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4 days ago

Penn's Restaurant

Good Morning Penn's Friends! Today is National Get To Know Your Customer Day.... So tell us, what's your favorite thing or things to eat at Penn's??? ... See MoreSee Less


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Dill pickles and Chicken on a stick.

Chicken on the stick

Always the catfish

I love love love the seafood platter

Fried mushrooms

The fried catfish... yummy!

Fish of course

Catfish and rolls

Fried pickles and chicken 😊😊😊


Catfish and fried pickles’

Fried Okra!

Fried chicken salad

Catfish but they seem to have gotten smaller.

Your chicken and dressing on The Sunday buffet. Could you please post your buffet items on Facebook so I don’t have to call in? Thanks!

All of it haha

All the above. Catering is the best also!!!!

Friend green tomatoes AND chicken!

But that fried corn on the cob back in the day...

I got food posing from there in oct had 2surgery none that food my favorite in more

Ckn on stick

Chicken on a stick

Not sure anymore cause all I ever taste is salt on salt on salt. Had it for dinner last night only could eat a quarter of it cause of how salty it was also I had a piece of steel wool in my fried okra or some piece of a metal brush bristle. So I probably want be back for awhile.

All you can eat fried catfish yummy yummy yummy

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Penn's Restaurant

It's National Siblings Day! Show your siblings some love by taking them to Penn's for lunch today...they won't be disappointed! ... See MoreSee Less