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2 weeks ago

Olive Garden

⚠️ WARNING: This video will cause extreme cravings. 😏 ... See MoreSee Less

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Disappointed as well!! Went to the Olive Garden in Chattanooga,TN when they first opened and the table that they sat us at was nasty and had not been cleaned then the breadsticks were hard as can be and to top that my husband’s breadstick he had a bristle from the brush that they wipe the butter on with on his breadstick he was eating. Horrible experience and manger said sorry offered free desert brought more breadsticks and they too were hard as a brick and this was my pick for my Birthday

We went to Olive Garden yesterday and I was extremely disappointed. It was the first time we had gone to any restaurant since the pandemic. The breadsticks were hard, husband wanted lasagna they had none, no stuffed mushrooms, and my chicken Parmesan tasted like it had been cooked in year old grease. Such a shame.

Interesting- lots of comments on here about hard breadsticks... I was just telling friends yesterday how disappointed I was with our takeout a couple weeks ago. Super hard breadsticks- and we ordered a dozen!!😞

They where horrible last time we got take out no flavoring and hard! Plus they forgot one of our Entrées! Not to mention the manger never called us back! This use to be my favorite place, but I am soo disappointed with them and the management.

I’d have loved to pick up my order at the Winston Salem, NC restaurant, except the number to call for carside didn’t work and the staff wouldn’t let us in to pick up our order. Was rudely told to go back to our car and call the not working number. Ridiculous.

Went on Wednesday food was excellent. Love the bread sticks with alfredo sauce. MI rocks

My daughter, son and I went to the Olive Garden on City Line Avenue in Philadelphia and we were happy to be at the Olive Garden for my birthday. We order the shrimp with pasta and my beverage and my children order fettuccine with their beverages. Our food came on time and we were very pleased with their food and food server. Looking forward to doing another birthday again in the future!!

I had the breadsticks in your restaurant on Thursday. I do have to say that I was disappointed. They have always been delicious however the second breadstick I had was hard. I’ve never had this happen before. Although my dinner was good though.

I love Olive Garden, but the location closest to me is not very good. Every time I order the lasagna to go, the portion size is very small. $15 for a kids sized amount of food. My husbands meal costs the same price and he always has more food than I do. I also pay for extra cheese and my lasagna never has it. Just ordered curbside to go, on Monday, and we had to go inside because they didn't include the complimentary breadsticks or the extra ones that we paid for. Also got home and saw that there was no silverware or cheese/chocolates. Those were requested as well. I'm going to start making my own pasta at this point. At least if I disappoint myself, it will cost me much less 🤷🏾‍♀️

Bring back braised beef bolognese! It's so good and went so well with the best breadsticks

Well... Once again I hunger the breadsticks and if there's any good news, my mom is too. I will be there tonight. Would love to find out what's going to happen to the pumpkin cheesecake. I still say the chocolate one was a flop and still want the original to reign supreme. No matter. Cya tonight. ^^

Honestly, they never come out like this and have been repeatedly tasteless! Our local restaurant has gone down hill since this whole Covid junk!

I’m craving shrimp scampi.....looks like I’m getting it to go

Come over to the south coast of England. I miss Olive Garden so much. ❤️

I wish you had a location in Plover. The closest one to me is over an hour away. I love you guys.

Got two orders of breadsticks today in curbside pickup. Both of my orders were stale tasting and hard.

Bring back baked cheese fonduta that was the best!

Thank you for delivering food to health care workers today 😍

Went to Olive Garden with my husband and mother in law and was beyond disappointed. Wanted to give them a try since it’s been a good while since I’ve been to one. First off the waitress wasn’t any help. Told her I had serve food allergies and she just didn’t care. Took over 15 mins or so to just bring our drinks. But I guess I can say hey at least our “food” came out before our salad and soup though. My mother found a hair in her pasta and mine food was ruin bc no one seem to care that my food wasn’t eatable. Breadsticks was hard. Food seem like it was a day old just heated up really good. Overall disappointed. When you have customers who have serve food allergies it’s best you pay attention and do your job and making sure their going to be good and get them what they need. I don’t have fun when I have to use my eipen bc of someone stupidly nor do I wanna go to hospital bc someone couldn’t listen. Needles to say I won’t be back.

While I don't mind tipping 20% for good service, I do not like to tip on the sales tax also. I am disappointed that this practice has been put into place.

The best! delicious 😋

Very disappointed we couldn’t enjoy any at our last visit there. Was told they were out and were serving Texas toast instead. Then was informed they were out of that.

Our OG doesn’t even bother putting anything on them and they are always hard as hell. So disappointing 😞

I miss the portobello mushroom ravioli! They took it off our menu here and I loved it!

We had dinner on my anniversary on the 25th of last month and the I wanted cheesecake so bad and for some reason the cheesecake was absolutely terrible. Only thing wAs good was the salad. Very disappointed

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3 weeks ago

Olive Garden

We're pretty sure we look at our Fettuccine Alfredo the same way Moms look at their kids. 😍 ... See MoreSee Less

Were pretty sure we look at our Fettuccine Alfredo the same way Moms look at their kids. 😍

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One of my favorite places to eat but...two weeks ago they were out of Alfredo sauce and this evening they are out of my favorite stuffed ziti fritta. Poor management when you don’t have adequate supplies!

I like to thank the waiter and chef ant OG! We went yesterday and I asked for their Gluten free pasta with shrimp (they offer GF sauces too) but I just wanted olive oil and garlic. The waiter asked the chef and he made me a delicious dish! Everyone was so accommodating. I was very grateful! We will be back and I will get this again!!!

This looks so good. I just got some Olive Garden gift cards for my birthday. Might be doing takeout soon. Maybe you'll have buy one take one again.

want it know, always so great, one of kids fav dishes

This is my favorite favorite food fr.OG💖😋😋😋😋😋😋😋💖

Bring back the Portobello Di Ravioli!!! And the original calamari dipping sauce 😭

We love olive garden. Food is amazing.bwe will try to make reservations and dine in a month or so.

Ate at Olive Garden in GI, this week, apparently they cutting back on ingredients..we ordered Zappa soup, and was made only with broth, no cream or milk base, and got one gnocchi in chicken gnocchi soup......truly a disappointment.

I wanted to give a shoutout to the Sawmill location. We ordered a family spaghetti/marinara/meatballs with a salad and breadsticks this evening. Everything was great! You all even included Parmesan packets and those little chocolate mints! It was brought right out to the car! We all loved it! Thanks!

My grandsons favorite! He moved away to his Dads for a while & I would visit every 2 weeks. We went to restaurant after restaurant & still OLIVE GARDEN was & is his favorite. I absolutely love your soup & salad!😍

Keep the Giant Chicken Parm... Sooooooo good! Bring back Chicken Gnocchi Veronese as well!

Me and the fiance went to olive garden to eat out. First time since covid. Service was great. Food on the other hand was rather questionable. The food at the restaurant was average. Best thing was the appetizers.They had this take a meal home for 5$. So I figured why not so me and the fiance got the stuffed alfredo,🤢. So we had it today for dinner. Yea followed the directions. The sauce just tasted like salt and the stuffed alfredo was raw and gummy. And left a bad aftertaste. Won't be going there for a while.

Just had it a few weeks ago it was not good at all so dry and took so long to get the order.

I love the chicken parm and stuffed chicken marasla.

Had fettuccine and steak tonight. Although it was very tasty our pasta portion was about 1 cup no more for sure. Not worth the price.

I always have to request a side of sauce because it’s always dry when the meal Comes

Add, chicken and broccoli and more sauce🎯

My husband misses the braised short ribs. It was the only thing he liked. So we no longer go. 😢

We bought the $5 take home yesterday. It will be our lunch today. Surprised at how big the serving is for the price. There are two large scoops of sauce to heat and serve over the noodles. Looking forward to it today.

Olive Garden is my favorite place to eat! Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite!

My fettuccine alfredo had very little sauce last week

Need an Olive Garden in our town! 🤔

With grilled chicken on top! The best

I saw commercial for extra sauce. Mine was so dry, I asked for more sauce. It came with a $4.95 price tag.

You have a nice restaurant. But sometimes you struggle.

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4 weeks ago

Olive Garden

Alfredo alfresco 🌤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Alfredo alfresco 🌤️

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We've never needed extra sauce whether we dined in-house or had takeout. Always excellent!!!

I took my daughters for lunch here at the Amarillo location after back to school shopping and the breadsticks were dense, the server smelled like he had never worn deodorant in his life, and my daughter's alfredo on her tortellini was so thick it made the entire dish sticky and pasty. I had gnocchi soup with no gnocchi at all present in the soup. Tried talking to the manager and she said "So sorry for your experience. How about a drink to go?" Really. None of us really consumed our food, and the breadsticks were disgusting. Olive Garden used to be a wonderful treat for us but $60 for 3 subpar lunches is ridiculous (it is sad when Fazolis is better tha Olive Garden). I'll never be back to this location unless it changes management.

Usually love my olive garden, but $20 for a plate full of oil is ridiculous. It is so oily, it had standing orange oil.

Tonight my family and I, try fettuccine Alfredo at home, but is not the same. I hope to go again very soon, I really love the food.

Where is the extra Alfredo sauce they talk about on commercial. Looks awful dry to me. Never enough when went to restaurant without ordering extra. Thought by commercial it would be so good.

We ate there the other day was great did the take one home had lots of sauce was very happy

I love Olive garden my favorite eating place ❤❤

The other day we ordered the Soup, salad, n Breadsticks for curbside, they Brought us someone else's order...Then we get our Order and hardly No salad, 2 ROCK Breadsticks omg I couldn't believe it...

They have a very limited menu! Please bring back your old menu items!

Did carry out, got home and no salads. Called the Novi, MI location and they were emailing a gift card. Never received it. Big disappointment.

Is Olive Garden open right now??

Deliciousness and happiness together in a bowl! 😋

I need some of this!

Looks delicious

Went out to dinner tonight at our local OG and I just want to say what a disappointment in lack of management. Our salad had two flies, and luckily we alerted our waiter Tommy I think was his name. He was lovely btw who then alerted the manager. She came over and all she said was sorry but that this happened with the constant opening and closing of doors in the restaurant and guests coming in and out. She came off unpleasant and like it was bothersome for her to come and apologize. Me and my friend were a bit surprised that this is how she handled the situation, and basically blamed it on the restaurant doors opening and closing and two flies ending in our salad bowl. We won’t be returning. This is not how managers should treat customers.

Was dry and unappealing even before pandemic

Don’t have a keto options?

Olive garden is wonderful! Just let any manager know if you need a thing. They're awesome!

Ordered take out the other night, and did NOT notice any change in the amount of sauce...very average...I was looking forward to the “extra sauce”😒

If olive garden has a limited menu is the classic lasagna on the menu or not. If not I will come back when y'all decide to put it back on. That & the salad and breadsticks are the only thing I eat from olive garden.

I wish that this looked like the picture. My food had barely any sauce and the noodles weren't cooked all the way. Very disappointed in my experience and don't even want to go back.

I love Alfredo thats my favorite



That is my favorite food.

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We're pretty sure we look at our Fettuccine Alfredo the same way Moms look at their kids. 😍
Alfredo alfresco 🌤️
Nobody puts breadsticks in a corner. 💃
The world needs more Alfredo right now, so that's exactly what we're giving you. 🤲
Some days you just NEED dessert. Are we right or are we right?
No, your phone's not listening to you. We just know you're always in the mood for Fried Mozzarella. 😏
Dad deserves his favorites. Our Take & Bake Cheese Stuffed Shells are the perfect way to spend time together around the table this Father's Day.

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