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4 days ago

Papa John's Pizza

There’s still time to make Valentine’s twice as memorable with our dual layer pepperoni pizza. Available now for $10, large or pan.

U.S. only. Prices & Participation may vary. Valid through 3/12.
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Hello I just ordered two heart shaped pizzas and it was by far the WORST pizza I ever had. It’s more like a chip with cheese and pepperoni on it. I paid just under $20 and would have preferred to buy some Tony’s pizza from the grocery store. So disappointed.

Epic Fail Papa Johns...burned to a crisp heart shaped crust and almost cold. How do I request a refund?

Cold and burned.... seriously disappointed! order is completely screwed up. Didn't even get the pizza sauce for the cheese sticks. You guys suck!

worst customer service ever!!!!!!! Don't buy pizza from them!

Absolutely disgusted tonight by the papa johns delivery service. Ordered a pizza from the Portswood branch in Southampton and get a phone call from the driver saying that he is in his car I need to go and get the pizza from him. When I said no he needs to bring it to the front door as we ordered delivery he was verbally aggressive and then hung up and drove off. He then drove his car back down my street and sat outside my house in his car with his friend in the car. Very intimidating behaviour. Called the shop to explain this and my partner had to go to the shop to collect a new pizza as was not going to eat a pizza that had been sat in a car and don’t know what he did to it when he drove off. Expecting people to go to his car and collect food that we ordered for delivery is not safe! And his attitude and customer services was disgusting, intimidating and darn right awful! Never had issues with delivery before! Will not be ordering from them again!

There's no more Papa Johns in my area. What am I supposed to do for pizza? Settle for ok ingredients, ok pizza? Seriously, re-open, open a new one, do something, please. I haven't had pizza since 12/20 & I'm going through withdrawals. I'm shaking.

y'all late 10 min. past when your timer said youd be here, and I was not impressed with the pizza. it was like it sat out for a day, and warmed up in a microwave for insufficient time. I think id rather have had little ceasers.

Hold on. Where are ppl getting this heart shaped pizza? My Papa John's didn't have it. It's my favorite

Ordered this for dinner... crust was burned, pizzas were cold and it was very greasy. It was just plain NASTY!!!! The only thing good was the brownie

I’m done with papjohns I’m pretty sure the one in Tampa on hillsborough spits on my pizza.

This is somehow papa johns quality pizza. So disappointed

Third time in a row. I prefer Papa John's even though Pizza hut is 1 mile down the road. The pizza I ordered didn't have the toppings from my order and the label was totally wrong.

count me in as an unhappy customer who purchased the valentine heart pizzas last night with pepperoni and jalapenos...both had very little sauce or cheese and were way over cooked (burnt crust and dry pizza=NASTY) 🙁 however the 2 regular large pizzas were good 🙂

My kids and I enjoyed the pizza but I am extremely disappointed in how our breadsticks turned out normally when I order breadsticks from you guys you cook them perfectly this time around I don't know what happened but they were definitely overcooked

I ordered mine this morning, to be delivered at 7:30 pm. It just came, burned crust, cold and seemingly old. Every year for three years we have ordered this for Valentine’s Day. Not next year.

I’ve stopped ordering as much becauce I’m sick of my pizza never getting fully cut and having the garlic sticks leak out the box onto everything. Maybe again some day.

Just ordered what will be my LAST pizza from you all. Paid for extra pepperocinis. Did not get them. Cheese sticks were cold when they finally arrived and crust was way overdone. You have gone way downhill and I wouldn't eat here again if it was free. Dominoes just got a new customer.

Ordered my pizza at 5:28. It’s 8:28 and still no pizza!! Called twice and was told my food was on the way. Still waiting. This is very bad business. How long does it take to receive one large pizza? I hate to keep calling but I’m beyond aggravated. Not to mention pregnant and hungry ���� papa johns cascade is the worst.

I ordered tonight and I was not happy. I got 1 pizza with my reward points and that pizza was better then the one I actually paid for. I ordered a large 2 topping pizza with a 2liter Pepsi and garlic parmesan bread sticks and a pull apart cinnamon rolls with Carmel. I didn't get the cinnamon rolls with Carmel it was the reg ones and even my kids were disappointed. Who pan left with only a little missing then my garlic parmesan bread sticks which are a fav of mine had no flovor tonight and any sauce that was suppose to be on them leaked out the box on to the other pizza box to a point where I had to change my sheet on my bed and still ended up with a new garlic stain on the clean one. I called to complain and was on hold for 15 mins before I hung up

I'm not pleased either tonight . I called in and ordered the $12.99 Large one topping pizza and the bread size and 2 liter drink . I got there to pick it up , they rung it up as a large pizza and 2 liter drink . No bread side . I had to go back in and tell them twice , because the kid who waited on me was like that's not what's on the ticket . But any ways I got what I order but this was my pizza as well . Cheri Michelich .

Just got two of these for dinner. Crust was not real pap Johns crust, was hard and over cooked and freezing cold. Basically inedible. And no garlic sauce? What is this garbage? Totally disappointed. Should have gone with Papa Murphy’s. It’s very unlikely I will be ordering here again.

I ordered my 2 days ago to come tonight at 7:30. At 8 when we called they told me 2 more hours. What is the point of order ahead. Seriously disappointed.

Still time? I ordered pizzas over two hours ago and still have not received them, even after calling in twice to make certain they were still coming.

This was my Valentine’s pizza. The sauce and cheese was 3 inches from edge of the crust around the whole pizza. What a waste of money Papa John's Pizza 😭

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