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Domino's Pizza

You want us to tell you how much we love pizza? That's imPASTAble! 🤣🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

You want us to tell you how much we love pizza? Thats imPASTAble! 🤣🤣


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This is what got in our pizza tonight

I have just got off the phone with a man called Hussain very rubbish customer service I told him all night me and my five year old have been up throwing up and on the toilet as a result of a Domino’s last night ! I told this Hussain about it and all he said to me was no one else has rang up and complained so there’s nothing that he can do ! Now I find that disgusting that he has to wait on a mass number of customers complaining to do anything about it ! I’m just glad that there was some food left over and I will be sending them off when I have got through to the correct places I find this disgusting that no concern is been given to the fact me and my child has had food poisoning from dominos and I will be going in personally to speak with this Hussain as soon as I am well again I expect a reply from someone who will actually do something on the matter and not just wave it away

I love dominoes chicken Alfredo. Just you don't get enough.

Ongoing issue with general manager Edilberto Chavez at store 9390 cussing at employees or straight disrespectful to them. Multiple complaints from customers and employees alike.

I am normally a BIG fan of Domino's but this past Sunday we ordered a large spinach and mushroom and there was absolutely no sauce on the pizza at all. It was terrible. Makes me think twice about ordering again.

had 2 pizza,s yesterday. tasted no pizza sauce. if this is normal for Domino,s then i will only buy from PAPA JOHNS.

I have been a loyal Domino’s client for years and never have I experienced such horrible customer service as I did last night with the Dominos establishment located at 1024 N Avalon Park Boulevard Orlando FL 32828 I placed an order yesterday at 10:30pm. At 11:40 it still hadn’t arrived so I decided to place a phone call. When I called they placed me on hold for a long time so I was patient because I understand it can get busy. After I was able to speak to someone about my order they placed me on hold again for longer. I decided to hang up and call again. This time I was told that the delivery person had come and knocked on the door as well as call. My cousin was waiting for this pizza 🍕 because he had fallen on a hard time and he hadn’t eaten in a few days so I was trying to help place his hunger at bay even if for a while...I had been texting with him all this tome so I know he would miss a call or not be at the door... When I spoke to the manager he said the order had been canceled and it would take 3-5 days to get it back on my card. I was already annoyed because I was being talked down to as if I had done something wrong. I couldn’t believe a manager would talk like that and tell me the reason they had me on hold was because they are super busy and pizzas are falling out of the was now 11:58 and I ask him if I place another order will it be delivered he tells me yes..I go again place the order make another payment with my card. The manager decides to call me back after I place the ordering it’s being prepped at 12:21 that they weren’t going to deliver it because they needed my card...I told them I’d send them a picture....I am in New York and My cousin had no one to turn to so I tried to help him even if it was just with two pizzas and a drink... I went through so much hassle now to only have to wait for two payments to go back on my card in 3-5 business days! I am so angry and disheartened!!! I have known a lot of people that order for there family there spouse in different states even just a country away and never have they went through what I did yesterday!!!! At 1 am I went to bed feeling sad and helpless that my cousin was going to bed hungry after I thought I could at least buy him some pizza! It broke my heart...What if that would have been my last $40 on my card and I had now to wait 3-5 days to eat!!!! I would like someone to get back to me!!!! I have pictures of both orders as well...

I earned a free pizza. Wonder how long I have to redeem it?

The local Dominoes is closed for remodeling. But it is the only pizza I eat.

Did you guys fire your social media team?

Domino's in Berwick, PA is spot on every time we order !!! Thanks guys for taking pride in what you do...We're very happy customers 🙂

Domino's always express their concerns online but never resolve the issues. Plus, there is no way to contact corporate. And another issues that I'm very concerned with is i found out that they don't make their employees use gloves to handle food😷yuck!! Talk about cross contamination. They'll never get another dime from me.

This is why I like Domino's... Means I don't have to burn myself getting the bloody thing out if the oven 😂

I gave up on em. When I feel like a late night pizza I make my own or throw a frozen one in the oven. Ain't gonna wait on stoners to deliver it an hour later.

That moment you try to make a joke and all the comments are hateful because your products suck. What happened? The chef pasta-way?

Didn’t know they do pasta now? I’m curious to try that though. lol

Blech..This is not a Dominoes Pizza..

I didn't Know you guys make pasta Alfredo now

Half these people wanna use this as a complaint forum (guessing they just want some dope pizza for free) 😂😂😂

They need to bring back the Mac and Cheese pasta bowl. I love that sooooo much. How about it? How can I make a pasta bowl?

My favourite thing at dominoes beachmere is how you have literally never gotten an order correct! You are awesome at not making the right pizza!

I have pizza and chicken coming at 9:45. Will post pics. Chillicothe, Ohio Domino's is usually on point.

I am eating Papa Johns until you sponsor Bubba Wallace!

Pretty sure I love pizza more than to reduce them to a horrible pun.

you get the heck out of here with your puns 😀

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Domino's Pizza

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Domino's stank. My last order was picked up after waiting 30 minutes after they said it was ready and when we got home it was cold and the meat was sprinkled on top AFTER it was cooked.

There was a hair in my pizza today. Simply disgusting. Not my first bad experience with this store but I’m hungover and cranky today so I’m not in the mood to let it side.

#DominosSucks I ordered on Feb 19th through the mobile app. I called the store (Pacific Palisades,CA) to let them know that my Feb 9th veggie order pizza ended up with bacon bits in them. I had left feedback about this on the app but never heard from the location. This time, a boy that answered at Domino's ensured it wouldn't happen again. However, this time there were 2 pieces of chicken on my veggie pizza. I called the store and the same boy answered. He flat said that he checked my pizza and that I was a liar. He also said that the manager was not available at the time but the manager's brother also knew that I was a liar. I could not believe my ears - this is by far the most unprofessional customer service I have ever faced. The boy refused to give the manager the phone, refused to provide his name, and refused to take any responsibility. He just laughed instead and said that I was wrong. Beyond disappointed and angry with Domino's absolutely unprofessionalism. I've already contacted your support team online.

Pulled up to Dominos on Mayfair road today because they had this sign in the window. Went in to order and the cashier told me "No that was last week. Then walked over and took the sign out of the window. #HelloPizzaHut

Are you offering any deals, for former student of F.F.A.? I took it when I was in high school.

What is FFA?

Ordered bacon cheesey bread, waited 25 minutes at the store, got plain cheese, thanks for ruining lunch

We ordered at 12:36am online and was given a confirmation email. Called later to find out the assistant manager decided to close because of only having one driver. She was also extremely rude. I'm so disappointed in Dominos right now. You can't just close early because it is inconvenient for the employees. She closed at 12:30 when online says open until 1am. Not good.

I'm now waiting on my Domino's second attempt to give me my pizza. The driver said he was here, nobody knocked. Over an hour later I call the location back wondering where my food is, they said the phone number on file was wrong. Now, don't you think, the delivery driver would call another driver and ask where my home is? Why do i feel like the manager did absolutely nothing to compensate this mistake? Why do I feel penalized as a customer for technological issues? Considering giving my money to another business, and I order through this location about 2 times a month, which is a lot for someone who is broke.

ALWAYS view your pizza "before" paying for it folks... So tired of reading all the Loser comments about how bad it was after arriving back home. KEEP UP 🙂

How come y'all don't give free marinara sauce with the garlic bites? I ordered two boxes of garlic bites only to have the smart mouthed kid tell me I gotta pay 69 cent a piece for a little side of sauce! Screw y'all.

Does dominio’s allow men and women to both wear ear rings? If so, can only one gender, or both? I’ve seen and heard that only women can wear one ear ring and men cannot. I want to know why girls can and men can’t.

Hey Domino's, I would love to see your company on the side of Bubba Wallace's number 43 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series car!

Thank you Domino's for not teaming up with people like Kid Rock. I will stay a customer as long as you join up with good people and good projects.

Why do you charge $ .50 for sauce for your bread when everyone else gives you free sauce with an order of bread. I understand charging for extra but not something that should accompany a dish. Just a sneaky way to make money

I see a whole bunch of deals at other dominos location, like 11.99 for large 3-topping pizza, or 5.99 for 2 mix and match. But these deals aren't at my location in San Rafael California. Amy explanation?

Domino's was my go to for pizza in my neighborhood. The Cheltenham Avenue store in elkins park is the most poorly managed store. It took almost 3 hours for my pizza to arrive. Was told because of the weather it was a factor. The Dominos pizza location is 5 blocks from my house. The drive asked me to come outside for him to deliver the Pizza. I was told the driver was new.... CHICKEN cold! PIZZA COLD! lava cake HORRIBLE! Manager said he would put in the system that I would get a free large Pizza! OMG! why would I want pizza from this store ever again. Will be submitting a yelp review with this also. See pictures attached of a pizza ordered with 2 hours for it to go out the door and another 45 minutes( when I live 5 blocks down the rd) to be delivered!

Can I have some comments on this pizza ?

I placed an order 14/02 for the payment to go through twice. 4 phone calls and week has gone by and it’s still unresolved. How hard is it?

Pure shameless dominos , 1 jan i complain against them in police station but...

White Cheese with Spinach does Dominoes do?

Had Dominos delivery pizza and chicken for Daytona weekend!!

All the pizza in the photo was donated then?

I’d bet the FARM that dominos is the best!!!! TC Brown

They'll insure your damaged pizza but will do nothing for keeping you waiting 2 hours for 2 thin crust pizzas which take 4-6 minutes in their conveyor belt style ovens. STILLL WAITING

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Domino's Pizza

Being single has its perks…like never having to share a pizza with someone. #AllMine ... See MoreSee Less

Being single has its perks…like never having to share a pizza with someone. #AllMine


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Is your pizza app tracker accurate? For the past 6 visit I don’t leave my home til it says ready. When I get to location my pizza isn’t ready and it’s not even in the oven yet. Every visit I wait 15 min inside when your app tracker says mmmmmmmm it’s ready. Is there a quota to meet i don’t get it.Update 9:13 PM I finally received my pizza after waiting inside for 30 minutes plus I receive no apologies from your staff member they did offer me a soda but I refused. I didn’t even ask for my money back. If there’s anything I hate it’s been lied to and I just got lied to by one of your stores. You should see an email from me I send it in like 20 minutes ago before finalizing this post. Update number two 9:18 PM so I sit down at the table and I open my pizza and it’s wrong how much worse is this going to get now I have to drive back and tell them they messed up my order after being there for 30 minutes plus I think the sticker on my box shows that it was Ordered at 8:11 PM. I will update once I get back to the store. Update number three 9:24 PM I finally get a apology but now I get to wait extra for my $6 pizza. Am I going to get anything for free probably not. Given that this is the sixth time that this is happened with saying my pizza is ready when it’s not I honestly can’t see myself coming back to order from this location again. Update number four it is now 9:42 PM I get my food orders right but pizza is burnt. An hour and 30 minutes for one pizza I got to keep the old pizza it’s already cold it’s bad enough that I wait outside and I see the employers on the inside looking at me and laughing at me. So now I will share you a picture of what a one hour and 30 minute pizza looks like.

pizza cost 17.99 but on your app deal said any large pizza was 10 pounds not happy at all feel like ive been taken for a mug and will not be returning unless i get a free pizza next time

Just ordered from our local Dominos and realized it was undercooked and the crust was still doughey, my husband calls and they said they would remake it and were putting it in the oven as they were speaking. He gets there and the cashier tells him “ next time order it well done” I didn’t know you had to ask for well done for it to be cooked properly? . He comes back and we open the boxes assuming everything was corrrect and they didn’t even cut the pizza . I call this time and ask to speak to a manager and the girl tells me to give them a second, comes back and says “ Oh yeah um they didn’t realize those pizzas were going out to people they thought it was going to one of our employees and we don’t cut it for them “ . Not once did I say why I was calling for a manager, nor did I even get to speak to one. We will not be ordering from this store ever again.

Do you offer shipping via UPS or FedEx? It might be faster than the Clay, AL, store that has had my order sitting on a shelf for two hours and fifteen minutes.

My Dominos pizza experience this evening:

Hi, I was not sure where to post my comment at on your page, hope this spot is OK. We have a new Domino's open in Leland, NC on Village Road. I placed a carry out order at 4:30 PM today. My husband picked it up, come home, opened it to eat & it was burnt up, BLACK!! We could not believe that the workers at the store would ever let a pizza that looked as it did leave their store!! It had NO taste except BURNT!!! Needless to say our supper was not eaten. We did not get any supper because I had no time to cook before leaving for church. We were so excited to have a Domino's near us but no longer are excited.. 🙁 So sorry this happened to us..

Ordered a pizza online (Japan) and wanted it to be delivered between 19:00 and 19:15. Pizza never showed up. Guess it's going to be Pizza Hut from now on.

How many folks are getting their accounts hacked? I was charged over $250 in pizza orders to California and Brooklyn. I live in Ohio.

Hello I just left your location at 6963 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130 I walked in and I was not greeted nor helped until someone from the back helped me. A girl(who's name they would not give standing at the register looked at me and kept making boxes. Not impressed at all by the customer service. I talked with Melissa Lewis who claimed to be the store Manager. Very irritated. To havr someone with zero customer service skills at the very front of your store is disturbing. Domino's Pizza

Dominos I tried to message you but got a ordering bot I have been waiting 2 hours for a pizza...

I'm now waiting on my Domino's second attempt to give me my pizza. The driver said he was here, nobody knocked. Over an hour later I call the location back wondering where my food is, they said the phone number on file was wrong. Now, don't you think, the delivery driver would call another driver and ask where my home is? Why do i feel like the manager did absolutely nothing to compensate this mistake? Why do I feel penalized as a customer for technological issues? Considering giving my money to another business, and I order through this location about 2 times a month, which is a lot for someone who is broke.

I found a fingernail in my cheese pizza

I ordered a pizza over an hour ago from a Domino's in Fresno California first of it is $52 you're barely anything. 2nd off they have not arrived and now will not answer the phone however my card has been charged what does Domino's recommend I do about this

Too bad they give you soggy undercooked cold pizza... I ordered from my local Domino's a couple days ago and they sent me a gooey mess of a pizza. Spent $30 to be disappointed

Your dominos pizza in rocky top, TN 37769 is having issues .. First off they do deliver to my mothers apartment if you order via phone but the website says it doesn't deliver here so we can't use that.. Today I sat on the phone for 10-15 minutes and tried 3 times to get through to someone but no one ever answered even to put me on hold, it was just a super long automated message.

By far you have the worst customer service. I've been waiting for three hours for my order and haven't been able to get a hold of any customer service rep to get my money back. In the end, I guess this is on me for making the idiotic decision to purchase a domino's pizza. Refund asap.

I just found a big black hair on one of my bbq wings. Disgusting. Never ordering again!

You guys should really do a review on my local store. I’ve been hung up on when I called to ask why I’ve waited an hour and a half for the delivery driver to arrive and when the food finally arrives, it’s cold. Look, I love you guys, but you really need to look at the google reviews on this place. Domino's Pizza, 5784 Raleigh Lagrange Rd, Memphis, TN 38134

Can believe a order a pizza at 6pm and the pizza is still not here at 8:30pm. The store in Washington DC on Hawaii ave is terrible. Turning to Pizza Hut or papa johns for pizzza now. Your store can not tell me where my pizza is

I’m already really annoyed. My issue has occurred since last Sunday and it’s still not resolved! I just want my $40 refund. I made an order on Saturday and my food didn’t come in 1 1/2 hours. I called the store and they told me to wait 10 mins after 1 hour of waiting and I did. I got fed up after a total of 1 1/2 hour and asked the store for a refund. I called the actual dominos number so customer service can escalate this problem and I was told a manager will call me back shortly, nothing happened. called the store on Sunday. I made two emails and a tweet and I still don’t have any sort of response email response or a phone call. Just give me my refund so I can move on with my life... the actual store near me doesn’t care and is unapologetic about failing to deliver my food

Is anyone else using the app, and getting inaccurate tracking updates? I got a notification that my pizza was delivered and it didn’t arrive until 30+ minutes after the notification that it arrived!

I ordered pizza tonight from my favorite Domino’s. I ordered one thin crust, one hand tossed and one Brooklyn. All 3 were Hand Tossed! Disappointed family tonight

I get a pizza by myself and eat part of it and have the rest heated up for one or two more meals.....I love Domino's ! 🙂 <3.

I mean, or you could just spend the extra $6.25 and buy your partner their own pizza if you are really fat enough to eat a whole pizza on your own.

Just wanted to say thanks for offering salads now. The doc says that I can have all the pizza I want, as long as I also have greens. 🙂

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