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Olive Garden

If you've got a lot to talk about during lunch, you'll want to have unlimited excuses to sit and chat. 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

If youve got a lot to talk about during lunch, youll want to have unlimited excuses to sit and chat. 😉


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Iliana Ponce!! Vamos

That looks so good 🤤 Rene

Alicia AllisonGinny Lynn Tucker MendozaAlyssa AmorusoRobin Calloway can we all do lunch here! When everyone can get together 😌😌

Guillermo Memo Trujillo 😋

The soup is so good! I love the Ministroni soup!

My favorite ever omg! 😍

It’s hard to talk with endless soup, salad and breadsticks in your mouth but I’m cool with that! 🤤🥖🥗🥣

Love going here with my mom and niece to chat. Pasta fagoli and chicken gnocci are the best.

Shown above is my favorite lunch at OG

i love you og

Just made some Chicken Gnocchi soup last night!

Edgar Jimenez 🤤🤤

Neal Loretta Sasser I think we need to make a date!

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3 days ago

Olive Garden

Breadsticks are ALWAYS there for you… and your tastebuds. 😋 ... See MoreSee Less

Breadsticks are ALWAYS there for you… and your tastebuds. 😋


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This was my meal after a long day at work I ordered for pick up and when I got home I was so disappointed to see these over cooked noodles.. so upset and I used to love you guys

there must be 4 people there cuz there are 5 bread sticks!!

Thank you Olive Garden for taking care of your employees! Fired right before Christmas! Letting a person not equipped to be management Monica Amado constantly harrass employees! We have complained more then enough! She denies our 10min breaks or cuts them short by filling up your section while on 10! Bad mouths employees to our guests! I have expressed all the harrassment to gm! Yesterday i was fired! Ive called the district manager numerous times to try and fix the problem! No call! If servers are held accountable why not management and above?!

Hey,I'm currently an OG server and I love seeing how you help and connect with guests through Facebook! You reply to almost every comment! Definitely post worthy service,kudos to you!😄 I dont know if its several of you,or just one,but corporate really has its marketing team together.😍You guys rock! I can only dream of helping guests on such a widespread scale. Keep up the amazing work, and happy holidays to you all!🎄🥖🎄🥖🎄

I miss you breadsticks and soup 😋 💕

Soup, salad and breadsticks on cold day💕

Had chicken & shrimp carbonara to go for dinner tonight ! Absolutely delicious ! Not feeling well and was great not to have to cook ! Thanks Olive Garden !

Greensboro NC went to Olive Garden first off salad was ice cold and dry but the warm breadstick I laid across top of it helped. We ordered 2 of the new lobster/shrimp pasta and it was Luke warm didn't wind up eatting it husband didn't want to send it back but I did...the waitress Sara was nice though but I felt like it was a wasted trip we don't have an Olive Garden in Durham so that's why we went there since it was close to our hotel ...greatly disappointed...PS the menus are grimy ...the need to be wiped down with purple wipes had to use my hand sanitizer after touching I said big dissapointment

I got Olive Garden yesterday in Ann Arbor... I placed my order at 1 o'clock to be ready at 4:20. I had to wait 20 minutes past that. I get home and there is barely any sauce on the noodles. Then I pick up the bag with the breadsticks and the bottom opens up and my breadsticks go flying to the floor... We won't be getting Olive Garden again.

Was in the Tupelo, ms. Restaurant yesterday. Got the soup and salad and the appetizer stuffed mushrooms and ravioli and water and my nephew got pizza, fries and drink. Brought the chicken gnocchi soup and salad with no spoon by the time they came back around to ask for spoon and by the time I got spoon the soup was cold tried eating it anyways but the dumplings were raw so asked for another bowl and asked about pizza . They had forgot to make it said it would be a little bit on it. My nephew was starving. Brought out another bowl of chicken gnocchi soup the dumplings were still raw couldn’t eat it. So i paid almost 30.00 for a meal that we couldn’t eat. The mushrooms didn’t taste like they usually do and nephew filled up on breadsticks before he got his food that he had to wait forever on. The only thing that was good to eat was the ravioli. I don’t know what happened I’ve always been satisfied eating there but yesterday the majority was awful. So one bowl of salad and ravioli was way overpriced.

#1709 Decatur, Illinois just scored a 74 on their health inspections.... I wonder if my annual birthday dinner next month should be moved to a different restaurant? This is exceptionally low for what's considered a "nice" restaurant in this town...

Just returned from there . Very disappointed... our broccoli was not fresh we couldn’t eat them when the menager come he still telling us they are ok to eat.... then he offered new one, They bring the new smeling so bad. My husband is sick now. Menagernever come to ask again if everything ok .... we just payed and then we left.. so disappointed

Highly disappointed. I usually love the food and service. Tonight was a big let down. And, to top it off the food made me sick. I've been in the bathroom since 11:00 and now it's getting worse. Better check your food handling.

I wish the service matched the breadsticks. Totally incompetent staff, specifically the front desk guy. The waitress has done a fine job though.

Last couple of times they have been very *well done*, hard and crunchy. When you drive all the way from Canada to get some breadsticks, it is kinda disappointing

Have the powers that be for Olive Garden ever thought of having some whole wheat or whole grain breadsticks instead of JUST white bread? Give people who don’t eat white bread another choice?

Is it true that we will soon have one in Sumter, Sc?

Ordered take out Sunday December 2. Ordered shrimp scampi when I got home and looked at my meal for one the shrimp looked barely cooked well, and to make matters worse there was a piece of HAIR in my pasta!! I immediately called the restaurant the manager working said I would receive a refund to my card it’s been a week still no refund! Called today another manager said he will look into it never got a call back! Even worse that you have to be on hold for 10-15 min just to speak to a manager. Horrible!!

Hoping you'll bring back the garlic alfredo you had on the build your own pasta. MUCH better than the current alfredo sauce you have. Stopped really going when that was taken off the menu :(

This looks so good and yummy.

Your website is completely broken. It is absolutely impossible to place a correct order online.

My last time at OG was a disappointment. The bread sticks had a slight crunch to them and there wasn't much dressing in the salad. In other words, OG being my favorite restaurant is a thing of the past. It's too bad because I did enjoy the food there at one point.

Just went to the Morgantown Olive Garden. I must say we had an awesome server. Dylan did a great job. We will request him next time we go there.

It’s TIME to upgrade your dishwasher! I hate seeing this nasty green stuff on my fork y’all just gave me! Take the time to check the utensils before wrapping it up! Thanks for not caring. I don’t know why I keep coming back to this nasty restaurant!

they have bad service because the food is no the same no more when you order for to go they give to you a small amount and we went 3 week ago for a birthday we order food for my baby he's 3 years old in the end i asked what happen with my kid food they never bring me my kid food 🤔 they have bad service and my dish salad wasn't clean and they never bring a dish salad for my husband

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5 days ago

Olive Garden

Five reasons why you’ll ❤️ our $5 Take Home Entrées:

✔️It’s only $5.
✔️No cooking.
✔️No clean up.
✔️It’s all your favs.
✔️But seriously, look at that photo. 😍
... See MoreSee Less

Five reasons why you’ll ❤️ our $5 Take Home Entrées:

✔️It’s only $5.
✔️No cooking. 
✔️No clean up.
✔️It’s all your favs.
✔️But seriously, look at that photo. 😍


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Ill love it more if brought back the GARLIC ALFREDO

Max Farr they have the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese. We have one in little rock o.O

Good morning Olive Garden, Happy Holidays........ I love baked spaghetti and sauce with alittle mozzarella and grated cheese. Delish!!!!

Which entree r 5 dollars

Does the $5 entrees include salad and breadsticks?

Can you get salad and breadsticks with this?

I was disappointed today bcuz the salad was awful. It was basically all radishes

We love the lunch bowls, perfect size for early dinner. My husband and I both order soup so that we have lunch for the next day. Wish you would bring back the white chocolate cheesecake, my favorite.

Wish we had a olive garden closer.

This looks so good and yummy.

VERY disappointed int the new lobster and shrimp mac & cheese. Not worth the high price tag. 4 shrimp and you could not put the lobster in the head of a pin.

Disappointed please email me at thank you so i can explain

I didnt know they had $5.00 deals,now that i do im getting me some spaghetti and meatballs

Shawna May Shania Novak ladies, I think I deserve the take home meal for having to go through surgery! 😉😉 I’ll love you both so much!!😘

Do u deliver? I just got my tooth pulled n need soft food. I love olive garden.

I can only assume this is only if you buy the first dish dine in?

How do you get this deal?

Does the salad and bread sticks come with it to?

Love❤️ your Pasta Olive Garden! Your Five Cheese Cavatappi with Chicken Fritta on top! It is Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋 Your Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan is also Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋 Also your Minestrone Soup or Salad and Bread Sticks are Delicious!😋

Looks yummy! Would love an Olive Garden back in the Canton, Mich area again.

First you took away the garlic asiago sauce, now you've taken alfredo sauce off the menu. Sorry, not interested until you start making intelligent decisions about menu again.

The baked lobster and shrimp Mac and cheese wassssss soooo amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We were going to take some of these home today. Went out for my birthday lunch but our server never came back until we were ready to leave. Super disappointed. I wanted more salad and my s/o more soup as well as breadsticks. From what we saw the server only had two tables to wait on. $50 for a meal without unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks is disappointing.

I don't see it on the app. Is it over?

is this for real? How long is this deal going to be offering this? Is it just for lunch time only? Get it to go?

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