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As a thank you for the extraordinary commitment of our nation’s heroes, we’re serving FREE Red, White, and Blueberry Pancakes to Veterans and Active Duty Military on Monday, November 12, from 7 am to 7 pm. Participation varies. Dine-in only. 1 per veteran/active duty with proof of service. Restrictions apply. ... See MoreSee Less

As a thank you for the extraordinary commitment of our nation’s heroes, we’re serving FREE Red, White, and Blueberry Pancakes to Veterans and Active Duty Military on Monday, November 12, from 7 am to 7 pm. Participation varies. Dine-in only. 1 per veteran/active duty with proof of service. Restrictions apply.


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Thank you IHOP of Harriman NY great treat for Veterans and friendly service! 🇺🇸

I'm not happy with you people this morning. I appreciate the free gesture but doing it on the wrong day and not letting me know until after I waited half an hour to get the table kind of just sets the mood wrong.

Wish this was offered on Veterans Day my husband was excited for this honor but has to work on Monday

This looks soooo delicious too bad its only for veterans

Thank you very much for supporting our veterans!

IHOP IHOP I went in to this location at 9:20am this morning. I asked if I could order to go and the hostess told me yes. I now see that this offer is a dine-in special. However, I was told yes that I could order to go. I sat and waited for my 2 pancakes only to have the owner/manager come up after 30 mins to state it’s only free if you eat here. I said that’s fine but could you all have told me that 30 minutes ago after I just wasted time sitting. No apology at all. I do appreciate businesses offering things like this to veterans but it’s so frustrating sometimes when you visit these establishments and things like this happens. Never again.

Veterans day is Sunday though

Thank you IHOP, it means a lot to veterans.

It’s Veterans Day, today. “What is a Veteran? Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations defines a veteran as “a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.” This definition explains that any individual that completed a service for any branch of armed forces classifies as a veteran as long as they were not dishonorably discharged.” Thank you to our Veterans for doing what we could not or would not. And/or giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you IHOP for the wonderful free breakfast!

Me: red white and blue pancakes, huh? What do they taste like? Mysterious old man next to me:...America.

I had those last year and they where really good the waitress I had was so nice and she made sure my son got chocolate milk and she was quick

Veterans day is on a Sunday. You guys are open 24 hours. So, why not Sunday?

Give them a discount every day. A lot of places do

Bad experience - Forgotten at table Staff not communicating with each other as our waitress was shocked that the servers didn’t bring the food and then on Veterans Day a day I observe as a veteran - I recieve the horrible service and no acknowledgement for me or the room filled with veterans. Who these Same veterans of different war campaigns were disappointed when the actual day November 11th there were no deals but instead they tell you Tomm - Monday When no one will be around and most veterans are working !!! Then just pancakes - when your company makes millions and pancakes cost u nothing !!!’ I don’t look for anything free and can certainly pay for my meals but the lack of service and staff not acknowledging men and women for their sacrifice not only disrespects them but the ones who never made it back!!

Thank you, I added this to my list of free Veterans Day meals. -

Omg ! All this conversation over a couple pancakes

I've always questioned the validity of that word, extraordinary. Just makes me ask, why make something extra ordinary than something simply, ordinary 🤔

Had this at IHOP this morning and looked nothing like this. Only three strawberries and 5 blueberries.

Daniel, ich steh gleich auf. Ich hoffe mich erwartet gleich sowas 😍😍😂

Micheline Kitambala please let make a trip to the U.S just for those pancakes 😋😋

My husband has to work on Monday, so we will miss it. It should be today, he requested today off because today is Veterans Day.

A very big Mahalo (thank you) to the manager of the Kailua Kona IHOPE, for the MIA POW missing soldiers table, set up just inside the door. It is very seldom we see this in any restaurant Nation wide. Your patriotism is very much appreciated by our veterans. I sincerely hope this makes it to IHOPE corporate offices.

Next time, do yourself a favor and don't offer this to us. My first time coming out for this and this is my review: Andrea sat and chatted for a couple of minutes with other staff rather than coming out to greet me. I asked about the veterans day special. No acknowledgement of service members. No apology. She then asked me where I wanted to sit. I told her it was my first time here and I was not sure... I asked if it's normally seat yourself. Debi was beyond kind, but unfortunately that doesn't make up for Andrea. I'm now listening to the cooks ask how to make the veterans special.


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Grow your appetite three sizes with our new Grinch-inspired menu. Try them before somebody steals ‘em. ... See MoreSee Less


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Anchorage, Alaska IHOP can make them look good!

Mine looked nothing like the picture ☹️

Quinn Rahal Grinch pancakes with cream cheese icing and mint hot chocolate with red hearts💚🥞☕

My daughter's pancake looked nothing like the picture smh

Heres the pancakes we got . Nothing like the commercial

Was the kinda icing they put ????

The green pancakes and hot cocoa came out well in NY, but being told the grinch kids meal doesn’t apply for kids eat free promo was a little grinchy.

Advertisement vs Reality 🤔 (mint hot chocolate tasted great, whipped cream was horrible - and I LOVE whipped cream. Plus the hot chocolate didn’t stay hot due to the “whipped cream” being freezing).

This is the Hot Chocolate they served us....

How long will these be available?

So disappointing we went to the movie and then to IHOP to get hot chocolate... ALL OUT! I have two very upset kids.


Here’s our mint hot chocolate. Seriously ihop, get your stuff together.

What do you think guys?

We came in @ 7 :20 PM and didn't give my hubby the FREE food, because they just ended it , wow , guess they'd go broke from giving Free Pancakes 🤔🤔😂🤣

Rebecca Clark Whitney Did you'ns try these I had one pancake it was good. The white is like a cream cheese icing & the red are those hard sprinkles YUM

My kiddos loved the Grinch pancakes 🥞

This is what my daughter got this morning. Very disappointed.

Can someone explain why Pepsi and Mountain Dew are 2 different prices? They’re the same size. Nobody here can explain.

How long will you be serving these?

Erin O'Brien I want ihop

Im taking nicoly woley to eat some of those Grinch pancakes , she told me weve got to try them out !!! She'll tell you if there Good enough to Steal. ! Happy Turkey Day after grinch cakes 😊

This just makes me chuckle.I did this years ago for St.Patricks day,just some food coloring and customers swore they tasted

Will y’all be participating in the Veterans Day pancake promo again this year?

Here was our Mint Hot Chocolate, I guess they think this is presentable. Side note they informed us after making it that they didn't have the green whip topping or sprinkle's. So I guess its just a gross looking hot chocolate...

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IHOP’s new Grinch menu. It’ll make your appetite grow three sizes. ... See MoreSee Less


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Christine Pergl Estes this is what I'm talking about! But where's the Green Eggs and Ham?! 😂

Cathy Thomas Grinch pancakes with cream cheese icing and mint hot chocolate with red hearts💚🥞☕

Lon Jatimer can we go see movie and have grinch breakfast ???

Samuel Hinkson I know where I want to go for breakfast tomorrow 😋😍

Would love to try, but Lancaster PA IHOP stink .stop going cause the service is horrible and the last time we went my eggs were over cooked , my pancakes were dry and our order wasn't right never got a sorry

Kristine Kennon Kysiak I think we should have brunch on Saturday and go see the Grinch!

Lauren Hailey Edenfield, Emily just saying if we go see The Grinch...we need to go eat some Grinch pancakes before or after😁😁😁

Jerriann Martinez The twins needs these before or after they see their movie!

I know it's only food coloring but still they were awesome

Had a great breakfast at our newly remodeled Blaine MN IHOP! Our favorite waitress, Kathy, is always friendly! 😋

Hunter Rhae McWhorter what you think?????

Gross. Why do restaurant's think that putting green food coloring in stuff looks or sounds appetizing?

Isabella Rose Jane, boys get to see The Grinch free on the 20th at Rialto Theater and than we can bring them here to eat a Grinch meal for free too! They would love it! 💚

I just had to use this past weekend and they were awesome

Thank You to Troy in your 7259 Bronson Highway. He was fantastic with our table of 9 yesterday. Please give him a huge amount of praise. As we visited your same restaurant a week and a half ago and had a totally different experience which had us in two minds to come back.

Stephanie Ann Raines we have to go here before the movie!!!!

Giovanna Maria pancakes for Robert.

Hannah plz sat night. PLZ

Do kids still eat ftee after 4??

Babbbbbbeee 😫😍 Noah Lerma

I went to the IHOP in Avon, Ohio and after 30 minutes I cancelled my order and all I ordered was 3 hotcakes. Absolutely terrible there anymore it seems and I saw 3 people behind the wall cooking. I will never go there again and it used to be my favorite place for hot cakes/pancakes. They were not really busy that I could tell. My waitress never came over to me, not once to even say what was going on or if I needed any more water, she was terrible. I had a doctor appt and I would have been late for it if I did not leave. When I walked in to the counter I told the waitress only 1(that was me) and she said "you have to wait", how rude then she proceeded to go behind the wall and talk to another waitress who was doing nothing but standing there. Finally another very nice waitress came over to put away some menus and seated me (she was very nice.)

Sarah Westlake-Galica after we watch the grinch IHOP has pancakes for us 😂

Matt Fisher we should take the kids for this and then go see the grinch!!

GRINCHLY delicious.

Ryan Henderson a movie date and grinch pankcakes for dinner ❤️

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