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5 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

Yeah, you read that right. Any large or pan pizza is just $10. What are you waiting for? ... See MoreSee Less


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We're sorry this happened, Elke! Please private message us your contact info and store address. Thanks!

We're so sorry about this, Ashley! Please private message us your contact info and store address. Thanks!

My pizzas we delivered to the wrong house, when I called I was told I was lying bc his driver has worked for him for 15 years and doesn't make mistakes. When I asked to speak to manager the guy said he was manager I told him his customer service skills stink and he hung up on me! Corporate Papa John's has been notified. This is the Goshen Indiana store 46526.

Hi my i ask you a question please papa john

Will this be under the 'Specials' page on the website? Because i can't find it anywhere.

This offends me as a chef, a customer, a small business owner and a Chicagoan. This is a square cut pie?

Just got my garlic parm sticks anyone wanna tell me what's wrong with them? Dry af...... So disappointed.

There is a pick of their sorry pizza

I still haven’t received my coupon for a free pizza due to a cold one a few weeks ago

Ordered pizza on take out, cheese on pizza and crust was burnt, threw it in the garbage where it belongs

Store was friendly and efficient with phone order. They honored the $10 pizza promo even here in Hawaii! Delivery was fast. Pizza was hot. Tried the new pan pizza and the other our usual...the works! Delish! Thanks Papa Johns!

On November 15th I ordered a few pies and once home realized mine was missing a topping and had mixed up the sides. So I called and a lovely lady said she would be glad to arrange the replacement. So we pick it up and again there is the missing topping. I called and spoke to the same woman who sighed and said she should have made it herself. She said next time we call she would be happy to replace the twice ruined pie. I said fine. This evening I called to replace said ruined pie and order a few more and a different, very rude, and I am assuming the girl who ruined my pies in the first place said there was none in the system and when I reminded her about their mistake she became very disrespectful and tried to argue. I took a photo of the second ruined pie and can provide the phone record of the calls. It will be the last time I deal with this location and that woman needs fired. I will be reporting the situation to her supervisors with the expectation of remedy. This is simply not how you treat customers or former Papa Johns staff family. My Dominos pizza will have to do for tonight as PJ's can't get along with that hideous woman working there.

Hate to harp on you guys the pizza is good. I just paid 1.99 delivery fee to a driver, that doesn’t get the delivery fee. And now, if I want my pizza to be delivered hot, I have to pay “papas priority” charge of 2.99 to “get my pizza delivered first.” WHY am I being charged an additional 5 bucks for your pizza To get he exact same pizza I ordered a week ago? I’ll tell you specifically what this does. Hurts your drivers. You folks are absolutely killing your drivers pockets. You take more than half of the delivery fee, which fluctuates as prices of gas varies favorably, you pay them less. Now you charge another 2.99? Not much for complaining but wow!

I just ordered a pizza at 12:18 and received it at 12:36. The nearest papa John’s Is a 10 minute drive from my house. I received my pizza and noticed that it was still uncooked. I called the store that I ordered from and Adam Raines , I’m assuming he’s the manager, was VERY unhelpful and rude.

One of your delivery drivers wrote in there own tip on my receipt when it was $21.31 and I'm getting charged $27.31 Leaving me negative in my bank account. Great.

I ordered this special on Friday. It said it would take 30-40 min. to be made and delivered. It was ready to be delivered in 20 minutes, but it took an hour to be delivered to my house (50 min after the tracker said it would come). That long delivery time meant my pizza came cold. I called the branch that day, and they didn't even apologize. I then sent a message to customer service that evening. Still no response. If Papa John's stands by late, cold pizza, I don't stand by Papa John's.

I tried this deal tonight at the Bangor maine location. When I looked online it said 13, still no problem, but the app would not allow me to order, so i call in the order, and the guy wanted to charge me 30 for a 12 inch pizza. Ahh, not a chance. Good luck not going bankrupt with that corruption going on.

The promo code for this deal did not work, Tried to order a large thin crust spinach alferado with mushroom and black olives and it came out to $15

You need to start telling people online how long an order will take BEFORE they order. 90 min for a pizza is kinda ridiculous, and I would not have fully placed the order had I known that.

HI. Can one get this deal ,by phone? Everything is catered now to smart phones. I would like to just call. Since I don't have one. Likei 'm running errands and not going home to order on line. Wi

They act like you're trying to get something for free when you have a problem! We order PJ all the time and the one time we have an issue the guy acts like it's a lie?? Well take a look... That's not cheese people it's raw dough. These are supposed to be garlic knots.

So I did this deal today and ordered way in advance. I did it online with a 3pm pick up time. 2 xl cheesy pizzas and 2 large pepperoni and extra cheese pizzas. I arrived at 250 they were done and I arrived 5 minutes later at the party. There was next to no cheese on any pizza and they were ice cold. Almost no one touched the pizzas and it was a waste of money. Truly disappointed.

So Papa John's Pizza let me talk to y’all real quick. I ordered a pizza, your driver took over an hour to get it to me. I track my order online and it says delivered but no pizza. I call and first I dealt with a worker who had a matter of fact type attitude and then told me I had to wait another 45 mins. When this location is actually 2 secs away. I called back and asked to speak to a manager who cut me off. At this point it ain’t about a pizza but how I was treated as a customer. The manager cuts me off to tell me that her drivers are experienced and basically it was my fault. She then tells me that it would have taken 5 mins to get my pizza out but she cancelled my ordered. I still talked as I told her cutting people off was rude she cuts me off again to give me corporate’s number WHICH I will call tomorrow. At that point I had to hang up because I can’t be disrespected where I chose to spend my money. Y’all better get y’all employees because I’m not the one to talk to like you have lost your mind. The location is 9335 N Tryon St Suite 102, Charlotte, NC 28262.

You guys sent this coupon to me via email knowing what my store is through my Papa John's account. Apparently this coupon is invalid at the only store anywhere near me. Why send it if you know it won't be good at my store? Very disappointing.

I just wish that the owners of our local store knew or was willing to take the time to properly proof the dough. The art of making good pizza is lost on Papa John's Pizza. That's why I am done with their pizza

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Papa John's Pizza

We don’t need to ask if you need these in your life. We both know the answer. ... See MoreSee Less

We don’t need to ask if you need these in your life. We both know the answer.


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We're sorry, Kaitlyn! Please private message us your contact info and store address. Thanks!

Open a Papa John's franchise in Wausau, WI. Thanks!

Hopefully they aren't raw like the 2 rounds or pepperoni knots we got tonight...

This is what I got as garlic “cheddar” knots

Any coupons for today? It's raining outside time for pizza😋😋

How much does an order of this cost?

I had a very bad Papa Johns experience. I was then told they would make it right through email and almost a month later and they haven't made anything right yet.

Late again no more sorry we are busy is not an excuse not when they say 30-35 minutes and show up an hour after the call was made then argue that the order took 10 minutes wich it didn't

I ordered last night at 6:54pm, and was given a delivery estimate of 7:49-7:59pm. I understand they're estimates, but it didn't even leave the store until 8:07pm. I also had to call the store at around 7:50pm asking what the status of my order was. It's clear the store needs more delivery drivers because waiting over an hour and a half for pizza on a Wednesday is unacceptable, especially given how expensive it is! The delivery driver didn't show up until 30 minutes after, at around 8:25pm. This to me is very unacceptable, and again, is NOT the fault of the delivery driver as he can only deliver as many pizzas as he can given the workload. The store management needs to hire more delivery drivers and manage the store more efficiently so that customers don't have to wait an hour and a half for a pizza on a regular weekday night. Also, my food was lukewarm at best upon arrival and was waiting at the store since about 7:15pm under a heat lamp I imagine. This is unacceptable and I am very dissatisfied!

Any pizza for $10......actual cost =$11.50. Add in a $3 "delivery" fee and you're nowhere close to the advertised price. I don't mind paying that price but have you thought about maybe being more transparent with your pricing. This current format is disingenuous.

Recieved the worst customer service ever from the Norfolk VA Colley Ave store!!! Will never order again

I really liked the taste, but it was a bit disappointing that the dough was raw in the middle on every single one.

What the heck, Papa John's, this is NOT how you advertise them! Gross!

We received e-mail offers for on-line ordering. After 3 attempts we gave up. Charging a delivery charge when the customer says pick-up is one sly way to stuff corp. pockets. My communications to corporate were answered by " we've notified the store". That's the last we heard. Opps, there's the door "Pizza Hut."

This is how we cut small pizza's now? Hmm. Never got the memo.

Are you not able to pay using Paypal anymore?

These are extremely gooooooooooooood

Did the Lawrenceburg TN Papa Johns move to a new location or Close?

Did the papa Johns in mayfield Ky close??

I just ordered these, and the insides were completely raw. Horrible

I was surprised how delicious these are! Great, keep these in the menu

Open one back up in my home town of Mayfield KY

I quite like these, but maybe ease up on the salt eh?

Order #1 was great order #2 not so great.

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