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Outback Steakhouse

We are closed on Thanksgiving so our Outbackers can spend time with their friends and families. They will be back to to serving those juicy steaks tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for being closed so your employees can enjoy the day with their families. I wish other places would do the same

it is wonderful that you closed so your employees could spend Thanksgiving with their family. Thank you!

I am so grateful for those restaurants that do stay open on holidays. Staying open can provide a place to eat for those who are alone with no family. For those elderly people who may not be able to travel. Cooking turkey for two is not fun. Not everyone has a family. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all those widows and widowers who will spend this day alone. Thanks for allowing a few to enjoy Thanksgiving while so many suffer through theirs.

Wonderful! A million thanks to you for being closed today! So appreciate a place that respects the holiday and doesn't open its doors.

Spending time with family and/or friends is very important at this time of the year. Thanks for letting your employees enjoy this Thanksgiving.

Thank you for giving my husband the day off to be with the kids and I...P. S. Thanks for contributing to the best method ever to cook a turkey πŸ˜‰ I cook it all night inside a paper bag which just happens to be a Outback bag this year.

Do people still go to Outback? I ordered a blooming onion awhile back and it was disgusting. I called and they were supposed to send me a gift card for the amount of the blooming onion but I never received anything.

Thank you outback! Your employees deserve to have a day off to spend with family! Now I'm a bigger fan of outback! ❀️

Yummmmmmm Cheese Fries to start Salad with Tangy Tomato dressing NY Strip and a baked potato If their is enough room at the end Cheesecake. That’s how you Outback.

I am going to Cracker Barrel with my family. .because that's what divorced fathers do..but you still have great food..

I'm glad they are closed so family can enjoy the day.there is no reason any store should be open on a holiday

Chained, with 4 blackhooded men in front of you and your attacker behind you. Yes, very blessed. Must be a proud day. Wish you what you wish for others. Oh, did I mentioned chained.

Thank you for being closed, and allowing my son to have Thanksgiving with his family!!

Best wishes to all the Outback employees for joyous and tasty Thanksgiving celebrations! <3

Thank you for thinking of your staff. Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for closing for your employees! Happy Thanksgiving! πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚

#OutbackSteakhouse Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for the Tip ! and You all May Have a Happy πŸ¦ƒ and Blessed πŸ™ Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒ !

Glad to see this company showing some gratitude and allowing the workers to enjoy a family holiday!

Too many places stay open and make their people work. Not fair. Yay for Outback! (y)

hooray for closing for your employees to enjoy Thanksgiving as they should.

How wonderful, thank you for thinking and careing for your employees ..β™‘

It is as it should be everywhere

Thank you for having a heart...everyone deserves time with their family..you are one in a million.

Good. They should be with their families.

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Outback Steakhouse

Share it... or not. The Boomerang Beer Flight. ... See MoreSee Less


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As if Outback has 4 beers worth trying. Nice boomerang but there is no Beer Selection at Outback Steakhouse except Big Beer Corporations, which translates into they're are all watered down versions of each other. Time to get into some real beer.... Cigar City Brewing Dunedin Brewery 7venth Sun Brewery Calusa Brewing

I would rather have Margarita's.

Caroline Faria Nunes Necessito de um boomerang desses! Hahaha

7 ouncers?

Ooooow Andrew Shaw Kerry Shaw Lee Brady

Fernanda admiro!!!!

i want this Nicole Reano

Franco Garcia beer for beer?

Maira Jaimie *facepalm

Tom. 😍

Daniel Wyatt... Cigar beer!

Rosangela Zerrenner vamos?

Kelsey Stidham whattttt

Shelby Loudermilk Daniel Fowler

Edward S Palma

Philip Moshe Locke

Chrissi Grimmett-Little

Diego BarrocΓ‘

James Elzey

Colton Kerkman

Aaron Barrera

Jesus Marquez

Alex Moses

Brinson Mitchell

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Outback Steakhouse

Think BIG! Join us for Big Australia and finish your holiday shopping. Purchase $50 in gift cards and receive a free $10 bonus card. ... See MoreSee Less


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man, this company has gone way downhill

How long will the deal last?

Rudest staff of ANY

Nath Franklin

Gerardo Gonzalez

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