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The National Scouting Museum's current location officially closed to the public September 4th. If you need assistance with Scouting Heritage or possible museum donations please reach out to our team at Philmont at or by phone: 575.376.1136 ... See MoreSee Less


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It's a shame that you took this resource out of reach for so many scouts who can't afford to travel to Philmont

Terrible decision to move to Philmont!

Terrible decision to move from a 50,000 sq. ft. facility to one of 13,000 shared with Philmont. Few will see the history. I am an Eagle Scout since 1971 and it seems Scouting is ashamed of its history. I am in Dallas and was going to see, but learned it is closed. Sad and mad.

I'm glad we got there in March. What is going to happen to the Norman Rockwell's?

Unfortunately the BSA could no longer afford to maintain it.

What is the now empty building going to be used for?

I am sorry I didn't get there before you closed.

When does the new museum open?

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