We're closing Thanksgiving Day so our team members can spend the day with their families. ... See MoreSee Less


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Too bad the REST of the shops, restaurants and malls don't follow. Years ago when everyone closed the world didn't end. Families were able to spend quality time together before the MADNESS started!

Happy Birthday to me thee owner of 6 of our Franchise thank my dad for showing up putting a boline on the floor

That's great they deserve it, excellent staff, my favorite restaurant!! Happy Thanksgiving!!🦃😊🍁🍃

Too bad more businesses wouldnt follow suit. Love Cheddars........

Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy time with your families.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Have a Blessed one

I think that is wonderful!

Awesome, glad you are doing that

What a great idea! I wish other retail and restaurants respected there employees the same way.

Good to hear. Enjoy spending Thanksgiving with your families.

That great to hear...Happy Holiday!!

Too bad more businesses are not following in your footsteps

Good for you!!!

Thank You.

Our guys closing at 6pm tomorrow

That is great. Happy Thanksgiving !

Crap! Now where am I going to eat.

Proud of you!

Good for you

Glad to hear!

I’m glad you’re doing that


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Ever wonder how this bizarre ritual began? ... See MoreSee Less

Ever wonder how this bizarre ritual began?