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Red Lobster

Lobster 3 ways in 1 dish…dare we say it’s every Lobster Lover’s Dream? 🤣#LobsterfestGoals ... See MoreSee Less

Lobster 3 ways in 1 dish…dare we say it’s every Lobster Lover’s Dream? 🤣#LobsterfestGoals


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Stop it, everything is prepackaged and microwaved. Not the same as it was 20 years ago. Fake food, is what I call this

Looks NOTHING like what you actually get, our lobster tail was a little piece of rubber, will never waste our time or money there again!

I had the Lobster lovers dream a few weeks ago and it was so good. There was enough left over for lunch the next day. Yummy!

Can't wait! Going back for the third time this lobster fest! 😀

I ate at Red Lobster this past Saturday, the dish looked great and tasted even better!...I didn't order any of the lobster dishes, i instead had salmon new orleans and a side order of scallops.....I do wish Red Lobster would have more sea scallop dishes!!

I love lobster too bad your Queensbury ny restaurant almost poisoned my baby when I was 12 weeks pregnant by serving me undercooked steak!

How I wish my meal looked that way when it came to the table..i get trying to cook for 100 + people nightly..but just once it would be nice.we went week before Valentine's..not again.

I had this a week ago and it was awful! The lobster tails lacked seasoning. The alfredo was thin and the lobster in it was overcooked to the point I spit it out. I said something to the server and the manager took $9 off. I paid over $30 for disgusting food and had to eat when I got home. Lobsterfest used to be my favorite.

I went to the times Square one. Spent $30. Food was barely edible. Had food poisoning the whole night. Lucky I didn't die.

My dad and I had lobster Sunday, ours was rubbery and flavorless as well. I will definitely fill out the survey.😠. Btw, Bar Harbor Lobster Bake & Lobster, shrimp and salmon.

Wish I could have one of these. Wonder if they have carry out??

Wife & I had this and it was fantastic.Ate the lobster and took the shrimp and noodles home and had it for dinner & it was even better than the lobster!!!!

your dish won't look like this !!! Red Lobster is very bad and the last time I went there I walked back out. Not the same anymore and the prices have gone up. They will be out of business very soon.

That is exactly what I had the last time we went & it was delicious! Even ran into some Marshall people there but they had to tell us who they were cuz we're old & forgetful now. Ha

lobster looks good i will be there for hubbies birthday

Red Lobster remains one of our favorites for a special night owt or even a “just because we’re in the mood” places. Our favorite that we miss from years ago is Icelandic lobster.

Some things I still love at Red Lobster, but they changed the way they make 2 of my favorite things shrimp alfredo and shrimp scampi. They also removed one of my favorites from the menu shrimp and crab legs baked dish. Ruined it for me!

I sure WISH there was a Red Lobster in Oneonta, NY. There is just the place on Southside that is probably "shovel "ready. Even An Olive Garden would be OK !!!

Looks yummy! I can’t get my husband to go to Red Lobster anymore. The last 3 times we went, his Walleye was full of bones. ☹️

I didn't even get butter with mine only tarter sauce, waiter argued about the side when we ordered a bowl of soup which we knew we had to pay for and still was not able to order a side then brought out food with green beans and mushrooms on it which was not ordered and made the clams soggy, the shrimp scampi looked like it came out of the microwave, also took 20 minutes to get drinks. This is the second time in 3 months with this kind of service and attitude.

We have to drive 75 miles to the nearest one and it sucks! I live in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The nearest one is in Appleton. Why can't we get one in Plover/ Stevens Point or Wausau. Those are all big towns.

Mine was actually good and looked like the photo however I didn’t like the flavor of the grilled lobster tail. It was too charred and a little tough. The steamed tail and pasta were great though

I once visit Red Lobster, in Jackson, MS., nearly every weekend. I actually stop going about six months ago. This was due to how my meal was presented, and it was spoiled. The water after mailing, brought me another lobster. I haven't been back since. I have been saying that I was going to go to the one in Monroe, Louisiana, which I visit about one a month.

We have loved Red Lobster since 1972, when we scarfed up Danish lobsters for $3.25 in the Daytona Beach restaurant. Times have changed but in all the years of celebrating big days (and small), we've had just one bad meal, which was properly addressed by the staff. 🙂

Have had all great meals at red Lobster and love it and go as often as I can. I have to be careful about salt intake and eating too much fish or I would eat there every night.

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Red Lobster

White Sangria ➕ Lobster = ✔️ ... See MoreSee Less

White Sangria ➕ Lobster = ✔️


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This drink is soooooo good, I would have loved to have more than one glass, but I was driving. Had it with the salmon, yum!

I so enjoyed this yesterday

Hi Red Lobster i lost mi iphone a few minutes a go at boynton beach , is just on the table , please help me....

I Love this sangria 👍👍 can’t wait to go back to have a few more 👌🏽

Hey guys this is great.

Never again raices restaurant awful awful awful awful service off of food never go here

We had the pleasure of having my sons birthday dinner at the 2790 S. Highway 6, Houston, TX 77082 location. Zach was our waiter and he was excellent. we took his picture with my new Cheetos Vison app and wanted to pass it along so he had a copy. Here it is. Please pass along to ZACH thanks for a good evening.

I had this last time I was there, and I loved it!!

My favorite restaurant’

Wow! Never had sangria at R LOBSTER before 😜👌

I had that yesterday YUMMY

Going next week from BC, to celebrate my birthday three weeks in advance because I’ll be in surgery on Monday!

You had me at sangria

Good red lobster roll with good

This drink is absolutely delicious I thought the berry one couldn’t be beat but I was wrong

Horrible customer service

Love ❤️ Red Lobster! Do you have the lobster fest glasses ?

I need that right this minute! 😀

Had mine! It was good!

I don't drink but I do Love❤️ your seafood Red Lobster!😋 Might get something off your Lobsterfest menu!😉 Know that ends at the end of April. Have to get in before it ends.

Anne Lucas I could eat fish and you could have the sangria...

My friend Sherri Kazen VanSant is feeling depressed after watching episodes of this is us. How can I get her a glass of this sangria and some cheesey rolls.

Matt Hansen I’m crying 😭 I will die if I don’t get Red Lobster soon..I NEED it

Becky Troutwine Layman, here you go another option... 😊😊😊

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Red Lobster

Bar Harbor Lobster Bake 🙌 #LobsterfestGoals ... See MoreSee Less

Bar Harbor Lobster Bake 🙌 #LobsterfestGoals


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I have to say, Red Lobster used to be my "Go To" restaurant for special occasions...Mother's Day, Birthdays, Etc. I took my boyfriend there for his 40th, because we both like seafood and it's local for us. The restaurant was filthy, our table had smears of food, we asked the person to wipe it down, and she just wiped more food on the table. We finally sat after a third person actually cleaned the table. We ordered wine, mine came with food smeared on the rim and lipstick, I pointed it out and got another glass, with green food on the base. I then pointed it out and was told they were out of my kind of wine. We got a salad, the salad had brown pieces of lettuce that appeared to be very old. I mentioned all of this to the manager, who was kind enough to give me my one glass of wine, a kind I ordered in place of the one they were out of, free. I sent a message to the restaurant directly, never got a response. So, no more Red Lobster for us. I spent a lot of money to get pretty gross food and dirty atmosphere. It's sad to see it go downhill like that.

Used to have my fav lobster and crab dishes.. YET had my worst dinner last weekend in Howe avn. Sacramento branch .. even though i asked the waitress to serve the drinks after the meal ,she ignored and served it before , and when i asked her to get it hold until we done due to my kids need to finish their meal first , she turned to show mean expression on her face and nervous grabbing of the dishes , as if we bothered her by our request !!

Had my sister bring me take out last week and my rock lobster was complete mush. She ate in and had lobster for the first time and thought that was the intended texture, needless to say she not a fan of lobster now. Me knowing better called and was told that’s how it’s supposed to be, nope! A lobster with the underbottoms consistency being that of mashed potatoes and the top feeling like rubber was not worth my almost $40 per plate. If I ever eat there again I’ll stick to the shrimp.

Sorry and sad to say but food doesn't look anything like that, we dine in and it look like they just through it on the plate and was sent back

Took my parents and son last Saturday. My son ordered the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake. He is seventeen, and after two bites, said. "this has no flavor and tastes like watered down pasta". The lobster was rubbery and he didn't eat it. Sadly, I spent more money on the way home to get him Zaxbys. Sad, we used to celebrate many events at Red Lobster, however, your food quality and portions have decreased while your prices increase.

The food is terrible(we lived in fl keys and you go out to a restaurant you will see a boat behind restaurant its that fresh) thats how fresh it is also hubby had the largest platter you can have and i had shrimp platter and after we finished and said iam still hungry , so we stopped at mcdonalds after we left

This is my favorite meal at Red Lobster. My husband and I always split this and the seafood stuffed mushrooms. We will be there in April to celebrate our 24th anniversary!

That looks delicious! What are those black shell things? Mussels??

The Bar Harbor Lobster bake is one of my favorite dishes at Red Lobster. It has everything I love in one bowl. Last year during Crabfest they finally got Dungeness crab in, which I loved also. Hope they bring it back next Crabfest in the Toledo Ohio area.

I'm sorry to say that I use to love Red Lobster but here in Chicago the staff is ghetto and rude and the food sucks. I won't be going any more.

Went last night, been dieting and my cheat meal was crab Alfredo. I do not know what they changed in the recipe but it was awful. Hardly any crab meat, watered down sauce and something crunchy in it. I have always ordered this meal at nearly every visit for many years. I am very sad it was changed. The frozen margarita was awesome but sadly I won't order my standby again.

This was my favorite meal they changed the way it's served and the plate was dirty when they brought it out I had to wait 20min for another mean while my friend was finished before I got mines I'm a faithful customer love Red Lobster but now I just don't know

I have honestly never had a bad experience at Red Lobster, my husband and I had our Anniversary dinner at Red Lobster every year for as long as I can remember. Always very pleasant, many happy memories, we always had them take our picture, Brandon, Fl Red Lobster always so nice.

Would soo love to have some of this if only ya'll would build one near to us in Louisiana. My mouth is watering just seeing this,. 🙁

Looks good but my husband & I are no longer patronizing Red Lobster any more. Last 2 visits were both lousy service and overpriced for the quality! Sorry, Red Lobster but it's time to say goodbye

This is one of my favorite dishes! And best part there’s always enough to take some home and have leftovers.

I took my kids and grandkids here this past Sunday. I ordered this, wasn’t my favorite dish, two of my Mussels did not even open up. I’m pretty sure that means they weren’t done. My son pried them open and they were mushy, so disgusting. I hate I didn’t enjoy my meal.

Bar harbor has garlic pasta with plenty of seafood topping it. Very good! The snow crab legs on another occasion recently were small and not worth it.

I was there last Saturday you can definitely tell that Lori the manager wasn’t working because she is so wonderful the wait was horrific and four or five people standing behind the cash register not trying to get tables by store helping each other in anyway 45 to 60 minute wait which I really don’t mind if I see things moving but the lobby was so bottled up there was people filling up the breezeway and then people standing outside in the cold. Once we did get seated we waited forever for our drinks and then when the drinks came we waited forever for our meal. The waitress was pleasant enough but I have never waited that long going to the dubois red lobster. No visible manager. Lori would always walk around the dining room and asked people if everything was OK what a nightmare. Also another suggestion I have is the weights are going to be that long especially on a Saturday night the lobster tank that I only had to live lobster and it needs to be removed in a bench put in I walk with a cane and there was another woman with a came there we had to stand as there was no where to sit and wait that long

I was excited to try this, I wish I didn't it was terrible had to send it back!! over cooked and salty .....very disappointed 😔

I went to RL for valentines day and got to bar harbour and it was the worst meal ever. The sauce was water and i had huge chunks of vegetables in it: onion, asparagus peppers broccoli It was disgusting. And lets be honest now we dont get the salad as a starter anymore you gotta pay extra RIP OFF red lobster use to be my go to and now im not even interested in it anymore

Coming tomorrow for my brother birthday

If you can get it. Went to one in Winter Haven and none because out of sauce at 6pm! No mussels. No romaine lettuce. Terrible.

Ate this at the Hulen location a couple of weeks ago. There were 2 unopened mussels and I asked the waitress to have them replaced. She asked if I tried using my spoon to open them! I explained to her about unopened shellfish. The chef credited me $7 which was generous. Otherwise this dish was spectacular & the best cheddar biscuits I've had ever.

Celebrated three family members birthdays at Red Lobster in February and had the same experience, after being seated, extremely slow service! No silverware on table after food finally served waitress never came back, had to stop different servers to even get a check to pay. No more!

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