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2 days ago

Logan's Roadhouse

There's steak, and then there's our 20 oz. Bone-In Ribeye. Choose wisely. ... See MoreSee Less

Theres steak, and then theres our 20 oz. Bone-In Ribeye. Choose wisely.


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Went to the one in Bristol with my family we waited over an hour for our food then when we got it the steaks was so burnt and the potato wasn't done at all.... none of us got to eat... probably won't go back....

I’d been waiting to get me a steak. First choice was Longhorn....but because I was tired and Logan’s was up the street from my house I came here...smh...ordered the Filet w/baked potatoe, grilled shrimp and broccoli. Seemed like I waited forever. Ordered my steak medium and it was well done. Sent it back and it was medium well the 2nd time. I ate it because my potatoe was getting cold. I said to the server that I was supposed to have broccoli. She said yes you were...I can go get it...I’m like never mind because by this time I’m just frustrated and disappointed. I never got a refill on my tea either. She said her manager was coming out and he/she never appeared. She comes back with the bill and says my manager took your meal off...well my bill is still $41.11; my daughter didn’t eat $41 in food and now she is no where to be found....smh...I should’ve taken that ride to Longhorn

I may suggest a better loaded sweet potato! 🙂 mine was pretty dry with a little brown sugar. Just a suggestion for improvement <3

And tonight no mashed potatoes in Johnson City Tn. Wow. Not happy

Sorry you had that experience and thanks for sharing. I know where not to go.

Love Logan’s in Fultondale Al

I hope it would be better than the one I had at Chili's. 2o bucks of half fat and grizzle.

I miss the wholegrain "rolls" with the cinnamon butter spread...Yes!

and who say's a roadhouse cannot out steak a steakhouse!...

I’m no butcher, but that looks like a boneless ribeye. Just sayin

Never been there but it looks good

Yeah..I'd have gout for a year!

Stephanie Pastryk girl we gotta go. This looks too good

Yummy. What's gout?

Yummy! My favorite

Looks awesome!!

Oh yeah

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3 days ago

Logan's Roadhouse

Comin to our house? Make sure to follow our Roadhouse Rules...or don't. ... See MoreSee Less

Comin to our house? Make sure to follow our Roadhouse Rules...or dont.


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I just can’t bring myself to push my peanut shells onto the floor. It’s no one else’s responsibility to clean up my mess! 🙊🙈

My daughter and I enjoyed our meal tonight. Good food and service. Thanks

Lord honey all the peanut shells on the floor hurt my OCD. I honestly just wanna sweep up instead of eat 😂

We went yesterday . Had steak and shrimp with calamari appetizer.. Awesome !

Logan’s Goldsboro North Carolina, Terese, best waitress in town!!!!

Walking in a restaurant with peanut shells all on the floor is tacky. Whoever thought of this idea must do it home lol.

Logans you guys kept messing with your food. Thankfully you never did anything tragic with your steaks but you guys wouldnt listen and you had to pull out from my town. Now I'm stuck with Texas Roadhouse who constantly messes up my steak. Longhorn, who charges a little more. And Outback, well they never were good. You guys always cooked my steak perfectly. Well maybe once or twice I had to send it back. I miss you Logans.

They just closed the one down in my areas bummer I really liked the salmon

Peanut shells on the floor are dangerous, I have almost fallen several times. I only go now for an early lunch right after they open.

Mylee Butler can you eat here? As there are peanut er where? 😂

Havn't gone since Kyo's bday last year. 🙁

Ate there yesterday

I don't follow rules, I break them 😎 👍

Come back to Douglasville Georgia

Why you are still not in Berlin? 😉

Whose the manager here?

love me some Logan's Roadhouse .. some bourbon glazed meats of any kind! 🙂

Tina Hughes

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5 days ago

Logan's Roadhouse

As far as we're concerned, the weekend starts today. Come get a little rowdy at our house with our kickin’ happy hour from 3-6pm. bit.ly/2CGiY7S ... See MoreSee Less

As far as were concerned, the weekend starts today. Come get a little rowdy at our house with our kickin’ happy hour from 3-6pm. https://bit.ly/2CGiY7S


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Had an awesome meal before the Championship Game and the Manager was very friendly and supportive. Wanted to let him know that we won! Thanks Again!

Come to Maine!