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Sonny's BBQ

Is orderin' okra even a question? Around here, we can't imagine a meal without 'em. ... See MoreSee Less

Is orderin okra even a question? Around here, we cant imagine a meal without em.


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Love Sonny's but I can't stand slimy Okra

Gotta have the okra! I also gotta see Sonny’s open up in Maryland or Pennsylvania. Believe me, there’s a market for good barbecue.

Okra & corn nuggets, yumm!

Sorry Sonny's. I don't like okra. 🙂

I love me some okra!!

Love me some fried okra!!! Yummy!!!

Great with Ranch Dressing for dipping.

There is never a meal without okra and ranch dipping sauce at Sonny's BBQ!!




It's so awesome


Yum yum Mark Sawyers

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1 day ago

Sonny's BBQ

Nothin' better than gathering around slow-smoked southern #BBQ with family and friends. Who would you like to sit down to this meal with?

Let them know in the comments.
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Nothin better than gathering around slow-smoked southern #BBQ with family and friends. Who would you like to sit down to this meal with? 

Let them know in the comments.


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When we first discovered Sonny's well over a decade ago, the meat was fabulous. Now every visit to Sonny's,regardless of the location, is a huge disappointment. The pulled pork rather than being pulled is always mushy. The baked sweets look like they have been in the oven for days. All the sides are over cooked. And redoing the stores is not helping the food. Quality is definitely gone & so are we. We will no longer be visiting any Sonny's.

I used to work at the Sonny's in commerce Georgia and let me tell you, if you really knew what went on there no-one would eat Sonny's again. Nasty

With anyone, and definitely not at Sonnys.... Treat your customers poorly,call them liars, and told never to order again, expect to have it told whenever it comes across in my feed....

What Sonnys has food like this? Lately, our Sonnys had turned to garbage... id like to visit one like this...

Making my mouth water

My family... ALL of my kids and grands! Love Sonnys!!

Todd Labbie, Jay Davis, Simona-Lee Davis, Bobby Davis, Christina Hart, Paige Fagan, Cheryl Wood, Joanne Francis Gaughf Davis, Leathea Marie Jones Gray, Bridgett Johnson, Andrew Wood, Stephen Wood, and many others!

My family of 9. We love sonny bbq. 😋

An empty chair so I can have seconds!!

Looks delicious

My children

Damon Bair Geoffrey Calder,CarolineCalder and all of my past and present friends. Just imagine us all having this wonderful meal of the best BBQ around and enjoying that delicious sweet ice tea. Oh course we would have to be eating at the best Sonny's BBQ on 9th Ave. in Pensacola Fl.

I have been to the Sonny's in Haines City, Florida and most recently to the Sonny's in Winter Haven, Florida. And, I can only say that every meal I have had has been fantastic. Service great and friendly waitresses. Thanks for you great food and service.

I would really love to eat some good old Sonny BBQ

Sharry Vieau Julie Ruef Larry George Nancy Sellers Conerly Ben Conerly and lovely wife Beverly Walton Weber Nate Beal Kristin Beal.

Last time I was there it was horrible, would never go again.

I love sonny bbq and love they rib and wings.

yall kill me with the pics of the food--miss Sonny's so much

Dian Shivers Howell let's go there soon!

Denisse Lopez Next week PLEASE

Anyone I know who loves Sonny's!

My good friends in Mobile y'all know who you are

If you want the best Rib city the place

I don’t care as long as I get me some pulled pork! Dianne Woolums, Maria Benassi Wood!!!

Would love to have it

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2 days ago

Sonny's BBQ

Strikin' gold on #StPatricksDay. ... See MoreSee Less

Strikin gold on #StPatricksDay.