Mom’s Eats is closed


So, been feeling like cooking for an army, lately. I miss y'all!
So taking a poll. Is there any interest in...
chicken and dumplings or meatloaf?
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What a great response! We miss y'all,too! We will follow up tomorrow with day/pick-up/delivery options. We have not relocated. I have a friend who lets me use her commercial kitchen, once in a while. Sadly, I cannot make ice cream right now...

I miss your restaurant ☹️

Both are my 2 favorite things made by you!!!!!

I was thinking of you over the weekend! Do you still make ice cream? Will you take special orders??

Chicken and dumplings! Where are you????

Meatloaf and cinnamon toast ice cream 😭

Chicken and Dumplings!

I could go for meatloaf anyday

Either for me

Yes! Did y’all relocate or close permanently? Loved your place?

This pregnant momma wants both!!

Chicken And dumplings with sweet cream ice cream for dessert.

Chicken and dumplings please

Yes! Plus collard greens!

Chicken and Dumplings

You made pretty darn good hamburgers!

Absolutely!!! Always !!! I miss Moms Eats !!! 😐

I would love some of your meatloaf anytime!

Chicken and dumplings

They both sound good

🙋 yes! We love everything you make!!

Would love both.



Yes, your dumplings

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A dear friend is letting me use her commercial kitchen and I am making Chicken and Dumplings today. Anyone interested in a quart or two? $7 each, I can deliver tomorrow (7 mile radius from old katy please). PM me if interested. ... See MoreSee Less