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This steak sub got us over here like 😍 ... See MoreSee Less

This steak sub got us over here like 😍


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Will the autumn carved turkey be coming back this year? 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Subway should start doing deliverys xx

It is soooo good. Toast onions and green peppers with it!

How can you call it fresh when the meat is all frozen at the restaurant?

The one sandwich I like there.

Is the steak 45% beef like the chicken is 45% chicken?

Dibellas and Penn Station is way better, bye

Mine wasn't full like that.

I want see to another Pastra-Meee!!! Comerical

Please open a shop in Taumarunui!!!

Fire house subs is way better

I usually get the steak and cheese 12" sub with mayonnaise, pickle, black olives,provolone cheese and lettuce. Hmmmmmm might have to get one when I get paid

Love❤️ your Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Rotisserie and your Meatball! They are all Yummy and Delicious Subway!🤤😋

They really gotta fill those subs up more. Got more bread than steak.

Never look like this, meat is so thin can hardly see it and bread is so full of air that is almost paper thin when sandwich is made up

whats all this stuff about u using palm oil?

I'm gonna take a pic of this and tell them I want "that". If it doesn't look like that I'm not buying it!

Steak should be in quotation marks. It's not steak, it's "steak".

I flushed my sandwich down yalls toilet....exactly where they belong.

Still missing that Ultimate Italian. 😔

Great Sandwich and lots of meat sauce. Best Sandwich they have

Hey Subway. How about you respond to some of the negative comments and offer some explanation to the complaints? Subs never look like the pictures shown.

had bone splinters in the steak multiple times.

too much salt in the meat for me. Not a healthy choice. Can get better steak and cheese sandwiches else where without all the salt and better tasting.

I know if I wee to order this, it's not going to look like the photo. None of their sandwiches ever do.

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There's still time to make a difference - thru Friday, order online and we'll donate a meal. ... See MoreSee Less


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Bring the old chipotle back

I also want to work with in subway any vacancy

Why don't you simply donate a meal per meal purchased, Instead of it being a ploy? While yes, it is amazing you would donate at all, why is there a certain time or way for it to be done in this country?

Carved turkey?

Subway, dude... we gotta talk. I put an online order for a toasted grilled chicken sub with provolone and banana peppers and got a GREEN PEPPER SANDWICH WITH NO MEAT. What the hell, man?? I thought we were friends? 😭

I demand the double meat hot ham and cheese and subway seasoning. Wont eat subway til they r back

Love❤️ the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, the Chicken Rotisserie or the Meatball! They are all Yummy and Delicious Subway!🤤😋

Love love love this!!!

Just ordered a kids meal from Wythall Birmingham. Could not believe they cut 2 inch from a 6 inch and threw the 2 inch in the bin. Why not just make kids meal a 6 inch. What a pointless waste!!

Worst sandwich place ever no meat on sandwich if you want a real sub go to firehouse subs

Dear subway. Why did you get rid of flatbread. I will never eat your sandwich again. Ever. You stink

Quero trabalhar na subway help me🙏

Kena Martin

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