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Outback Steakhouse needs to introduce healthy and organic menus like drinks and food.

When is there a new steak special coming can’t eat big portions

Is there somewhere we can call or write to to report poorly run Outback Steakhouse locations? Our local Outback has been disappointing lately and it doesn't seem to be getting better. We love the food at Outback in general so it's not fair some locations give the brand a black eye.

We were hoping to just this tonight but the exhaust system failed at our Bel Air, MD location so after waiting nearly an hour we were told to leave. In full transparency, the store gave us a gift card for next time and I felt handled the situation very well. But it was disappointing none the less.

Kenny Myers-Hillseth take me

Ok. I’m done with you Outback Steakhouse!!! When do you come to France?????!! I’m so tired seeing all your posts, remembering the good old days at your table with a blooming onion... i miss you guys. So please come to me!!

Mmmmmmm I like it!!!

Adam Lange

Chris Bertorello

Geoffrey Opstaele

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5 days ago

Outback Steakhouse

It's not an illusion. The 18 oz. Center-Cut Sirloin is really that BIG. #BigAustralia ... See MoreSee Less


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whats the price?

They shut down permanently !

my 6pz center cut was very spices a nd so soon as we left got sick from the spices steak ask have i want it i didn’t ask for dice on it will no go back to them they got the table to close to each other our chair was on the other people chair and had to stand for people to get by going to bathroom.....

Don’t expect to get it cause they ran out. Of course the idiots did

Request that they put the parmesan herb crust from the chicken menu on it. You're welcome.

Why say “Big Australia” when your beef & lamb isn’t even from Australia???

In july ate at outback had excellent service and food in Vegas location south on vegas strip. Merriville In. Location twice now great food terrible service

the food looks good but the service here in EL PASO sucks i get better servica at Taco Bell

Bárbara Mayara Lima meu Deus olha isso. Largaria da dieta por 1 dia sem remorso nenhum

I’m never going to an Outback again. We were there the other night and it was so cold. I was freezing. There was even a space heater by the front door. When I first went in and gave my name to be seated I asked for a table. They shoved me into a small booth that happened to be facing the door when it opened. I indicated that I wanted to be moved in they moved me to a table underneath the windows. It felt like the AC was on. When I mentioned it to the waitress she just kind a giggled. The person that I was with ordered prime rib at medium rare. And got it medium. I ordered a porterhouse and ordered it medium and got it medium rare. The last two or three visits that I’ve had at outback steakhouse have been disappointing.

Gabriela Bueno do céu, olha isso 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 sairia da minha dieta sem ter remorso nenhum

Awesome service and quality of food. Look for Kris V. He will help you out.

Also. Mary no I agree the place was empty and they put us into one of those small booths. Im handicapped and was very uncomfortable and if u say can I sit here. Oh no that area isn't opened

You need to fix the bathroom septic problem going on. It stinks!

Is Outback still using Blue Bell ice cream in their desserts? I need to get my fix here in Illinois.

It is an illusion, OUTBACK SUCKS

I love out back. But prices are getting high which I don't mind but please why do we have to beg for sugar and sweet and low its embarrassing. Thoughts

Over priced for a small dry fish & soggy broccoli

My son could eat that several times over in one sitting

It's a really tasty cut. Had it a week ago for my birthday.

good food and good price for the money.. love Outback😋

Very disappointed on my last visit and probably will be my last visit, Glad there's a Logan's Roadhouse just down the street.

Any one have promo code from the coupon?

that's a sharing steak!

Chris Morgan this looks yummy!

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1 week ago

Outback Steakhouse

Are you still sitting on that Outback gift card in your wallet? You could be sitting in Outback having the time of your life. ... See MoreSee Less


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Outback gift cards are great..for getting taking your money for cards you can't use, then are expected to turn over even more money at the restaurant for the order your cards won't pay for, for terms you weren't made aware of on purchase. If you like filling out dispute forms with your credit card, these are lots of fun. If you like eating without getting shaken down to pay twice, take your business elsewhere. This place used to be good, now it's only interested in short term profits instead of customer retention.

@Outback What the heck is the point of call ahead seating when you still have to wait the same amount of time as someone who just walked in the door #nothappy #callaheadseatingispointless

I bought 450.00 in gift cards for Christmas but could only use 2 cards at a time. They took my 450.00 why not my nine 10.00 cards? Had a great dinner with my family but this ticked me off a bit.

Years ago I would travel to outside of Philadelphia from Baltimore just to eat at Outback Steakhouse. (none in Maryland at the time) So I have been using Outback for many years and I have seen prices go up as quality goes down and my last visit was last night. I like the Melbourne porterhouse and for a 29 dollar steak you would think it would be tender and it always was but the last few years it started going downhill were I had to send back to get a steak that was edible. Just can't see paying top dollar for sub par food.

Have been using their gift cards for years and never had a problem. This is in Oviedo and Winter Springs, Fl

Griffin location , a very bad service, food was over cooked, and meat well done although we order medium....all this after waiting a long time. Manager was very unfriendly. Never again to this location !

Went there last night for my birthday dinner, I ordered the barbecue chicken which came with one side-that was the smallest chicken breast I have ever seen in my life and it was so covered with pepper and spices I had to sit there and cut off and scrape off the outside of it so I could even eat it. I got mashed potatoes as my side and there was two big clumps of black potatoes in there, my husband got a salad there was one tiny piece of cucumber in the salad,one very small tomato, 2 croutons and not even enough thousand Islands to make a sandwich with, they got my daughters order wrong. My husband ordered the 12 ounce prime rib, and usually when you get prime rib it's just sliced off in a big round chunk but on his somebody had taken a knife and cut off one of the edges and it didn't taste very good. Between the five of us in all it was $130 believe me I will not be going back there again.

I would love that if I could ever find a parking spot after 5pm. Outback does not need my business in Jackson TN.

Do you still have the chopped steak , topped with onions , mushrooms & gravy entree ? I don't see it on the website

I want those plates!!!! That's not the current ones in our area! I love them!

I should be so lucky... I wish I was sitting on an Outback gift card!

PLEASE bring back the Rack!'

ICE COLD BEER! and their Ahi tuna! miss there Boomerrang Shrimp platter though.

I took my husband to ours for his birthday and got a $70 dinner for $12!!!

Had a great lunch today @ Outback in Brookfield, WI today

Been there many times and NEVER had a bad meal. Live less than a mile away.


I got 6 more to finish by 11 th Feb

Me last night

I love myself Outback Steakhouse I love that bread with butter as a appetizer I see lot people at restaurants like TGI Fridays where they like to eat.

El mejor!!!! Lo recomiendo. No se lo pierdan. Excelenteeee

yes as a matter of fact i am!! lol

Do they expire?

John Penris wij kunnen gaan aftellen 😍

food is not cooked good

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