3 weeks ago

Primos Cafe

We are thrilled to say that Primos Cafe - Madison is officially open! Our staff is ready to serve you delicious food at 201 Baptist Drive (next to the Walgreens off Highland Colony) We’re open from 6:30am-9pm Monday - Saturday. Come see us! #primoscafe #primosbakeshop #mississippi #since1929 #southernfoodforcityfolks ... See MoreSee Less


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Lee Vreeland 😍

Sarah Morgan! This is way too close! You're lucky!

Linda A. Smith

Ah, breakfast at Primos!

Wes Harrison time to introduce Benjamin to our favorite breakfast!!

Can’t wait to eat there. So excited! Welcome to Madison!!!


Robin Fulcher Coco

Aubrey Weems Davis

Shannon Sullivan

Madison will never be the same! Great food every day, best breakfast anywhere!

Thanks for all the great pics!!!!

It’s here Tenesha Wells

yay Beth Byler Kennedy!!!! next time i'm home let's go!!!

I want one on the Coast !!

Alan Dukes!!

I am going to gain some weight now you are close to home!! Love Primos!!

Chelsea Welch Jeffreys

Krista AndGlen Hansford I feel like we need a breakfast date @the new Primos!

Tony Camara

Be there tomorrow morning!!😀

Everyone loves PRIMOS!!! 🍽

Amy Bullard John Bullard Joshua Lorenz 😆

I am so excited 🤩

Kristen Gaines

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1 month ago

Primos Cafe

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I'll volunteer to be a taste tester to make sure the early bird breakfast and the wife will test the fried chicken 🙂

Can’t wait😃🍴🎉

1 month ago

Primos Cafe

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been so much fun for our Bake Shop Team to watch your orders come in and get to help share the love the last two weeks! Today we’re shipping out a few more packages for the Valentine’s party fun! Be sure and check out Primos Bake Shop this Spring and let us send something out for all those significant life celebrations! #primosbakeshop #shippingnationwide #shipping #birthday #party #desserts #cakes #mississippi #since1929 ... See MoreSee Less


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Do you guys make a hummingbird cake?