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1 month ago

Floyd's Cajun Seafood

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Melanie Saez

$8.25 per pound, if you order 3 pounds you get 2 potatoes and 2 corn free. Several other places are similar in price but make you BUY potatoes and corn....shame...

Bryan Longmire

Had them yesterday for lunch. Good size and 8.25 a pound

Carolyn Maricle Sims

Justin Thompson

Joseph Lemonis Justin Luckey Krystale Luckey Brandi Miller😍

Ruth McGill Taylor McGill

George Walker!!!

Shayla Conner

Betø DeJesus

Jared East

Carin Roy!!!!!

Chelsea Brown

Ethan Huckaby ❀️

Elton Richard Marisela Garcia

Jarred Davenport DeMore 😁😜

Yes, I just saw sign.

Charles Lee Nale 😍😍

Ever been to Ricky’s in BC by the bridge. I have heard they are good

olha só que já tem crawfish

Christina Gore😳😳😳

how much a pound

Is financing available? I'm sure the prices are high this early in the season.

Are yall serving crawfish at lunch today?

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11 months ago

Floyd's Cajun Seafood

$5.95 per pound &
$26.00 for 5 pounds!
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Suzanne Pate Dustin LaBove next week

Ryan Citrano please

They were delicious!

Dhruvin in R. Patel meet here one day

Brian Endicott

Tyler James Smith

Christy Harris Endicott

Hunter Wayne

Jerry Richards tomorrow! 😎

Kristin Michelle Hatcher

CJ Montgomery

Kourtney Baldwin

Is it the same price this year???

Dillon Sharp

Sherie Angelle. Kendall Angelleelle

Sabrina Broom

Colby Tharp

Sonia Rene Pope this is last year prices

Chris Pousson II

Lucas Lejune

Delone Simien

Bekah Hope!

Tootie Smith

Katie Harrison-Burns

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