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Outback Steakhouse

Tag a friend to join you in celebrating National Lobster Day. Steak & Lobster is starting at $15.99 for two more days! Join us tonight! ... See MoreSee Less

Tag a friend to join you in celebrating National Lobster Day. Steak & Lobster is starting at $15.99 for two more days! Join us tonight!


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looks big in picture only, the real thing is so different tried it and good but no were the size in pic

enjoyed this for lunch yesterday. The lobster was small, but really good Steak on the other hand .. not so much.

my lobster was no bigger than a tiny salad shrimp.. and tough as rubber. The steak was not much more than 2 bites.

Tuesday night dinner is a great idea.

Why should i tag a friend when you are closed even though ypur sign says open during consttuction?

Every Thing I ever wantedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€STEAK, LOBESTER AND COKEπŸ’œ

Yum yum!!

So many bad comments

Mine was great!!

Do you have a menu for Vegans?

Roy Avery please?

Ana Carolina Rankin πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸ½

Leo Ryder Allen

Paul Martin

Roman Rodriguez lol

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Outback Steakhouse

Make a double date with Steak & Lobster. Starting at $15.99 but only for a limited time. ... See MoreSee Less

Make a double date with Steak & Lobster. Starting at $15.99 but only for a limited time.


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Don't fall for the picture. I went in for this promotion months ago and the Lobster was the size of a large piece of shrimp. I've seen bigger pieces in a Shrimp Cocktail.

False advertising. They should say steak and lobster bites because the so called lobster tail is only 2 bites.

Ordered Steak and lobster for take out...they forgot the lobster. They were supposed to redo the whole meal...they didn't. I got the same piece of bland steak which was now that the credit card bill came...these stupid morons charged us double for the same meal they screwed up in the first place...

I am not a lobster eater but love their little 6 inch steaks. Ate there recently and the meal was really good. BOth of us had steak but Stephen has had the lobster before and it looked just like this.

We went there last night for a special meal but it was a disaster. The waiter ( no personality) came after we were seated and took our drink order, 2 martinis on the ROCKS and half an order of coconut shrimp as appetizer. After 15 minutes we still drinks nor appetizers or water or bread.Finally the drinks came, in a Martini glass with SHAVED Ice!! We told him the drinks are wrong and he looked at us like a deer in the headlights. He had no clue. My husband was slightly irritated because thats his favorite drink when we go out. I finally told the waiter to forget it, because I had a feeling there was worse to come. We did not get a bread basket nor the shrimp before dinner. We got no water. Finally my husband asked for the manager. He came and was as dense as the waiter, but he did bring a bread basket per our request and also water. No shrimp. Finally the food came, Salmon for me and steak for hubby. He ordered his steak well, with pink in the middle. It came well done. His mushroom order was ridiculous, for 3 people at least! My grilled salmon was way overcooked, dry and practically black on both sides. During our meal when the waiter showed up I asked what happened to the shrimp and he went and brought back a tray with 8 shrimp instead of the 4 we ordered. A few minutes later someone else brought us a tray with 4 shrimp! We now had 12 shrimp. At this point I was laughing. I couldnt eat the whole meal and neither did my husband.The manager said he would take off the drinks but he never did because when the bill came there was 15 bucks for 2 lousy drinks. We told the waiter to have the manager take off the drinks, which he then did. Unless they educate the chef, bartender and waiters we will not be back. I dont mind paying but I do expect good food and service!

Just got back from eating there & I will testify that my Steak & Lobster looked & was just as good as this picture. I took a picture & would have shared it here but Outback doesn't except pictures here. The steak was cooked medium well & the lobster was a full size & cooked perfectly. We go almost every Saturday & have NEVER had a single complaint. All these griping individuals are just looking for something to complain about. OUTBACK IS THE BEST!!

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How about you guys fix that huge pothole next to the storm drain in your parking lot! I assume you wouldn't want anyone else stepping in it and twisting their ankle or worse!

I'was there last night, had that exact menu. The lobster. was small and terrible. The Filet was less than 6oz and to much seaso ing on it. I'almost choked on its hottness.

This was great at the Tualatin Oregon store. We had a wonderful dinner and it was just the right size. We couldn't have eaten more.

So very sorry to say, that this Photo is so Bogus~! - the two Lobster dinners I had there were NOT even barley 1/2 that big - why the false Advertising ? ? ?

I quit going my stakes are a lot better than theirs.Went to meat market yesterday and spent $80.00 on whole slap of New York strips 1 in thick for the cost of going there got 16 steaks out of it.$5.00 a piece.

The Outback in Lake Charles, Louisiana had absolutely terrible service. The waitress deserted our table.

Funny, I ordered this very meal. The lobster was way smaller than advertised. I asked for a medium rare steak ...i got a burnt hockey thank you. I can think of other restraunts that do much better.

and the lobster is over cooked so bad you could bounce it on the floor!

Don't bother. You'll be overcharged and only receive part of your meal.

Do not waste your money here a rip off

Really? Firing everyone under the age of 18 and not even giving them notice? Never again will i give you guys money

Wow. Outback sucked it up last night. They sure have gone downhill over the past years. Gordon asked for bread FOUR times and dude still never brought. Now you can imagine a 17 year old sitting with lol Izzy and no bread. I'm sure she was livid. Then he ordered grilled shrimp but get coconut fried shrimp and then a salad pops up with ranch but dude never asked what you wanted so you thought maybe salad wasn't included. We love the tangy tomato. Sorry but that is sad. Our fav place to eat but we are tired of dropping a pretty penny on our once or twice a month out to get that kind of service. When I took Syd the waitress bragged about how the cook was spot on with the steaks so to be sure we ordered what we wanted and her steak came out half alive. ( so 2x in 2 weeks) Of course my son wasn't going to complain but it's been this way our last several visits so something is definitely off guys.


If only it actually looked like that. #largeshrimpnotlobster

Be warned salad is extra and meal is small.

Doesn't look like this. Portions are much smaller.

What is the last date for this???

Ranae Rowles when you get better we Should go ^..^ date night!!

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