too curious and intelligent for her own good. She is a pitsky (pitbull/husky)

Yes my Lily, would eat a whole sub all by herself

I have 2 yorkies ones a female and ones male.

My three ginger kitties, Georgie, Freddie and Kiii.

My two rescue cats 🐾🐾

Usually I buy extra ham separately from you guys so I can give it to my small poodle.

I don’t have a pet anymore. She passed on 02/07/17. 😥

I have a black American short-hair cat named Java. Whenever I bring home subway she sits by my feet waiting for a small piece of the bread.

My Beagle-bluetick hound mix, Abby. She loves when I bring home the rest of my lunch from work. The Chicken Bacon Ranch is her favorite so far.

We have a Dorkie. His name is Oliver Bean.

My Terry poo and my Chihuahua !!! We adore them !! They sleep with us and share our chicken and steaks !

Happy #LoveYourPetDay Subway! Love❤️ my cat and Shih Tzu! Love❤️ your subs! The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Rotisserie and the Meatball are all Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋

I got the day off due to snow so I spent the whole day with my doggo!

I am the proud mom of 3 fur babies. My cats Romeo, Smokey and Noodle. Father, mother and daughter.

Our adorable but ornery cockapoo named Joey

Buen día. el día 15-02-2019 a las 16:40hs fuí con mi hijo al local de Subway del aeropuerto Galeao, compré dos sándwiches de 33 Reales. despues de cuatro dias miro el resumen de mi banco y veo que me cobraro $ 1150;36 o sea 110 reales. pagué con mi tarjeta de débito y no me pidieron que firme.

Have all Subways stopped making un-sweet tea and if so, why? 🤦‍♀️

My 3 cats and 3 dogs!! Also my daughter's 3 cats and 4 dogs who live with me!!

All my snakes n lizards

When we buy your sandwiches,we buy one for them with just meat and cheese !

My two huskies are my whole world. And they live for sub sandwiches haha

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Ana has been with Subway for 14 years and says her favorite part about working at Subway is that her boss is her friend and they are like family. Her boss Mindy, who also owns the location she works at, said "I couldn't have done the past 6 months without my girls. They really take care of me". 💚 ... See MoreSee Less

Ana has been with Subway for 14 years and says her favorite part about working at Subway is that her boss is her friend and they are like family. Her boss Mindy, who also owns the location she works at, said I couldnt have done the past 6 months without my girls. They really take care of me. 💚


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I work at subway as well. And I love it. Ive been pretty sick the last couple of weeks in the hospital. But my district manager is so understanding and i know I still have my job. Ok its not a 15 an hour job. But it is extra income in bringing into my house and I'm so thankful to this company for the opportunity to have me as an employee. Here I can grow and make assistant manager, management and I hope to go up to code compliance and make a living with this company. I plan on staying for many years. It is like family. Find the right location and you will love it

Once a Sandwich Artist, always a Sandwich Artist 🥖

This year will be 5 years for me at Subway.

😂😂😂😂 joke of the year I worked at subway and the way the staff get treated is wrong the manager is only friends with people they have close bonds with outside of work and I wouldn't wish anyone to work there so this is the most stupidest post I've seen it's a dead end job

This year will be my 10 years I luv my work and actually enjoy my work there is many reason behind this - gud owner - A1 working environment - Never treat like workers, just like a family members - easy , friendly and helpful esp he fells our hard time and if we need help he is always at front to helping us . Thanks to my owner ( If u look ur staff we will look after ur business ☺️🤘🏻)

I have worked for Subway for 20 years. I love my job and my owner.

I am working in subway almost 10 years

She looks happy at her Job..!...

Tomatoes aren't orange! Lol

Subway is so good. My sandwich that i always get is whole wheat bread, chicken breast bacon , american cheese, toasted. Then lettuce,tomato, spinach, and avocado. With sun ships and a gatorade or a brisk raspberry tea.

Subway employees have always been really nice to me

Me love subway all time

Why did I click on this now I want a sub! 😂👍

Loved working for subway. I would go back in a heart beat. Worked there while in high school, saved up enough money to take my whole first year of college off. It was such a blessing ❤️

I love working for subway how could i ever own one

I went to subway On the board was a meal deal £3.59 I ordered 2 Which by anyone’s reckoning comes to £7:18 I had NO extras So why was it £7:69

I had a favorite store to go and get my subs but workers have changed and They have been shady twice. I even have 10.00 free for subs but currently no interest in going. I lost a 2.00 off do to a so called manager that tried ripping me off.

The Subway in Buies Creek, NC is the best one EVER! Best atmosphere, best crew, best owner. I wish all Subways were like this location.

I lovesubway

14 years? jesus i barely lasted a

Yo e cumplido en este mes de Febrero 2019:: 12 ańos y si es muy confortable trabajar para Subway con los compańeros y los Jefes es como una Segunda Familia .....

Love the coled cut combe sandwich mmmm🍞

This year will make 7 years i have been working for subway. I recently became a general manager in my area and will celebrate a year as a gm in August. I have always loved my job .

Man that's a long time, been working at Subway for almost two years. I got a long while to go.

Subway was my first job and I loved it,also I get subs about once a week but the last two experiences there I will never go back things have changed and rude kids working there I’ll just make my own,No thank you subway

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