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See everything that went into IHOPS. Besides pancakes. ... See MoreSee Less


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This is how good IHOP burgers are that employees of ihop are eating Wendy’s in the dinning room with the ihop customers

I recently went to the IHOP on douglas in Des Moines, Iowa and ordered the Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse pancakes to go and what I got was nothing like what I ordered. No whipcream, no mousse, almost no chocolate at all. At first I thought it was a mistake, but when I went back the manager told me it was indeed the mousse pancakes. I pointed to the poster right behind me of the pancakes in question and told them they look not even remotely like what I got and they didn't even answer me. They went back to kitchen and simply threw some more chocolate on it, not even attempting to fix it. This level of false advertising and dishonesty is like nothing I have ever seen before. I gave them my hard earned money and this is how they treat me. Gee thanks... This is what I got:

The only acceptable ihop I’ve ever been to is Statesville, NC. Last night I went to the ihop in Rock Hill, SC. I ALWAYS order a bacon temptation omelette, no tomato add mushroom and ham. The waitress told me they can’t add things that I have to make my own. Okay. I read the description of the bacon temptation (minus tomatoes) and added ham and mushrooms. My omelette came out with pepper jack cheese and sausage. I sent it back, and it took forever for them to understand what I wanted. Another employee had to come talk to me and clarify. By the time I got my food my two kids were done eating and cranky so I took it home. They took my meal off my ticket. I was satisfied, until I ate it this morning and now I’m sick to my stomach. Come to find out my mother, who got an omelette also, was sick all night.

WARNING!!! DON'T GO TO THIS RESTAURANT! THEY SYSTEMATICALLY STEAL YOUR CHANGE WITH MANAGEMENTS APPROVAL! The wait staff will NOT give you the correct change back from your meal. They automatically keep YOUR change. When I brought up to the manager that they waitress kept both of our money. He said it was no big deal and begrudgingly gave me back my money. The way the manager acted proved he was part of the deception. It is a Clients decision to tip. The wait staff do not get decide what they will take from us. By the way, I always tip 20% or higher, but the wait staff can't take my money without my permission.

Looks like another IFLOP to me

Your Employees are rude and lie, especially at the Addison Texas location. Will never come back to Ihop. Dennys and Waffle House are better. #boycottIhop

Why is it being advertised nationally if it’s only available in New York?

Whole family from kids to Adults love IHOP. There will be no one who don't like IHOP. Best quality and yummy food.

Hi, if anyone would like to help in our college class and express how they feel about IHOP in a short survey that would be great! Thanks!

Just received an email from IHOP promoting free an IHOP about 3,000 from me. Seriously. I'm just outside Washington DC, on the opposite coast from the IHOP you were promoting: YOUR LOCAL IHOP®: 450 N Brand Blvd Glendale CA 91203

I've a coupon for birthday pancakes do I've to print out the coupon or just show my phone?

I don’t even care what IHOP is doing, I’m just freaking excited Keegan Ales has a pancake beer. My favorite brewery 🖤

Please help me understand why you changed the corn beef hash. NO ONE LIKES THE NEW FORMULA.

Someone sat me and the server asked what I wanted to drink. I asked for coffee and 5 minutes later no coffee. I left and went to Bob Evans. I got my coffee right away. The Villages Ihop in Fl sucks!

Burgers. Booze. I don’t know who you are anymore. #Betrayed #NotTheOneIFellInLoveWith #WhoAreYou

I have been eating this sandwich for as long as I have been coming and last night this is what I’m served. I couldn’t eat.

Your television commercial with the guy screaming at the scary looking pumpkin is beynd annoying but I suppose your advertising people think it's expected to impress the viewer into cominging to eat. Well, gues what? It's not working out very well.

They never have the things we order that are on the menu.

Awful, will not go serving Alcohol with kids in there is not a good idea, there will be soo many people drunk hanging around, bad idea

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Please make a vegan & a gluten free option. It would be great to 1 vegan & 1 gluten free pancakes.

So cool!! Congratulations on your newest creation!!

I sure hope this beer thing has NOTHING to do with my beloved IHOP!

Has the IHOP on Douglas Blvd in Douglasville, GA closed? Reports are that it was closed this morning and no one was answering the phone.

Thanks for sharing & the reminder! Happy Easter Thursday to you all! <3 🙂

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3 weeks ago


The only problem with pancakes is that you can't drink them... until now! Only at bars and beer festivals. Find out where at #IHOPS ... See MoreSee Less


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Is the birthday club still active? I didn't get my coupon this year. It usually comes on September 23, my birthday was September 30.

So, it's not going to be at any IHOP restaurants?

This is how good IHOP burgers are that employees of ihop are eating Wendy’s in the dinning room with the ihop customers IHOP 1143 Scenic hgwy Snellville GA

So I guess the b didn't stand for burgers?

Josh Napoli can you get me some of this? And some Joe Mama’s?

Siobhan Eileen Bobby Edge this is available near you. can you please try it and let me know what im missing?

Jaclyn Breen now we can booze it up while enjoying pancakes! hahaha

The only problem with IHOP is that they can't make pancakes anymore because they're too busy trying to do everything else! Just stick to what you used to do well 50 years ago; they say, "What's old is new again.". Try that!

Only in New York... 😒 I’m going to be going to JFK airport soon. Not even there? 😣

miss the IHOB stuff 😥 ...perhaps beer and burgers?

It’s says it’s only available at a handful of bars in New York.

Dan Daigle Ihop is out of control 😂

Rochester Mills Beer Co. already beat you to it

Actually they can and they do 🤣 u obviously dont know anything its for the night they are trying to bring people in because they are a breakfast spot

I don't drink beer but if it tastes like pancakes and syrup I will, yum! 🤗🥞🍺🍻

Will these places be selling the bottles? I will be NY a week that a place will have an event.

Nicholas Intromasso maybe this one too. I like trying the weird ones 🙂

I bet tastes as good as their burgers.

All bad they should serve it in IHOP restaurants

Casey Scott this sounds like it would be good 🤔

Mmmmm pumpkin pancake. 🥞🎃🍺

Happy National Pancakes Day! 😋

This is out of control! Danny Tragic

Kyle Finlan now there’s something for you too 😛

Aaron William whaaaaaaat is going on

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The next big thing from IHOP is brewing. Literally. Find it at #IHOPS ... See MoreSee Less


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I was at your Canton, Ga location today (Sun 10-13-18), it was about 65% full with more waiting but tables were not cleaned for new arrivals. I waited a few minutes but then left. How about hiring some bus boys or bus girls. I know that 9 of the 10 Southern Restaurant Management franchise restaurants are making $ (Exception is Douglasville) so you can afford to hire some people to clean tables.


So I can't get eggs benedict anymore but you're going to put beer on the menu? Are we breakfast or are we a bar?

Now I can get Burgers, beer and pancakes all in one spot. Ok 👌🏻

Now you just need to stay open for 24 hours and you'll knock Denny's right out of the competition

All I really want is more coffee options.

Maybe you need refocus on doing the one thing you do right and that is pancakes. Ever since the burger promotion disaster, pancakes have gone down hill. Sad to say, IHOP is no longer my preferred location for pancakes.

I thought you were ihob😂😂😂

Great now I have to go to some garbage place like Dennys now because IHOP wants to play. Thanks for ruining my favorite breakfast place.

IHOP, you didn’t get the name change, most do not like your burgers, your pancakes are not what they used to be, your servers are not the greatest....go back to what you used to be...

Id rather go to dennys at least their pancakes are fully cooked and the food doesnt take an hour to come to the table

So when this fails too you were just promoting it right?

Are they going to change the p back to b and call it beer instead of burgers? Stop IHOP...IHOB....IHOPBB or whatever you call yourself these days.... Just..... Stop

I want one right now

It's cute, because hops, but haven't you guys noticed yet that the vast, vast majority of people just want you to do breakfast better? I mean, we're not following because we hate IHOP. We're customers. We don't go to IHOP for burgers and beer. It's pancakes and eggs, man. And coffee. Release some artery-clogging pile of potatoes, eggs, ham, tomatoes, cheese, and country gravy, and we're all over that. With pancakes on the side. And I second the person who said we want more coffee choices. Ditch the beer, and give us a few decent coffee selections. Not powdered mixes.

IHOP is Pancakes not burgers and beer. If they keep messing with a classic they will soon be out of business.

Okay iHop, you are really doing to much now. This is the beginning of the end for iHop with these shenanigans. Just stick to the pancakes.....geesh.

Oh no a name change better get really mad on the internet because that's just where my life is right now.

Sarah Nasuti Mac Zetkov the only true way to enjoy with beer

Uhm just so everyone knows Ihop has had burgers. They just switched to angus beef patties and made new types of burgers. We already had burgers.

IHOP needs to stay IHop these new products is destroying them. Do online orders and delivery if you need to keep up with the trend.

They are still clever grabbing everyone's attention the way have.

You people at IHOP need to fire your PR team - they're going to run you right out of business while gilding their own coffers!

Marissa Diamond it's their own brewing company i don't think they even serve it at ihop. also i very much doubt they have this in delaware so sorry

The last time I was there I order 🍳 🥚 sunny side up and hash browns that’s all, I didn’t ask for a long hair. Waiter said esta seguro no es tuyo? I removed my 🧢 I have no hair. Disgusting so gross 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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