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Papa John's Pizza

This weekend, get any large or pan pizza and a 2-Liter Pepsi for just $11 with promo code: LRG211. ... See MoreSee Less


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Papa John's Pizza your quality guarantee is a joke. I prepay and tip you, you're late and bring the wrong pizza so I give it back. You don't refund my money but "offer a free pizza". How is it free when I've already paid? You're guarantee is to give me what I ordered later than late? Geeee thanks. Shoot even taco bell with throw in some nachos. Your "guarantee" is average at best.

Is it possible for Papa Johns to consider putting another franchise store/restaurant along Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville, TN? I think it would be a good investment in the long term.

I was very disappointed with the advance ordering on your app. I placed my order at 4pm for a 7pm pick up. I arrived at 652pm.....imagine my surprise when I did not walk out of there with my pizza until 722pm. Why bother to have the order ahead if I can call 30 mins before I want to pick it up and get it sooner?

My #Papajohns in knoxville TN 6529 clinton highway needs a better parking lot. I’ve emailed and was given a thanks. So many pot holes and sink holes it’s unreal.

Seems like when I pick the pizza up it’s amazing, when I order hit or miss, lots of times cold pizza..

Not really feeling a burnt pizza again

Im highly disappointed as a new customer I will never return

Open a restaurant in Wausau, WI please. Thank you.

we need a papa john here in forrest cirty arkansas

never eat there ever since you ripped me off on pizza rolls bought to feed a group of small kids and you sold me pizza bites for 12.00 6 tiny bites you called rolls

Wendy Eckroade

I got a large Papa John's pizza today. I love getting pizza from my favorite pizza place. The Papa John's in my area is great.😊🍕😍

I wrote a comment two weeks ago about how I had 19 points which equaled at the time to a large pizza and bread side, total of 18 points. When I went to order the site said I had to have a minimum of $10 to order. Not sure why I had to pay a monetary minimum when I had points so I didn't order and as a result, the points were lost. When I commented I was told by this site that someone from the store would contact me. It's been two weeks...no response.

I ordered a half and half pizza and I received a entire supreme if I wanted the meat n veggies together I would have ordered a whole supreme sad enough my niece is allergic to mushrooms well due to y'all making the wrong pizza she can't eat

Not here to complain. I eat your pizza every week from store 383 in Pensacola. The manager, Jean(don’t know her last name) goes out of her way to ensure 100% customer service satisfaction. Thanks

stock down 33 dollars in a year ..quit selling pepsi a kneeler supporter along with you..

It would truly be a miracle if my pizza looked like that.

Love your pizza but no thanks. I drink Coke, not Pepsi. 🙁

Piazza is good and also for sure the brownies. 👌

This post reminded me to unlike this page

Papa John's Pizza, Supporters the KNEELERS. #NOTMYNFL, #NOTMYPAPAJOHNS

A holiday miracle would be eating your pizza and not getting diarrhea...

Little Caesars still beats this so called deal extra most bestest


We need vegan cheese in the USA! When will this happen?

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Papa John's Pizza

Tell us which Papa John’s pizza you would make your tag team partner using #WWE2K18 & #Sweepstakes for a chance to win an XBOX ONE X and a W2K18 video game. Official rules: pj.pizza/wwe2k18 ... See MoreSee Less

Tell us which Papa John’s pizza you would make your tag team partner using #WWE2K18 & #Sweepstakes for a chance to win an XBOX ONE X and a W2K18 video game. Official rules: https://pj.pizza/wwe2k18


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Black olives and extra cheese

Papa John's Pizza I ordered online and waited for my email to come, it never came after 10 minutes. I called up to the store and they didnt see it. So i placed it in the store and lost my points, so I didn't get my free bread. I'm not happy, as I've been waiting for dinner and it wasn't even started. I am now waiting longer because your system failed. You need to fix this.

I’m all about pepperoni, but you guys aren’t near me and I don’t know if you have a gf option.

None, stopped ordering because the last 3 deliveries were late and cold, 2 of them were incorrect and the driver said to call the restaurant.

i would have sent this to a customer service link if they had one on their website, but they don't. So, the only way I have to express my displeasure is on facebook. Our pizza arrived stone cold and, as my husband declared, "this might have been the worst pizza we have ever had." This is the first time I have ordered from Pappa John's. What a disappointment. Seriously, people, the store is 10 minutes away. Should the cheese be glutinous and the pizza cold? I think not.

I love your wings...BUT...the last 2 times I think I got the "dregs" of the wing bag. Seriously--a bunch of chopped-up wings that were about 1/2" long at times and scrawny!! No more ordering wings for me until you "beef up" the chicken wings!!

Got the most burnt pizza I’ve ever received today. I called the manager about it and he was annoyed and very unhelpful.

Pepperoni and extra cheese!!! We love us some papa johns!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Happy holidays everyone!! #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

Your link for the sweepstakes doesn’t work

Pepperoni with pineapples and jalapenos on half for an extra kick!!! #WWE2k18 #Sweepstakes

Please tell me how to win a Xbox one x please please someone

link dont work

The Works. Imagine the heel promos The Works could cut on having "everything" that all the other pizzas long to have. Sure, there may be elements and ingredients on The Works that other pizzas have...but The Works has them all, making it the total package. Our tag team name would be the Dirty Works, with our tandom finishing move dubbed, "Toppings Killer," and our catchphrase would be,"...and you know that we always handle our own Dirty Works." #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. Hawaiin Pizza is one thing with ham but that bbq sauce punches you in the face amd the chicken and pineapple go perfect together! A perfect pairing of pizza toppings make a perfect tag team partner 😉 🍕

Extra cheese, extra sauce, regular sausage, onions, black olives. Small square cuts instead of slices. The pizza goes further around. Try it. You'll discover how the pieces fit your hands or plate much much better. Also good for kids parties and office gatherings.

Our tag team partner would be whole XL with extra cheese. One half would be pepperoni and sausage. The other half would be onions and green bell peppers. We love our papa johns and have not had a bad experience yet. In fact, our youngest just got diagnosed with Leukemia. On our door we have a sign asking for no knocking and no ringing the doorbell, incase we miraculously got him to sleep at some point. The delivery driver not only read the sign and did his best to follow it, (live in apartment, had front blinds open and light on so we could see delivery) but was quiet and polite just incase our son was sleeping. He even offered his condolences and wished for a speedy recovery. #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

You need a partner you can depend on. You need a partner you can trust. You need a partner who will always be there for you. That's why when I need to get that "hot tag" to help finish out the pizza party, I always look to my boy Mushroom and Pepperoni pizza. #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

My tag team would be Canadian bacon and pineapple!!! Yum yum yum!!!! My husband and kids would get pepperoni and sausage!!!!! Our orders from our local papa johns have always been great!!! They r the only one that delivers to us for some reason Pizza Hut and dominos doesn’t deliver they say we r .2 miles too far! Lol! Even if they would deliver papa Johns would be our first choice! Love them!!! #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

Meat Lovers. The best tag teams come from balance. See, I’m more of a Cruiserweight. Smaller, quicker. Good for top rope moves, a fast offense and an evasive defense. My perfect partner would have more meat on them- like the meat lovers pizza to bring the strength and weight our team needs. Perfect balance that will lead straight to Championship Gold. #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

I'd make the John's favorite my tag team partner. Now if I had to make one for my partner Brandon Justice, I'd make cheese because I'm lazy and I'd rather let the experts at papa Johns handle it! #wwe2k18 #sweepstakes

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. With all of the people who say that pineapple shouldn't be on a pizza, the amount of heel heat we'd get would be through the roof. #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

BBQ chicken pizza is by far the best!! But I'd probably have to go with an all meat, extra cheese! Best way to beat the opposition... Clog their arteries! 😉 #WWE2K18 & #Sweepstakes

My Papa John's tag team partner has to be the classic Pepperoni Pizza, to some it may seem ordinary and plain... but thats its secret move... keeps you occupied then unleashes its "Go to sleep" move...#WWE2K18 & #SWEEPSTAKES

Which Papa John's pizza would be my tag team partner.... Any of them. You can never go wrong with a papa John's pizza. We unfortunately I haven't had any in a while because we do not have a local one here. But I sure do want some. May have to just drive to get it. 😉 #WWE2K18 #Sweepstakes

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Papa John's Pizza

Good deals are out there, but can you dip them in free garlic sauce? Get Papa Rewards items for half points this week. ... See MoreSee Less


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I had 19 points and tried to order a large pizza (13 points) and a bread side (5 points) online but couldn't because I had to have a $10 minimum? Why have points for free pizza if you still have to have a monetary minimum to order?

Are you open or closed on Sundays?

is there a promo code for thursday night football

Horrible pizza and fake cheese, Dominos baby

Ordered the meats but also added/paid extra for the 3 cheese blend and the parmesan ramano blend ... neither are on it 😭

The last three times that I have ordered pizza from a certain store, they have omitted at least one topping and sometimes two toppings. I am reluctant to complain at the store for fear that they will spit on my pizza for retaliation.What should I do? I am just about ready to go back to Donatos. Their pizza is not quite as good, but at least they put the correct toppings on them.

No more Papa Johns in Taunton/Raynham MA area? It closed a while ago but man, i loved this pizza and ordered it frequently. Please come back!

I ordered pizza for delivery online and was called and told they do not deliver to us. I have ordered multiple times from the same location but it's either delivered or I am told the store does not deliver to us. I spoke with the manager Jessica and she refused to deliver to Walt's hitching post and letting me pick up there which is right across the street from where I live. I am literally 2.2 miles away from the store? Why is it okay sometimes and other times I am told no? I love he convenience of being able to order but this is the only store within what I was told within delivery from their corporate office?!

I ordered pizzs for delivery almost 3 hours ago from Garden City GA..103 Minus Ave..to be delivered to my house at 609 Southbridge Blvd in Savannah, GA...I have phoned a couple of times and was assured the delivery person was enroute. I have been patient as I know it is Friday night and it is cold and raining. I called back about 15 minutes ago and was told my pizzas were still sitting there(even though I had seen a delivery person pass my house about and hour and a half ago. Xavier...I believe is the gentleman's name that answered the phone and he said they could still deliver my pizzas but they had been sitting there since I ordered around 6:40 pm this evening and he said he could offer a free dessert...which I am not a sweet eater... I just had my heart set on Papa John;s pizza this evening...but that does not look like it is going to happen. I am not mad...just confused as to why my pizzas are not here. Pizza Hut is close to my house, but I love Pappa Johns pizza and patiently waiting. It is now 9:21pm. Just confused as to why anyone would want to deliver pizzas that had been sitting out there for about 3 hours? Okay, I will finish up here as I am starving and so is my company and nothing in the house to cook since I have not been to grocery store...so too late to order anywhere else and I do not eat McDonalds...please follow up on this...would be much appreciated..Chris Ford

Very upset and disgusted ordered 2 large pizzas and they were so undercooked and greasey and sloppy I got sick from eating just once piece I tried calling the store and they didn't want anything to do with it told me that because I threw away the pizza that there. Was nothing they were gonna do where there went money out of my pocket I could have spent else where I am strongly thinking of never going to Papa John's again

Ordered pizza and this is what I got! Have a house full of family due to a death and now nothing to eat. Both pizzas BURNT! I am furious!

so this is the second time I have tried to order pizza on line and both times I waited and waited . I called and the reply was we never got your order no apology or anything .so I waited again for another hour for pizza but I think from now on I will order from Dominos or pizza hut . I have always used papa johns for at least 20 years but I have had enough...........

Heating my pizza that was delivered cold... Usually this location has great service. Something must not be right tonight…

I opened a case with papa johns for an incorrect order and failure to issue a refund... Started communicating with them via messenger about 1 MONTH ago, they still have not been able to contact the franchise owner and have since just stopped responding to my messages... Way too go Papa Johns! Pretend you care about customer service, have no professional standard for franchises, ignore the customer when the problem glaringly reflects error and lack of professionalism! I am Papa Done with you...

Order this cheese pizza tonight from PAPA JOHNS on Nicholasville Road for my 4 year old son only to get back to Kentucky Children’s Hospital to discover it’s burnt up! Called them and they refused to deliver another one said it was not in their delivery area which is less than a 1/2 mile from the hospital!! This is terrible to give this to any customer!!! #papajohnsburntpizza

Very bad service! Every time I make a purchase for an extra sauce or condiments they forget to give it to you, you cannot trust them at all. I'm not buying from this store anymore.

I usually love Papa Johns when I don’t like cooking. Was very disappointed in the cold pizza I was delivered, an hour and a half after I ordered it, and 40 minutes after it left the store (I live less than a mile and a half from their store)..

Hard to order pizza when you call and it rings forever then they pick up and don't even say hello just put you on hold.

First time ordering the new cheddar garlic knots from this restaurant last night, and they were completely burnt, ruined the whole taste.

I’m so pissed ordered my pizza an hour ago!! This is my last time ordering from them!! I love their pizza but in the time it took to deliver to my house!! To say the store is just a mile away from my house if that!!

Order 2 extra large pizza, pizza wasn't cook all the way, very doughy, I called and complained and they said there wasnt nothing they can do about it. Didnt even try to help. Guess I'm going somewhere else for pizza for now on

What happened last night? We ordered pizza online, and it never came. The wait time was only about 30 minutes, so around an hour or 1.5 hours we started call only to hear a dial tone. Part of my friends ended up leaving our game night to drive to the location at 9:30 pm and the doors were locked and lights were off (close time of 12:30, so that didn’t make sense). My friend called corporate to have her credit card refunded and they also had no idea what happened. Was there a family emergency or problem at the store? It was bizarre and annoying, but I hope all is ok.

Had a really bad experience there awhile back. Actually got chased out to my car by a lady cause she didn't think I have her a big enough tip, the cashier was the one yelling at me, so I said I'm sorry let me fix that . Now she got nothing. Not sure what she think she was entitled to being a cashier that handed me a pizza

The quality has really gotten bad. They barely put toppings on,more cheese than other toppings. I have a free pizza coming, after that, no more.

Just had my garlic breadsticks delivered. The butter is dripping out of the box and is now all over my carpet and I’m sure all over the poor delivery drivers car. Maybe ease up on the butter a little bit. 🙁

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