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Domino's Pizza

Rank this Stuffed Cheesy Bread on a scale of 1-10... 😏😉 ... See MoreSee Less

Rank this Stuffed Cheesy Bread on a scale of 1-10... 😏😉


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NEVER ORDER #dominospizza these are suppose to be #bbqwings this what I got why would you deliver this to someone ? Then I call the manager gets on the phone very nasty saying he is too busy to deal with this . Beyond rude and nasty towards me for no reason at all #rude #cusomerservicesucks

This is how my “pizza” showed up tonight. Who cares about how a staged cheese bread looks.

Why can't you customize these? I called trying to get Them to put pepperoni inside. They said no substitutes.

I order Domino's all the time due to the fast delivery but there is always an issue. Last time i had raw pizza dough and they always firget the extra sauces i pay for. This time i called and spoke with the manager who was flippant with me and told me to talk to the oven. I almost died at his response. I like your food when its prepared right but the service is terrible at my local locations

Here's my husband's, he managed to muster the strength to eat half of it and the kids did eat their pizza but they'll pretty much eat anything!

That Cheesy bread looks awesome. I don't usually complain about things because I know everyone has a bad day. But I do wish the online ordering could bring back additions they used to have. Example, the Chicken Penne Pasta used to give you the option of adding extra sauce or extra chicken, but both options are no longer available on the online ordering. Literally, on everything you make, there should be an option of adding extra anything you have in the making of said item. Example, extra powdered sugar on the lava cake. Extra mushrooms on a sandwich. Extra "anything" that goes into making the item. Food for thought 🙂

Im pissed just ordered a pepperoni pizza and they give me one with no sauce wtf? 😡

Man I wish my food looked that good. I haven't eat anything for 14 hours so I ordered your Chicken Parmesan sandwich and this is what I got. Pretty sure it's missing a few ingredients

1 not cut and cheese is burned to a crisp

I wouldn't know how to rank it considering you're horrible at delivery. 3 1/2 hours later and I can't get anyone on the phone

A 10 usually for me but not burnt lately we have been getting ours burnt

I ordered this over the weekend and let's just say it sucked. The store didnt cut it and the cheese slid off the top. I will not order it again.

0 there's never enough cheese and it's always overcooked. Nice picture though.

Tried ordering a pizza the other day. Had to cancel the order and call pizza hut because it took over 2 hours and your store just kept saying their own the way

Mine never has this much cheese lol id give this a ten but the ones i get look pretyy skimpy on the cheese

I like the one with spinach and feta cheese . The only downfall is there's not enough spinach and feta, and there is no option to add more. At my dominos it look pretty much like this picture . The sandwiches are a different issue. They're always burnt. That's why I don't buy them anymore.

I have waited over 30 minutes in the app for a customer support expert. I paid for 2 pizzas with my debit card tonight. They never came and the store wont answer the phone. The app lied and said they delivered it. I am hungry, and sad. and seriously disappointed:(

How come we've been waiting for over two hours for our order out of mattapan and no one picks up the phone at that location?

Hello. I always order from Dominos. At least 3 times a week. I am having a problem with the store I always order from. The last 3 orders have had issues. The order I placed tonight, took 2 hours for delivery. The last time I ordered, they messed up the order. (I did get a free pizza once because of this). One time, the manager on duty was screaming at me on the phone with the delivery driver because she didn’t know she was on speaker. I just wanted to inform you that the store in Penn Hills, PA 15235 has messed up 7 out of 10 of my last orders. Maybe someone can speak to them. Thank you

We order from Dominos about once a week and I ordered the cheesy bread once and it was horrible and burnt. We threw it away. I wish it was as delicious as that pic looks.

Dominos in mumbai is sucking big time.. the quality of the pizza has tremendously reduced, the toppings arent enough and most amazing part... They charge you for a small sachet of ketchup too.. (especially when i want to have it with garlic bread, i have to make sure i have ketchup at home) this is ridiculous

6, I never get cheesy bread from Dominos anymore because Dominos doesn’t have nacho cheese cups. I love the 2 for $5.99 each though!

I wish my delivery would've arrived this fresh the other night. Sadly it was cold and I had to microwave it. I wasn't surprised after the tracker showed it as ready but not out for delivery (quality check phase) for a solid 40 minutes. EDIT: In all fairness it was luke-warm, not cold. It wasn't "hot and fresh" like I expect.

Its too bad, the area where i m leaving is having 2 dominoz at around 2 kms but they said no saying we do not deliever there??

i had this 3 months ago while i was staying at a hotel near Mall 205 and never again eat this. i broke 3 teeth because the crust was hard. so i'm giving this 3 1/2.

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2 weeks ago

Domino's Pizza

Might make this pic my phone wallpaper, TBH. ... See MoreSee Less

Might make this pic my phone wallpaper, TBH.


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I'm just here to complain in the hopes that I'll get free pizza.

I can't believe this is how my pizza arrived last night! Lol why are employees so hungry they can't resist stealing a slice of pizza. Super dissapointing.

A dominoes employee just hung up in my face on top of them saying they don’t deliver past a certain street even tho they’re the closest dominoes to us and now we can’t get dominoes delivered. Congrats dominoes you just lost some customers who loved your pizza!

Dough & cheese anybody??? I think you forgot ALL about the sauce. We even checked every piece - a full pizza straight to the trash

This how they really deliver it...and when you complain about it no one ever calls you..this site just says they will but don't follow up.

Really disappointed this is how my pizza just arrived today about 5 minutes ago ..I have had excellent results the recent times I've ordered ..don't understand how it even happened ..just looks like it was thrown around🤔😣

I ordered off of the app so I was able to track the progress of my order. My order was sitting out of the oven after it was cooked for over 30mins and they didn’t send it out for delivery until I called and inquired about it. By the time I got my food it was almost an hour since I ordered and my pasta was dried out with tough noodles to chew on, I had asked them to make sure that it was good and they said that it should be fine but it wasn’t. 😒

So we tried to get your pizza tonight at 10:13 and the delivery guy called us an hour and 45 minutes later to tell us he's on his a way and to inform us that wait and delivery time is up to 4 hours!... really on a Monday night in Seattle? I don't buy it and the fact that whomever was taking delivery calls kept us on hold for over 20 minutes. I guess if that's acceptable Dominoes standards, I am thoroughly done with Dominoes anywhere I travel and letting all my friends and family back home to never order from your pizza establishments.

Every time I order pizza from Dominos they messed up my order ,not only that yesterday I was watching the cashier that was making my pizza,was handling the cash register and the money as well.. soon as he was finished with the cash register he didn't wash his hands and went straight to making pizza dough I told him was he supposed to wash his hands he said the oven was going to kill the germs...SMH had someone else make it for me..nasty people

Seriously Dominos......?!?! I ordered a pizza at 12:47am. It’s now 2:35am and still no pizza. According to the tracker it came out the oven at 1:07. An hour and a half just to get the pizza delivered?! I’ve already called the store and all I got was “we’re short staffed, you’re gonna have to wait”. Do better.

I had horrible experience today at store number 7059 the manager Nick was super rude and hung up on me twice.

Ordered and paid but never received my order. Won’t make that mistake again. After 30 years, I’m finally divorcing Dominos. 😐💔

This is my second order and both my (2) pizzas as well as brownie cookie look horrific.I've wasted money now twice $43 total on pizza and no satisfaction. Only one slice actually has cheese.

Horrible experience with dominos yesterday I will never ever buy from them again also sent a complaint to BBB the store in North Port FL is a joke.

I'm honestly disgusted by the behaviour of Dominos Pizza Carnes Hill. Now been 2 weeks and i have not got my Refund . On the 29th June i had ordered pizza at 9pm but never arrived so i had called and spoken to a guy name Robert who advised me at 1030pm they were busy and will make it now and will refund me for the inconvenience. Robert advised he will drive the pizzas down. Mind you blasting music at 11pm and not even a apology for lateness. He advised again he will process my refund. I called Carnes hill Monday thats just gone past spoken to Marcus who claims his the manager and said i should get it by the next day. Its been 2 weeks and i havent got the refund. What is going on and i honestly dont want to use dominos again with this terrible experience.

I ordered a double pepperoni with double mushroom and it only had mushrooms ._. and my other pizza was supposed to be double pepperoni with extra cheese but it lacked pepperoni and cheese, it also had random bacon and ham pieces throw in the mix, this is the second time this has happened to me.

Please take it seriously and read carefully. I written this by arranging from my busy schedule . Things you made wrong here in my case "I am blamming to Dominos not to individual area franchise for such pathetic service and responses " As I first time come across by name Dominos worlds biggest food chain organization and ordered food at 7 pm by setting expected delivery time 9pm. And later at 11:30pm i come to an conclusion that you are not properly managed , organized in taking care of customer. So please awake before ruining whole business by increasing such bad customer experience. Highlighted point which gone wrong . 1) You confirmed the order means your are eligible and ready to serve customer. This should not be got confirmed if you are unsure about service . 2) ‎I as customer called to your executive for assistance later promised time three times . So response should be straight forward like "we are really apologize that we can't able to serve this time " You given the false promises like delivery boy will come to you door by 10 to 15 min on every call . It doesn't happed till 11:30pm. 3) ‎Later at 11:30pm night I request my wife to cook food and told Dominos will not going to serve us any more and canceled the ordered , they just fooled us by hurting there own image . 4) ‎Now i don't know will you people able refund my money or not . This seems like harassment case .

Soooooo, I've always had good luck with Domino's....until tonight when Tommy at the Chatham, IL location ruined it. Worst food ever, and cold too. I will make sure to call before ordering again, because if Tommy's cooking, we're not ordering!

Expectations vs reality Literally no cheese on my pizza. Every time I called back they kept putting me on hold before I could speak to anyone 😑

Hi, I ordered a extra large half-veggie pizza today from Dominos Mapledale Plaza, Woodbridge VA for the 50% off deal while watching world cup finals, and got a very unsatisfactory oval piece of semicooked dought drenched in sauce that somewhat resembled a pizza. I have pictures, and the taste wasn't much better than it looked. This is surprising, because I usually get very good service from that location. I wanted to ask if there was any way I could get compensation for another Pizza for free, because frankly, I wouldn't have even payed 50% off for that thing. Hope to hear from you soon.

I have ordered double cheese pizza ....but got plane cooked base bread....u can see in the pic also no replacement or no refund by dominos

Still waiting on pizza that finished baking almost an hour and a half ago. I’m sure they are running one or two drivers. If this is the case, don’t bake my pizza until you know you will be able to deliver it within a half hour.

Someone needs to really show their employers how to be pleasant!! I just ordered $50 worth of food online and specifically said ;allergen alert" No cheese what so ever on the italian sandwich I ordered and the dominoes on 821 kempton st, New Bedford Mass gave no care because when I called back the guy who answered the phone said well you said no pizza cheese.?????? 😤😤😤😤. The sandwich and I will say "SPECIFICALLY SAY PROVOLONE" Nothing else so if you say no cheese and that's the only cheese on the entire sandwich🤦 Is that not irrelevant enough?????? Smdh never will I ever order from dominoes again because the sandwich was for my daughter who has a dairy allergy and things could have gone so bad! And as for the employee or whoever picked up the phone and was so unprofessional about (like no big deal) should be ashamed💯💯.

Had a bad experience with Domino's today, we paid for a Pizza and the side deal but only the pizza arrived, my money has gone to waste hasn't it. $21.24.. Yeah its not much money but we should be getting what we ordered a refund or a redelivery for the sides would be good

I ordered my pizza at 4:20 PM today and I just received it two minutes ago it’s now 5:45 PM the pizza is cold and unappetizing and the only reason I’m not returning it is that I’ve had a long day at work I have been up since 2am and I have my pajamas on and I am dog tired and starving but I’m not sure if I’ll order from dominos anytime soon .

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Domino's Pizza

Look at alllllll this cheese! 🧀🧀🧀 ... See MoreSee Less

Look at alllllll this cheese! 🧀🧀🧀


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Haven't been to Dominos in years and after last night I won't be back. Food took over an hour to arrive and was cold, burnt, and inedible. You've lost my business forever. What a waste of $23. I ordered from zip code 02125 called 617-282-2424.

I have nit had many bad experiences with y'all but I just got my pizza that I ordered over an hr and a half ago I live less than a mile from the store and I had to microwave my pizza

I wish my extra cheese pepperoni looked that Gd. This is what I got. My 4 yr old is not happy. He won't eat it and loves his pizza. All he keeps saying is where's my cheese. I like cheese.

I ordered my pizza 40 min ago and guys already charge a $3 fee and expect me to tip the driver to go 3 miles. Pizza Hut and papa johns is faster and no fee in our area

Dude I love dominos but serious lately you guys are going down hill. I order 3 pizzas to be carry out at 2pm and I ask for it to be ready at 5pm for pick up. It’s now 521pm and I’m sitting in the store waiting for a pizza that should’ve been ready at 5pm. It didn’t even go into the oven til 515pm.

Is it okay for your employees to eat pizza while ringing up customers? It's obviously rude and unprofessional. But, I'm more concerned about germs and am wondering if this is considered acceptable. 🤢

Dominos it’s sad that when you can’t keep up to your promise of a 30 minute guarantee you just simply cancel the order. Sad. Read your message. Your order no. 126 has been cancelled at our restaurant. We apologies for inconvenience caused. Money will be auto refunded in 7 working days for paid orders. For a company priding itself on delivery it’s sad to see the way it treats its customers and the guarantee is not worth it. I am never going to order cold pizzas from dominos

Domino's has been my go to all summer with two kids running around and wearing me out. But yesterday we found this in our pasta. Needless to say, we won't be eating food at Domino's anymore. The location gave us a refund but the trust that there is any standard of cleanliness at Domino's is broken. I'm still in so much shock as this kind of thing has never happened to me before.

Just tried to redeem my points for my free pie and when I went to check out it kept sending me back to the homepage and now it says I don’t have enough points. Tried calling your 1 800 number and was surprised that you can’t actually talk to anyone. It gives you a message and just hangs up. I don’t get it

My daughter ordered pizza at 10:02 p.m. it is now 1:12 a.m. the tracker says it was delivered and the first times she called they said they made a mistake but are making it and will send it out. Well now they're closed, they stole her $20 and didn't deliver and said they were busy and hung up on her the last time she called. Definitely never buying from this company again and will do a charge back tomorrow morning.

Ordered pizza an hour ago and it is now just getting in the oven. Ridiculous!

I've sworn off Domino's. Too many bad experiences with this company. They don't have great customer service that's for sure.

I ordered pizza over 3 hours ago and I called many many times and the people who answered me kept saying it’s on its way ,I called back around 12:30 am one person said that it was closed and couldn’t give me order!! 😡😡😡😡

We ordered and according to the "Domino's Tracker" our pizza has been done and in the quality check at 5:18 pm, it is now 5:56 and over 38 minutes and is still is not out for delivery. Wonder how a pizza being looked at for 38 minutes is going to taste? Either the Dominos' Tracker is b.s. or our pizza has been sitting there for over a half hour......any answer Domino's at 4552 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407?

Order No 262, placed at 08:48PM has still not reached. It is already 09:35PM and the order has still not reached. The tollfree help number employee was extremely unprofessional and of no use. This is how you behave with prepaid orders, I so wish the payment was not made in advance because now you people dont care and are acting pricey. #India

Huh. I made an order similar today at 2:11pm. Its currently 3:33pm and still hasn't left their store. When I called the manager said "sorry for the wait it should be leaving in about 15-20 min". Really??? At 2 on a Wednesday I'm waiting an hour and half for the pizza to even leave the store?

That’s not what mine looked like today... #worstexperience

I have been ordering from the same store for years but for some reason, I haven't been able to order delivery unless I call in! All of your app/mobile/website options tell me delivery is not available to my location 😒 I submitted this issue to the support team already but have yet to hear anything back. I love the convenience of ordering online when I have my kids around since it is so much faster and easier. Please fix this issue or at least let me know why I am suddenly "undeliverable"!

The store located on Rock Quarry Road in Raleigh NC is horrible! I ordered online at 8:45 pm. I received the text that my pizza was ready at 9:12 pm. Got to the store and waited over an hour. They had prepared pizzas with no labels on the boxes. Some of them wasn't even cut. Finally gave up at 10:15pm. By now there are close to 20 people in the lobby with the same complaints that I have. The manager didn't even offer to resolve the issue. The CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! I could have driven across town, picked up a pizza and got back in less time. Someone needs to close this place down. Do not go there.

My pizza last night was missing cheese from the middle

We order all the time and its been worse and worse. We even let them know. No one is making things right It is burnt or not even cut. Its a shame it's our favorite

And this will be your cheesy bread... Friend brought this over... Proving why I never waste money at Domino's!

Dominos has fallen off so badly lately it isn’t even funny. I’ve had drivers steal money off of my card from one store and and a whole separate store forced us to wait for two hours on THREE separate occasions with all times, the food was cold. Finally got sick of the crap and wrote the complaint only for no one to reply a week later after they said someone was supposed to the next day. I don’t even want to waste my money on it anymore.

Wow Domino’s!!! I just tried to order 3 Pizza’s from store number 8566 I asked the employee to hold on a second so I could make sure the price was ok for my dad. We decided to go with a different pizza company that had better deals, so I get back on the phone and tell her thank you, but we’ve changed our minds, she says, “thanks for wasting my time;” and she hung up the phone. So I call back to speak to a manager, the guy says “regarding what? And I told him because an employee told me I wasted her time and hung up on me.” He puts me on hold says the manager isn’t there, so I asked when should I call? Or should I drive over? Which is best? He says to drive over. I said when is the best time? He puts me on hold, comes back and says it’s against the law to give out an employees schedule, and that if I arrive they will call the police. I told him “it’s not that serious, you said the best thing would be to come over, when should I do that?” I then asked for the girl’s name I was speaking to but someone else got on the phone,and I said who is the manager? Why are you on the phone? Where is the other person? What was his name? And I Said, “oh his name is Anthony”. What is your name? He said his name is Hugo and that he was a manager of a different store but couldn’t do anything for me. ALL of this was unacceptable. My family spends so much money at this store, we deserve better treatment. We expect kindness along with quality. I’m not sure if the names given are even real, but I expect you to do something about this store and the way the employees treat customers.

Looks delicious. Too bad the last two times we ordered Domino's it was so burned that no one could eat it.......Yes, we contacted Domino's. Yes, they gave us a free pizza. Yes that pizza was also burned beyond being edible.........

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