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Olive Garden

How to literally put the cherry on top of the weekend. 🍒 ... See MoreSee Less

How to literally put the cherry on top of the weekend. 🍒


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We are here at Olive Garden. Bill is a Navy Veteran and he gets his meal for free. The best thing about this visit is that sooo many of the servers have come and thanked him for his service and actually were interested. Wow. I'm am so impressed that he was treated with such honor. THANK YOU Olive Garden. Also thank you Ashley Smith, who was our wonderful server today.

Thank you so much for treating us to lunch yesterday! (in Pineville, NC) Both, my husband and I are veterans. We appreciate your support!

What is that drink?

Love Olive Garden!!!

Thank you Olive Garden for the free Vets meal. Service was great at Owings Mills, MD!

Well dang. I would’ve gotten that tonight, if I’d known about it! Got a spiked strawberry lemonade instead. Not a bad alternative 👍🏻

Thank you so much for the free veterans meals, altoona PA location was busy but it was worth the wait. The food was delicious and hot. Thank you ♡ I appreciate it.

First time ever trying the salad this weekend and there was a big hair in the middle of it! I was at the table gagging. The food we ordered wasn't up to par at all. The breads ticks were even bad like garlic & cardboard. Idk what has happened to my beloved favorite place to eat but after today I'm just traumatized. It is the grossest think ever to be eating a dish then as you're taking a bite you notice a hair in your plate.

what is the drink olive garden please reply back

When will the lobster ravioli be back? Olive Garden

I usually love eating here ! However last night we literally had the worse experience I've ever had here. I left very disappointed. Soup was cold, we had dirty dishes bought to us it was horrible. However they did have an amazing wine, but that was the best out of everything

Ooh, what is that?

Thank you Olive Garden for my Veteran's Day Dinner in Rosenberg. You food was delicious and the service surpurb. Where other restaurants were giving a free drink with a purchased meal, you really came through for us. It is very much appreciated. Funny thing though, I spent more tonight with my free meal than I had ever before.

Love 💘the food,the dessert is a little pricey but it is very delicious 😋

When does never-ending pasta end?

Please open in the UK!!

Truly disappointed at Olive Garden last night. Veterans Day tradition at OG is done. Friendswood location lost loyal customers. 🙁

When you go to Olive Garden and staff says bar is open seating. Sat at a table and Manager comes over and informs me that I needed to move. I informed her what I was told and total attitude. Got up and left. Her attitude was extremely rude and inappropriate. Bar has always been open seating. No worries, won’t be back. I’ll take my husband who is a Veteran to another restaurant on Veterans Day!!

I had Olive Garden last night it was so good

I don’t see an option on this page anywhere to private message you so unless you private message me I will post about the revolting, stomach churning experience at your Lafayette, IN location we experienced tonight. I guarantee nobody would ever eat there again. It was supposed to be a birthday celebration for my Purdue student. Thank you. I guarantee she will never forget it, nor will we.

Thanks so much for honoring Vets Mark Deis and I had a great Dinner together, The food is always Good

Yesterday my wife, mother-in-law and I went to dinner at Olive Garden at Tradition. Olive Garden honored all military veterans with a special menu. Thank you Olive Garden and staff for the dinner. And our server Harvey. Thank you for the tribute you paid to us veterans.

I'll be there Tuesday

I went out for the first time on Veterans Day I took my girlfriend to Olive Garden in Erie, PA and had the absolute worst service of my life by a waitress who couldn’t care less. I used to love this place because the food is so good but this truly makes me never want to go back especially for what day it was because I can only imagine how other vets who have given so much more were treated. Very disappointed.

Love❤️ your pasta! It is Yummy and Delicious!🤤😋 Especially the Five Cheese Cavatappi with Crispy Chicken Fritta on top! The Chicken Alfredo or the Baked/Regular Chicken Parmesan! They are all Yummy and Delicious Olive Garden!🤤😋 Of course your Breadsticks and Minestrone Soup or Salad is Delicious too!😋 Everything with Cheese on it!😋 Is that just regular pop with cherries on it

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Olive Garden

Everyone else: YESSS, another hour of sleep!
Us: YESSS, another hour to eat more breadsticks!
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I am a veteran and i just wanted to say, Thank you for the Delicious lunch today and the one to take home. Everyone of your employees I saw toady was courteous and thankful for my service. Our waiter was super nice and Johnny on the spot all the time to take care of our party.

Just got back from the Olive Garden. My son and I went there for our annual veterans day meal. The staff was very good as was the food. I can't speak for all the vets but the staff made me feel welcome and appreciated. Both my son and I were thanked for our service many times. Thank you to the Olive Garden for their hospitality. We went to the location off Miller Rd.

Thank you for the wonderful veteran's dinner! The salad, breadsticks and chicken parmigiana were delicious, and the service by Lizzie was terrific!

I heard you have a super racist manager over at the mall 205 location ! GROSS

I am super sorry for that I am about to post a super long status. . . . . About a month ago, I went to an interview at Olive Garden in Elkhart by the Toll Road. I have previous serving experience and I know that I HAVE what it takes to be great waitress. In my first interview I told them that I have one arm and that didn't seem to bother them. I was told to come back in for a second interview three days later. I had my second interview with the General Manager, I went back and she asked me to say some cool facts about myself. I told her that I had one arm and she quickly interrupted me and asked if I spoke to the fourth manager, I replied no. The fourth manager came out and said "My GM tells me you have one arm? You see here I don't know how you could be a server without the second hand, as you know we carry heavy trays." I reply back "yes, but I have served before and I KNOW that I could/can do this." She states "I am just trying to picture you as I server and I just can't. also, you have to use the cheese grater." I reply back "alright I have the ability to grip, I think if i can fish without two hands, i can grate some cheese. Do you want me to show you that I can do it? I'd be more than happy to." She says "I am sorry, but right now we are looking for people that meet our criteria, but I can offer you a hosting job or a cooking job." My last words to her were, "I applied to become a waitress because I miss serving, so no I don't want to work for your company." I just got up and left. As I walked out the doors, I tried my hardest to fight back my tears so that she wouldn't see me cry. But, as soon i got to my car I started to sob. I have NEVER been turned down because I have one arm! Later my mom called and asked why they did that to me and they told her that I would have been a safety hazard to their work environment. I have lived with people making assumptions that I can't do something my whole life, and I am okay with that. it just makes me a lot happier when I get to prove them wrong. Now I told myself that I would never go to an Olive Garden again because of what they did, but I needed to prove them wrong. I needed to prove to them and myself that I could grate cheese. the video below is of me grating cheese myself, I think I did a great job grating some cheese!

So went to Olive Garden here in lufkin and the people that work there are so rude and food was too cold idk what’s wrong with the people there but if they don’t like there job they should bout work in food or customer service

We went today to the one in Carlsbad by the mall. And the service was great like any other occasion had.

Please offer delivery service or partner with one of the existing services and I so would, right now 🙂

Long post! Sorry! Hi there! I visited your McDonough, GA (Jonesboro Rd) location today a couple hours ago and am sad to say the experience wasn’t great! I LOVE Olive Garden and come to this location multiple times a month. However, today I had a few issues. The food was the biggest one. I’m not sure if there was a new chef or what, but the taste and portion sizes were off. I got what I ALWAYS get: Appetizer sampler (calamari & stuffed mushrooms) and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. On top of this, my server seemed a little frazzled and Disheveled (meaning my service wasn’t great). I ordered my app on the little table kiosk. About five minutes later, she walked up to let me know they didn’t have fried mozzarella( what I initially wanted, but no problem!) so I changed it to stuffed mushrooms. Then about ten minutes after that, my Alfredo came out, no appetizer. I asked her about it and she said she would check on it. When it finally came, the mushrooms were cold and the calamari seemed undercooked (under-fried). Also my Alfredo portion was less than what it normally is, even though I asked for the regular portion size(not the lunch). I did not complain (primarily because my server didn’t come back for a while). I paid for my food on the kiosk and left. But I thought I needed to let you guys know! Hopefully I will have a better experience next time! Thanks.

Went for our anniversary was great...service not so much felt rushed and not wanted sort like an after thought to our don't plan on returning anytime soon...

Yummy... I want so badly to go to olive garden can't wait till it's in my budget to take my 8 year old she just got straights A cant think of a better way to celebrate

Family went to Olive Garden on Alpine Avenue in Grand Rapids tonight to celebrate two birthdays, had to ask three times for drinks. When the waitress gave us a menu for birthday desserts she never returned… Press the ‘help’ light for 10 minutes and no one ever came. Had to leave to catch a flight, very disappointed.

i have been to many olive gardens while travelling on business and they have always been good. i have not hit a bad experience but of course that is possible. when i am back home, i go to the one in downers grove, illinois. i have been eating there for 15 years and no issues. so i will continue.

Hey Olive Garden when do your never ending pasta end?

My granddaughter loved your pasta this weekend.

I went to get the 9.99 build your own pasta one day, and when I got there ordered my food, ate it, then got the check, I was shook! They advertise for a 9.99 pasta but made me pay for the Alfredo sauce, and chicken mine and my cousins meal came out to be 40 something dollars and we didn’t even order an appetizer. All we had was the bread stixs and salad thats provided. That was false advertisement...

Just had the worst experience at my Olive Garden. While eating,I all of a sudden started choking. Pulled out long string of blonde hair out of my mouth.Started gagging and throwing up. We didn’t finish our meal . Made us sick and they took care of our bill and waitress asked if daughter needed some peppermint. Could have at least gave us a gift card or something. We are home now daughter still sick from experience. Never again. Bad customer service and waitress.

When I’m in town, I always have a meal with my 2 Besties at this particular Olive Garden and they always treat us well from the moment we enter till the moment we leave but today...I must say, Johnathan nailed it and made this visit extra special for myself Marcus Kelley & Brian Arsenault! Thank you very much Johnathan for your wonderful service, kindness and complete professionalism! (He was cute too but did not let that distract him in the least) 🙂

Horrible service! Our waitress disappeared for 30 mins and had to flag down the manager to get our check and boxes still nothing!! Flagged down a waitress and she got us our check and boxes. My chicken parm was burnt and my husband got fettuccini Alfredo there was hardly any sauce it was mostly oily water

Went to olive Garden in merrilvile tonight. Phil was our server and was outstanding. Great service great attitude all around made our experience very enjoyable. 3 kids 7 5 and 2 just me and the wife is always a struggle but he was great.

My husband and I are both veterans and went to Olive Garden late this evening. It was fantastic, from the service to the food! 😋😋

Ate at your location today(Eastpointe, Michigan() and our waitress, Mary S. was awesome!! Very pleasant experience today!! We will definitely be back soon!. Thank you Mary S. for your awesome service today.

Thank you to the Olive Garden for serving a delicious Lunch to our Veterans.....and the Server did a fantastic Job.....

I want to Thank Taylor our waitress tonight at Olive Garden, in fact the whole staff where very pleasent. Being Vertrans Day and giving Free dinners to those who served they thanked vets and where so very kind. We where also there for our grand daugther Emilys birthday! Taylor made it very special and everyone coming over to sing on a busy night I thank you all. Emily has Decside this will be he Birthday dinner spot for now on <3 Thank You Again!

so after over 5 years of bringing my special needs child to the Burlington Olive garden I was told today by the "so called" general manger that they would NOT serve her! This is not only discriminatory but very cruel to a 9 yr old child who has been going to olive garden as long as she can remember ! My child has a metabolic disorder which restricts her intake of protein more correctly an amino acid that is in protein . So she does not eat, meat ,cheese wheat, gluten, bean , rice … her liver can not metabolize this amino so she maintains a low protein diet basically a Vegan Diet! So I have always brought in her medical food pasta for Olive garden to boil up, it looks just like regular pasta only it has the amino acid removed and it is made from starch not wheat or eggs etc which makes it very low in protein - we then use the Olive garden marinara or tomato sauce and steamed broccoli - She can also eat the salad which she loves, BUT NOT TODAY the "general manger" decides that my child is a liability to YOUR restaurant and she said boil the pasta noodle is just TOO risky and THEY cant assume the liability.. I find this laughable DONT YOU ASSUME THE LIABILITY WITH EVERYONE FOR WHOM YOU PREPARE A MEAL FOR ! .! Literally for over 5 years NEVER has there ever been a problem except NOW with this one person who claims to be a manger and she decides to discriminate against my handicap child . My child's condition is very rare the parents of children with PKU have website where we discuss which restaurants we have are good to take our kids to Olive Garden was always high on the list as one that would accommodate and substitute our child's low protein pasta for theirs ! I guess not anymore Thank you for making my child feel like a FREAK and a LIABILITY ! an BTW I want a refund on the 50$gift card I bought since my child can no longer eat there !

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Olive Garden

We're getting lots of reports of supernatural happenings at our restaurants today. Our advice: hold onto your breadsticks. 👻 ... See MoreSee Less


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Last Sunday evening my wife and I went to the Olive Garden in North Raleigh. We arrived there at approximately 7:40 PM. They were busy, as one would expect, with several people waiting, so we went to the bar area to find a table. We found a couple of empty tables so we selected one and sat down. We waited for a waiter, there were two or three waiting on tables around us. We waited for about 20 minutes and they all ignored us. I then went to the bar and ordered a couple of glasses of wine, and at the same time told the bar tender where we were seated and asked her to add them to our bill as we would be eating there as well. We waited another 25 minutes, no one came to our table to help us. No menus, nothing. We drank our wine and the bar tender then brought over our bill and noticed that we had not been waited on. We had been there almost 45 minutes by that time. She said she would get a monger and would be back.We waited another 5 minutes, she did find the manager as my wife heard her talking to her. Her response was we had to wait our turn because they were busy. In the meantime a waiter came to a table near us to wait on another table, that had been unoccupied we we sat down. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he could wait on us after he finished with that table. He said "sure" and walked off....never returned. After the manager told the bar tender we had to wait our turn, we got up and left.

You mean like disability discrimination?

Need one in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan please!

All I wanted was to order chicken Alfredo but neither of us could get online ordering for the brookfield,Wi location to work! What a bummer.

Horrible service!! Me and my husband went there to eat and it started off good but took forever to get salad and our waitress kept asking my husband if he was a leo and if he knew her people!! We just wanted to enjoy our meal as we were celebrating a new home and we couldnt even do that as she kept interrupting our conversation asking my husband if he was sure they didnt know the same people so so irky!!!! And the chicken was so greasy and salty and the noodles were hard!!! And she chased after us out the door saying we were 7$ short when in all actuality the meal was 35$ and we gave her 40$ and was already fed up this just topped it off!!!

You still have the never ending pasta bowl special on now???

Your Breadsticks are Delicious😋 with either the Five Cheese Cavatappi with Chicken Fritta, Chicken Alfredo or the Baked/Regular Chicken Parmesan! They are all Yummy and Delicious Olive Garden!🤤😋 I hope nothing Supernatural happens to the breadsticks before I can come!😄

How late is this location open until?

Bad experience last night in odessa texas off 42nd street

They are out of vanilla ice cream for the apple dessert! So disappointed today.


I love Olive Garden so much

Look at my to-go order I just picked up from the Olive Garden on 100 post rd in Springfield MA ... CHICKEN SCAMPI WITH A SIDE OF STICKERS

are you hiring for dishwashers

No free kid meal coupons this year for halloween 🎃?

I have a concern from tonight. Nov. 1st. We sat at a booth in the bar. I tried to private message you but could not

Horrible service manager Tony made me feel as though I have to pay for bad service I will never return nor recommend this place to anyone but what do you expect from a B rating establishment this is the meal in which I waited 15 min for cheese only for the manger to hand me a to go dish to pack it up

Can you open a location at Posner Park in Davenport Florida please?!

Is the mall location still open?

Good thing for the bread sticks. I was happy to talk my husband into going tonight and this was the awesome meal I ordered. 17 bucks.

More vegetarian options like lasagna without meat sauce !!!! PLEASE

Send me some to scotland pls 😩❤️❤️

Veterens Day specials?

25 minute wait. Hahaha

Sorry for the disjointed way this reply has happened. I'm not very experienced with Facebook. There is not too much more to add to what I wrote on the Facebook page. There is one correction, it was not 7:40 when we arrived at your restaurant, it was 6:40 PM. Other tan that, there is not much to add, except we don't plan to ever enter your restaurant again. We have never been so insulted and ignored. Dave Frost

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