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7 days ago


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Worst service ever! Waited over a hour for a pickup order that was never ready. And still took forever to send out a manager to give a refund! Needs to be permanently shut down

Lancaster Tx location is absolutely horrible!!!! We had to walk out after only drinking our coffee!!! Our young waitress was horrible!!! Never visiting that location ever again!!! Better stick with my Cedar Hill location ❤️

Went to eat breakfast this morning we got our food and it was nasty eggs were not cooked pancakes not cooked ordered a cup of coffee and drank half of it and the inside of the cup was very dirty will not be going here again

Today I went to the one in west Boca. First time for me there with the wife. Sat down. 5 minutes went by with no service. Saw about 5 staff menbers behind the counter having a social event. Not even looking out towards the dinner room. Wife and i got up and left. Went across the street to First Watch and had a nice breakfast.

Please open IHOP in Australia!!! Melbourne specifically, I would eat there every second day as I did when in LA! Thank you for the amazing food! Seriously, you would make a fortune in Australia 😉

Are you guys open for dine-in right now I’m cedar park IHOP the one off whitestone

food was good today at canton but out of ketchup? i know bottles can not be on the table but open one up and put some in a small cup or dish if servers are the only ones touching that should be ok

Came to ihop Vancouver Washington to use a birthday coupon that I have for free pancakes. I was told they are not using coupons at this time they're very rude on the phone.

Love how y'all are trying to save face but also funding Trump's re-election. You're just another business who knows how to pretend you care when you actually don't.

Not all I hops are opening some will be closed permanently no one wanted takeouts

Burgers are good

After the mother's day 4 hour wait fiasco, I'm not going there for a burger to say the least

Why did you send me an expired birthday pancake coupon. My birthday isn’t over yet!

Best restaurant

are we allowed to sit down in the restaurant now?

ARE Y'ALL RE-OPENING? This is Spartanburg btw

Does the Carbondale business not have curbside service yet?

When will yall be open again?

One in Hinesville,GA is closed

Are y’all open to go inside?

why the heck do you close at 3?

First come

William Holbrook

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4 weeks ago


This Mother’s Day, will mom be asking for a hand-drawn breakfast in bed? Probably not...Get her the real deal with the Pancake Creations Family Feast.

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This Mother’s Day, will mom be asking for a hand-drawn breakfast in bed? Probably not...Get her the real deal with the Pancake Creations Family Feast. 

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Jessup, MD location. No social distancing, orders more than two hours, staff rude and not answering phone.

You guys need to figure a solution here in Daly City. Backed up receipt. 2hour wait. Wow.

Same disastrous experience with Garth Road location in Baytown, TX as others are referencing this morning. Ordered delivery, over two hours with no correspondence. Went in person to cancel the order. They marked it down but said to call the manager “Denise” @ 1:30p when it’s less busy to process the cancellation. Busy signal each time I try calling.

Horrible Horrible Management at the Ihop in Grand Prairie, Tx the south carrier parkway location! I knew ihop would be busy because it’s Mother’s Day, so I woke up at 6:55am placed my order for curbside pick up to be ready at 9:30am, when I got there I park and call the number it was busy so I called 2 more times before someone answered, I told the the guy I was there for my order he said it would be a few mins, well 30 mins pasted by I tried calling again but it was just ringing busy! So I went inside to see what was going on! The lobby was packed with people waiting to pick there food. I talked to the hostess and I gave her my name asked told her I was waiting for my food and she just says it’s not ready... I explained to her my situation and asked her to call the manager over, she said he would come because he was in the back helping prepare the orders I asked her to check how much longer on my order, she comes back and says like 10 mins... 10 mins came and went I had to ask her again about my order and she says oh let me check!! I’m so mad at this point!! I asked about a refund and they said no refunds only credits but that the manager would have to call me back after all the madness calms down! I finally left Ihop with my food at 11:00! Never ever again! You have to do better Ihop!

Been trying to call the iHop I placed an order with through Doordash last night for delivery today for over an hour, they had to have taken their phone off the hook. This is what Mom wanted for today which I don't understand but hey, you do what Mom wants, right? All I want to do is ask if they will substitute potatoes for hash browns since that is what she prefers. Delivery scheduled 2 hours from now, at this point doubt if I'll ever get through to ask!

Houston Stafford location made us wait over an hour, just to tell us they were out of an item in our order. We had other items with the same issue when we placed our order online so we modified it accordingly. It won't let us do pick up, only curbside, but when we got there no one answered the phone and they were just calling names inside to a crowd full of angry people. I will have to call later to get a refund from their manager once it has calmed down is what I was told. Ended up getting Jack in the Box since at least they know what they are doing this whole time that restaurants have been open for pick up only. Please work on improving your online pick up procedures and don't make employees work past their shift since I understood that they were overwhelmed and people called in sick. If you don't have enough food or people, it's better not to open at all since you're putting people at risk for no reason.

We placed an online order for curbside pickup this morning, Mother’s Day, at Springfield, Illinois (4001 Wabash Ave) location. I parked and called to say I’d arrived, but got a recording to call back, line was busy. I sat there for 10 minutes, calling back 10 times, before I went in to pick up inside. The door was locked but customers waiting in the lobby opened the locked door for each new customer to enter. An employee at the cash register said there were only 2 employees working on Mother’s Day, and they had taken the phone off the hook!!! Our 9:00 am order was finally ready at 9:30, but when we unpacked it at home, omelet was very overcooked and dry; ordered and paid extra for chocolate chip pancakes but received burned banana walnut pancakes (YUK!); stuffed strawberry glazed French toast came with a tiny container of thawed frozen strawberries, not yummy strawberry glaze, and also no whipped cream. Absolutely ridiculous to only schedule 2 employees on Mother’s Day!! Food was awful, wasted $28.05!!! 👎🤮

IHOP in Rhode Island they had over 100 orders. I ordered for curbside and waited 1 hr past time. They lied 2 times saying just a few more minutes. No social distancing and people not wearing mask. The order printer was 1 big order to the floor the tables had 15-20 slips on them. I couldn't cancel my order or get a refund. Contacting my bank in the morning. Never Again IHOP!!

Just broke up a fight at your port Jeff location. There was no system for picking up orders. Waited over 2 hours. Police were called.

Terrible service! We ordered online to be picked up almost one hour ago. When my husband went to pick up the food he found a long line full of people waiting for orders over 3 hours ago, he advised that he can see several bags ready for pick up inside the store but an IHOP employee told him they are fulfilling orders from 3 hours ago!! Worst of all, there is no way to cancel the order online and when you call store you just get a recording. Worst service and experience!!!!! 😡😡😡

Horrible service! Do not continue to take orders if you are not able to fulfill them! When you tell me 45min and I say okay and show up an hour later for it to still not be done!! After waiting another 30min and then watching your server lick her fingers and directly start to package our food...No thank you!! We walked out.

This IHOP in fleming was a complete mess. Messed up my order for my wife twice. Asked to talk w the manger 3 times & she never came out. Several people standing there very upset. Does anyone know who the district manger is for this store? Employees grabbing food w no gloves. Unbelievable and in video.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak and mandatory testing in nursing facilities me and a co-worker are having to work in Fort Worth at a sister facility of ours. We've been working for 2 weeks straight and just wanted to go back to our hotel room but no an order that should have been ready at 11:26 p.m. wasn't I should have had enough time to get back to our hotel room after getting our order before midnight no I finally pulled out of the parking lot of IHOP at 12:25 a.m. that's ridiculous and I didn't even get any apology nothing they just handed me my order and said here's your order

My husband spent THREE HOURS. THREE FREAKIN HOURS waiting in the car for his food only to be told they lost his order. No refunds either. This is unacceptable!

Horrible experience at the Elgin, IL location. My son placed an order for pick up at 1030am. He was sitting there for 2 HOURS!! Left because they haven’t even started the order yet 😡

Ihop Saint Cloud Florida. Absolutely no Social Distancing... please limit the Orders if you cannot honor the curbside pickup time. My Pickup was for 1121, it is now 1258, no food yet. Order was not right and tell me, who is going to ask the waiter to remake the order? You pay extra to get what you want, you also Tip ahead to pick up, encounter this feeding frenzy COVID. I just took my food the way it was. #Ihop #COVID socialdistancing #tips #saintcloud

I didn't know you could mess up breakfast. I understand times are different right now, but if you can not provide quality food, or staff enough ppl you should just close. We ordered breakfast and it was the worst I have ever had. The menu needs to be updated, because over the phone you didn't say you don't have, Belgian dark chocolate pancakes, instead you gave us chocolate chip pancakes, that were odd colored, cold, and tasted like rubber. They went in the trash. I'm not even going into the rest of the order. Very disappointing Ihop, we should have ate at home, being Mothers Day, we wanted to eat out.

What do you guys expect honestly!!! Lol its a holiday and its no dining EVERYTHING is to go. IMAGINE how many orders they are receiving. Just stay home and cook your own damn food. Save yourself and them the headache.

Ordered breakfast for Mother’s Day this morning, we were given a time to pick it up. My husband gets there to pick it up and they say it could be two hours before it’s ready. He talked to a guy that had already been there for two hours. They told him no refund. He just got home, no food, out the money and they told him right before he left it could be two more hours and that now they can’t find our order. Ridiculous. If you can’t fill orders, you should at least give refunds. Now we’re out the money and have no breakfast. Thanks for the great start to this Mother’s Day.

Burnt pancakes for Mother’s Day. Waited 50 minutes, ordered online, no curbside pickup, no social distancing inside for non edible pancakes and cold breakfast. Shame on you IHOP!

I am very disappointed in the service I have received. I always go to IHOP every weekend with my family and I’m honestly disappointed in the customer service I have received. I called to add extra mushrooms for my order and the lady who answered the phone was really nasty and hanged up the phone on me when I asked to speak with the manger. Y’all really need to train your employees to have respect for their customers. Very disappointed!!!

The IHOP of St. Cloud FL was a disaster without organization. People outside screaming and angry. I order my breakfast at 8:00 a.m and is 11:35 a.m and Im still waiting. The general manager didn’t have organization on this day. Im not coming back!

We’ve been waiting over an hour and a half for our delivery order from the Catonsville, MD location. The original DoorDash driver bailed, and the second one told me that they can’t give her an estimated time for when our order will be ready. I’ve been calling for over an hour, and the restaurant‘s phone is apparently off-hook because it’s been busy every. single. time. This is unacceptable. If the restaurant can’t handle the volume, it needs to start throttling orders in order to keep up and prevent situations like this. If people knew they couldn’t order, they’d go somewhere else instead of waiting interminably for an order which may never be ready.

The order was for two omelets and bluberry pancakes avocado and blueberry syrup. The second omelet was a Colorado no shredded beef and guess what they put shredded beef in my omelet called them they said you dont get syrup with special pancakes thats not true also i paid for extra for avacodo and sour cream no avocado sour cream was runny and all they said was sorry next time you come out free avacodo should have told us they were out still took my money and if you put special orders in thats what you expect right well not at i hop they serve you what ever they want i hop i give you a 2 stars

Please come out with vegan pancakes or a vegan burger option. 🙁 My mother and I couldn't go to IHOP for Mother's Day because all we could order would be hashbrowns and fresh fruit. Even Denny's has a vegan burger option but I miss IHOP. 🙁

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4 weeks ago


HOP now has Curbside Pick-Up! Just order on to get 20% off your first online order with code IHOP20. This message is brought to you by the D-YUM-V. ... See MoreSee Less

HOP now has Curbside Pick-Up! Just order on to get 20% off your first online order with code IHOP20. This message is brought to you by the D-YUM-V.

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At least get the order right if its done online. They messed up my breakfast big time. Subbed 2 pieces of bacon for the sauage in my order and they gave me 2 sausage. The kids captn crunch pancake was just a plain pancake with nothing on it. The toast was hard as a rock. The omlette was susposed to come with salsa and didnt get any. Its not like they were busy inside so idk how they messed up an online order that they had 20 min to make.

What a joke!! I ordered thru your app for curbside and have been waiting over an hour for my order that is prepaid for! Never again

It will not let me order I've tried 2 weekends in a row. I can't order through your website or app and none of the delivery services. So I tried to call in an order for pickup... Can not get an answer on the phone 4 different days across 2 weeks and impossible to order. We will not do further business with this ihop location.

Would love to order online and use this nifty little code but my store says it offers online ordering and then I get a pop up which says it doesn't. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Friend of mine ordered through your app went to pick up the food not only did it take an hour , when she got home the food tasted like chemicals used for cleaning

So this is a great deal and awesome promo code you give for first time ordering....buuuuuuttttt not all your restaurants offer delivery and then I’m here now for my curbside order that was suppose to be ready at 10:45 and I’m told by the person whom answered the phone it needs 10 more minutes and here’s the kicker “you’ll have to come inside and get it, it’s only a block” he five stars for online ordering and promo and no star for curbside pickup....

THey wern't answering the phone so everyone had to go in the restaurant. I can't see doing that because the wait would have been the same. And we did order online and gave the time to pick it up.

You do not have curbside service in Takoma Park MD. You have Covid exposure, and no service. After 40 minutes, we gave up.

Would not recommend! My son loves IHOP. Today is his birthday, so we ordered curbside from the Springfield, IL west location. His brother wanted the Crunch Berry Pancakes. He wanted the Lucky Charms ones. When we got home with our food, we had no Crunch Berry pancakes. My husband called. They said they were out. It would have been nice to know that before we picked up our order as my son was not interested in the substitution they made for him (Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancakes). Additionally, the “Lucky Charms” pancakes had a different cereal on top. It was pink cereal with marshmallows. It looks very similar to the Frankenberry cereal that comes out each Fall. We certainly hope (whatever it was) that it was fresh and not something from last Fall. My son is handling his quarantine birthday with grace, but he was disappointed in the one thing he thought he was able to still enjoy... IHOP.

Just ordered curbside. Called and could barely understand the girl. She just kept saying you have to come in here. Then DON'T OFFER THIS SERVICE.

Service is horrible locally!

This Place right here Has Done my Daughter and other employees. Wrong put them off while Virus has been going on And Cowardly sent them Letters Firing them , And My Daughter has Been there ever since that place opened and used her so much , She was a Cook , Over worked there employees and do something like this to them , Well you know You Lost Our Business and all our Families , This place is a Joke , Just can’t see how you do that to Your Good Full Time workers

So waitress borrows winter coat talk on woman side vehicle sharing pack dorals! Woman in the right shes carpooling to goto job!

I'd love to do this, but several of the IHOPs in my area, including the two that are actually within close driving distance, are reported as being permanently closed.

Maybe if you wouldn’t have closed ours 🤬

This is a joke. Ihop in Columbia MD just puts there phone off the hook. Mother's day breakfast was a bust. Card charged. No food. I will be calling my bank if it goes through. 🤬🤬

Curb side pick up is broken at least in peoria az.. ordered and ask for asap. The website put in time for 12pm. When I got to the store there was a huge line and no one at the front. I waited 45 minutes to finally talk to a worker and they said they were over an hour behind. In that 45 minutes I did not see one person get the correct ordered. 3 people came back with wrong orders.. please look into this.

We ordered for Mother's day to pick up at 10:30. It’s now 11:15 and no food. There are 5 or 6 other people also waiting. We wanted to eat our breakfast with my wife’s mother but her food cane out and ours was delayed another 10 minutes. But we and everyone else was initially told it would be a 10 minute wait. My wife’s mother likes I Hop. But other than that we will never go back. I would rather support true local businesses and not a chain that couldn’t care about service.

Why isn't there an option to tip when I order online? Every other restaurant has an option to tip, but not yours. I don't always have cash on hand and most banks only give $20s at the atm. Your servers make most of their money from tips, so you should make it easier for customers to tip them.

Love IHOP. All we have in this town is nasty Denny's. They could never compete.

Please come out with vegan pancakes!!!

Have tried to call my store twice to order since online ordering isn’t available and no one will answer the phones

Since in many states it’s safe to dine in, when will your restaurants be open?

Jessup, MD location. No social distancing, orders more than two hours late, staff rude and not answering phone.

Worst service ever. Over an hour waiting for an order pick up. No cancel order option. No one answers the phone. Manager at the restaurant can’t cancel the order. Left without my food

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