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Domino's Pizza

🚶 into Domino’s for carryout 🍕😄
Stuck in 🚦🚧 on the way🏠
🍕 gets ❄😰
🚙 🔙 to your Domino’s store
For a 🆕 🍕😄
With Domino’s Carryout Insurance!
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I like how in other countries people are dying to lack of food and nutrients. But America first world problems is people crying about waiting a few extra min for their cooked pizza to get to their place .

Seriously dont you people open the Box and look at what your buying before Paying for it Quit trying to get free Pizza And look in the box before paying for it

Lets just keep giving people free things for no reason. Once you leave the store, the pizza is your problem

A month or so ago I bought a Pizza at the Mechanicsburg, Penna. store and was told that, extra, Pepperoni and other meats counted as two toppings instead of, as, a single topping. That was, and will be, the last time i patronize Domino's Pizza. Is this a company wide policy or just that store?

I mean that's cool and all but I'd probably just warm it up in the microwave instead of getting stuck in traffic again.

I am extremely dissatisfied with Domino's decision to remove our address from delivery. We live exactly 9 minute drive from the store location. We have been customers to the location in Locust, NC since the store was opened. We have always tipped generously and now hear that they no longer deliver to us. Extremely dissatisfied with this decision. It makes absolutely no sense 😡😡😡

Good to know there is pizza insurance for free! I love Domino's and if it isn't hot, it is still good cold. Or warmed in the microwave. All good.

They a real just gonna take ur pizza and give you another one and reheat the old one for someone else

I want Domino’s to bring back the option of buying their original recipe pizza that they’d been serving since I first had one in 1982. I had one of their pizzas lately and I could not even finish it, had to throw it away, couldn’t stand the taste of it. Way too seasoned and too much garlic. Don’t care for it at all. It was always my favorite, but I cannot say that I’d ever buy another until they return to their roots with the option for the original. Sorry.

My brother ordered Domino's, a Personal Pan Pizza and it was terrible! It was doughy and mis-shapen. I would have really liked it if it wasn't like this. Domino's is my favorite pizza but seriously, would it kill you to be more professional?

Somehow your pizza got better, did you change your recipe? Your crust is better, your sausage is better ! Dominos , your plain pizza was just okay for awhile, your pan has and still is awesome. But you're killing it with the regular pizza, you seemed to have made changes !

Domino's Pizza I had the most disgusting pizza yesterday. It had canned tomatoes on there. I have never ordered pizza with canned tomatoes instead of fresh truly made me want to vomit. Was this a one off thing or do you guys now put canned tomato chunks on your pizzas?

This is going to make your already piss poor delivery times even worse. I worked for dominos for nearly 7 years and it’s almost like corporate dominos is trying to make the franchise owners bankrupt. Wtf is wrong with you Domino's Pizza?

The Brunswick, Maine location is horrible. I didn’t plan on following up on complaint reference number #3002586 but I’ve finally had enough. (Not even sure what *FF means) The South Portland location that has/had Kevin is wonderful - they have their act together. When the location moved up the road, things only got better. Their Portland location on Forest Ave used to be run by a woman who served our country and nothing was ever wrong! I tried to follow up on my complaint and the address in convoluted and useless. Even after creating a profile.

I have ordered 3 pizza and i make payment by debit card, i cross check then i found your bill amount is Rs 248.84 and you are charge in my debit card are Rs. 249 Why you are charge extra 0.16 paisa. You are one bill charges extra .16 paisa. So your are many bill generates and many store equal to make more extra money and making fool to customer's.😡😡😡😡

I suggest you send a secret shopper to new Cameron Park store between the 6 x 15yr olds not one knows how to make a pizza. I won’t be bothering going there again after my experience tonight.

Worst pizza ever it's not a pizza it's an Cheese/capsicum/onion parantha with mozrella cheese or no cheese.....bad experience worst don't buy local shops have better options than these no cheese,no toppings,no seasoning it's a shittttf

Those poor employees. They do their job and then have to do it again for no fault of their own.

*I order through the app and have it delivered* Domino's Pizza you really need to fix the fact that your cheese bread doesn't come with sauce, And Because it doesn't come with the bread I order sauce for it to be added to my bill and they NEVER put it in the box. I call to speak to the manager and all she has to say is "well since it doesn't come with the bread, they over look it". It's unacceptable! I'm tired of spending the money for the sauce and not receiving it because "they over look it on the screen because sauce doesn't come with the bread"

Why in the world charge a delivery charge???? TIpping the driver should be enough and you KNOW that charge isnt going to the driver!!!

when you guys moving to waianae.....stop letting pizzahut rule over here...i want you guys here. better pizza...better prices.

Too bad they didn’t offer that last night when it took 30 minutes for delivery (& we live 1 mile away).

Does carry out insurance cover. You guys giving my pizzas to another person and I have to wait another 15mins

Just my preferences--Best 1a Chicken and Bacon Sandwich-, 1b- Cheesesteak with the extra meat and cheese..enjoy,,

Now that’s a great way to lose money

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Domino's Pizza

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your carryout pizza?
A. You leave your pizza on top of your car and drive off
B. You get stuck in traffic and your pizza gets cold
C. You slip and fall while holding your pizza
D. You slam on your brakes and the pizza goes flying
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You get it home and realize it was made wrong because they never read the label when you ask for No Garlic on the crust. But it's not worth the hassle of going back and waiting for a new one.

getting the WRONG order 3 times in a row.......i'll make it myself in the future !

How about you order delivery and 1 hour later it still isn't here. And then when you try to call them about your order their phone is off the hook!!!!! Thank you Elk City Oklahoma Domino's!!! Here's hoping corporate is reading & calls the manager.

Since the last 3 dominos pizzas we've had have been disgusting and thrown away, I'd say that's the worst thing!!!! Used to love your pizzas

I ordered a pan pizza that did not have toppings all the way to the crust, nor the double cheese I was charged for. When I complained to the staff they were ignorant as to the proper way to make the pan pizza.

The worst thing that's ever happened with my carryout pizza was the time we pulled up to get it only to learn that they forgot to make it. We had to sit in the parking lot for nearly an hour. Wtf takes that long?! And why has this happened TWICE?! Get with it, Domino's

Opening the box and seeing the pizza was uncut..... as I’ve posted and yet to get a reply

Get home and there is no extra seasoned chicken on my pizza that I paid for. 😖

Good evening. Can I please tell you how unhappy we are with our latest order with you. I ordered online, I added my postcode and the web site automatically sent the order to your branch in LS26. We live in WF1. Our order took over an hour to come and it was cold. I have now established that there is a branch in the same postcode as ours. Can you please tell me why your web site sends my order to a different area.

I'm missing points Domino's Pizza

I drove 12 miles home from dominos in Dundee with my mighty meaty pizza only to find a plain cheese and tomato. I’m in my 40s and I nearly cried.

I drove home, set them on the counter, and when I came back the dog had taken it off the counter and eaten almost a whole large pizza. 😢

E. Being a kid and riding home with the pizza on your lap, only to find out that grease seeped through the box, and onto your brand new khaki pants.

you guys 30 minutes policy of delivering the pizza that if u get ur pizza after 30 minuts then it will be free but most of the times I got my pizza after 30 minutes and when I asked delievry boy that I will not b giving u the payment of pizza and u shd give me the pizza for free because u r late....he calls his manager at nearest store askng for half payment....if u cannot give free pizza after 30 minutes inspite of being late then why the hell u have this 30 minutes delievery scheme??

First of all Dominos Pizza in my car gets a seat belt !!! But the worst thing to happen when you get home and your pizza is already gone from the safe ride home.

A. No pizza is the worst. I’m a true pizza fan and I even have a pizza slice tattoo on my foot. There’s nothing worse than not having pizza. I don’t mind it being cold, but it’s still pizza.

The best thing that could happen is they make the pizza right and when they see it’s burned, fix it right then. Every dominos post is very unsatisfied customers.

Listen don't be bringing back bad memories. I got a thin crust onion and mushroom pizza and I was so excited to eat it but as I got out of the car, the corner of the box caught my seat belt and flipped onto the sand. The pizza slid out and landed facedown. I cried. After picking up I was grateful I still had my Cinna sticks. Guess what happened. Dropped. Cinnamon everywhere. No survivors. I only do delivery now.

First off if I'm picking up the pizza... I'm going to eat a piece before I walk out... enjoy another in the car... and then realize I ate it all before I leave the parking lot... yeah call me fat but Dominos is #1... I only get sad when Dominos isn't open 24/7 😂 who doesn't want the best pizza ever at 2 A.M. That's fresh and hot 🤤🤤🤤🤤🍕 if I were ever fortunate enough to be sponsored by Dominos you better believe you'll see me with pizza in my hand 😂👌🏻🍕 No pizza = sad.

I'm going to go for the secret answer E. The food you ordered gets delivered but it turns out the drive has delivered the wrong order, you ring up to point out the mistake and are told the correct food will be sent straight out but it never arrived. This is what happened to me last night, I rang the store again today to let them know but was fobbed off by the "store manager". That's Dominos losing a customer then.

I ordered a pizza for carryout one day. Went and got it and as I was opening my car door I fumbled a bit and the pizza fell onto the ground and my car door 😒 thankfully they remade it for me. Thanks dominos!! I've never had a bad experience at dominos! One of my favorite pizza places ❤

E. The employees chase your car through the parking lot and accuse you of not paying, even though you are a regular customer and paid in full via the website as always. How humiliating. 🙁

My dominos was awesome today. Everything perfect compared to my last experience ordering Papa John's (disgusting but boyfriend had gift cards & wanted it) their website & even phn line to check the balances weren't working, their site isn't organized well, their pizza ALWAYS sucks in my opinion, cardboard crust & then our delivery driver wouldn't even get out his car (rude, lazy) he just called my phone & my boyfriend happened to be out with my dog & so he got the pizza but was handed wrong receipt, showing we owed $9 when we only owed $4 cash after gift cards & so had to call the store, was told multiple receipts print when using multiple forms of payment or gift cards, so unsure if he was trying to steal from us/take larger tip, wasn't paying attention or it was truly just wrong receipt. Dominos is always awesome ordering online, organized site, made my order EXACTLY how I wanted it & driver got out of car, rang doorbell & was genuinely nice & very polite, loved every moment of my ordering experience. Thanks dominos! Just thought you guys should know since Facebook just seems a place to complain.

I haven't had a pizza since about 5 months or so, because I cannot have one without my best friend and my best friend doesn't talk to me even. If you help me here, I'll eat all your pizzas. You have my word. I might also have a deal. take that.

The worst thing that could happen to my carryout pizza is... Picking up Domino's only to get home and open the box and finding out that inside was PapaJohns pizza!

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Domino's Pizza

To share or not to share? 😏😋 ... See MoreSee Less

To share or not to share? 😏😋


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This is what I got tonight. A burnt pizza. Hardly any sauce and cheese. Also ordered dipping sauces and recieved none. Called location and the person answered the phone said I ordered a thin crust and the person operating the oven didnt know to take the thin crust out of the oven. Thanks for wasting my money Dominos!!!!!!!

Very disappointed! picked up 2, paid for mine by card and my coworkers with cash. im Ethan Platt, and "Astro" (About 1:10 on Friday afternoon.) Pizza monitor said both were ready, waited at the "Pick Up Window" 11 Min. While my 30 Min lunch break ticked away! A Mother with 3 small children took 11 Min. At the "Pick Up Window"?! We order online during a 30 Min lunch break and hope to pick up swiftly. Note, No One Was At The Order Window. Our order # was 568974, it was Ethan Platt and Astro Jones. Both pizza's were thrown together, a complete mess, I was so embarrassed, just getting two pizza's, a complete mess, and cold was disappointing. Please contact me at, we had to discard both of these, I'm willing to try again if you can make it right please. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon. -Ethan

Worst experience at Domino' s Pizza in Pittsburg, KS tonight for the second time in a row. Ordered 4 pizzas and when we got there 30 mins after we ordered it. They had 3 pizzas done and we waited for our 4th one for 30 more mins and it was still not done. We will not be going there again. My husband finally went in and told them we wanted to just get a refund. We had 5 hungry kids in the vehicle. We were not the only ones ones with this problem there tonight.

I don’t understand what has happened to you guys in the last few months. I order 2-3 pizzas a week from you. I’m about to switch. We use to get quick and friendly service. In the last 7-8 weeks, service has went to hell. We’ve waited 2+ hrs multiple times to get a pizza, then it’s cold, and nasty. I love your products, but the store excitation is severely lacking. My zip code is 64119 in Kansas City MO. Also when we call our store to address the problems in a professional manner, they’re rude and have even said “whatever” and hung up on us. 😕

I ordered Dominos in West Falls Church,VA and was told that pizza would be here in 45-57 minutes. After waiting for an hour, I called the store and was told there was two hour wait. Really?? Never again.😡

Well I’d love to share my pizza but here I am an hour and 20 min after ordering and still freaking waiting. Trying to call but we have to go through 5 min of menu. We get pizza at least twice a month from dominos but thinking we’ll switch to some where else after this. This is ridiculous!!!

The last four times I ordered from Dominos the pizza was late, cold, overly greasy, with very little pepperoni and I asked for extra pepperoni. Will not order here again.

I picked up my pizza tonight, and came straight home and my pizza was cold. Like it had been sitting out...

This is 14 pieces of chicken? Are you kidding me? Never again. We are not happy.

Just received my pizza and it was warm and to add to that the pizza wasnt even topped or sliced correctly

Don't know why so many people are complaining (well I mean I do - they're trying to get free stuff) but this is the exact pizza we got tonight. Handmade Pan cheese pizza. Perfect.

Really annoying to watch satisfied customers turn into bitchy werewolves the second they smell something free. Stop complaining. Go live your lives.

I have been trying to get ahold of your GLADSTONE, MISSOURI store for going on 30 mins, (This is my 3rd phone call). I'm simply trying to cancel my order because it is well over an hour late. I wish I could give a 0 star review. HORRIBLE customer service. Beyond disappointed. 👎🏼😑

lol I love domino's but they certainly do not give you this many toppings. Even if you select 5 you are lucky to get 2 pieces of chicken per a slice. Its everywhere too. No more spending $22-30 bucks on pizza

I just ordered a small spinach and feta for myself at work. had a coupon for a free medium, two-topping pizza so I ordered pepperoni and Italian sausage and my colleagues devoured that one..

Wow I was just browsing the commits on your page, and even though 2 out of my 3 pizzas wasn't actually what I ordered, I'm so glad at least my order looked presentable.. But I did pay $2 more for each pizza ($7.99 carryout) to get three toppings instead of paying $5.99 for a medium 2 topping pizzas.

Domino's Pizza I had the most disgusting pizza yesterday. It had canned tomatoes on there. I have never ordered pizza with canned tomatoes instead of fresh truly made me want to vomit. Was this a one off thing or do you guys now put canned tomato chunks on your pizzas?

Wow. Beautiful. Keep up the good work dominos. I did want to discuss with you guys about making garlic parmesan as a new wing flavor but that can wait....well done. 😘

Just got this pizza from the Dominos in Shepherdstown, WV. You can clearly see spots with zero cheese and I even ordered EXTRA cheese. Ridiculous.

I've had nothing but bad service for the past month, 2 messed up orders and something that looked like glass in my pizza 😠😬😡 Huron SD

Im so disgusted ... I filed. Complaint on a week before halloween then again bout a week ago andim told it may take a few weeks.. So hmmmm ... Horrid customer service.

Put seals on the boxes for delivery and carry out stickers something to keep the box closed I don't trust your delivery drivers they could do something to my pizza.

I'm gonna unfollow you because number 1. Where i'm from we don't really have DOminos pizza and 2. you are tempting me and i cannot take it anymore

Wat knd of 🍕 is ths tht DOMINO's made here?? Tht looks so dam good. But it needs 🍍& 🍅 on it 4 more flavor

I’ve never eaten dominos pizza or wings- send me a free coupon to try it out. Large extravaganza & wings

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