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Red Lobster

Happy National Lobster Day to all of the lobster lovers out there! Don’t forget to check out our #RockARedLobster giveaway, see how to enter here: bit.ly/2jRbOYL. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy National Lobster Day to all of the lobster lovers out there! Don’t forget to check out our #RockARedLobster giveaway, see how to enter here: http://bit.ly/2jRbOYL.


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I took my Mom there. She is 83 and had never had a lobster. It was cold, hard and rubbery. She braved through it and said she never needed to have lobster again. I told her I will get her another one some time, just not from there. On the plus side, their biscuits are to die for.

Ok we go to red lobster for Bruce bday and let's see something was wrong with shrimp,he hasn't stopped pooping since we left the table, mimis steak was bleeding after 3 tries and 20mn after our meal, my mashed potAtoes were cement and something was wrong with my fish I so nauseated i going to have to puke. Memaw is nauseated bad also and hasn't came out of the bathroom. $100 Not priceless ridiculous. Never again will we go through that and it took over 2hrs just to eat well whatever you can call it.

I got bit by bed bug at the Wauwatosa Wisconsin. No one contacted me yet. I'm mad the location needs a make over and clean up.

Stopped in Norman Oklahoma , food was uneatable! Won't do that agian

dont be fooled by pictures red lobster is a ripoff spent 30 dollars on a lobster fest plate thats one plate for one person and i will only say i will never go back to red lobster again ever it was like trying to chew on a radial tire

My last two trips to red lobster were horrible...lazy staff dirty plates and glasses flys buzz bombing me and my date...never again.!!!!!!...

Yall some whining crying babies on here..shut up an let others enjoy! The Red Lobster in my area does great! Cry babies 😥

I'm just here for the complaints. You people need better hobbies or maybe bring it up to the Manager rather than sounding like whiny children who didn't get a toy every trip to Walmart.

I can go and drive to a H-Mart grocery store and buy fresh live lobsters for around 8-9 bucks / lb. and be happier with my home jade meal than being disappointed and get jacked up on paying too much and not happy with your products. Bankruptcy in the near future if you guys don't make any changes

Teeny tiny shrimp, teeny tiny baby lobsters, big $$$. For a restaurant specializing in seafood and the seafood you serve could be bought in a frozen bag at Walmart.

Why don't you change your name from Red Lobster to Unaffordable Lobster or Pink Shrimp? If I save up, at least I can afford the Endless Shrimp! LOL! I know Lobster Rolls in Maine are $25 but have you seen how big they are?

VERY DISAPPOINTED YESTERDAY!!! Went for the Endless Shrimp & was told the Mediteranean was out, disappointed, but decided to stay for the other 4 flavors. Waited over 30 MINUTES then was told the Nashville shrimp was out to AFTER my order was already in telling me that they did have it. And after 30 MINUTES still hadn't even began cooking anything. Needless to say both my mom & I left! So much for "ENDLESS" 🙁

To all those complaining about endless shrimp taking forever, try going during a weird off hour (4pm or something). You'll be able to gorge on all the shrimp you can handle.

I live in Detroit Michigan I went to red lobster in dearborn Michigan off telegraph I wanted the Nashville shrimp and they was out of them but that didn't stop me from getting the other ones... And was able to take a lot home

Red Lobster is a joke in Vallejo,Ca. We waited an hour to be seated and when we order our food we order the endless shrimp well our server was to busy with a party of like 20 people that he took for ever to take our order and he never came back to ask what other shrimp we wanted. Never going back again I can take my $120 and eat in a better restaurant! Red Lobster 👎🏼Red Lobster

We make lobster and crabs for wayyyy cheaper and taste a whole hell of a lot better than this joke. At my home. I aint paying for this mess. We will not go back. Its a waste of time and money.

I purchased a gift card for Red Lobster for some friends as a present and when they went to use it they found out (Which I did not know) all the red lobsters in our state have closed down, State of maine. AND RED LOBSTER WILL NOT EVEN ADDRESS MY REQUEST FOR A REFUND ON THE GIFT CARD.

I live in Georgia we did the endless shrimp and when you ask for seconds they would take about 30 minutes before they would bring it out !!! It was like they didn't want you to have no more

Love em! Wish you could make it more appealing to kids ,if I could get my wife and kids to just try it I believe they would love it too! But for me ya can't beat Red Lobster for a Great meal!

I'm in Phuket, Thailand right now. These are the fresh lobsters. They cost just over $9 USD

My family hasn't been to any of your restaurants for years. You are one of the major Canada seal killers costumers and don't do anything to end the slaughter. It is unsubstainable. Besides nobody in his or her right mind would eat radioactive flesh. Fukushima is still leaking.

I went to the Times Square red lobster, waited one hour, we ordered endless shrimp, the fried shrimp came dark almost burned had to remove the breading , I complained I ordered two more fried shrimp same thing waited 20 minute for the Mediterranean shrimp, meanwhile I ate 6 biscuits, two and a half hours later we left very dissapointed. I always liked Red lobster maybe not in Times Square

My hubby and I were surprised by our daughter and grandson, yesterday. They brought home Red Lobster yesterday to celebrate My Hubby and My 52 wedding anniversary. Delicious as always.

I love red lobster crab legs and lobster tail but every time I go there and it something is always wrong last time I got a gift card and I went back it was great but then couple weeks after that I went back in my food was terrible what is it with this red lobster in Jackson Michigan lobster tails are so little it's ridiculous

not a fan...they microwave your dinner. had baby potato w meal and they were ice cold in center. waitress came back with new ones and said "i asked how long they put the first batch in for and added 2 more minutes to these". really if I wanted nuked food I could do that at home! they charge way too much to be giving nuked frozen food!

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Red Lobster

Psst…Did you know there’s an Endless Shrimp Secret Menu? Ask your server… because it’s always more fun when you’re in-the-know on the secret. 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

Psst…Did you know there’s an Endless Shrimp Secret Menu? Ask your server… because it’s always more fun when you’re in-the-know on the secret. 😊


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Devin Lagow another reason to go !! I want the secret shrimp !!

I asked the server is there were additional ones from the menu and he said no then took forever to bring us buns and no refill on our drink. Very disappointed the last time we went.

I love sea food but my girl has an allergy to shellfish how does red lobster work with people like that so I can go again.

Well, I am going today and I am going to ask about this. I will be taking pictures, posting a response and Yelping the experience. Check out my Yelp reviews. I keep it real. 😊

We asked for the coconut shrimp, and we were told that there was “no button to key it in” on the dinner check register.

We just got back from Red Lobster - went for a birthday dinner and 3 of us had endless shrimp. We waited 30 min before the server even took our order (even though we knew what we wanted before we walked in the door!!). The service was so slow. The food was good. My husband got the coconut shrimp bites which he loved and I liked the Mediterranean and breaded. But it took SO long to get the check at the end my kids were falling asleep on us. Then when we got home, we noticed the server forgot to take of the $4 coupon we gave him! Added insult to injury.

Always looked forward to this but don't care for the new shrimp dishes being offered. Bring back coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce!

Hmm... I asked my server if there were any other options we had not already had, and she said no. Great job Wolfchase Red Lobster in Memphis.

Had a great meal there last night for my birthday. My only criticism would be about the house salad; a little low quality compared to the rest of the food.

Nasty the buffalo ny location was so bad last week I will Never go back and this used to be my favorite place . Even after we told the waitress the food was terrible she did nothing didn't even tell the manager a terrible business

Bring back Sriracha and Teriyaki shrimp!

I want the shiracha shrimp back!!!!! 🙂

Please bring back Parmesan Encrusted Shrimp! Thanks.

Bring back garlic parmesan shrimp!

Our waitress said no, when I asked her about other ship not on the menu!! 😲

Bring back stuffed shrimp!

But you took the coconut shrimp off.....

Getting some endless shrimpers tonight! We go every year for our anniversary. Can't wait!

Our server at the Spartanburg SC location told us we couldn't get the coconut. Only what was on the menu

Our server told us we couldn't order anything but what was listed.

Our Red Lobster here sucks really bad. dark, mildew, stinks. Everything is sticky, dirty table and chairs, carpet is just disgusting. Just awful. They use to be great about 25 yrs ago, they have tried some remodeling here and there but to no avail. So sad I miss Red Lobster.😥

We asked like we do every year and we were told there were no other options. We also told them we were celebrating my sons birthday expecting them to sing and bring him dessert like they do every year but we just ended up waiting 30 min for our check not even a lousy hey happy birthday. All this was after waiting forever between our shrimp plates coming out and having to get another server to get us refills because our server couldnt be found. And we were there before the crowd she was serving us and 1 other table she wasnt busy yet. Worst experience there ever! Next year we will celebrate somewhere else even though red lobster is where weve gone to celebrate the last 10 years 😢

I want shrimp

How about a coupon for it?

I didn’t want to go for endless shrimp this year because I thought the options were very lacking. After seeing this though, I’ve changed my mind. Also, here’s a link that says what the secret menu choices are for y’all. ☺️ www.google.com/amp/www.delish.com/food-news/news/amp55448/red-lobsters-endless-shrimp-secret-menu/

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Red Lobster

One of our favorite flavors, Nashville Hot, is going to be featured on Food Network's #TheKitchen. Tune in tomorrow at 11a/10c! 🍤 ... See MoreSee Less

One of our favorite flavors, Nashville Hot, is going to be featured on Food Networks #TheKitchen. Tune in tomorrow at 11a/10c! 🍤


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My family and I were very excited to try it. We were sorely disappointed. We waited an hour and a half for our food, first of all. Secondly, we were brought the wrong things. Then the breading was so soggy on all of the fried shrimp, we had to send it back. Not to mention the bathrooms were disgusting and when we tried to report it the hostess wouldn't get off her cell phone. We told the manager and he took one of the 17.99 charges off for the shrimp, so I guess that was alright. We were just so disappointed in the whole experience, that I don't know if we will go back.

This was tonight's dinner. The service was wonderful and the food was delicious!! The first servings, as you can see, were enormous, so much so, we were too full to ask for seconds! Love, love endless shrimp, even if we wimped out after our first serving. 😂

Just had Nashville Hot last night.. now my favorite! Our table of 10 LOVED them. Our server (Emily) was the bomb! We even asked to speak with the manager to give Emily mad props... manager was so appreciative since most of the time when a manager is called it is to complain.

We love Red Lobster. Wanted to try the Nashville Hot , did NOT look anything like this. Very dry looking and the flavor was very bland. Totally disappointed . The Mediterranean was very good!

Just left and was not pleased. Table in front of us got more service than we did and i agree the shrimp was not pleasing as you make it. No flavor.. I agree w Thelma Cramer Laws on the tasteless shrimp.. Not worth the 48.00 bill i got... 🙁

I ordered this and it didn't look like this AT ALL. It was literally fried breaded shrimp with a pitch of seasoning on top. Super disappointed in it.

I had the Nashville Hot and I thought it was ok, but thought it would be a lot better without the breading. I asked the waitress if they could put the Nashville Hot seasoning on the Wood Fired Skewers, they did and it was awesome!!! The gentleman that brought them out to me ( I'm assuming he was one of the kitchen workers) said that was a great idea and he was going to get his that way from now on as did the waitress. I would recommend them to everyone this way!

Nashville hot, for me, had way too much honey in it. My brother didn't like them either. We stuck with the hand breaded & scampi. Wish you'd bring back either the Sriracha or cajun grilled

👎Thumbs down! Went for husbands Birthday and he didn't even eat his left overs. Not a very tasty line up this year 😒

My girlfriend can't handle spicy food at all, yet she was able to eat these with ease. They were not hot at all. If anything they were sweet. Please bring back the grilled sriracha, those actually had a kick to them.

the first time i tried them they were really good because the actually had some honey on them. The second time they were dried out and the waitress rolled her eyes when i sent them back. It was just a bad experience the second time, and why does the manger come to your table 10 minutes after you have got there and ask hows everything going when you have water sitting there, come back around when you actually have food

Myself and Hubby went last week. Had great service at the Gresham, Oregon location. We got plenty of refills on the shrimp, but really wasn't a fan of the Nashville Hot Shrimp. Everything else was spot on!

I tried the Nashville Hot last week and it was amazing. The perfect mix of heat with sweet. The Mediterranean skewers were also extremely good. Nice call by whomever came up with these flavors.

Yesterday was my sister birthday our shrimp alfedo was cold & they we're out if the Mediterranean butter for the shrimp 😫 I just wanted to leave but it wasn't my day

Dinner was great but we waited over an hour to get seated the Rockford Red Lobster completely packed and the hostess is not so nice they said a lot of five and six before us and we were waiting for a five top on the bright side the food was good and the service was great

Nashville hot was great!! Wasn't crazy about reg fried shrimp. My broccoli was raw not steamed but that was ok.The host was kind and our server was good. She checked us about 5 mins after our plates were served but then was a little hard to track down for refills. It was a nice dinner out though.

My mom and I went for my birthday lunch while she was up for a visit and we were super disappointed!! Service was not great and the Nashville Hot Shrimp was just breaded shrimp with some seasoning on it...no "honey drizzle"...I was looking forward to enjoying a great meal with my mom and that just didn't happen. I don't know if I will return, which really bums me out because Red Lobster used to be my favorite place to go!

My husband and i Love Red Lobter but last time WE went service was terrible..felt neglected! We asked for extra ranch for our salads when we ordered them.. only for them to Harldy any Ranch at all..flagged down our waitress asked for more please and was brought tiny bowls of it grrrr!! So then later we had our meals husband did not get the toppings for his baked potato and waitress wouldnt even check on us to ask..at that point we were disapointed as if its a cheap meal anyways but love the food and drinks there.. we also finally had to flag her down and ask for the wipes for our fishy hands.. I love seafood and Red Lobsters food but i dont know if my husband will want to go back after begging for the little service de had and and no Ranch or topping...

I would like to know how can this company justify the cost of shrimp dinner..or just them alone ;when they are BABY SIZE?????..Small is not enough. BABY!!!!!! Salad size...I live in Amarillo Tx..and yes No Water near-no excuses...watched them shrink over the years!!!!! Potatoes too,but the size of this is UN-enjoyable!!!!!! Not going back..I can go to store and get medium/large shrimp...cook my iwn

My family and I were there today! We had the best server in the world take care of us! We'll have leftovers tomorrow from Red Lobster!

We had the worse experience. It was sorely lacking this year..service was terrible..ans the best items are no longer "available"

It would have been nice if we could have gotten them to bring it to us. Watched tables around us get two more orders while my husband waited on his. The waiter kept saying you haven't gotten it yet? He never got it. We finally gave up and left without it. Worst experience we've ever had at Red Lobster. Very disappointed.

When I got this it was just breaded shrimp with honey. It looked nothing like the pictures

Sure. When we ordered it looked like breaded shrimp. Then you overcook them and make the seasoning crusty. Was not edible

Bring back shrimp linguine alfredo. Busch blvd tampa Florida. The mac n cheese shrimp is bad!

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