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Red Lobster

The NEW! Grilled Sirloin and Red Shrimp satisfies two cravings with one dish. πŸ‘Œ ... See MoreSee Less

The NEW! Grilled Sirloin and Red Shrimp satisfies two cravings with one dish. πŸ‘Œ


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Looks delicious but I'll stick with my favorite coconut shrimp.... yummy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸ€

I wanna go here for my birthday never ate there before

Alan Han I wanna go to red lobster next Friday maybe? Nice dinner for a few days after our anniversary 😊

Is Red Lobster now using Brussels sprouts? I hope so...so tired of the broccoli

Farzeena Take me out on a date!

Brad E Meyer.... dinner date tomorrow maybe?

oh and roasted brussels. love love love

Drake we need to go on a date 😩

Yum looks deliciousπŸ˜›πŸ‘

Looking delicious!!

Good food.

Look soo delicious.. 😊

yummy !! looks so good

Jeremy Polsons about due for a date night

Certainly looks inviting!!!! Love Red Lobster!

Norma Garza Calderon Carlos Calderon Tony Pecina next date night!!!

That looks DELICIOUS. Hope it's still on the menu when I have a chance to go again. I would DEFINITELY order that.




Awesome! Yummy! 1

okay, so is it possible to just order the grilled garlic shrimp in a lettuce wrap? i'm trying to keep my carbs as low as possible and i'd love to order a salad, but i'm seeing a basic side salad with no dressing at 12 carbs! all i want is a basic salad with lettuce and maybe some shredded cheese. that shouldn't be even close to 12 carbs....... tell me it's possible to get the grilled shrimp in a lettuce wrap!

I have never got a plate that looks like this. I ber their bqby shrimp qnd a steak you cant cut! Never looks like the pro. Picture

Lol the last time I went to RL I ordered a lobster tail with my steak. Paid an extra 9.99 for an ounce worth of meat...and it was over cooked. That...ruined me from red lobster...and I been going for years!

Still waiting for them to do a 'Shore-Lunch' or Friday night Walleye fish-fry with pork and beans, fried potatoes and green beans and a daily Fish & Chhips on the lunch menu!

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3 days ago

Red Lobster

If you’ve got to have it all, this is the dish for you. It's our NEW! Surf and Turf Feast! ... See MoreSee Less

If you’ve got to have it all, this is the dish for you. Its our NEW! Surf and Turf Feast!


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Gery Williams......I think we need a date to the Red Lobster where we got engaged and have been going to for 38 years on our anniversary! Maumee, Ohio.

This is Dave not Marty. Just had the new Surf and Turf at the Red Lobster in Danville Il. I ordered the new 6 oz fillet with regular mashed potatoes. The meal was excellent,but I was served a Sirloin. When I asked to see the manager, he said it was a filet. I am 72 and have a Butchers knowledge of steak cuts. The steak was a sirloin that I have eaten in this store before. It was larger than a 6 oz filet. Besides a filet has a distinctive shape and flavor. He adjusted my bill. But would not acknowledge the steak was not a filet. For a manager he needs to be more informed on cuts of meat. The meal was excellent, even my β€œFilet”. The skewers of Lobster and scallop is to die for.

I’m so sad they took my beloved chicken tacos off the menu😭 I ate them at least twice a week for almost 2 years! Not a fan of seafood( I know, I know!! but my husband is!) so when we went, we were both happy! I’m craving them since Dec 1, when they took them off the menu. Forever saddened...

Was there tonight awesome meal with the family in the falls I had a couple 20 ounce Keith's and create your own meal had stuffed sole garlic shrimp and coconut shrimp and broccoli

I ordered this meal and they messed it up 2 times burnt lobster raw steak was very disappointed and went home only eating a smashed potato which was delicious to bad they couldn't get they steak and lobster chops right

Had dinner at the Red Lobster in Citrus Heights, CA, Monday night with a group of friends. Our server was Mike, who was just marvelous. Our meals were so delicious. I especially loved the new dish, the Crispy Crab bites. Oh, my! Best wishes to all the Red Lobster employees for a joyous Holiday Season. <3

I've got to have it all, love my Red Lobster, HOLLOW out to Tosh and Toyna on Hover and 10 mile, best Red Lobster in DetroitπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ€—

oh....that looks sooooo good !

Omg just had this yesterday in lakeland Florida it was delicious

I'll be there Jan 1st. - my birthday. πŸ™‚ Gonna order a bunch of stuff.

Had this exact meal for my bday on Monday.........it was AWESOME!!!!'mm

that looks sinfully delicious!!! I can't wait to try it!!

Had it for my birthday dinner last night. It's delicious just the perfect size meal.

Im going for my birthday my lovely place

OMG that looks delicious, I gotta have it! <3

Can you message me a $5 coupon, and I may come try it this week. Thank you in advance

ill have to bring someone

I had it last week with my brother and son. It was sooooooooo good. I love it

I had this last week and it was disappointing. Definitely not worth the $32 they charge!

See you tonight for my Birthday dinner Red Lobster

Charmin Ranae Miller.....look where were eating when doing after xmas sales shopping....πŸ™ƒ

Julia Renee Ramirez Jaylynn & I have a lunch date next week 🍀🍀 yummmy!!!

I love surf and turf

need coupons want go

Looking for coupons

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5 days ago

Red Lobster

The perfect lunch has arrived, and it won’t break the bank. Choose one of three tantalizing dishes for $9.99, including a soup or salad and unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits. ... See MoreSee Less


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Went there sat nite in Springfield mo they had no tomatoes on salads just yucky carrots and fish was dripping grease ate there a hundred times yuk!

You should have left the menu alone. Tried the new fish and chips last week, ate only half, swore I would never order that again. Fish sticks had huge pieces of cartelidge, not strips of fish, but processed fish sticks, so greasy you could see it dripping and then today that potato mess with shrimp and lobster had to be sent back and ordered an old stand by, the sailor platter. The stuff tasted spoiled and I have enough sense to not eat spoiled seafood. Keep it up and Red Lobster will be history.

Awful experience! I ordered the whole lobster and it wasn’t cooked.

Love our Red Lobster

Love red lobster

Am a big fan of Red Lobster. My favorite Place.

love this but will be comming for surf an turf

Yummy love lobster pizza a course biscuits

My favorite place

I use to work at one..in NY..only thing I don't like is selling the mash and rice..as well as the vegetables which are all microwave.. everything else is cooked..I just..won't pay for something that is microwave....I recommen the bar harbor.. double portion.. extra everything...

Love R.L. but haven't been back for 4 years at a particular location. Ordered 2 Lobster dinners and the lobsters were tough as rubber. We should have sent it back. May try them again soon. Lobster is my favorite.

Bring back endless soup/chowder and I might be tempted to come back. Everything on the menu in the last two years have been beyond disappointing. If I am going to spend a decent chunk of money on seafood I expect it to be fresh and tasty, not greasy and old.

I got food poisoning once there and have been afraid too come back. And I really was disappointed because it was my place too go for seafood.

Love Red lobster. Please don't ever stop making that biscuits. 😁😁😁😁

We had a great dinner there and have been there 3 times. I like the new owners!!

Red Lobster is good and always will be,why are there people who always have to nag.

Who could possibly go back to work after eating all that.

Bad meal last time we ate there. Have not been back since.

Good is usually always, sometimes the service isn't

Smashed potato is an everyday meal

Pamela for you and Denis.

Love RED LOBSTER when are building one in Weslaco Tx.

Mmmmmm, can I order take out, from the UK?? Please, Suex

Can’t wait to be back anne England x

had a great lunch there this past Saturday....

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